Assistant Architect - Chapter 2

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Translator: Blues

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However, contrary to expectation, almost all his letters had gone unacknowledged. Only a German foreign company politely replied his email, explaining to Zhang Siyi that their internship and assistant positions had been full this year.

The better companies had long been filled since it was already August. Also when he was studying, he didn’t know about the real world, and after graduating, Fu Xinhui encouraged him to go to Europe for a month. He came back to the country, only to know that the domestic construction market was experiencing a trough. 34% of the practitioners were facing lay-offs and wage cuts. Some of those companies couldn’t even keep their employees, let alone hiring new people.

Zhang Siyi’s college school was well-known in UK, although not as famous as Cambridge and Oxford, but its architecture department was quite weighty. Although these fictitious names added a little value to an undergraduate student, it could at least be a stepping stone for Zhang Siyi\'s job search. In most developed countries, the construction market has been saturated, the return of Zhang Siyi was the only way out. However, because of the market environment, the stepping stone had become a hollow brick, fragile.

In front of a solid foundation of the domestic eight old school graduates stationed in architecture, after the AA, GSD, SAIC, these graduates with the great contact to grab the job, a small turtle like Zhang Siyi, was forced to become a kelp.

In fact, Zhang Siyi did not mind the counterpart. Looking for a job was quite simple, especially in a big city such as Haicheng, some intermediary or mediocre company would welcome him, a little training could be taught directly on duty.

But for an architecture to have so much suffering, studying all night and drawing, learning how to use the needle pen, Mark Pen, model paper jam, printing fees and other expenses that costed a lot of money, now graduated and finished his profession just to work as intermediary?! You say he could be willing? He was not willing!

It was like a gambler who had lost most of his belongings in a gambling game and wanted to go all out to get it all back, just as he saw in the chicken soup article-“Once the route was chosen, you have to walk it through, even on your knees."

Although Zhang Siyi probably had forgotten why he had the urge to learn architecture.

Maybe because it sounds cool.

It was precisely because the academic qualifications and professional ability were flattening. Zhang Siyi was thinking of redoing his works, after all, a graduate\'s perspective shouldn\'t have this lower grade works, that could only considered as "wastes". So during this time he was busy polishing it to see if he could make it a little better.

This was his last bet, if not, he could only go back to his old home in dismay and ask his father to go abroad for a master’s degree…

Zhang Siyi anxiously scratched his head, he was about to start when his stomach groaned a protest.

He ordered a takeaway, laid down on the bed and waited for the food to eat. Returning to this point was good, easy and cheap food to eat, Zhang Siyi spent a full of four years in the United Kingdom, he had enough eating hamburger fries. Then he fell in love with Haicheng, never wanted to go back.

Only after eating did he starts to feel sleepy.

Hey, it’s still early, he\'ll just take a short nap then do the work later. Zhang Siyi comforted himself drowsily as he fell asleep, but when he woke up, the sky was almost dark!

He glanced at the time, and cursed, quickly got off of the bed to go out and wash.

In the living room, one of Zhang Siyi’s roommates was on the couch and playing a mobile game. It was Fun Xinhui, who was suspected of being a gay in his quarrel with his girlfriend this morning. There was also his roommate named Jiang Hai. They were classmates when studying in UK.

They were from mainland, no more than ten, plus the two girls, returned to the country to seek a way out in Haicheng.

"You just woke up?" Fu Xinhui glanced up at Zhang Siyi and lazily asked, “What do you want to eat tonight?"

"….I felt like I just had a meal, sleep and eat again." Zhang Siyi with a heavy heart went to the bathroom, his girlfriend\'s question this morning seemed repeatedly echoing in his ears, "What are you doing in your house all day?"

“You have eaten already?"

“Well, I went out in the morning, you didn’t wake up?"

"I woke up two o\'clock in the afternoon and ate the pizza I ordered last night."

"…" This fellow slept until two o’clock in the afternoon and still feel very proud?

"I am very hungry, just read the review network, found a crayfish restaurant opened downstairs with a good reputation, you wanna go?"

Zhang Siyi heard “crayfish”, his stomach seemed to be a bit hungry, and then he suddenly recalled the break up this morning, the depression in his heart and regret gradually came back. He couldn\'t help but want to eat something to drown the sorrows.

"Ok, Jang Hai isn\'t back yet?" Zhang Siyi asked.

"I just sent a message to ask him and he said he\'s working overtime." Fu Xinhui said.

Among the three, Jiang Hai was the only one who had worked smoothly as soon as he graduated. The reason was because someone in his family arranged it as soon as possible, he was now working in a real estate company.

“Not yet? And working overtime again! I thought they don’t do overtime." Zhang Siyi picked up his pair of slippers, wore it and went downstairs with Fu Xinhui.

