Assistant Architect - Chapter 38

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 38: Saved


Fortunately, Gu Yu\'s line of sight didn\'t linger. It wastwo-three seconds at most, but these three seconds were enough for Zhang Siyiwith a guilty conscience, to break out in a cold sweat.

Until the other party turned and left, Zhang Siyi hadn\'trecovered from his frightened state. He didn\'t know if Gu Yu had found anyproblems.

Due to the classmates’ feelings, Zhang Siyi was politeand invited her to eat with him, but because of the blow given to her by Gu Yushe didn\'t stay, and Zhang Siyi saw her out. She even forgot to ask Zhang Siyiabout his portfolio. Witnessing Gu Yu\'s attitude and knowing how much Gu Yucould teach him, Zhang Siyi felt relieved when she left.

Now, his top priority is to solve the problem of hiscactus. He can\'t concentrate on his drawing and never mind the energy it wouldtake to console Yu Rui. Zhang Siyi passed the day with anxiety.

When he got off work at night, he secretly took a pictureof the cactus and took a taxi to a specialized flower market at the fastestspeed. Regardless of whether Gu Yu discovered it or not, the best way to copewith the problem now is to buy a similar ball as soon as possible and swapthem, then wait for the I Love My Job awards.

It took almost 20 minutes to drive from the company to thenearest flower shop. He double checked the closing time and felt thankful that itwas open until 7:30 in the evening. He had enough time. After arriving, ZhangSiyi quickly entered the shop and explored the stalls that displayed cactus. Inorder to close the shop, the shopkeeper was already putting away the variousstalls for the evening. Zhang Siyi gasped and said: “I want to buy acactus!”

The shopkeeper stopped what he was doing and asked:“What are you buying?”

Zhang Siyi turned his phone towards him to show themanager a photo: “What is this cactus? Can you help me?”

The manager squinted and looked at it: “It should beJin Sheng Wan,” he pointed to an area behind Zhang Siyi.

Zhang Siyi turned around to look the various cactus, thancompared them to the photo and said: “Yes, yes, that’s it!”

Seeing so many healthy cactus plants, Zhang Siyiremembered his dead one and felt bitter. He didn\'t want to give up just yet! Hedidn\'t want to get his hopes up, but he asked the owner for advice anyway:“Mister, I have a cactus that turned yellow and the roots are black. Can itbe cured?”

The shopkeeper was a businessman, waving his handdirectly: “Did you water it too much?” Did you bask it in the sun?Too much water or insufficient light will make the root rot. You can\'t cure it.Buy a new one, Jin Sheng Wan is not a rare variety so it\'s very cheap.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Squatting on the ground for a while, Zhang Siyi took histime to examine every cactus plant. The owner is a little anxious to pack uphis shop: “Just pick a pot. They are all very healthy!"

Zhang Siyi: “This is too tall.” The cactus is along pile of balls.

The shopkeeper pointed at another pot with single cactus:“What about this one?”

Zhang Siyi: “It\'s too big and it has a tumor.”

Shopkeeper.: "……"

Zhang Siyi pointed to the "tumor"and asked: "Can I have the small part?”

Shopkeeper.: "…………"

The owner went into the backof the store and after a while, he dragged a snakeskin bag out with him andthrew it in front of Zhang Siyi. It was full of small cactus balls that werealmost the same size as Zhang Siyi cactus. The owner said: “You just want theseed ball. The wholesale price is one for one, and thirty for sale!”

Zhang Siyi: “… can Ijust have one?”

The shopkeeper angrily said:“One is five dollars!"

Five dollars!? Zhang Si Yi thoughtto himself, mouth wide open. Highway robbery!

He took the time to choose aball carefully. He wanted it to match the other dead one. When preparing to paythe bill, Zhang Siyi found that the colorful cactus on the shelf was also verygood-looking. He felt guilty for spending thirty minutes to pick one smallseed-cactus, so he bought a few other ornamental plants.

When Zhang Siyi bought abunch of plants, he could see the shopkeeper\'s face relax. The shopkeeper wasin better spirits now and smiled. Zhang Siyi payed for his plants and theshopkeeper helped him pack a bag. He said: "You go back and look at your ball.If it is not too soft, cut off the rotten roots and let it shine in the sun fora day. Then, put it in a ventilated place for three to five days. Afterwards,put it in a pot with slightly wet soil and maybe it will take root again."

Zhang Siyi: “………”Fuck! Being riddled!

However, knowing that theball could be saved, Zhang Siyi was elated. He rushed back to the company thatnight and touched the body of the ball. It was not soft! Like discovering aperson lying on the ground, seemingly dead, with a weak breath, alive. ZhangSiyi was so happy he could cry. In the dark, he took out a healthy seed ballwith a similar shape to his original cactus and swapped it with the original.He carefully put the dyeing cactus into a plastic bag and snuck away.

After returning home, ZhangSiyi put the colorful cactus that he purchased on the coffee table. Fu Xinhui sawhim and asked: “Since when do you like to raise plants?”

Zhang Siyi: “Hey, theysay this stuff is radiation-proof! Take one to your room.”

Fu Xinhui smiled and took anornamental, beautifully shaped one to his room. He also picked out another: “Let’sput this one in the living room.”

