Assistant Architect - Chapter 200

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 200: Mobile Phone


Staring at the words on the screen, ZhangSiyi’s initial dead zombie face turned radiant instantly. Giggling to himself,he looked at the words again. He knew it! How could Gu Yu forget about hisbirthday!? Suddenly, from across the room, Zhang Siyi found Liao Jun staring athim. Zhang Siyi coughed lightly, then put his phone away.

KnowingGu Yu played him, Zhang Siyi held off replying right away. If you are goingto pretend to forget, then I\'ll let you feel anxious too!

While working during the morning, ZhangSiyi wondered what excuse he could use to slip away. In November, the sun hasalready started to set noticeably early and by 5 in the evening, it was alreadydark. Normally, the Professor called off the work day by quarter of and had thegroup return to the hotel to eat dinner at a small restaurant nearby.

The time that Gu Yu asked him to meetwas particularly convenient. It wouldn\'t conflict with his work and allowed himtime to wash up. He only needed a reason to not eat with everyone.

By noon, finally Zhang Siyi couldn\'t holdback his excitement any longer and wanted to return Gu Yu\'s text. However, whenhe reached to his pocket, it was empty…. Huh? Where is my phone? Is it lost?

Panicking, Zhang Siyi patted all thepockets around his body. Thinking about it, he vaguely recalled a moment thismorning when he squatted down to take measurements and heard a noise likesomething had fallen to the ground. At that time, he was daydreaming about hisbirthday so he thought it was simply a stone on the road.

"Professor Cui! I lost my cell phone!"Zhang Siyi shouted.

Startled, everyone stopped what theywere doing momentarily to look up at Zhang Siyi. Professor Cui replied: "Justnow? Hurry back and see if you can find it."

Zhang Siyi immediately ran back throughthe areas they already measured and searched for his phone, but to no avail……. Was it picked up?

Zhang Siyi ran back to the group andchecked with everyone to see if someone had seen it. Unfortunately, everyone shooktheir heads no. Thinking maybe he could hear it ring, he borrowed a phone tocall his own, but the phone wouldn\'t connect. It seems like someone had poweredit down.

Nervous now, Zhang Siyi dialed it again,but since it didn\'t connect for the second time, he gave up. He really lost it!

Bi Lele nervously asked: “Is it the5S with the One-Piece character Luffy on the case? Hurry call the support line andmake sure you report it quickly so you can lock the phone number!"

Since the phone was an Apple phone withID protection, Zhang Siyi wasn\'t so concerned about it. He had set a pin numberand fingerprint to unlock his phone so even if someone picked it up, thestranger wouldn\'t be able to access his information. He was only worried aboutcontacting Gu Yu.

No one knew that Gu Yu hadn\'t actuallyleft the city yet. Even though Zhang Siyi was told to meet at 6pm, he nevertexted Gu Yu back to confirm the time. SinceGu Yu\'s phone number was stored on Zhang Siyi\'s phone, Zhang Siyi never had areason to memorize it. How could he get in contact with Gu Yu!?

…….. Aaaah!What do I do?! Wait, doesn\'t Bi Lele have his phone number?

Zhang Siyi politely asked Bi Lele to borrowher phone. He moved a little bit away to make the call. Fortunately, Gu Yuquickly answered the phone: "Hmm, Bi Lele?"

Sorrowfully, Zhang Siyi replied: "This, thisis Zhang Siyi. I lost my mobile phone."

Gu Yu: “…What happened?”

Zhang Siyi quickly explained thesituation to him. Gu Yu asked: “Did you see the text I sent you lastnight?”

In a quiet voice, Zhang Siyi replied:“Yes.”

With relief, Gu Yu let go of his heldbreath: “Good. Remember to come in the evening. Don\'t worry about thephone."

Listening to Gu Yu\'s calm voice alleviatedZhang Siyi\'s anxiety and comforted his heart. He hung up and walked back to BiLele to return her phone.

Bi Lele quietly looked at the call record.– What the fuck! The first thing he did was call the Boss? How dependent onGu Yu can he be?

Noticing Zhang Siyi despondent attitude,Professor Cui frowned: "One\'s mobile is very important. Shall we all go backand help look for it?"

Zhang Siyi shook his head no: “Mycell phone wasn\'t turned off and the battery was fully charged. I just calledit and it seems like someone picked it up and shut it down…."

In addition, Zhang Siyi didn\'t want hisown problems to affect the group. He smiled and replied: "Thank you, but don\'tworry about it. It was my own carelessness. I\'ve had the phone for three yearsold already, so it\'s about time for a new one anyway."

Professor Cui smiled and quipped in ajovial manner “I guess Gu Yu will have to give you a bonus to make up for thelost property while you were fulfilling the company\'s duties. Let\'s work hardand make sure to win this project!"

With laughter and smiles, the positiveatmosphere returned. Even though Zhang Siyi appreciated the concerns and jokes,in reality, he was very distressed. After three years with his phone, he wasvery attached to it. All of the correspondance with Gu Yu was gone!

Well, this years\' birthday certainly hada twist!

At least now, in the name of going tothe city center to look at a new phone, Zhang Siyi had an excuse to leave thegroup.

At six in evening, Zhang Siyi took a taxito the hotel that Gu Yu mentioned in his text. Although it couldn\'t be comparedto the luxury hotels in Haicheng, the place was relatively luxurious comparedto the other hotels in the area.

