Assistant Architect - Chapter 58

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 58: Assistant


Having only discussed Lu Qiao\'splan while they were in the car before arriving, Zhang Siyi was very worried hewouldn\'t be able to present the plan to its full potential. His impression ofthe experience today was relatively profound.

Reporting on actual work is verydifferent from presenting projects in University. While studying, the professorwill pay great attention to the design ideas and process in order to guide thestudent\'s thought process in the right direction. However, officials are moreconcerned with the product and the costs associated with it. It\'s apparent thatmany times a decision is solely based on personal preferences and not based onits appearance or something that is practical and efficient. But no matterwhat, Zhang Siyi keeps in mind the words that the teacher said during his study;if your speech can’t attract your audience, then your design is equal tofailure.

Zhang Siyi was very attentive tohis audience while making the presentation. While each image was being projected,he made proper eye contact with the officials and looked for any reactions fromthem. If they seemed slightly distracted, Zhang Siyi could guess it wasn\'t asinteresting, so he would quickly move onto the next image. With this method,the audience was in rapt attention and he successfully introduced both designplans without interruptions.

Just after speaking, thedirectors did not directly express their views. First, they asked Zhang Siyiquestions. The first two questions were raised by the Secretary for theConstruction Bureau. They were directed at Lu Qiao and Zhang Siyi’s plan. Theproblems were simple, so Zhang Siyi answered them one by one without problem,but then Secretary Wang asked a difficult question that stumped him.

Director Wang took the a-shapedoffice building designed by Zhang Siyi and frowned. “I feel that this isnot high enough. Can you make it higher?”

Hearing Secretary Wang\'s amateurquestion, Zhang Siyi wanted to vomit blood. He feels extremely irritated, butZhang Siyi knows that the Secretary isn\'t trying to purposely antagonize him.He had the greatest urge to drop the whole notebook of plans on the man\'s fat,bald head. Thinking to himself: "Your fucking building area is so big! Ialready gave you several additional layers and it\'s not enough! How high do youwant it to be!?"

Zhang Siyi took a deep breath tocenter his thoughts. Just as he was about to say, "can\'t", Gu Yu interruptedhim unexpectedly: "Yes".

“…..” Are youfucking kidding me!? (╯#°Д°)╯

They have already discussed this point during the designphase at work. Can you increase the height? Impossible! Director Wangimmediately turned to Gu Yu and looked forward to his answer.

Zhang Siyi noticed Gu Yu\'s pretending to turn over the taskbook deeply, and then looked up at them and asked seriously: "Is the threethousand square meter maximum size of the building necessary? Since thebuilding requirements are created by yourselves, can we increase the size? Ifyou can, then it can definitely be taller!"

Zhang Siyi: “….”

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! He didn\'t expect Gu Yu to put the ball intoSecretary Wang\'s court by changing the conditions. Originally, he thought Gu Yuhad a different resolution. Ha-ha-ha! He wants to pat Gu Yu on the back forbeing so witty.

Secretary Wang thought for a moment: “No. The area ofthe building is already large enough. Not counting the post office and bank,there are roughly one-hundred people using this office building.

Zhang Siyi heard and was shocked!

Before making this plan, Gu Yu asked Zhang Siyi to check theper capita construction area index of the relevant spaces and government officesat all levels. Since the state has regulations, the office area at the bureaulevel must not exceed 24 square meters per capita and on the smaller end, theuse area is 18 square meters. It is impossible for all the 100 people mentionedby Secretary Wang to be directors. Most ordinary employees can only enjoy anoffice area of u200bu200b5 square meters per person. Well, even if it is calculatedaccording to the director’s standard, 100 people multiplied by 24 squares is2,400 square meters which is still less than 3,000.

Mahler Gobi, is this chief Wang the mother of Satan? For an exorbitantlarge area to make even larger is preposterous. It\'s too difficult to live and workin that environment. No wonder C-City is an empty city. The source is here!

Gu Yu appears so calm, Zhang Siyi wonders if he is alsomentally calculating and assessing the situation. After listening to SecretaryWang, Gu Yu asked puzzled: “It\'s unreasonable with less than one-hundredusers occupying more than three-thousand meters. According to your staffconfiguration and our current office floor Planning, at least seven or eightfloors are empty.”

Secretary Wang chuckled out loud: “So, after it is built,let’s advertise and rent it! When the first few layers are rented, we canoccupy the top!"

He pointed to the a-shaped scheme, and finally gave the firstopinion today: “I think this program is quite good. I like it very much. Ais the first letter in the English alphabet and it means good. The top of the Ais small. When there are many independent offices, there is less room for each.

