Assistant Architect - Chapter 4 (2)

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Translator: Blues

Editor: Shem

This string of questions asked to Zhang Siyi made him feel dazed. Before seeing Gu Xiao, he was still considering to ask later on how much appropriate salary would he get.

But obviously, he thought too much.

However, since Gu Xiao asked the questions, Zhang Siyi also had to answer. Anyway the situation had made him feel embarrassed, nothing was worse than this moment.

He took a deep breath, did not know if he wanted to smash a cracked pot or to find a way out in an emergency situation: “Learning architecture is actually influenced by one of my high school senior.”

Gu Xiao: “Oh?”

Zhang Siyi: “When I was in high school, an alumnus, who studied at T school returned to his alma mater to give us motivational speech. He was once our local college entrance exam champion, he was admitted to the second grade of architectural department in province at T big (da) school. H said something and it left a deep impression on me."

Indeed, in China, Architecture was the highest-scoring major in almost all universities, especially in schools such as T big (da), whose architecture department had almost swept up half of the national science champion.

This was also inevitable. That period of time was at a stage of high national development. Construction was going on all over, the media’s exaggerated report on the employment prospects and salary of the construction industry had made many students flocked on it. The demand for talents in society had forced universities to open architecture majors, even many literary films and television works have “architects” shaped as the crown of life winner, it was a deadly temptation for Zhang Siyi.

Before he studied this major, Zhang Siyi had dreamt of the glorious title of “architect” countless of times. This illusion was deeply rooted in his bone marrow, it made him thought that it was a matter from God to entrust him with an important task—that he was destined to be an architect in this life! The construction of the motherland needed him to add brick tilings!


However, until the real involvement in this field, Zhang Siyi found that this was a fucking huge pit!

Gu Xiao was silent for a moment, then he suddenly laughed: “Is that why you’re studying architecture?"

Zhang Yi did not expect him to laugh. Meeting Gu Xiao twice with a cold face, at that moment such a faint smile actually let Zhang Siyi felt a spring breeze, the feeling of snow and ice melting.

The other’s expression was now a lot softer so Zhang Siyi felt relaxed… Maybe this is a good start?

Gu Xiao blinked his eyes, then asked: “Do you still remember what he said?"

Zhang Siyi: “Well, I don’t remember it clearly……"

An “architect" who was abused for a few years by staying up all night to draw, Zhang Siyi had also lost his original intention. Especially this time on finding job, the downturn in the industry gave him a major blow, made him doubt whether his choice was right or wrong.

As for what the senior said a few years ago, was already a superficial, iy couldn’t make Zhang Siyi\'s heart the slightest ripple.

Zhang Siyi was depressed deep in his heart, but on the surface, he was still being righteous: “But I think senior was cool at that moment, so he has been a good example.”

Gu Xiao pointed the resume at his hand and said: “However you did not enter T big (da) school.”

Zhang Siyi: “…..” really! (=皿=)

T big was not just who wanted to test, could test well or not, it was one of the highest institutions in the country!

Not only T big, the eight architecture schools were famous throughout the country. The admission score was incredibly high. Even in high school, Zhang Siyi was assiduous and had acceptable grades, but the college entrance examination scores were still beyond the point. He had not been able to attend any of those architecture department schools, but he did not want to go to an ordinary school, so he begged his father to go abroad.

Zhang Siyi inhaled. Exhaled. Inhaled again then exhaled……Ok, calm down!

"Going abroad to learn architecture made me think that perhaps the horizons will be more open,” said Zhang Siyi, "I heard that China’s current architecture education system is a complete reference to the West. Therefore, studying in the West can get me a better architectural culture edification. "

Gu Xiao seemed to approve this answer, he slightly nodded.

This small action gave Zhang Siyi a little confidence, he continued to answer what Gu Xiao just asked. Explained the reason why he would choose “Boundless”, nothing more than forum summary of the few friends.

Finally, speaking of career planning, for everyone who was pursuing an “architect” profession, undoubtedly the primary goal was to obtain a personal license. Only in this way could he actually count as an architect. Such as the "National First-Class Certified Architect” on Gu Xiao\'s business card, it was almost the highest of identity for domestic architects.

But this title was not just a random cat call. Strictly speaking, any unlicensed architectural practitioners were simply referred to as “designer” or “architect.” Just like Zhang Siyi, a fledgling architecture graduate, regular positions in the workplace could only be applied to junior “assistant architect”. As the name suggests, it was only to give the real architect a layman—an apprentice.

As for the architect\'s qualification evaluation, different country also had different criteria.

In China, obtaining an “architect” license required a professional academic background. But also a specific number of years of service, before being eligible for the state-level qualification examination. However, the examination was divided into nine main doors, it was not easy to pass the examination. There were many practitioners who took a test for a decade or were still nameless even after decades.

So, seeing that Gu Xiao was already a “Yi zhu” at such a young age, Zhang Siyi would be so surprised.

Zhang Siyi was an undergraduate education in the UK, the academic qualifications wefe recognized by RIBA. If one wanted to apply for a RIBA license in the future, they also needed to have the relevant work experience, even the completed architectural works. It was just that British job evaluation requirements were stricter than the domestic ones. Some people got a license when they were at their forties or fifties, and they could only be regarded as “young architects" in the RIBA circle.

This was indeed a very long road. Therefore, many people made a detour on the way, such as Fu Xinhui and Jiang Hai, who originally went abroad just to mixed up with “foreign education”, they would not die in the end with it.

Influenced by them, Zhang Siyi was muddled now, indecisive. Perhaps the most likely of them to become architects, was only Su Yuan.