Since Gu Yu knew Zhang Siyi didn\'t havehis cell phone, he waited downstairs in the lobby for him.

As soon as Zhang saw Gu Yu, like a puppyseeing his master after a long day, he quickly ran over to him. All of thesadness and worries of the day disappeared.

Gu Yu led him upstairs into one of thenicest suites the hotel had to offer. First, he opened the door then pushedZhang Siyi into it.

When Zhang Siyi entered the room, he wasshocked. Not only was the suite full of roses, there were colorful balloonsfloating around the room and a banner hanging on the wall. On the banner, the elegantcalligraphy said: I love Siyi. Happy Birthday!

Zhang Siyi was so happy, he could die!

He heard Gu Yu quietly shut the door behindhim then whisper to him: "Since we were on a business trip I couldn\'t prepareanything special. I don\'t know if you like it or not."

Zhang Siyi: “…” He doesn\'tthink this is special? This is the equivalent to being possessed by the god ofromance!

In fact, as long as Gu Yu remembered hisbirthday and ate dinner with him, Zhang Siyi was very happy. Having spent histime preparing for Zhang Siyi\'s surprise, Gu Yu got a free pass for his absence.

Turning around, Zhang Siyi excitedlyrushed over to pounce on Gu Yu. He held him tightly like a koala bear thengrabbed Gu Yu head and kissed him all over his face: "Yes, I like it!"

Struggling for a moment, Gu Yu looked athim in the eye and smiled: “Ok, ok. You are getting heavy.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

When they heard a knock on the door,Zhang Siyi quickly removed himself from Gu Yu\'s grasp.

Room service had come to deliver dinner.Gu Yu opened the door, offered thanks then asked the waiter to leave the cartoutside. Gu Yu wanted to bring the meal cart into the room himself for Zhang Siyi.

Zhang Siyi leaned over and asked: “Whatare we having to eat?”

With a glamorous arm motion and a bow,Gu Yu motioned to the table and opened the plate cover to reveal Zhang Siyi’sfavorite; a steak. In a gentlemanly manner, he said: "If you please."

Smiling broadly, Zhang Siyi sat down ina trance. Gu Yu was so cool! It would be nice if every day was a birthday!

In addition to the steak, there was asmall cake with candles. Even though Gu Yu knew Zhang Siyi didn\'t care for cake,a birthday wasn\'t complete without it.

After Gu Yu\'s out of tune rendition ofHappy Birthday, Zhang Siyi made a wish and blew out the candles. From behind GuYu\'s back, he revealed a birthday present for Zhang Siyi in his hand; thenewest Apple iPhone.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Zhang Siyi was surprised: “Did youbuy this after I told you I lost my phone?"

Gu Yu lightly coughed and confessed:“Yeah.”

Curious now, Zhang Siyi inquired:“What was your original gift?"

Gu Yu mysteriously replied: “Since Ididn\'t give it to you yet, it will be kept a secret."

In this way, Zhang Siyi\'s curiosity wascompletely stimulated. He pushed the phone back and stated: "Then I don\'t wanta mobile phone. I want the original gift."

Gu Yu insisted: “No, now you need amobile phone. I will give it to you next year.”

Zhang Siyi protested: “What!? That\'sso unfair!"

Gu Yu smirked. No matter how much ZhangSiyi asked, he didn\'t comply.

The only thing Zhang Siyi could do wasaccept the new phone. Since everything exceeded his expectations, he wasn\'t goingto argue with him.

As he was eating the steak, Zhang Siyi commented:“To be honest, this was over the top. In fact, even a small gift would bewould be better then last year\'s tape measure."

Gu Yu raised his eyebrows in question:“What do you mean?”

Zhang Siyi found himself saying somethingwrong and quickly wanted to smooth over things: "No, no. I mean, the tapemeasure was also very good!"

Gu Yu laughed and said: “This isyour first birthday since we have been together. Of course, I have to dosomething otherwise you would be disappointed. Besides, I think it\'s necessaryto make special plans for the first time, but I can\'t guarantee it will be likethis every year so don\'t expect too much in the future."

Zhang Siyi giggled: “Hey…”

Refilling their glasses of wine, Gu Yuand Zhang Siyi chatted about various subjects while they finished their meal.Soon satiated, softly kissing him, Zhang Siyi was pulled down from the tableand onto the sofa by Gu Yu. Even though he enthusiastically responded to Gu Yu,Zhang Siyi thought Gu Yu was being uncharacteristically gentle. Takingadvantage of the situation, Zhang Siyi took the initiative to roll and switchplaces with Gu Yu.

Gu Yu laughed out loud: “Do youwant to be on top?”

Not really thinking about it before,Zhang Siyi froze. For so long, he had been accustomed to playing a more passiverole in bed. Reversing the roles now felt a little strange. What pure man doesn\'twant to be on top? Since Gu Yu mentioned it and it was his birthday, Zhang Siyithought he could try it for one night.

Blushing, Zhang Siyi: “Can I?”

Gu Yu smiled. Suddenly he used hisstrength to maneuver Zhang Siyi below him. Staring deeply into Zhang Siyi\'seyes, Gu Yu said: "No."

Zhang Siyi: “…” Bastard! (╯‵皿’)╯(┻━┻