Assistant Architect - Chapter 55

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 55: Praise


After Gu Yu left, no one darejoke around with Zhang Siyi. That intimate ‘touch-head’ was like a declaration,proclaiming Gu Yu’s special teasing power over Zhang Siyi.

Although he only said the phrase“work hard” to Zhang Siyi, it caused everyone in the room to turnaway. Later, if his colleagues talk to him, it would inevitably cause a failureto work hard and thus would be equivalent to violating the Boss’s order. So,the crowd could only close their mouths and look at Aunt Four’s red face with astrange look.

After a long period of time,everyone was tacitly maintaining this strange silence. Even when Zhang Siyi gotup to go to the toilet, the expressions of the crowd surrounding him, seemed tosay “Look! Gu Yu touched his head!”

Zhang Siyi went to find Lu Qiao for information and walkedaround half of the office….

Look left (←_←) …Someone is peaking at him.

Look right (→_→) …Someone is peaking at him.

A couple of girls followed him with their eyes, waiting forZhang Siyi to come near.

Zhang Siyi: "……" Enough of you!

It\'s not just touching hishead. It was like he was touched by the Holy Grail. What’s so weird about it!

He walked to Lu Qiao andtapped the other’s shoulder: “Hey, show me the plan before you…”

Lu Qiao: “hmm?” (⊙v⊙)

Zhang Siyi: “…..”You are all going to die!

Sitting heavily onto hischair, Zhang Siyi sat back at his desk red faced. Ah! Work hard! Only work canmake him completely forget the feeling that his head was petted.

In the afternoon, Zhang Siyicompiled the information collected during his business trip to C-City.Recalling the learned experience from the design project of Z-City, he roughlydivided the base plot.

When concentrating on onething, time always goes by very fast. Although it\'s the end of the work day,Zhang Siyi didn’t realize it. He was at his desk, intently looking down at thefloor area ratio and various values u200bu200bto determine the specific area needed forthe office building.

Zhu Hongzhen smiled andsaid: “Four, I\'m leaving for the night first!”

Zhang Siyi didn’t lift hishead. He didn’t want to look at the expression on his face. He casually put hishand up at random and waved: “Goodnight!”

This year, male colleaguesseeing male colleagues being teased by their male bosses can reveal such a miserablesmile.

There are fewer and fewerpeople in the office. Zhang Siyi finally finished the indicator and started todraw his plan. Just as he was focused on work, he heard Gu Yu\'s calm voice nextto him: "You haven\'t left yet?"

Zhang Siyi instinctively becamedefensive: “Well, I will be a little longer.”

As he had always done in thepast, Gu Yu leaned in close, one hand on his desk and the other at the back ofZhang Siyi chair then softly asked: “How is it going?”

Zhang Siyi was tense and eventhe lines drawn under the pen became stiff. He simply put down the pen andpushed the drawing to the side, and looked at Gu Yu. He silently hoped that GuYu would move a little to the side.

Gu Yu did not move a muscle.He glanced at the picture he drew and with a gentle “Hmmm” he said:“Today I spoke to Secretary Wang on the phone. He had a good opinion ofyou.”

Hearing Gu Yu’s whisperingsensually in his ear, he felt happy in his heart for the praise, but also alittle shy. Well, Lu Qiao was also working overtime. It was probably said lowin order to avoid Lu Qiao from hearing it.

Gu Yu also flipped through hisnotebook, looked at his records and compared the drawings he had drawn thenasked again: “Is the base height considered?”

Zhang Siyi sighed andadmitted his omission: “No.”

He vaguely remembers that thelocation of the base is lower than the plane of the main road which is notquite normal, but he felt that the matter is not something he needs to considerby himself. He hastened to check the original diagram of the base in CAD, whichwas good. All the layers had been opened and there was no base elevation on thetop. Zhang Siyi was somewhat emboldened and said: “It’s not on themap.”

“Don’t you have to thinkabout it? What about the drainage after that? The base is filled in as awhole?” Gu Yu pointed out a few issues and sighed: “Don’t you knowDirector Jiang contact information? Give him a call and let him survey the areaas soon as possible otherwise the plan can’t be finished.”

Zhang Siyi: "……" Fuck! Canyou still do that?

Gu Yu paused for a moment,then suddenly asked again: “When are you going to return toNingcheng?” Have you booked your ticket yet?

This unprepared topic transferstartled Zhang Siyi. He paused and didn’t react. Staring into space he stilldidn’t answer and instead heard Gu Yu ask: “Do you want to go back withme?”

Zhang Siyi: “…..”

This is like going home withGu Yu for the New Year! o////o

Moreover, Zhang Siyi foundthat not only the first few words, but also the words that Gu Yu said afterwardswere very light… so soothing.

So close, such a soft voice, asteady breath, and warm…. Zhang Siyifelt his insides start to burn up again. The thing that Fu Xinhui mentionedsprung to mind, and his heart immediately pounded in his chest with a violent‘dong-dong-dong’ as if it was going to break through his skin.