"I don\'t have any particular long-term career plan," Zhang Siyi frankly said, "at present, I just want to find a job that can help me to continue to grow and learn and accumulate a little experience. As for the future, I\'ll plan it later. "

Just speaking here, the room was issued a burst of “buzzing” phone vibration sound. Zhang Siyi was startled, touched the pocket but it wasn\'t his cellphone. It was Gu Xiao\'s.

Gu Xiao took out his mobile phone and glanced at it. He frowned before saying to Zhang Siyi: "Sorry, wait a minute."

He then went out to answer the call.

Zhang Siyi was relieved, his tight nerves slightly relaxed. He also took out his phone and saw more than dozens of unread messages in WeChat discussion group of university students.

Su Yuan: “Xiao Yi already went to the interview?"

Jiang Hai: "He went. Early in the morning, he occupied the bathroom to take a bath. I couldn\'t wash my face. [Bad]"

Fu Xinhui: “Why not come to my room to wash? My room has a separate bathroom ah.”

Jiang Hai: “Uh, I forgot. You’re awake?"

Fu Xinhui: “Can’t sleep, he went to the interview and got me nervous.”

Ren Mengxuan: “How do I feel you two are getting more and more base.”

(T/N: slang for gay)

Fu Xinhui: “…”

Su Yuan: “When are you going to work? We are already back in Haicheng, @Fu Xinhui."

Fu Xinhui: “What’s the hurry? Take it easy.”

Suyuan: “Go out and don\'t say that you graduated from the same school with me. Shame.”

Fu Xinhui: “…”

Su Yuan: “I do not know the result of Xiao Yi there.”


Zhang Siyi quickly swept it again, generating no love in the discussion group. Then he typed two words: "It\'s over."

The group quickly exploded, asking him what’s going on. Zhang Siyi saw that Gu Xiao was back, it was too late to explain so he only made two crying expression. Then hurriedly put the phone away.

After sitting down again, Gu Xiao was still slightly frowning. Zhang Siyi was a little unsure about the other person\'s expression if it was because of him or because of the phone call. But no matter what was the reason, he did not hold any hope, he was true about what he just did, then there was that cup of coffee…

Gu Xiao single-handedly opened the portfolio that Zhang Siyi brought while gently kneading his nose with one hand. He did not speak for a long time, just sitting there and looking at the portfolio seriously, nor did he ask Zhang Siyi any questions.

Zhang Siyi didn’t dare speak, he just kept quiet. It was just that he couldn’t help but to observe Gu Xiao in front of him.

Gu Xiao’s hand was very beautiful, not big nor small. Carpal clear, slender fingers. It made people feel soft, but also revealing a tenacity.

His eyelashes were also very long, drooping when looking at the book, like two delicate little fans.

And the skin, too good to be true. He looked really young, that was why Zhang Siyi did not extremely understand why he was a “Yi Zhu” or a director. (= _ =)

Being in a trance, Gu Xiao suddenly looked up, Zhang Siyi immediately sat straight, flustered waiting for sentencing.

Gu Xiao took the pen and gently lift the book, then asked: “Can work overtime?”

"Ah? “Zhang Siyi was startled. His mind could not help echoing the words Su Yuan said last night—no matter what the interviewer asked you, you have to say that \'you can’, if not, you have to stand that you are willing to learn.

…. This thing that was hard to accomplish had a turning point?

Zhang Siyi quickly said: “I can!”

Gu Xiao looked at him and smiled: “There are a few basic questions, you can’t be late…"

Zhang Siyi\'s heart was happy, he nodded: “I won’t be late!”

Gu Xiao: “Those promised things, you must do it, not just say it. If you don’t understand, you have to ask, don’t make presumption."

Zhang Siyi’s head was like a chicken pecking a rice: "Uh huh!"

Gu Xiao thought and said the last point: “You can’t open social media at work."

Zhang Siyi: “…” So he heard it yesterday! (= 皿 =)

Gu Xiao raised his eyebrow: “You can do it?”

Zhang Siyi: "I can, I can." Although the overall feeling was like entering something disgraceful, but hey, at least he finally had a job.

Gu Xiao closed the portfolio and directly said: “The salary of the intern is 5000, the internship is one month, after positive a positive outcome is 8000. Tax and bonuses are invested according to the project, salary rise or not, we will see the performance within six months……"

Ah Ah Ah~ Zhang Siyi’s heart had crackling fireworks. How much money ah! Ah! Let\'s get in there Ah Ah Ah!

"If you can accept it, start working today." Gu Xiao returned the portfolio back to him then stood up.

“Ah?” Zhang Siyi stupidly blanked out, “Today?”

Gu Xiao crooked his head: “You have something to do today?"

Zhang Siyi quickly shook his head: "No no!"

He was so excited. Yesterday, this guy also suffered a cup of coffee for himself, he never thought that the other party to take no account of former hatred, so kind and generous to hire him….. Oh God, he didn’t know how to thank the other!(兀v兀)

"That," Zhang Siyi called to stop Gu Xiao who was going to leave. Then he said with red face, "Yesterday, I am really sorry."

Gu Xiao paused for two seconds and said: “If you are so concerned about it, just deduct some salary and it will be good."

Zhang Siyi: “…”

The author has something to say: 【Note】

Yi Zhu (A note): China’s "National First-Class Certified Architect (Guójiā yì jí zhùcè jiànzhú shī) abbreviations.

RIBA: The Royal Institute of British Architects (the Royal Institute of British Architects, referred to RIBA)

Request sprinkle flowers ~~(≧▽≦)

  • Smash a cracked pot: a chinese idiom which means crazy despair in the face of a blemish, defect, error or setback
  • Chicken pecking a rice: nodding vigorously