Assistant Architect - Chapter 33

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 33: Dating


Hearing Tian\'s excited guess, Zhang Siyi\'s eyesnearly popped out of his dead. A date with Gu Yu? Shit! No way!

Fu Xinhui seemed a little unhappy with thedisruption of the plan, frowning: “Can’t you push it off? You have beenworking so much and took time off, but now your holiday has ended because ofyour Boss. Is he taking you to inspect the building?"

“No!” Zhang Siyi said frantically.Since Gu Yu allowed him to use his mobile to play games and chat during thehigh-speed rail journey back, he felt that it is still a rest period and heisn\'t going to make him do work on his last vacation day. On the other hand, GuYu is now in collusion with his father and knowing how intense Gu Yu can be, hereconsidered his thoughts.

Zhang Siyi turned his head down: “Forget it?No way. I promised him that I would meet at 9 o\'clock in the morning. I thinkit will be for the morning only, so when I get back in the afternoon earlyenough, we can call Su Yuan and have a meal together."

Remembering the prospect of a bonus since he wasinvolved with the winning project bid, Zhang Siyi excitedly said, "Mycolleagues told me that I will get a bonus from the project bid. If we eattogether tomorrow, I\'ll treat!"

Feeling concerned for his friend, Fu Xinhuilooked at Zhang Siyi. One minute he was down in the dumps and the next he wassoaring high. Watching Zhang Siyi emotional transformation speed, he feltreassured.

In the evening, Jiang Hai still went back to hisgirlfriend\'s place. After they left, Zhang Siyi was alone in the room and playedthe violin for a while. His hands were not good enough. Becoming frustrated, heput the instrument aside.

Before going to sleep, he thought of the leisure meetingwith Gu Yu the next day. His heart was like a cat claw. What the hell is hegoing to do? Will they really look at the buildings? Zhang Siyi was afraid, andquickly checked the construction of the Union Square on the Internet. Heplanned to do his homework in advance, so as not to be ridiculed by Gu Yutomorrow.

But that square is a very ordinary modernarchitectural complex. Neither the period of construction or the style of thebuilding is anything special. It is just as Jian Hai said, a big mall complexwith shops and food.

The issue kept percolating in Zhang Siyi mind. Heturned to think: Does Gu Yu know tomorrow is his birthday? Is this a birthdaycelebration? After all, Gu Yu now knows his background and promised his parentshe would take care of him. Because of his Father\'s status, such a thing, ZhangSi Yi has seen a lot since childhood.

Although he did not dare show the banner of“My dad is Secretary Zhang”, Zhang Siyi always felt the influencethat his Father\'s background brought. By knowing his Grandfather and hisFather, others will always know Zhang Siyi\'s identity through various channels.Then inevitably, they will try to get close and flatter him.

The reason why Zhang Siyi can still be so uprightnow is because of his parent\'s many warnings. Don\'t tell people about hisFather\'s job. Don\'t listen to other people\'s sweet talk. His Father has givenhim many face-to-face warnings as well as his Mother\'s repeated sentiments.People will try to sway your opinion and trap you. Any miss deeds will have acorresponding price. Ordinary is better. Ordinary is happiness. Zhang Siyi isnot stupid and knows the truth. Although his way of doing things is unlike hisFather, he has navigated through enough conversations growing up that he hasdeveloped the perfect temperament.

Zhang Siyi touched his chin. The more he thought,the more he felt that there was such a possibility. When signing a contract, hehad to fill in the certificate number. Gu Yu had to know that his birthday was tomorrow.Maybe it was “special care.” Thinking thus, Zhang Siyi felt like a villainwho was about to have an auspicious day. Well, Dad, you talked to him and lethim spy on me! Anyways, Zhang Siyi also has a bottom line and he thinks this iswithin an acceptable range of preferential treatment.

Early the next morning, Zhang Siyi jumped out ofbed, put on stylish clothes that made him look handsome, then went out. Takingthe subway to the station near the square, Zhang Siyi was five minutes late. Hesent a message to Gu Yu and asked him where to meet him.

Gu Yu: “At the 2nd exit opposite where theshopping mall entrance is"

Zhang Siyi: “I am coming, where areyou?”

Gu Yu: “There should be a safe staircasenearby. You come down to the parking lot. I am near the second shutter door ofthe fire zone.”

Zhang Siyi: "……"

What’s he doing in the parking lot? What the hellis a fire zone? Shit, can’t he just stand in a position that’s relatively easyto find?

Gu Yu had been waiting and his patience waswearing thin, so he called over and asked, “Are you down yet?”

Zhang Siyi: “I am down. I can’t findyou.”

Gu Yu: “Where are you now?”

Zhang Siyi: “Parking Area A. There is apillar on the left and a red Jaguar in front…”

Gu Yu: “Stand still.”

