Assistant Architect - Chapter 40

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 40: Pull Yourself Together


After listening to thiswhole piece of music, Zhang Siyi’s guilty mood has changed. He is now freakingout: “Are you kidding me? This song is too difficult!"

Gu Yu: “You can be alittle ———— Practice in parts. I’mnot in a hurry anyway. I\'ll forgive when you play it for me."

Zhang Siyi: "……" Whydoes he feel like he dug himself a hole this time? !

Distraught Zhang Siyi is perplexed. Every time when he thinks Gu Yu is veryserious, the other party will suddenly make a joke. When he thinks that Gu Yuis joking, the other party isn\'t. It\'s just like that time he deducted hiswages. On one hand Gu Yu is a super guy with a great personality, on the otherhand he has a black stuffed belly!

With a solid playing foundation, even if song R is difficult, it\'s notimpossible to learn the song. The problem is just a matter of practice.

As Gu Yu mentioned, if there is a score, Zhang Siyi can separate the wholeinto smaller sections and practice each part starting slowly. Practice it onetwo hundred more times, then increase the speed and make the music sounddynamic. But, less than half a year to practice ………… You are going todie!

What Zhang Siyi originally wanted was a shortcut for Gu Yu\'s forgiveness,but instead he gave him half a year to solve the problem. Feeling frustrated, hegave up and threw his mobile phone on the floor. What, even if he didn\'t playthe violin for Gu Yu, is he not going to forgive him in his lifetime? ZhangSiyi doesn\'t believe it! When the cactus recovers, he won\'t owe him anything!

In order to save money, Zhang Siyi stayed at home for three days and ate conveniencestore food. On the third night, Fu Xinhui came back home. Feeling starved, hethrew himself on the floor in front of him and said: "Local tyrant, please letme have a meal!”

Fu Xinhui: “…”

The two went out to a fish place to eat hot pot. Talking to Fu Xinhui, ZhangSiyi was still complaining over Gu Yu\'s treatment of him about his cactus.“It\'s such a small cactus! He remembered how many edges of the plant therewere and the node colors. Isn\'t that terrible?"

Fu Xinhui listened and occasionallynodded “hmm”, but his expression was a little absent-minded. Until hesat down to finish the meal, Zhang Siyi didn\'t realize that Fu Xinhui’s moodtoday wasn\'t right.

“What’s the matter with you?” Zhang Siyi remembered thecomplicated situation of Fu Xinhui’s family and asked, “Is it a problemwith your sister?”

Fu Xinhui sighed a long sigh: “Not only her, but a bunch of brokenthings at home. I am upset.”

At first, they ordered only a cup of golden orange Lemonade, but seeing FuXinhui disheartened, Zhang Siyi got the waiter and ordered two bottles of beer.He said: “Come, drink some, talk to me.”

Fu Xinhui gently rubbed the glass wall with his fingers, frowning: “Well,my sister is going to get married and the man is going to change his name toFu.”

Surprised, Zhang Siyi\'s eyes and mouth are wide open: “What!?!?"

Is it possible for a man in society to change his surname? If they are agood man with talents, why do you want to change your family name?

With bitterness, Fu Xinhui responded: “How do I know what she isthinking? This time when I went home, they asked me for advice. Can I even havean opinion?"

Zhang Siyi: “Wait, wait! Your brother-in-law, oh no, they are notmarried yet. The man who wants to marry your sister; did he agreed to change hisfamily name?” Can an average man agree to this condition? When Zhang Siyithinks about it, he thinks it\'s is absolutely impossible for him to follow hiswife’s surname in the future.

Fu Xinhui said: “It\'s just a formality of calling him brother-in-law.He is four years younger than my sister and is from an average family. He hasan older brother, so he is ranked second and changing the family name isacceptable to the man\'s family."

Zhang Siyi questioned: “Huh?” I imagine that most rich peoplelike you are looking for a marriage of the right rich, and I thought yoursister would marry a richer one.

Fu Xinhui turned to him with a blank look: “You watch too many TVshows!”

Zhang Siyi: “Err……"

He never really took the initiative to see the drama series on TV. Mainly,his mother loved to watch and before going to college, every night afterdinner, his mother would watch a TV romance drama. From time to time he wouldalso watch so he could try to understand it. (=_=)

The bottom of the fresh chicken soup in the duck shaped pot has begun toboil. Fu Xinhui picked up some beef cuts and slowly put them into the hot-pot.He continues to say: “It\'s not a hard rule and my sister is a strong woman.She is never likely to find a stronger person than herself."

Zhang Siyi asked: “Is your future brother-in-law very weak? What\'s helike?

