Assistant Architect - Chapter 37

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 37: Small Ball


The girls in the group are astonished by Gu Yu goodlooks. How can Zhang Siyi\'s boss be so handsome!? Among them, Su Yuan and RenMengyu have listened to Zhang Siyi complaints in their chat group, but now thatthey have seen the real person, they are shocked.

Ren Mengyu: "Why didn’t you say that your boss is likethis? If I knew that, his character is totally acceptable!”

Su Yuan: “If my boss is so handsome, I would bewilling to work overtime every day!”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Is it so important to behandsome?

Jiang Hai also knows afterwards: “Oh, is that theperson who gave you the tape measure?”

Tian Yujing\'s eyes perked up; looked at Zhang Siyi, lookedat Fu Xinhui, and turned towards the direction of Gu Yu\'s departure.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

In the past, Zhang Siyi was eager to praise Gu Yu\'s accomplishmentssuch as him being the college entrance examination champion and the fact he istwenty-eight and has a national level registered architect license, but theimage of the girl he saw before him is fresh in his mind. Now, he has nothoughts to joke with his classmates. Instead he wished he could hide Gu Yu andnot let so many people know of his existence. His good mood from earlier wasspoiled. He couldn\'t stop thinking about it.

It\'s been a month since Gu Yu gave him the tape measurefor his birthday. During this time, the two haven\'t interacted in private atall. Zhang Siyi wanted to work hard to earn Gu Yu\'s recognition and attention,but Gu Yu acts like a public official and treats everyone with the same praisesand same criticism. No one is more special than anyone else.

Even though it\'s been a month, he still felt that he was wrongedon his birthday. Whenever he sees the tape measure, he remembers his awkwardbirthday dinner with Gu Yu, the cheap cheesecake he ordered for him, and hismessage to him on WeChat. Over and over he is reminded of his childish andtemperamental behavior making him feel ashamed and stupid.

Seeing the girl holding Gu Yu\'s arm, Zhang Siyi wasshocked. He was so greedy for his "special treatment". Although he spent theday with Gu Yu at the parking lot and a meal, he wasn\'t being treated in thesame way as he saw him treat that girl.

That girl was probably Gu Yu’s girlfriend. Does he reallylike the kind of ornamental and petulant girl?

Ah, well so what? What can Zhang Siyi do about it? Hischeeks were hot, and he felt irritated. He tried to ignore the speculationsthat made him upset and continued to play with his friends.

Play for a while…

Can the girl see the private content in Gu Yu\'s circle offriends? What is written there? Ah! Don’t think about it! Don’t think abouthim! o////o

After a while…

How does Gu Yu talk with his girlfriend? Is he only coldto others, and all his tenderness given to his girlfriend?

Zhang Siyi picked the ball and roared: “Heartless Han!Play a game with me!"

Fu Xinhui rubbed the cue-stick with chuck powder and smiledwith an evil grin: “Well, who will break?"

Zhang Siyi: “I’ll do it!"

Zhang Siyi set the white ball down and lined up for hisshot. With a fierce motion he struck the cue ball at the bottom. Unexpectedly,it flew up directly from the table and arched over towards the table next tothem and landed with a loud "boom".

Opposite table crowd: “…”

Fu Xinhui: “…”

Fu Xinhui turned his head and spoke: “Eh, XueWenhan, do you want to play a game with Zhang Siyi?"

After two days of madness,the weekend soon ended. On Monday morning, Zhang Siyi returned to the companyand saw the landscape wall as soon as he got out of the elevator. Realizing hehadn\'t paid attention to his plant for a long time, he went over to see how itwas doing.

Zhang Siyi went to the shelfand looked at it and found that the ball was still growing well… Wait, no. Thecolor is a little yellowish? Is it a lack of water? Cactus shouldn’t have to bewatered, should it?

Zhang Siyi moved the pot andtook a closer look. The color of the ball seemed to be a bit unhealthy. Notonly was the ball yellow, but there was also a bit of black at the bottom.Also, the thorn on its body is soft. Zhang Siyi carefully touched it with hisfinger. Break. It looks like it was cut straight through from the base.

Shocked, Zhang Siyi was sohorrified that he couldn\'t move for a minute. The whole ball was soft andlifeless and seemed to have died. How could this happen!!!

He hasn\'t watered or doneanything to the cactus since he adopted it. Yes, who killed his cactus!!!

Since Zhang Siyi stood wheremany colleagues come and go, he quickly became alarmed. He was afraid of beingseen by others, so he quickly corrected the head of the ball and pretendednothing happened then pushed the flower pot back.

When he got back to his seat,Zhang Siyi was panicking. With shaking hands, he searched the internet. "Why docactus die?", "Can you water a cactus?", "Do cactus die without water", "Whatdo you do when a cactus is yellow?" …. How to die is dead!? It\'s notscientific!

