Assistant Architect - Chapter 45

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 45: Photography


With enthusiasm, Zhang Siyi specifically carriedhis camera and tripod to the company in order to take photos during lunchbreak. He was determined to win the prize money. He walked around the company,fiddled with the aperture and exposure, and took pictures of people all around.There are many that came to Zhang Siyi and posed for the camera. Happy laughtercan constantly be heard.

Zhang Siyi took a few photos of several femalecolleagues. After they took them, they looked and said: “Wow, the SLR isnot the same as a point-and-shoot-camera!”

Bi Lele also said: “Hey, with this level, Idon’t even need to use photo editing software afterwards!”

Du Rui said with emotion: “I feel that thebonus of this photo contest is already in the bag of Four.”

Even a married male colleague said that ZhangSiyi’s level is better than the professional photographer he invited when hegot married.

Praised by everyone, Zhang Siyi was feelingembarrassed. Scratching his head, he commented: “You are too kind. I\'mstill far away from a professional."

Ji Feiyu said: “Now, many amateurphotographers act as professional photographers in the wedding industry to makemoney on the side!”

Everyone was listening. With the way the wages ofthe construction industry were declining, Zhu Honghzhen looked at Zhang Siyienviously: "If you lose your job one day you don\'t have to worry about food.You can open a studio and take wedding photos!"

Zhang Siyi laughed: “Don’t curse me, I havea true love for architecture!”

The Chief who happened to be passing by heardZhang Siyi say this sentence. He looked at him more and looked around and askedGu: “This young man is very energetic. Is he the new recruit thisyear?”

Gu Yu: “Well, it\'s only been half ayear.”

Chief: “How come I didn’t see what projecthe was involved in?”

Generally, large scale projects are handled bythe main designers and reporting director. Zhang Siyi is just a small patch andhis name doesn\'t appear on the top of the projects. Gu Yu replied: "He doesn\'thave a solid foundation yet. I\'ve been assigning him exercises and bit andpieces of projects."

Chief: “I remember you always have a clearpurpose for recruiting employees. What’s so special about him?"

Gu Yu smiled and said: “Would you believe hehas a gift for design?"

The Chief sighed and shook his head: “Whatis the use of design talents in this line of work? I have seen a lot of peoplewho are unique when they are young, but the young are vulnerable to giving up.The ones that are uncertain in the beginning will continue to grow and inten-twenty years they finally stand out. It\'s not a gift to design, but anexperience that has accumulated over a long period of time. It\'s perseverance."

Gu Yu looked at Zhang Siyi’s back and said:“Yes, he is uncertain and has more to learn."

The Chief looked at Gu Xiao with a face, andsaid, “It should be a great comfort for an old man to have a son likeyou.”

After chatting with Gu Yu, with a coffee cup inhand, he walked over to see Zhang Siyi: “Come, let me see the photographsyou have taken."

When the crowd saw that the Chief had come, theystepped aside and dared not laugh again.

Flattered, Zhang Siyi quickly scrolled to thebeginning of the photo index to show the Chief. He nodded with satisfaction: “Goodshots. But also take photos of people at work to reflect the working atmosphereof Borderless." Now that he got permission from the chief to walk around, ZhangSiyi felt elated. He roamed around the company not just during lunch, butafterwards as well.

There were several people sitting around a largetable to discuss a plan and one older designer was assisting a youngerdesigner…. He took a photo through the glass.

In another area, there was a petite girl from thelandscape department. She occupied a huge square table. The table was coveredwith markers. She was concentrating deeply on her drawing. Even when Zhang Siyiwas near her to take a photo, she didn\'t hear him.

Looking at the scenes that was captured byoneself in a square camera screen, everyone was so engaged in work, that ZhangSiyi was touched in his heart.

Later, he went around the data reading area andplanned to take a few bookshelf photos. When he was abroad, he found that itwas easy to take pictures in the library, and it made people feel the urge toactively forge ahead.

This late in the day, most people are in theoffice area working at their desks. As a result, the reading room isextraordinarily quiet.

The light was diffuse and very good for pictures.Zhang Siyi put the tripod aside and walked over the camera to find the angle,but suddenly bumped into Gu Yu who stood in front of the bookshelf looking forinformation.

Shining through the window, the diffuse winterlight illuminated half of his shoulder and along his face creating a goldenoutline of Gu Yu. He held a few 16-size"structure" in his hands. He was engrossed in his reading that he too did notfind Zhang Siyi\'s approach.

Zhang Siyi’s heart jumped excitedly. He quicklylifted the camera and pointed it at his silhouette and with a soft "click", hetook a picture.

Gu Yu heard a sound and suddenly turned his head.In panic, Zhang Siyi put his camera down out of view very fast. "You are here."

