Assistant Architect - Chapter 6

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Translator: Blues

Editor: Shem

The original group chat which had already been gradually ceased, was once again boiled after Zhang Siyi issued that sentence.

Su Yuan: “I almost fainted! You just scared us!

Jiang Hai: “Congratulations!

Ren Mengxuan: “What happened?”

Fu Xinhui: “…”

Zhang Siyi: “I didn\'t scare you, I just really thought it was over. I didn\'t expect the outcome is a big reversal. ~ \ (≧▽≦) / ~”

Su Yuan: “I just said that the interview was simply taking a walk in the park, not enough to be scared of it. Did you talk about the salary?"

Zhang Siyi: “The salary was directly informed to me by the interviewer, probation period is five thousand, after positive outcome is eight thousand. Bonus did not count."

Su Yuan: "Not bad."

Jiang Hai: “Wow, your salary after positive outcome is higher than mine. I\'m only seven thousand!”

Fu Xinhui: “Hand over half of the rent. Tsk! Not as good as migrant worker."

Seeing this reply, Zhang Si Yi had a sudden impulse to go back to eat at the convenience store\'s 15 yuan lunch box!

Su Yuan: “Don\'t pour cold water on him. The first year of the construction industry graduated in Haicheng is six or seven thousand, so eight thousand is not bad. I also got this much. Try hard and take more bonuses at the end of the year."

Jiang Hai: "No way. Our professional is in such a low cost, learning harder than a dog, working more tired than a cow and earning less than a chicken. ╮ (╯_╰)╭"

Fu Xinhui: "Don’t insult chickens. Chicken makes lots of money, okay?!"

Su Yuan: “You’re so dirty…”

Ren Mengxuan: "My cousin studied finance. After graduation, she did a private finance, now the second year of work, the annual salary is 200,000. [Crying]"

Jiang Hai: “My online friend who is a game anchor\'s monthly income is 200,000."

Zhang Siyi: "Big brother and sister, don\'t tear down a person\'s hardship! It’s my first job! Whatever the outcome, why don\'t you just say something nice and inspire me?!"

Fu Xinhui: “It\'s a treat!”

Ren Mengxuan: “Treat a meal, please!”

Jiang Hai: "It\'s a treat!”

Su Yuan: "It\'s a treat!”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Too engrossed in the conversation, Zhang Siyi was caught off guard when someone patted his shoulder. He turned around and saw Gu Xiao standing behind him, looking at him with something like a smile yet not a smile: “The corner of your mouth was raised almost to the back of your head, are you chatting online with your friends again?"

Zhang Siyi: “…” Why does this man always remembered what his ex-girlfriend scold him about?! Not really funny! (=皿=)

But it was also a coincidence, because he did not expect to encounter Gu Xiao here: “You also came here to eat?”

Gu Xiao let out a "hmm" sound and said, “I just saw you chatting with your new colleagues upstairs. Why didn\'t they take you to eat together?”

Dang, when did he saw it?! Zhang Siyi just felt a chill on his spine, he quickly explained: “Well, they have the company\'s lunch box."

“I see." Gu Xiao nodded.

It just so happened that when they arrived in the line, the waiter saw them chatting. He thought that they were together, so he directly said: “Two people? This way, please.”

Zhang Siyi was a little unsure, because Gu Xiao didn\'t say that he would eat with him. But then, he saw the inside of the store was overcrowded, many customers were even sitting at a table with other unacquainted people, and didn\'t complain.

The waiter arranged a one table for them. Zhang Siyi\'s mind flashed an idea when he sat down, he thought that he could seize this chance to invite the guy to a meal! Although it was the first day and treating the leader a meal was suspicious, but Zhang Siyi\'s situation was rather special. He just wanted to make amends for the matter yesterday, so if he saw Gu Xiao later, he won\'t feel too indebted.

In the rush hour, they had to pay first then get served. The two of them ordered a meal set, Zhang Siyi was planning to pay, but Gu Xiao had already handed the card to the waiter: “Together.”

Zhang Siyi: "You… You\'re treating me to a meal?"

Gu Xiao: “I will treat you for now."

This sentence made people feel a little puzzled. But in Zhang Siyi\'s case, he still thought that it was Gu Xiao\'s style of “cold joke", so he didn\'t think much about it. And the handsome person on the other side already used his card to pay his bill, he was so moved, more convinced that the other was a good and generous man.

"What did you guys talk about?" Gu Xiao picked up eco-friendly single-use chopsticks that were wrapped in a tissue paper on the table.

