Assistant Architect - Chapter 52

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 52: Chief


The two standing in the middle ofnowhere were completely motivated by the classic lines of the film“Apollo”. With adrenaline surging up, there was an endless stream ofenergy coming from deep within. They weren’t afraid of the cold wind. Theyweren’t afraid of nothingness. They can do it!

While Zhang Siyi took off hisgloves and lifted his camera to start taking pictures, Lu Qiao took out anotebook to record the details of the surrounding roads and environment.

Although Zhang Siyi is stillconfused about the overall project, he thinks that as long as one starts thetask in front of oneself, a clearer direction will emerge so one will know whatto do next.

After more than an hour of busywork, Zhang Siyi had some clues…

This land is really vast, but itdoesn’t necessarily develop all at once! Just like the planning project in thenew district of Z City, they can make a rough plan for this land, divide itinto small pieces, and then design the office building in the most conspicuousposition. Isn’t that enough?

Thinking about the task further,Zhang Siyi realized the reason why the local government wanted to erect alandmark office building. First build the office building and smaller officebuildings will follow in the surrounding plots to drive the economic growth inthe area. He looked around and imaginedthe established office building location. In the next five or ten years, morebuildings will rise around it, like spring bamboo shoots, budding from theground, rising, growing, and thriving…

Zhang Siyi was excited: “Iknow! I know what to do!”

Lu Qiao still doesn’t know whatto do: “You do?"

Zhang Siyi points to the cornerlocation of the block at the junction of Government Avenue and City Main road:“Over there! The office building should be in that position! Yes, becauseit is not a simple office building, it must be high! It is a marker, similar Mo, as a symbolicexistence, so the total construction area is small!”

Although Lu Qiao didn’t know that“mo” was, he understood Zhang Siyi’s meaning and quickly responded.He walked under the foot of the land: “This can be a commercial or landscapeavenue, reserved in advance.”

Zhang Siyi nodded and stretchedhis arm out to point to another area: “This section can be used to buildnew homes to relocate existing residents.”

Lu Qiao ran around in the openspace: “Here, the main road of the section that is separated from thecenter with a circular space in the middle.”

Zhang Siyi followed and ran over.The road network of the whole plot seemed to emerge in the mind with Lu Qiao’swords. He shouted: “Landscape and a fountain! It is better to have afountain! There will definitely be a big lady dancing at night!”

Moving around the area feelingexcited, they felt like a lord of the land. The impulse to yell into the skyand beat their chests like Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, was great however, with theirsubsiding adrenaline, the two slowly calmed down and came to a standstill thensquatted.

On the side of the road, a blackcommercial car with a license plate number 00 pulled up then stopped slowly.The door opened and there was two middle-aged persons, one fat and one thinman. The fat middle-aged man looked at the two young people moving around thebase frowning: “Are those two over there the designers of Borderlessarchitectural firm?”

The thin one had an idea andsaid: “Hey, let me call to confirm.”

Not far away, Zhang Siyi suddenlyfelt the phone in his trouser pocket vibrate.

He quickly stood up and took outhis mobile phone. At a glance, he saw a strange number and thought that it wasanother messy intermediary call. He wanted to hang up, but he saw the calladdress displayed under the phone number. Luckily, he noticed as it was anaddress from C-City!

Lying groove, now the agency can track their location!?(#°Д°)

Zhang Siyi swiped the answerkey on the phone and with attitude he answered the call: “Hello? Who isthis!?”

There was a moment of silenceand then he heard someone ask: ” Is this Mr. Zhang from Borderless?”

Zhang Siyi frowned. “Iam. Who are you?”

The person on the phone said:“I am Mr. Jiang with the city planning bureau.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Lu Qiao on the side:“???”

Panicking on the side, waving,Zhang Siyi signaled to Lu Qiao to quiet down: “Jiang, JiangSecretary!”

There was a pause on the phonethen the man spoke: “I am not the director. I am a subordinate. In themorning, Director Gu from your company called Secretary Wang saying that youwere going to evaluate the land. In order to make arrangements, he gave us yourphone number. Chief Wang and I are on the edge of the designated landdevelopment area right now. Is that you in a gray-blue down jacket?"

Zhang Siyi quickly turnedaround and found the business car on the side of the road. He raised his handin that direction: “Yes. I am here!”

Hanging up the phone, ZhangSiyi went to the business car with Lu Qiao and made a frantic expression:“Come on! The people of the Planning Bureau are coming!”

Lu Qiao followed up nervouslyand asked Zhang Siyi: “The person who just called you is the Chief?"

Since Zhang Siyi’s father ispart of the government agency, he is well familiar with etiquette on dealingwith officials. He isn’t afraid to talk to them. Zhang Siyi responded: “No. He is in alower office. We will call Director Jiang later. I’m guessing that he is thepersonal aid to the fat man who is secretary called Secretary Wang.”

Lu Qiao nodded his head againand again, and seemed a little more restrained.

Walking to the side of theroad, Zhang Siyi changed his confounded expression to one of serenity andrespectfully said: “Secretary Wang, director Jiang.”

The two smiled and nodded, andsure enough, he wasn’t wrong.

First, director Wang shookhands with Zhang Siyi and Lu Qiao, and greeted him politely. then he frowned,"How old are you?” The design of this office building is yours to do?"

