Assistant Architect - Chapter 35

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 35: Tape Measure


Seeing Gu Yu\'s message, Zhang Siyi felt as if he had beenstruck by a blow, and the whole person was overwhelmed by an indescribablefeeling of emotion and guilt. He didn’t think the tape measure was Gu Yu\'sdecade old personal object!

His French handmade violin has been with him for onlyfive to six years. Even after leaving it at home for a long time, he would notgive away his violin because he has developed an attachment with it. Zhang Siyican recall the love of playing. The music brought a sense of accomplishment hefelt from his hard work practicing and the enjoyment he felt hearing the music.

What’s more, an open tape measure for an architect islike a gamer’s used keyboard, a writer\'s smooth pen, a billiard player\'scue-stick…… It\'s already priceless. Gu Yu actually gave him such a meaningfulthing to express his Birthday and professional blessing.

He thought about his recent comments in his WeChat andwanted to quickly delete them. When he picked up his phone, it rang suddenly.It was his Mother\'s call! Zhang Siyi casually pressed the answer button. Thephone connected, and he heard his mother\'s gentle voice: "I thought you werebusy during the day, so I didn\'t call until now. Happy Birthday!"

Panicked, Zhang Siyi doesn\'t want to listen to hismother\'s blessing right now. He wants to delete his news feed post! Thinking ofGu Yu\'s comments from the day, he asked: "Mom, did you call Gu Yu Yesterday?"

Mama Zhang: “Yes. You told me yesterday that he wouldn\'ttake the crab paste. Even so, he has helped you with so many things so I had tocall and thank him.”

Zhang Siyi: “What else did you say to him? He tookme out today to inspect the underground parking lot and said you told him Iliked to eat KFC chicken nuggets!

His Mother sniffled a laugh: “Gee, he took you outto eat today!”

Zhang Siyi the corner of the eye twitched: “Wedidn’t eat chicken nuggets!”

"I was just trying to thank him,” said Zhang’smother. “I didn’t expect to have a long conversation."

Zhang Siyi freaked out and anxiously said: “Wha, whatdid you talk about?"

Mama Zhang: “What do you think we talked about? Ofcourse, you! When you learned to play the violin. When you wanted to cut wood.When you wanted to be a carpenter and your father made fun of you. You wouldn\'ttalk to him, so I bought you some chicken nuggets and you forgave him. I alsotold him about how you worshiped Gu Yu in high school. How you pinned-up aposter of T University architecture admission. Although you didn\'t get in….then you cried for several days. That\'s when I talked with your father aboutsending you out of the country. When we asked what you thought you were soexcited you practically jumped three feet high.

Zhang Siyi: "…………" Ah, ah, ah!Why does his mother want to tell Gu Yu about these embarrassing things from hispast! How will he be able to face Gu Yu in the future!

Mama Zhang: "I inadvertentlytold him about your birthday. Since you worshipped him and liked architecture,he said that he would give you a small gift. Did he give you something? Whatwas it?"

Zhang Siyi:“………..” So that’s how the tape measure came about?

God! Zhang Siyi wasirritated: “If you don\'t know, I’m not telling you!"

When his mother listened,she didn’t get angry. Instead, she smiled and laughed. Zhang Siyi heard thelaughter through the phone line and thought about the books hidden in hiscloset at home. He got goosebumps and wanted to quickly change the topic: "GuYu is so stern and taciturn; how can you talk to him for so long? Did youreally talk that much, Mom?"

If that’s the case, it’sembarrassing! Zhang Siyi is starting to feel like having a rotten Mom is moreof a headache then a Boss that torments him.

Mama Zhang said strangely:“What are you talking about? Taciturn? Stern? He was very talkative andfriendly to me.”

Zhang Siyi:“…” talkative? Gu Yu? He couldn’t connect the two together.

His Mother said withemotion: “It’s also very funny, hey, such a good boy is rare now.”

Zhang Siyi: “Hey! Youalready have Dad and me!”

Mama Zhang: “Ha-ha.Ok. Mom knows. I won’t be calling your boss everyday so don\'t worry about it.Remember to have a good Birthday today and get to sleep early. You have to restfor work in the morning."

Zhang Si Yi hung up thephone and felt like a potato strip surrounded by frying oil. After five secondshe realized he forgot to ask his mother if Gu Yu had ever expressed his opinionson the phone……

Forget about calling back.He still wanted to delete the lens photo he put up on his social media account.Zhang Siyi quickly cut back to his WeChat circle of friends and searched for itbut found that Fu Xinhui has already praised it!

Zhang Siyi: "@%¥……" Balls!