Fu Xinhui: “I have been in contact with him once and felt he is verygood. Anyway, my sister has a hot temper, and he knows how to deal with it. Theperson I saw by my sister will not go bad. At first, I was against it and told mymother. It may be an ideological problem of principles, but I can\'t help mysister, so I listened to my mother."

Zhang Siyi nervously said: “I feel very bad. Your sister is nowmarried to the equivalent of a man entering the door. Then, is she going tofind a marriage partner to marry you?”

Fu Xinhui: "……" Startled, he replied: "I\'m in the middle of it." Withfurrowed brows, he used the long chopsticks to move the soup around: "Thistime, when I went back, they arranged a blind date for me."

Zhang Siyi: "…………"

Shit! A rich family inner political fight! It seems that kind of drama hismother often watches is not so foolish after all. The art comes from life!

Fu Xinhui: “Remember the uncle I mentioned?"

Zhang Siyi nodded: “Yeah?"

He heard Fu Xinhui mention him once. It\'s his father\'s only brother. He oversawa part of the family business, but he never took it seriously and causedtrouble.

Fu Xinhui explained: "My father\'s indulgence to my uncle has reached thelimit and the family is very angry. He spent one-third of the family assets onprostitution, gambling, food, drinks and the like. My mother quietly told me hewent to Australia six months ago and lost 20 million on a bet. He came backbegging and my father never said a word. He just took the family’s assets topay off his uncle\'s debt.

Zhang Siyi shocked: “Fuck! He gambled 20 million?"

This is the first time Fu Xinhui has disclosed any information about hisfamily assets to Zhang Siyi. He sighed: “Well, the company intended to gopublic this year, but because of my uncle, it has been delayed. The financialsof the company are now being investigated."

Zhang Siyi: “Is it bad for your father to indulge your uncle so muchagain? Not only will it hurt him, but he will probably hurt you, too.

Fu Xinhui handed him the spoon and said: “Yes, I know this truth, butmy father can’t hear it.”

After listening to Fu Xinhui\'s remarks, Zhang Siyi suddenly understood whyhis father was so strict with himself.

Fu Xinhui seems to be at a loss. Holding his glass, he said: "When I went homethis time, I overheard something."

Zhang Siyi asked: “Hmm… What\'s that?"

Fu Xinhui looked at the boiling soup pot and said: “My uncle nevermarried and never had any children. Last night, I heard my sister talking to mydad in the study. She said to let my uncle adopt me and gain my inheritance."

“Pfft…….!” Zhang Siyi directly spit out a mouthful of soup:"Fuck her mom! Your sister is insane!"

Smiling faintly, Fu Xinhui had a mind to joke with Zhang Siyi: “Youare so funny. Her mother is my mother.”

Zhang Siyi was choked to the heart. He lost his appetite, so he just sippedhis drink.

Fu Xinhui continued: "The reason she gave my father, was to prevent myuncle\'s carelessness so it wouldn\'t be so chaotic every day. The idea was tolet me help take care of my uncle\'s industries and later when he dies, thosewould be mine. In addition, since I\'m still my father\'s son, I would be givenmore property at that time. It wouldn\'t be a disservice to me."

In anger, Zhang Siyi raised his voice: “You are her younger brother,how can she do this to you?”

“I\'m not surprised she has done this because she has hated me since wewere children. Now she has the chance to draw a line with me and if my dad doeswhat she suggested, I wouldn\'t fight with her.” Fu Xinhui eyes are alreadyred. He raised his glass and drank some more: "I\'ve never wanted to argue withher about what she wanted so I got out of her way."

Zhang Siyi put down the cup and for the first time began to seriouslypersuade Fu Xinhui: “You can’t go on like this, you have to pull yourselftogether!”

Fu Xinhui lowered his head and sipped his drink. He did not answer.

Enlightening others isn\'t something Zhang Siyi is consciously good at, butlooking at Fu Xinhui\'s despondent look, he felt bad for him so he spoke up: "Youshouldn\'t stay at home and do nothing. What about pursuing your own dreams?It\'s your own life so you need to fight for yourself! You can\'t be affected byyour sister for the rest of your life."

Fu Xinhui raised his head and looked at Zhang Siyi: “But I don’t knowwhat I want!” I don’t know what it means for people to live in this world!

“He had a desperate face, and slipping along his cheeks, the tears inhis eyes could no longer be contained.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Fu Xinhui hastened to cover his face with his hand and leaned on the backof the chair. His soft sobs shook his shoulders: “I just want to hide faraway from them…”

Feeling for his friend, Zhang Siyi\'s five hearts are mixed with emotions.