Secretary Wang first shookhands with Zhang Siyi then Lu Qiao, and greeted them politely. He frowned:“How old are you? Are you in charge of designing the officebuilding?”

As Lu Qiao was about to answer“yes”, Zhang Siyi waved him off and interrupted him. He took a stepforward and presented his business card to Secretary Wang. “No, no. I amjust a small assistant. Director Gu was busy with work so he sent us here toevaluate the designated area to be developed. The design is mainly for him todo.”

Lu Qiao: “…”

Secretary Wang looked a littlebit sullen, and then he nodded with a smile. “This is also true. DirectorGu is young and promising. He must be a busy man.”

Wondering why Gu Yu knowsSecretary Wang, Zhang Siyi listened to Secretary Wang’s explanation: “Twoyears ago I attended the selection of a new district planning bid. At the timethe bid for L-City project was between the Design Institute and TJ Firm. Manypeople were in favor of the Design Institute plans, but later found out it wasdone by a recent Master’s graduate, not the design director. Yes, I amreferring to your Director Gu. At that time, he was a fresh graduate and workedat the Design Institute. The people at the top felt that the plan was too bigto be handed to someone so young, so they felt the project would not get theattention it needed to succeed. As a result, they choose the plan by the TJFirm. However, young Gu left a lasting impression on me and I’ve always wantedto have an opportunity to work with him and now I do.”

Lu Qiao was shocked. If he hadjust blurted out that the design was done by them, then Secretary Wang wouldcertainly feel that he was not paying enough attention to him… It was tooclose! Witnessing Zhang Siyi ability to read the situation properly and actaccordingly, Lu Qiao looked at Zhang Siyi in admiration.

Zhang Siyi listened to Wang\'sremarks and was dumbfounded. In his mindhe went over the events not long ago that transpired during the Z-City planningbid. Even though Director Gu knew the final decision was prearranged, he stillpoured all of his efforts into the work. After overhearing the Chief and himtalk in the bathroom, Zhang Siyi could not understand his attitude. He thoughttheir efforts were in vain and that Gu Yu was deceiving them.

He recalled sitting with hisfather at home talking about the project bid and hearing him judge Gu Yu. Hesaid that the discerning eye will remember Gu. Hard work is never going to bein vain and opportunities will come. Isn’t Secretary Wang the best proof?

Although the City PlanningBureau did not choose Gu Yu\'s plan, Wang, the director of the C City PlanningBureau, remembered him and gave him a chance. However, Gu Yu passed on theopportunity he earned himself to Zhang Siyi and Lu Qiao.

In determination, Zhang Siyisqueezed his fists. He also wants to work as hard as Gu Yu would have done onthis project to confirm Gu Yu’s decision was the correct one on letting himdesign the building. He went straight to the topic: “Secretary Wang, wehave carefully looked at the area and there are a few questions we don’tunderstand. I would like to consult with you.”

“If you have any questions, go ahead andask.” Secretary Wang folded his arms.

Although Zhang Siyi has someideas, he isn’t one hundred percent certain they are within the scope of theOfficials’ needs. Now that the number one party is present, of course he shouldask questions to clarify: “Can the office building be built anywhere onthe designated development area?”

With a big arm motionSecretary Wang presented the landscape to them and nodded: “Yes, all ofthis land is owned by the government. It can be used casually.”

Zhang Siyi, Lu Qiao:“…”

Zhang Siyi pointed to thehouses and asked: “What about the residents and farmland on thebase?”

“It’ll be demolished tomake way for the government office and cultural center in the future.” SecretaryWang responded. He touched his chin in thought and said: “It\'s best tobuild both a youth cultural center and a cultural plaza.”

Hearing Secretary idea for theland development made Zhang Siyi heart grow brighter because the planenvisioned by Secretary Wang coincided with the ideas that they just had!

He also asked a few morequestions about the types of buildings and purpose of the plots surrounding thenew office building. Secretary Wang answered truthfully.

After some questions and answers, SecretaryWang took a look at Zhang Siyi and smiled: “The questions asked by theyoung man in front of me are quite professional. This is almost the new yearand you also rushed over to inspect the land. Is it not easy?”

Zhang Siyi humbly said:“Where there is work, that’s where we should be.”

“Hey, it\'s getting late.Have you had lunch yet?” Secretary Wang did not wait for Zhang Siyi toanswer. He turned to Director Jiang on the side and said: “Director Jiang,take Mr. Zhang and this……? “

Lu Qiao nervously said:“I, I am Lu Qiao.”

Secretary Wang smiled and wenton: “Take them out to have a meal and then drive them around the city forthe afternoon.” Like most officials with limited time, he lifted his wristto look at his own watch concerned with the current hour.

Zhang Siyi hurriedly said:“Secretary Wang, you must be very busy. We will go eat on our own.”

Secretary Wang waved his hand.His words have already been spoken and thus, his subordinates would naturallyfollow suit.

Director Jiang immediatelygreeted Zhang Siyi and Lu Qiao and motioned them into the business car:“Mr. Zhang and Mr. Lu are the first time to come to our city. With cabbagestems, simmered duck, fried bean curd, old vegetables and potatoes, our localcuisine is a must! Hey, I will take youto the best local restaurant here.”

Pretending to be polite, Zhang Siyi and Lu Qiao were hungry all morning. While listening to the names of all he dishes their stomachs rumbled. Salivating, they blinked at the Director and swallowed.