“Still taking pictures?” Gu Yu closedthe book. It seems he has found what he wanted and put all the rest of thebooks back on the bookshelf. He walked over: “Is the office buildingdesign finished? Don\'t delay your regular assignments."

Given that Zhang Siyi got permission to photographfor the day from the Chief he would normally want to refute Gu Yu request, butnow he was obedient. He quietly answered: "Well, I\'m almost finished takingphotos. I\'ll be able to finish the drawing today."

Gu Yu: “Let me know when you are finish drawingas soon as possible. I will give you a new job."

Zhang Siyi nodded: “Well, I know.”

Gu Yu stared at him for a few seconds then left.

Zhang Siyi meandered slowly back to his deskwhile looking through his photos that had just been taken. He must have been bewilderedby Gu Xiao’s beauty to have behaved so obediently. Sitting at his desk, ZhangSiyi finished the layout with the fastest speed. Now that he has practiced manytimes, he can draw them effortlessly and Gu Yu rarely finds faults.

After finishing, he went to Gu Yu\'s office. Hewas working on detailed design picture for the “structure” that he wasresearching back in the library area. Zhang Siyi glanced at it and only feltdazzled and amazed. He was curious and asked: “What is this?”

Gu Yu: “A group of business centers that Ihave been working on recently. They asked me to help them design the domestructure for it.”

Zhang Siyi said strangely: “Isn\'t thissupposed to be considered by structural professionals?”

Gu Yu put down the pencil and took over the taskcompleted by Zhang Siyi. He casually said: “The architects are notcontradictory when considering the structural problems. If you can have astructural concept when designing, the overall controllability will be stronger,and it will prevent problems. After construction, if there was a disjointedproblem, the architect who did not consider the structural problem was the bigproblem." After he finished, he bowed his head and helped him look at thepicture.

Zhang Siyi suddenly, deep in his heart, he felt akind of inexplicable pressure. Proper stimulation and stress can make peopleprogress, but once the stimulation is too large, fear takes over and impedesforward progress. For now, in the face of Gu Yu\'s power and omnipotence, ZhangSiyi had a sense of frustration for the first time. He felt that no matter howhard he tried, he could not be better than this person. It\'s hard to be anarchitect.

In the evening, Zhang Siyi returned home andsorted out the photos taken that day and made a video clip. He has threesubmissions to fill, so he has two extra shots to pick out. Between the girl inthe landscape department and Gu Yu in the library…. He was hesitant. His mouseslipped and Gu Yu imaged appeared full screen. Motionless, Zhang Siyi stared atit for a long time.

To be honest, if you ignore the other person’snot so good personality, Gu Yu is perfect.

A gleaming resume, strong professionalism,handsome appearance, the means to the top…. No wonder so many people likehim.

He also remembered the scene from Christmasoutside of KTV. He discretely guessed that she could grasp the heart of the godGu Yu. The sweet and petite girl should be very capable.

Zhang Siyi gently clicked the mouse, and finallychose Gu Yu.

Hey, perfect people and perfect people togetherto form a perfect life, imperfect people can only be with unhappy people andkeep dogs.

Outside the door came the sound of Fu Xinhuireprimanded Cheer-up. It seemed the dog had peed everywhere. “Zhang Siyi! Comeout and give me a hand!"

Zhang Siyi: "……"

Time hurriedly passed by and the end of Januarywas near. It\'s time for New Years and the company\'s employees have no intentionof focusing on their work. Although the annual meeting will be celebrated late,on February 18th, reservations for transportation for the officestaff have long been arranged. The location for the meeting was set at a largehotel in the city center.

In addition to the photography competition, thereare other small events in the conference, which is like a school literaryfestival held at a school, where students are required to organize their ownevents. Of course, the prizes are quite rich here, ranging from one or twohundred supermarket shopping cards, and more than five hundred thousand cashred packets, and ultimately the final raffle. The crowd has been asked inadvance about the raffle prizes, which are said to include mobile phones, iPad,and computers.

Colleagues were excited and eager to try, butZhang Siyi was a little depressed, and felt that the company’s lottery prizeswere not very creative as he already owned everything.

If he participated in some activities, he couldget a few small red packets and it could add up to a lot of extra income.However, there are a hundred individuals from all over the company so he maynot be able to get it. Thinking about it, Zhang Siyi felt energized again. Hewore sweatpants and sneakers suitable for a variety of events.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, he arrived at thehotel. Zhang Siyi saw the signboard of the “Borderless Company AnnualMeeting” in the hotel lobby. Looking up to the side, there were otherarchitectural design companies holding the annual meeting here on the same day!

Borderless conference was held in the Baihua Hallon the second floor, and another design company headed by English letters wasin the Yellow Crane Hall on the side. The scene was very lively.