Gu Yu nodded and said: “Does the government have enoughof a budget to cover the cost of this office building? The height of our designhas reached the limit of the secondary fire rating of the civil officebuilding. According to the regulations, this should be the most economical way.If Secretary Wang wants it to be a little higher, then the whole building willhave to be built according to the first-class fire resistance requirements of atype of high-rise building. It is necessary to increase the cost. If you feelthat this is acceptable, the design is very flexible. We can add steel columnsdirectly to the floor and give you an intermediate overhead….”

“No, no, no,” Secretary Wang wiped his sweat and interruptedGu Yu. He strained a smile: “This is already the most economical way. Whydidn’t you say so earlier!”

Gu Yu smiled and continued: “You did not ask. SecretaryWang, we must design it to be the most suitable for your standards." He said,pointing to the slide. Zhang 3d’s overview map and explained, “In fact, whenthis fifteen-story building is built, it will look much higher."

Secretary Wang: “Eh, why?”

With his excellent salesman skills, Gu Yu continued toexplain: “I will give you an example. When you stand on the ground andlook up at a skyscraper, do you think it is tall? The higher the building is,the more the top appears smaller as if it pierces the sky, right?" Whiletalking, Gu Yu raised his hands a little part with his palms facing each other.He slowly tilted his fingertip inwards to touch and become an A-shape.

Director Wang nodded again and again: “Yes, yes, this isthe truth!”

Maintaining his hand position, Gu Yu smiled: "The bottom ofour design is much bigger than the top. When you look up at the building, thenatural A-shape effect will superimpose itself onto the engineered A-shapeeffect making it appear even taller.

At this moment, Director Wang has been completely taken awayby Gu Yu\'s thoughts. He suddenly realized: "It turned out to be the case!"

Listening on the side, Zhang Siyi admired Gu Yu\'s art ofspeech.

From the very beginning, Gu Yu repeatedly proposed conditionsthat they couldn\'t change. Then when the officials felt hopeless, he suddenlygave them an alternative solution which made the atmosphere turn around. SecretaryWang also followed suit.

Zhang Siyi thought carefully. If you change the order of thepropositions, the officials probably wouldn\'t have been able to accept it. Ifthe visual effect was proposed first, the officials might not want somethingperceived as false. However, when they were backed into a corner by Gu Yuquestions, they naturally would feel upset and thus, an alternate resolution isachieved.

Gu Yu said to Wang, “When it is completed, if SecretaryWang feels that the height is still not enough, we can add a little extra heightto the top of the building with a LED advertising screen or something like alarge steel frame cap. These aren\'t counted in the structural height”

Secretary Wang put a smile on his face and picked a plan on thespot: "OK, do it according to this plan!”

Zhang Siyi was staring intently at Gu Yu and felt his admirationgrow.

"And who\'s is it… Mr. Zhang!", laughing, Secretary Wang’svoice pulled back Zhang Siyi’s thoughts: "And to think Mr. Zhang was sonervous. You have a promising future!"

Zhang Siyi: “….”

The atmosphere in the conference room was relaxed at once.Everyone stood up and shook hands and thanked each other.

Secretary Wang touched his stomach: “Gu Yu, you havemade a long and hard report to us without a break for two hours. Bring yourassistants and let\'s go have a meal together."

Several leaders went downstairs first. Lu Qiao picked up thenotebook brought by the company with the help of the secretary. Seeing thatZhang Siyi was still sitting on the side, he walked over and touched his elbow:“So?”

“I…” Zhang Siyi pointed to his nose, and later hesaid, “They chose my plan?” (⊙_⊙)

Lu Qiao nodded: “yes!"

Zhang Siyi: ” % ¥#@……"

(#°Д°) …… (⊙_⊙)…… (≧w≦)

No, no, he needs to calm down!(&_&)

Ah, ah… I can\'t calm downcompletely!!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Although Secretary Wang was anidiot, his plan was chosen!!!

Wait, if Zhang Siyi own planis selected, does it mean that Lu Qiao\'s plan fell short? Will he be upset?

Zhang Siyi quickly put awayhis proud smile, pretending to ask Lu Qiao modestly: “Well, I was supernervous, do you think I spoke well?”"

Lu Qiao gave a thumbs up andseriously praised him: “It was really great! I really admired you.Fortunately, the boss let you go up for me. You won the battle and this old ladywas willing to go down!"

Seeing Lu Qiao positive spiritand acceptance, Zhang Siyi smiled again. He excitedly grabbed Lu Qiao’sshoulder: “Then we can work on the details of my project together!”

Lu Qiao’s small body was shakenby Zhang Siyi, and he wrinkled his face in pain: “The king is defeated and willing to serve you!”

The two talked and laughed in the underground parkingarea. Gu Yu stood by the car waiting for them. He held his arm and smiled at Zhang Siyi’s direction, urging: “The little assistant, how slow! Hurry it up.Let\'s eat.”

Zhang Siyi: “….”