He saw Zhang Siyi squattingon the ground inspecting the rotten parts of his original cactus. Fu Xinhuiwondered: “What are you doing?"

Listening to Zhang Siyi\'sins and outs, Fu Xinhui\'s mouth twitched: "It\'s just a cactus. Why are youmaking such a fuss? Is your Boss that terrible?"

Zhang Siyi thought with hisheart. Hey, you don\'t understand! That\'s the little cactus that Gu Yu refusedto give to anyone else! Not only is he afraid of being found out by Gu Yu, butalso afraid of the girls at the company. What will happen to him if they foundout he killed Gu Yu\'s child!?

After carefully separatingthe rotten parts with the healthy parts, he tenderly placed the sickly cactusonto a big piece of newsprint and moved it to the living room next to thefloor-to-ceiling windows. He seriously told Fu Xinhui not to throw it away asgarbage.

Fu Xinhui was speechless. Eversince he started working, Zhang Siyi had gone to another world. He wascompletely dominated by another man. (=_=)

During the next few days,Zhang Siyi payed particular attention to the landscape wall housing all thestaff members plants. Also, he kept an eye on the passersby to see if anyonenoticed something different.

Fortunately, no one has saidanything about it. Near the end of the year the company is very busy finishingout year-end projects. Gu Yu is constantly in meetings and the staff is rushingaround trying to finish their respective design assignments. No one has time topay attention to him. Zhang Siyi realized that he might have made a huge fussover nothing. He wants to blame the pressure put on him from the female staffwho raised the value of Gu Yu\'s \'child\'.

At the end of December, itis the end of the quarter and they announced the awards for the I My Love Job. SinceZhang Siyi saw his name on the employee-list to get a bonus, he was convincedthat he had successfully hid the mishap. He gave a complete sigh of relief.

At home, the cactus had beenbasking in the sun and now it was time to place it in a pot with new soil. Itis said that cactus ball like a warm and dry environment, so he isn\'t sure ifit will survive this winter. However, since no issues came up with his transplantball, Zhang Siyi wasn\'t worrying over it, so he directly placed it on thewindow sill in the bedroom.

On New Year’s Day, severalfriends in the group are clamoring to gather together.

Zhang Siyi\'s bonus has notyet been issued. His bonus won\'t be issued until after the New Year\'s Day withhis December salary. Since his credit card have already been overdrawn, he isso poor now that he does not want to go out at all.

Jiang Hai took a few daysoff and planned to take his girlfriend to the new Matai five-day tour. FuXinhui also decided to go back to his home and ask Zhang Siyi if he wants to gowith him.

In the past, Zhang Siyi hasgone with Fu Xinhui home, but this year he refused. His family was having alarge family reunion dinner, and Zhang Siyi was embarrassed to mix with such arich crowd.

Lazy at home for a day,Zhang Siyi slept in the sun. He browsed his social media pages and saw RenMengyu fierce messages.

Ren Mengyu: “Didn\'t shesay she was only going to stay for a few days? It’s been ten days. Why haven’tyou done anything about it yet?”

Su Yuan: “I don’t know,but I am embarrassed to chase her away.”

Ren Mengyu: “Find anexcuse to go back to your hometown!"

Su Yuan: “If I go backto my hometown, then she will be at my house by herself. I don\'t trust herenough!"

Ren Mengyu: “She is sothick-skinned! So, when the hell is, she going to leave?"

Su Yuan: “Probably whenshe goes back to school for the new semester…."

Ren Mengyu: "……Uh, huh."

Su Yuan: “Hey, I regretit now. All right, all right, let’s not talk about it. What are we gonna eat?"

Ren Mengyu: “Ding TaiFung. I want to eat dumplings! Is she going to come too?"

Su Yuan: “Yeah. She isstill doing her make-up. We will head out soon."

Ren Mengyu: “Ah! Thenyou’re going to lose your appetite!

Su Yuan: “By the way, Iknow of Ding Tai Feng because of Yu Rui."

Ren Mengyu: “Why isthat?"

Su Yuan: “Remember lastyear when she went back to England after the summer vacation? She told me thather domestic boyfriend invited her to eat at Ding Tai Feng. She said it was aplace where celebrities eat, and it was so expensive and super delicious. Sheprobably told me about it because, at that time for a month, I was only eatingpizza and sandwiches.

Ren Mengyu: “Ha-ha-ha! DingTai Feng expensive! Now that\'s a good one. Masquerade beginner!"

Su Yuan: “Well, whenshe told me about it, she was acting like she was a socialite with a group ofladies. In reality, Ding Tai Feng is just an expensive fast food place. "

Although Zhang Siyi did not sayanything, he also chuckled. Thinking about her sudden visit and her embarrassment,he felt that this girl was a little sad. In fact, Yu Rui is a very motivated girl,but her energy is being channeled in the wrong way. Hey, what kind of familyenvironment and education will raise such a person?

Zhang Siyi turned off thechat group and went to WeChat to check his circle of friends. He saw a lovingphoto with Jiang Hai and Tian Jing’s in it.

He screamed in his heartwhile he praised it… ah ah, too much love! Scrolling through his news feed,he suddenly saw a beautiful travel picture.

His heart jumped in to his throat in an instant. After one month and eight days, Gu Yu sent a message to his circle of friends. Next to a little cactus ball there are four words: “Waiting for your explanation.”