While Zhang Siyi checked, healso had to be on high alert to the situation around him. Gu Yu could appear atany moment. The discovery would be a great tragedy!

Now, any thoughts about GuYu\'s girlfriend are left in the wind. His current number one problem is themystery of the death of his cactus!

Soon, the "I Love My Job"awards will be posted to everyone. With his current financial state losing the 1000-yuanbonus would be devastating. Not only that, but his relationship with his Bosshas been rather stiff. If he found out about the cactus, would that be the endof Zhang Siyi?

Being so preoccupied withhis cactus issue, Zhang Siyi slowly worked on the parking lot assignment in themorning. His mood was bad enough and he didn\'t want any more surprises, howeverat noon another thing happened. The front desk sent a message to him tellinghim that there is a girl outside looking for him.

Zhang Siyi was going to havelunch with Zhu Hongzhen, so he went downstairs to look. Unexpectedly, it was YuRui! With her hair styled in big beautiful curls, she was dressed up, carryinga small Fendi bag. She stood near the landscape frame waiting. The other partysaw Zhang Siyi, smiled and said: “I have been waiting for you for a longtime.”

Zhang Siyi, a blank questionmark face: "What are you doing here?"

With gossiping eyes probingthe situation, his colleagues saw such a beautiful girl standing there waitingfor Zhang Siyi. Piggy also smirked and said: “Hey, take your time. I\'ll goto lunch first.”

Zhang Siyi really wanted toexplain, but he couldn’t open his mouth. Even though he felt uncomfortable inhis heart, he still politely asked Yu Rui: “Why are you here? Is there somethingwrong?”

Yu Rui looked around,laughing: “I heard your company environment is particularly good, so Iwanted to come visit. I sent you a message, but you didn\'t reply so came earlyto wait for you."

Zhang Siyi: “I can’tplay with my phone at work so I didn’t see it. Also, I don’t know if ourcompany can let outsiders inside to visit." In fact, as long as there issupervision, the company allows visitors, however Zhang Siyi does not want tobring Yu Rui inside. The purpose of her visit is too obvious. She wants to workhere too!

Taking a step closer to himand reaching out, she asked in a petulant, soft voice: "Can you please ask?I\'ve been waiting for hours."

By all accounts, this trickof having a beautiful girl would appeal to the ego of 99% of straight men,however Zhang Siyi is in the 1%. He recently heard so much about her that hehas been on guard. He doesn\'t want to lead a wolf into the room!

A voice sounded behind them:“What’s going on?” Gu Yu was just going downstairs to eat, and whenhe passed by, he couldn’t help but ask.

Zhang Siyi suddenly becamenervous because they were in the vicinity of the cactus. Ah! Will Gu Yudiscover the dead ball?

“Who is this, your newgirlfriend?” Gu Yan asked raising his eyebrows.

Yu Rui: “…”

Zhang Siyi quickly waved hishand and explained: “No! She is my classmate!”

Gu Yu nodded and was aboutto leave, but she suddenly reached out to him and said: “Hello, I am ZhangSiyi’s undergraduate classmate, and currently, I am studying architecturemaster in B.”

Upon hearing thus, ZhangSiyi choked. She was not a Master of Architecture, but a master\'s degree inarchitectural research!

Gu Yu shook her hand in alukewarm manner: “Oh, are you here for Siyi?”

Zhang Si Yi was terrified.This is the first time Gu Yu has called him without his surname.

Yu Rui smoothed her hair andlaughed, “Well, I will graduate with my master’s degree next year, and I’mvery interested in Borderless. I heard that Siyi works here, so I wanted tovisit it early during the holidays.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”I am going, this girl is just too much! Listening to Yu Rui gave himgoosebumps. I am not so familiar with you. How can you call me Siyi? However,if she really wanted to apply to Borderless, Zhang Siyi can\'t block her. Afterall, if her portfolio isn\'t bad and with a master\'s degree….

Gu Yu\'s iron-clad face andunwavering voice interrupted his thoughts: "Sorry, Borderless doesn\'t acceptvisitors unless it\'s for official business."

Yu Rui: “…”

Gu Yu added: “If youare interested in our firm, you are welcome to post your resume after graduationand remember to attach the Folio. The company personnel inspections will betransferred to my hands.”

Yu Rui did not expect Gu Yu toreject her so coldly. Her smile stiffened.

Zhang Siyi has already been crazy in his heart. It\'s not a good experience when Gu Yu is cold and mean, but it is so cool to see him indifferent to others. Ha-ha-ha! But before he could bask in delight, he saw Gu Yu glance at the glass shelf where the cactus is and walk away.