Assistant Architect - Chapter 43

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 43: Handmade


What\'s better to give? As asubordinate giving a gift to his boss, if he gives something expensive then heprobably can\'t afford it. However, if it\'s something less expensive then thereis no value. If its too ordinary, then its not enough to repay the favor of histape measure, but then if its too special, he is afraid he won\'t accept it. Theothers are already giving cactus plants and he doesn\'t have anything ofsentimental value like the tape measure to give. Now that Zhang Siyi is mullingthis issue around his head, he realized the best gift to give would be anon-physical gift, like playing the violin. Gu Yu also indicated he wantedZhang Siyi to play it for him, so there is no possibility of rejection.

But he only practiced once,and he couldn\'t play it!

Zhang Siyi grabbed his headand was dying. He never had as many problems as he does now thinking about agift for Gu Yu as he had when he was buying gifts for his ex-girlfriend.

At noon the company ordereda bento with salty egg yolk fried pumpkin, Zhang Siyi suddenly remembered thepumpkin lantern he made on Halloween day. The appearance of Gu Yu looking atthe lantern with delight is still fresh in Zhang Siyi memory. He was inspired -a pumpkin lamp? But it looks a little strange to give a pumpkin lamp for abirthday present, so he could switch up the subject…. A cactus light?

As its been only half ayear, forgive him for knowing so little about Gu Yu. Apart from the pumpkinlantern, Zhang Siyi could only think of the cactus. In fact, the cactus idea isquite good because it can mix in with a bunch cactus pots that the femalecolleagues give. Being handmade, its unique, but he doesn\'t think it would betoo conspicuous.

Excited, Zhang Siyi quickly createda few design plans of a cactus. Unlike his pumpkin from Halloween, this time itwon\'t rot, so of course it can\'t be done with a fresh plant.

After he planned out hisideas, Zhang Siyi immediately placed an order online and bought a bunch of handtools and materials. The online supplier delivered the goods the next day, andduring the night, Zhang Siyi began to build Gu Yu\'s gift!

He first made a sphericalframe with wire, and then made a shell from the wrinkled green matte copy paperand covered the frame. He drew a cute smile, and regularly glued a smallhandful of small balls around the sphere. He added life-like fluff to act as athorn for the cactus.

Zhang Siyi played aroundwith it in his hand for a while and felt happy. He made another carton base andbefore he attached the ball to the base, he took the opportunity to write asmall note and buried it within the base. It read "Gu Yu, you big devil! I wishyou a happy 29th birthday. One day I will be even more powerful than you! (╰_╯)——ZSY”

Zhang Siyi snickered andplaced the note on the bottom. He cut a card with the same shape and glued itaround the edges, completely covering it with a seal. Hey, how can Gu Yu seethis? Let your heart be buried with birthday wishes and become an everlastingsecret!

Finally, Zhang Siyi put a smallled light device in the base with a battery and spread dry sand stone aroundthe base. He exposed the lamp head, put the lamp cover on then turned on theswitch – bright!

Ah-ha-ha-ha! This youngmaster is really a handmade genius! ! !

Even though the lamp wassimple, it took Zhang Siyi six hours to make it and it was two o\'clock in themorning. In his excitement to let other see his creation, he isn\'t sleepy.

Knowing that the night owl, FuXinhui, was definitely not sleeping, Zhang Siyi went straight to his door and knocked:"Heartless Han! Come and see!"

While wearing headphones, FuXinhui is watching a movie and Cheer-Up is sitting quietly on his lap. Oneperson and one dog hear the sound and look back. In the darkness, a green thingis shining.

Fu Xinhui: “…”

Cheer up: “…”

It wasn\'t until Zhang Siyicame in with a plush green light that Fu Xinhui saw what the bizarre spot oflight was. “Why are you still up so late?"

Zhang Siyi held his lamp andsaid: “Look what I did!”

Fu Xinhui took Zhang Siyi’s lamp and carefully observed it for a bitthen asked: “What is this? A tennis ball?”

Zhang Siyi said: “Do tennis balls have thorns!? This is a cactuslamp!"

Is there such a thing as a cactus lamp? (=_=)

"It\'s pretty good,” replied Fu Xinhui with all sincerity. “Didyou stay up until now to make this?"

Zhang Siyi\'s zealous excitement was written all over his face: "Theday after tomorrow is Gu Yu\'s birthday. This is his present.”

In Fu Xinhui\'s room with a sea of warm colors, the lamp emanates agloomy green, like a curse. Fu Xinhui\'s eyes opened wider in concern: "Are yousure you want to give this?"

Zhang Siyi confidently said: “What’s the matter? Isn’t it nice tolook at?"

That\'s an understatement, Fu Xinhui thought. He asked: “This kindof small lamp is so common. Why not buy one online?"

Zhang Siyi vehemently expressed his opinion: "That\'s not sincere!"

"Well, what intentions …… to your boss." Fu Xinhui took a deep breathand suppressed his desire to criticize him. "Why do you care?"

Zhang Siyi made a fist: “everything for the bonus!”