Zhang Siyi recalled the gossip and evaluation of his colleagues about Gu Xiao just a moment ago, something about "chased by a woman eight years older than him", “didn\'t want to live without him”, it seemed neither of those were good words. Zhang Siyi wiped the cold sweat, although he also loved to gossip, but he was not a man who could betray his colleagues to please his leader. As a result, he deliberately chose what he could say: "They say you are awesome… En, and also very strict."

Gu Xiao smiled, "Pop”—he gently broke apart the chopsticks, and said: “All beginnings are hard, as long as you are obedient and diligent, it\'s not going to be too tough."

Zhang Siyi inexplicably trembled, with a smile on his lips: “Yes ah, a strict teacher has excellent students.”

They were just chatting casually. After some minutes, the food came up.

It was a roast chicken package and a beef hot spring egg, the dishes were shiny and bright, the smell waft through their nose, making one’s forefinger jump. And there were package delivery egg rolls, miso soup, tempura and other side dishes, the quantity was impressive.

Zhang Siyi exclaimed, picked up the chopsticks and dig in. He started eating and then suddenly remembered how his colleagues mentioned Gu Xiao’s previous school, he curiously asked: “Ah right, they said you graduated from T big?”

Seeing Gu Xiao nodded, Zhang Siyi excitedly said: “Then maybe you know my high school senior, he graduated from Ningcheng Foreign Language High School, about 2004… 2005 year on the T big."

Gu Xiao raised his head, after looking at him for a while, only then he said: “I also graduated from Ningcheng Foreign Language High School."

Zhang Siyi was unable to react: “…Ah?"

Gu Xiao enjoyed his stunned expression for a while, then continued on saying: “Unfortunately, I was in T big on year 2004.”

Zhang Siyi looked silly at the moment, he was chewing a chicken and forgot to close his mouth. After a long while, he asked: “What are you saying?"

Gu Xiao glanced at him, his eyes showing a hint of interest that was hard to conceal: “I still remembered that in 2008, I was invited by my alma mater to go back and gave a speech.”

Zhang Siyi\'s eyes opened wide, his mind were full of “no!”, “It\'s a lie!” and "It\'s true!” such exclamations.

Gu Xiao\'s corner of the mouth hooked up: “Probably in October, the day after the National Day holiday, in the auditorium outside Ning.”

Zhang Siyi was shocked: “My God! You mean, you… you are my senior?”

Gu Xiao nodded and said: “If you didn\'t apply from other\'s experience just to fool me, I think the senior you mentioned in the morning, should be me.”

Zhang Siyi was both scared and pleased. He was also a little flustered, and had no idea why Gu Xiao concealed the truth. "Why didn\'t you say so this morning?”

Gu Xiao drank a mouthful of soup then said: "You don\'t remember me, do you?"

The other person slightly raised his tone, letting Zhang Siyi got the illusion that he was angry, but Gu Xiao soon said: “Moreover, I’m interviewing you. I don\'t want you to think that I brought you in because of our high school alumni relationship."

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Obviously, it was quite a strictly impartial and incorruptible remark, but it made Zhang Siyi\'s heart jumped after hearing it. Because there was another layer of meaning of this sentence, that is; Gu Xiao recruited him because he acknowledged his own ability ah!

Zhang Siyi was so elated, he was more excited today than when he was still chasing his ex-girlfriend back then.

Now the man sitting in front of him was not only a T big idol of the year, but also the Adonis of X institute and the legend of their high school alma mater!

Zhang Siyi studied in high school in those few years. Ningcheng Foreign Language High School had not been produce a champion for many years, the difference between him and Gu Xiao was just six groups. A few teachers who taught Zhang Siyi in their class were also the same group who taught Gu Xiao. In class, those teachers often talked in front of them about the God of school who graduated in 2004. Their tone was full of appreciation while saying that one student was smart and was excellent.

Among them, Zhang Siyi’s impression was particularly profound.

That was when they were doing their exams. The physics test paper was hard, could be compared with the competition exams paper, and almost half of the students cried. Zhang Siyi\'s physics grades were not bad and just barely passed the passing score. At that time, less than 10 people in the class passed, the highest score was 71 points. Those students were a little smug, however, after finishing the exams, the physics teacher lamented and sighed: “If he is still here, I\'m sure he can get the full marks.”

He recalled about Gu Xiao now. That student… it was “Gu Xiao”!

Whether it was the “champion” aura or the excessive praise of teachers, letting them worship the legendary senior, his thoughts were full of fantasies about his school and his profession. Zhang Siyi was one of those stupid teenagers who had been deeply poisoned.

Afterwards, the two of them naturally talked about some of the things in high school. Like that person was still not the headmaster of Ning, the director had not changed, there was no price increase on the pancake booth at the school gate……

The atmosphere was harmonious and happy, Zhang Siyi felt the distance between him and Gu Xiao suddenly narrowed. Thinking about such a good senior in the future would take care and guide him, he would certainly have a bright future ahead!