Zhang Siyi: “Oh.”

After a few seconds, Gu Yu asked: “See me? Iam under the deformation seam.”

Zhang Siyi: “………” Can you speak English?!

Just as Zhang Siyi was about pull out his hair infrustration, he saw Gu Yu walking from a distance. Today, the temperature is alittle cooler then yesterday, so he is wearing a coat and a high collaredsweater with his hands in his pockets.

Zhang Siyi also looked up to see what thedeformation seam is.

It was a dark, concave canal, wide, dividingalmost the left and right roofs directly into two parts … Damn it, he knowswhat it is!

Gu Yu saw him standing there foolishlyempty-handed, frowning: “Why didn’t you bring anything?”

Zhang Siyi: “What am I going to bring?"

Gu Yu raised eyebrows and said indifferently:“I sacrificed the weekend to give you extra tutoring. Do you have at leasta notebook?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Crap, you didn’t saywhat I was doing!

Gu Yu glared at Zhang Siyi with a pair of “IfI do not say, you should also guess” expression. He looked at the time:“If your father hadn\'t specifically told me to teach you more, I didn\'t haveto get up so early today and you actually arrived late.”

Zhang Siyi is going to collapse. How can Gu Yureally be so mad! Today is his birthday!

Gu Yu covered his mouth with his hand and yawned.He said: “Forget it. Come with me. I hope you have a good enoughmemory.”

Following behind, Zhang Siyi was so pissed, hewanted to explode.

Along the way, Gu Yu pointed to the parking lotand explained to him: “The traffic inside the parking lot is designed verywell. Previously, I have wanted to show you, but it was sidetracked because ofthe Z City project."

Zhang Siyi: "……"

Gu Yu: “I told you before, the idea of u200bu200bdoingresidential planning and designing a parking lot is the same. If you areskilled in parking lot layouts, it will be very easy to do anything in thefuture. Come and see this structural column. How big is the axis spacing?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Damn it, his eyes arenot meters! How can he measure how big it is! He took a few steps around andgave a guess: “About nine meters and ten meters.”

Shaking his head, Gu Yu sighed. He took a largetape measure from his trouser pocket saying: “Come and help memeasure.”

Zhang Siyi: "……" Damn, you brought a tapemeasure. Why bother asking me!?

The two measured the distance of the axis andsome of the surroundings. Gu Yu said: “The axis distance is only eightmeters five and the net parking position is less than eight meters. With threeparking spaces are arranged, it is quite crowded.”

Even though Zhang Siyi thought about it, when hecame to see the actual situation, he found the original drawings to be verydifferent.

Gu Yu took him to the axis of the otherload-bearing column of the deformation joint, this time is 12 meters, but thereare three parking spaces in the middle.

Zhang Siyi was a little surprised. The other onewas too narrow and now this is too big. Is there a mistake in the design? Is GuYu coming to take him to see a counter-example?

Gu Yu looked around for a while: “You see, thisparking lot is well designed, reflected here in the different types of parkingspaces. Cars now often are the extended version or SUV. Those parking spacesare too small because the door can\'t open. The standard data is no longerapplicable. The center was built more the seven years but even so, thedesigners anticipated the future automobile trends, so they designed the carparking in zones. In the entrance, there is a guide for small and large cars.It fully maximizes the use of space.

Zhang Siyi was speechless. Indeed, so many timesin and out of the parking lot, he never carefully observed the design inside. Hewas only thinking in terms of the normative data.

It took more than an hour for them to walk acircle while observing the details of the layout of the underground parkinglot. This isn\'t a shopping trip. It\'s totally impossible to enjoy!

Committed to the task, Gu Yu leads him around thelot to point out and explain the details: “Don’t think that the architectjust needs to consider the construction professional problem. You can see thelocation of the ventilation duct here. Go back and you need to know how muchthe net height needs. And here, when designing, you must make a position forthe fire hydrant box in advance, so it\'s not in the parking space…Remember?”

Zhang Siyi: “Remember…”

Having spent the whole morning walking andobserving the inner workings of the parking lot, Zhang Siyi started feelingirritated. It was time for lunch, but Gu Yu did not say that they would eat. Heled them out to observe the entrance and surrounding roads. It was overcast anddrizzling out. Zhang Siyi was cold and hungry. He complained that there wasnowhere to sit. He felt like his treatment was the same as that day when hestepped on the scene in the Z City planning area.

After a full five hours, it was two o’clock inthe afternoon. Finally, the work in the parking lot was finished. It startedraining more steadily. Gu Yu looked at his watch: “Are you not hungry?"

When he heard the word \'hungry\' Zhang Siyi perkedup. His whole demeanor came back to life. He was already starved, ok?

Gu Yu looked at the surroundings and saw a KFC nearby.