At work the next day is the Group study meeting. This is a specialproject of the architectural design department. In order to promote joinlearning and growth, every two months, there will be one day where the membersof the two groups sit together and select excellent design solutions worthsharing for internal reporting and discussion. When there are no projects, GuYu and Tong Heyi will either find some classic programs for everyone to discussor organize everyone to watch a film related to architecture.

In recent months, there have been many company projects. Zhang Siyihas participated in two study sessions, all of which are discussion projects.This time is no exception. Only on this day, Gu Yu and Tong Heyi were taken bythe Chief. The regular meeting was hosted by Ji Feiyu and another olderdesigner of A Group.

Since the two bosses are absent the atmosphere in the discussion roomis relatively relaxed. There are twenty young people in five or six rows,holding things like a notepad, a teacup, and some are with snacks. It is muchlike a college class. What is being discussed was a factory design made by A Grouplast week, which is quite unique. In order to train a poor colleague in thegroup, Ji Feiyu specifically asked him to report.

Zhang Siyi was very involved in drawing many floor plans. The designof the factory was originally framed, so without intricate elements, it wasvery boring. He was listening to his colleague read the PPT presentationaccording to the text. Since he didn\'t get enough sleep last night, themonotone drone of the colleague\'s made him feel so sleepy. Yawning a few times,it wasn\'t long before his head fell to the side on his neck, asleep.

Zhang Siyi\'s luck was not good. Gu Yu and Tong Heyi came back fiveminutes later.

Before entering the door, Child Labor realize she had something else important,so she left beforehand. Gu Yu walked in and looked around. He saw everyone atattention facing front except for Zhang Siyi who was fast asleep. His mouth washalf open, and drool was dribbling down the side.

Zhu Hongzhen was about to nudge Zhang Siyi, but when he saw Gu Yu walkright towards his direction, he did nothing. The crowd also held their breathand quieted down to watch. Gu Yu walked softly to Zhang Siyi side and pulledout his mobile phone from his pocket. He took a few photos of Zhang Siyisleeping.

Everyone: “…”

Gu Yu whispered to the group of people around Zhang Siyi. Seeing thatGu Yu was pulling a prank on Zhang Siyi, they stifled their quiet laughs andcooperated with Gu Yu. He had them strike-a-pose all around Zhang Siyi.

Gu Yu retreated a little and took a few shots from different angles.

After taking a full ten minutes, he just smiled and put away hismobile phone. He made an “x” gesture to everyone to keep it a secretand then went out.

Several female colleagues whispered amongst themselves:

“Why did Director Gu take pictures of Fourth Aunt sleeping?”

"Surprisingly, it\'s the first time I\'ve seen him actively engaged in aprank and It seemed… cute?"

"Yes, yes… did you see that look on Director Gu\'s face? He usually isso distant, but that was just too cute!"

“Am I the only one who thinks that Gu Yu is beyond reach evenwhen he does a prank? He’s only making fun of Auntie Four. We’re just his setprops.……"

“Shh–! Auntie four is waking up! Secrecy, secrecy!"

Zhang Siyi leisurely woke up and opened his eyes. Half of the peoplein the discussion room looked at him with sympathetic eyes. He was a littlefrightened and quickly wiped the saliva from the corners of his mouth, thinkingit was a cause of concern, slightly blushing. But then there were people wholooked at him from time to time, including Zhu Hongzhen.

Flustered, Zhang Siyi asked: “Hey, what\'s the matter? Was Boss justhere?”

Zhu Hongzhen: “… No."

The seminar lasted until four o’clock in the afternoon. Due to his napZhang Siyi felt rejuvenated.

The crowd returned to the office area and noticed a new memo pinned onthe bulletin board. People crowded around to read the notice of the event. Itread:

—— Borderless photography competition ——

In order to welcome the arrival of the New Year, our company will holdan internal staff photography competition at the end of the year. All employeesare encouraged to participate voluntarily.

Subject: Any photos related to the company, employees, and work. Thecompetition is divided into two groups for submission:

  1. serious group (serious and normal photos)
  2. funny group (spoof, joy, funny photos, etc.)

Requirements: A maximum of three works can be submitted per person.The work must be taken within one year and submitted as a single photo or photoclip.

Deadline: January 20, 2015

The preferred method: All works will be shown as a slide show at thecompany’s annual meeting at the end of January. Afterwards, the company willvote online for their favorites on the company’s official website. Finally,each group will receive a prize of 3,000 yuan each, and 10 photos will beselected at the same time. After the magnified works are enlarged, they will bedisplayed at the entrance of the company in the coming year.

The “Photo Contest” in the title attracted Zhang Siyi’sattention. He saw the bonus amount of the “three thousand yuan” inthe end, and his eyes were completely bright! Wow! Photography is what he isbest at! Excited, Zhang Siyi has raised his fist and this bonus must be won!

From time to time, Zhang Siyi has noticed colleagues giving him bothcurious looks and sympathetic ones.

Zhang Siyi: “…” Why do you look at me like this!

On January 8, Gu Yu\'s birthday arrived.

Early in the morning, before 9:00, several female colleagues arrivedat the company and quietly placed their gifts at the door of Gu Yu\'s office. Sincethey were worried about being rejected, they are all tactfully unsigned.

Zhang Siyi is also careful. He took his cactus lamp to the office, but he was different.