If Gu Yu sees the news,will he feel like Zhang Siyi mocked him for giving him the tape measure? Hestarted to feel uneasy, so he simply took a photo of the tape measure andthought of a message to post to his WeChat friends: "The Boss gave me a tapemeasure. I will work hard!"

Then he replied to Gu Yu\'smessage with two words: "Thank you."

When he went back to checkthe photo of the tape measure, there was already a row of responses below –

Jiang Hai: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Ren Mengyu: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!



Su Yuan: “Sureenough, I should work hard and sympathize with you. [Smirking]”

Tian Yujing: “Hey,are you sending two photos together to highlight your friends?”

Fu Xinhui:“[smile]”

…… Finished. It seemeda bit self-defeating! (=_=)

In a short while, hiscolleagues from the company also sent him messages. They were discussing it inthe Borderless chat group."

Lele: “Wow! Four!That tape measure was given to you by Gu Yu?”

Aunt Four: “…um.”

Xu Jia: “Ah, ah, I amenvious! Why is the boss always giving you something!”

Xuan: “I am also jealous.”

Piggy: “Although I amnot short on tape measures, look how loved Aunt Four is! I also want a taste."

Chicken Wings: “I\'ve followedthe boss from X-Yard to the No-Go for three years working with the Boss. I\'veseen the tape measure many times. He seemed to cherish it, so why did he giveit to you?"

Qiao Mei: “Too muchhate!”

…… Zhang Siyi silentlyturned off the WeChat and dare not post more messages.

Once again, he took outthe tape measure that Gu Yu gave him and put it in the palm of his hand to inspectit carefully. He saw that both the lock buckle and the color of the tape shellhas been worn out a lot, but it still emits a crisp clatter when used.

Zhang Siyi started playingaround with the tape measure. For a while, he pulled it out and retracted it,hearing the crisp clink sound when the end piece zipped into place. Surprisingly,it was super smooth and comfortable. Because of the long-term use, the printingon the tape measure was faded. He got up to measure his desk; length 1200mm,depth 720mm, height 780mm….

In his hand again, hisfingers fiddled with every inch of the tape measure. He imagined this tool accompanyingGu Yu through his ups and downs and traveling to many places. With repeateduse, does the tape measure begin to have a memory of all the data collectedwith it? Realizing the significance, the ordinary tape measure transforms intoa soul with vitality. With an accelerating heartbeat, Zhang Siyi cherishes theobject in his hands.

If he went back to highschool six or seven years and Gu Yu gave him such a tape measure, would he havefollowed him so passionately with excitement, exclaiming he will work hard?

What the hell is wrongwith him now? Not only was he unexpectedly being so picky and ungrateful, hecomplained about the gift in front of Fu Xinhui. Zhang Siyi felt so inspired,but also so guilty. His heart was warm and sour then tears welled up.

At this time, Fu Xinhuisuddenly pushed the door in: “Hurry come eat. How\'s the lens?”

Zhang Siyi blinked histears away: "I haven\'t looked at it yet."

Fu Xinhui frowned:“So what have you been doing in the room for so long?”

Zhang Siyi: “Pa..,playing with my tape measure…”

Fu Xinhui: “…”

After the meal, Zhang Siyiwent back to his room and checked his WeChat. He didn\'t see any response fromGu Yu about either the photo sent in his circle of friends or from his \'thankyou\' message.

After a day of moodswings, Zhang Si Yi didn\'t have the nerve to message further. Anyway, hethought that Gu Yu would be very happy if he worked at his own pace and showedan improvement in his work performance over time.

The next day at thecompany Zhang Siyi received the employee’s birthday benefits from the Ministry ofPersonnel. It was a 500-yuan supermarket gift certificate and a cake card.Colleagues learned that he had a birthday and expressed their blessings. Du Ruiand Xu Jia also came to visit Gu Yu\'s tape measure and expressed their envy.

Zhang Siyi originallywanted to get a task from Gu Yu when he came to the office in the morning, buthe was called away by the Chief. Since Gu Yu group won the bid of the Z-Cityproject, there will be awards for each member of the team. After waiting for anhour, Zhang Siyi saw Gu Yu head back to his office. He immediately got up, wentinto Gu Yu\'s office and looked at him eagerly for a new task.

As usual, Gu Yu\'s emotionsare hidden under the indifferent expression. He did not mention yesterday visitin the parking garage. Naturally, Zhang Siyi was assigned the task of designingmore parking lots.

Zhang Siyi also did not dare to complain so he obediently nodded. On his way out, he noticed his pumpkin lantern that was placed on the table has disappeared. Yeah. It\'s been half a month.