After eating food, they returned to the company and Zhang Siyi was still feeling like he was floating on a cloud nine. Taking advantage of the toilet, he could not help but took out his phone and wanted to show off to his friends. Only to opened the WeChat and saw a bunch of people scolding him.

Jiang Hai : "Where is the man?"

Fu Xinhui: "Fuck! He said he was going to treat a dinner then hide, 凸!"

(T/N: middle finger emoji)

Ren Mengxuan: "[disdain]"

Su Yuan: "I\'m still waiting to hear the interview details! Xiao Yi, come back!"

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Zhang Siyi: "I just had lunch. The leader was there with me."

Zhang Siyi: “I\'m telling you, this is an unusual coincidence. I just learned that the interviewer and I graduated from the same high school, ha ha ha!”

Fu Xinhui: "I\'ll tell you what, did he recruit you because you\'re his junior schoolmate?"

Zhang Siyi: “Get lost! I relied on my own strength!!"

Ren Mengxuan: "It\'s a treat!"

Jiang Hai: "It\'s a treat!"

Zhang Siyi: "Don\'t brush! I did not say no to treat! Tonight?

Fu Xinhui: "Let\'s do it!"

Ren Mengxuan: "Let\'s do it!"

Su Yuan: "Count me in!"

Zhang Siyi: "Jiang Hai doesn\'t work overtime?"

Jiang Hai: "For this meal, I\'ll sneak out!"

Zhang Siyi: "Fù Xīn Hàn, you\'re free so help me to pick a place. I have to work this afternoon, I have no time for that."

Fu Xinhui: “Going to work so soon?”

Ren Mengxuan: "Everytime I see Xiao Yi calling @Fu Xinhui\'s nickname, my brain can make up 100,000 words of danmei novel about Xiao Shou who meet up with Xiao Gong, only then to be thrown away in the end."

Zhang Siyi: "Rotten female, go away!"

Zhang Siyi: "Furthermore, why am I a Shou?! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻"

Fu Xinhui: “[Cool]”

Zhang Siyi: "Don\'t gossip! A man who has a job is going to work!~\(≧▽≦)/~"

Fu Xinhui: "……don\'t be so cocky."

Jiang Hai: "I really envy his mentality because it is so good. To think that I have just added a monthly work shift now, ying ying ying."

(T/N: the sound of crying)

Zhang Siyi put away the phone and stood up, his legs were numb from squatting. He looked at the time, 01:40, and quickly went to the Personnel Department to do some formalities.

Miss Wang had already prepared the contract by the time he got there, Zhang Siyi turned it over casually, he did not even examined it carefully and was intending to just sign on it.

“Oh, right,” Miss Wang suddenly said. “Did Director Gu tell you in the morning that your first monthly trial period will deduct five hundred yuan on a regular basis?”

“Ah? What?” Zhang Siyi stared blankly and suddenly recalled the phrase Gu Xiao said “If you are so concerned about it, just deduct some in your salary”. Don\'t tell me that sentence wasn\'t a joke, but a real thing? Damn!

Miss Wang: "Well, didn’t he tell you? He also said that the 500 Yuan deducted will be used for your group’s catering activity\'s funds. "

Zhang Siyi\'s mouth was twitching: “He… he said it.”

Damn, he finally understood what was the meaning of the sentence Gu Xiao just said in the restaurant, "I\'ll treat you for now". (=皿=)

He was just so stupidly touched for the whole time. Good and generous? What generous senior?! This man was too hard headed!

In split second, the glorious image of Senior Gu in Zhang Siyi\'s heart greatly reduced…..

After signing the contract, Zhang Siyi bowed his head and returned to his workplace. He felt wronged like he was being bullied by the bad guy, even the crazy chatter of his ex-girlfriend didn\'t make him as bad as now.

The author has something to say: ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿ Meow meow, asking for flowers ~

  • Chickens – slang for prostitute

    like a smile yet not a smile – give a forced or faint smile

  • One\'s forefinger jump – when you see good food and you really want to eat it.
  • Fu Xin Han – Fu Xinhui\'s nickname, means heartbreaker or heartless man
  • Shou: bottom, uke, receiver, catcher. Someone who gets their chrysanthemum pierced.
  • Gong: top, seme, giver, pitcher. Someone who shoves their Pee Pee to the hole.

Translator\'s Corner:

Zhang Siyi: Why am I a Shou?! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Blues: REALLY? So it\'s okay if you\'re a gong, Zhang Siyi? But I think you are born as a shou XD

Fu Xinhui: [Cool]

Blues: FX, what do you mean by that?!

Shem: *gags FX\'s mouth and readies my bat*