He wanted to escape but Gu Yumade him unable to resist: “I, I have already bought a goodticket…” In a panic, Zhang Siyi subconsciously lied.

Gu Yu calmly replied “Oh”then asked: “For what day and time?”

Zhang Siyi spoke mechanically:“New Year’s Eve, ten o’clock, ten and a half.”

Gu Yu did not speak. After twoseconds, he nodded and said, “Okay.” Then he straightened up and tookaway the palm of his hand and went to Lu Qiao.

Zhang Siyi\'s heart suddenlyfelt a sense of loss, and he was a little worried that Gu Yu would be angry forlying to him.

But fortunately, a few minuteslater, after looking at Lu Qiao progress, Gu Yu turned and called his name:“Zhang Siyi, stop first, come over so we can go to dinner together.”

This is the meaning of Gu Yuto take the initiative to invite them to dinner! Like the first meal he hadwith Gu Yu, he took them downstairs to eat Japanese food. Lu Qiao was soexcited that Zhang Siyi smacked his head and regretted the lie.

In fact, they are from thesame area so there really is no reason not to go back together. Gu Yu will noteat him. Why should he lie?

Since there aren’t lunchspecials in the evening, Gu Yu let them look at the menu to order. As wasbefore, Zhang Siyi wanted his favorite sizzling chicken rice and Gu Yu alsorequested the same hot spring egg beef rice. Never eating here before, Lu Qiaohesitated for a long time and finally ordered ramen under the recommendation ofZhang Siyi. Face up, Lu Qiao is at the side eating: “Delicious! It is verydelicious, but 48 yuan for a bowl of noodles is really expensive ah!”

Zhang Siyi chuckled:“Anyway it is Boss’s treat so you do not need to spend your money.”

Sucking the noodles greedily,Lu Qiao said: “I feel like I’m eating money. A mouthful of two dollars…… Sluuurp!…… Well, that’sanother mouthful, five bucks.

ZhangSiyi.: "……"

Gu Yu grinned at him and said:“Work hard and eat well.”

Lu Qiao slapped his head andsaid: “That’s right! Eat enough to work! Yeah!”

Zhang Siyi was also said tohave worked hard. After the meal, the two returned to the office and added twohours of overtime. Gu Yu had been accompanying them until 9:30 before they leftwork for the night.

When Zhang Siyi finally camehome and saw Fu Xinhui he said: “Brother, I hardly ever see you. It\'s likeevery three autumns!”

Fu Xinhui.: "……"

Since he is up early for workand comes home late, he really has this feeling. Although they live under oneroof, lately it\'s as though they are strangers passing through, unaware of eachother. In the two days he hasn’t seen the dog, he can tell that Cheer-Up hasgrown bigger.

Fu Xinhui\'s mood today isquite good. After contemplating for a few minutes, he told Zhang Siyi: "I founda job."

Zhang Siyi was pleasantlysurprised: “Ah? Really! What job?”

Fu Xinhui smiled andexplained: “I went to walk the dog a few days ago, and I met a girl whocame back from France to study in the cosmetics industry.”

Zhang Siyi squinted at him:“Is she asking you to sell cosmetics?”

Fu Xinhui: “Stupid,listen to me first.”

Zhang Siyi poured himself aglass of juice in the kitchen: “I’m listening."

Fu Xinhui: “Sellingcosmetics is one of her jobs. She also manages a side job at a private club inHaicheng for quality single men and women to provide social activities.”

The club now has more than1000 fixed-event members. She hosts one to two events a week at random upscalelocations from the Trade Center, Museums, famous villas and so on…”

Zhang Siyi went to the sofaand sat down, urging: “Quickly get to the point!”

Fu Xinhui continued: “Sheasked me to go in as part of the activities as one of the fixed male guests.The appearance fee is one thousand eight hundred yuan once every month as longas I go three or four times a month."

Zhang Siyi was first surprisedby the appearance fee, but then he reacted and asked: “Wait, this is likea blind date service!”

Fu Xinhui lightly coughed:“In fact, it is a disguised blind date club."

Zhang Siyi asked Fu Xinhui:“What will you do?”

Fu Xinhui said frankly:“Yes. She said that the club needed some handsome men with strongbackgrounds to attract people to participate in the events. After each event,they will post photos to WeChat and some social media.”

Zhang Siyi: “What are theirprofits? Entrance Fees? Is there a catch?”

Fu Xinhui shook his head andsaid: “No, it is the activity fee. All the people who attend the partyneed to provide formal identification. They must pay the money, from three tofive hundred, and more than one thousand. When the number of attendees is high,the fee will be lower. However, they occasionally hold some elite socialgatherings, and the staff will be limited to 50 or less. In this case, the feeswill be higher.”

Fu Xinhui gave him an account,saying that every time this girl does an activity, her net income is tens ofthousands. At present, her monthly income has reached 200,000.

Zhang Si Yi is shocked. Whyare other people’s money so fucking good! (#°Д°)

“Now that you know the details of the events, are you still willing to go?” Worried Zhang Siyi frowned: “And, don’t be angry but I feel that the nature of this work is a bit like a Rent-Boy?”