“I haven’t worked as well, why so anxious on getting a job, we just graduated. Enjoy your youth first.”

When Zhang Siyi heard this, he shouted, “Don\'t say that! I didn’t go to Europe with you then came back just to play! Hey, compared with Jiang Hai, I feel like a salty fish now!"

Fu Xinhui shook his head: "Your mentality is not good."

Zhang Siyi spit out blood: "You don’t have to worry about food and clothing, young master, so don’t talk to me about my mentality!"

Fu Xinhui was a native, typically a rich second generation, his family opened a few large companies, there were villas in the urban area. It was obvious that such a kid could enjoy the happiness of a young master but he chose to rent a house with them, Zhang Siyi was puzzled.

Fu Xinhui imitated Wu Mochou\'s enchanting singing: "Come ah~ Be happy Ah ~ Anyway~ you have a lot of time~"

Zhang Siyi: "…"

After ordering food in the lobster restaurant, Fu Xinhui suddenly asked: "Where did you go this morning?"

Zhang Siyi poured a beer and said, "I broke up with my girlfriend."

Fu Xinhui was surprised: "You went out early in the morning just to break up?"

"I originally did not intend to break up," Zhang Siyi sighed and said those things to Fu Xinhui one by one, indignantly said, "I really do not understand why she always suspected you and I have a problem, because we are very basic/based? Not at all! Something is really wrong with her."

(TN: it was kinda confusing. I don’t know if its based or basic.

Basic: internet slang for uncool/boring.

Based: means being yourself. Not being scared of what people think about you. Not being afraid to do what you wanna do.)

"She must have read too much danmei novels." Fu Xinhui attentively peeled off the lobster and put it into Zhang Siyi’s plate, then said, "Don\'t think too much about her."

Zhang Siyi ate silently, "…"

Fu Xinhui looked up: "What? You regretted it?"

Zhang Siyi bowed his head: "After all, it’s been two years, but if I’m not under pressure this time and her temper didn\'t go bad, I wouldn\'t really have broken up with her."

Fu Xinhui enlightened him: "Well, the girl spent her time with you before you went abroad, but she is looking forward for your return to China to be more warm with you, and now I see that expectations and reality are totally different. "

Such an analysis by Fu Xinhui, Zhang Siyi felt guilt: "What to do? I’ll explain it to her again? Try to get back together?"

Fu Xinhui asked: "Do you think you have time to accompany her?"

Zhang Siyi frowned: "Maybe when I get a job."

Fu Xinhui laughed: "You are too naïve. Look at Jiang Hai, do you think he has time after work? Your girlfriend is an important person, our profession is destined to cause her emotional needs to not be very well satisfied."

Zhang Siyi: "…"

Fu Xinhui: "But well, I\'m not good for this kind of thing for you to make a decision, you think about it yourself."

"You’re right, I’m in a hurry to find a job," Zhang Siyi sighed, "and I feel tiredvery tired with her lately, not as ease as I’m with you." Zhang Siyi thought of his girlfriend’s speculation, jokingly said, "If we\'re really gay, we’re not bad as a pair."

Fu Xinhui: "…"

Fu Xinhui: "Get lost! Who wants to be a pair with you?"

After eating enough, they went home, Zhang Siyi thought about his impulse this morning, he thought to send a message to his girlfriend. Just like what Fu Xinhui talked about those reason to listen to each other, but also to explain their current state. And to see both sides can all take a step back, if they can continue to be together and not breaking up formally.

He edited a good length of content, back and forth modified it several times, it took him half an hour to send it. In his heart was actually a little hope to be able to make up with his girlfriend.

But he didn\'t expect that less than a minute, the other party would reply-

"Don\'t say anything, let\'s break up."

"I thought about it awhile ago, your profession is not nornal."

"I’m really fed up, Zhang Siyi, maybe we\'re really not meant to be, let’s break up."

Three text messages, the phone vibrated three times, the three messages reminded Zhang Siyi of the song "Sonata" sense of rythm this morning.

After reading, he laid down on the bed, like a dead dog.

Just then, the phone vibrated again, Zhang Siyi thought it was his girlfriend—oh no, now ex-girlfriend\'s text message. It took him awhile before he sustained enough energy to look at it, but to see that it was a web mail.

Just then, the phone vibrated again, Zhang Siyi thought it was his girlfriend—oh no, now ex-girlfriend\'s text message. It took him awhile before he sustained enough energy to look at it, but to see that it was a web mail.

Zhang Siyi bounced up from the bed, rushed to the computer to open the mail…

«Re: Job search from Zhang Siyi»

Zhang Siyi\'s shaking hands opened the mail with a quick sweep—

“Hello, student Zhang,

Thank you for your letter, the chief architect of our company browse your resume and portfolio, intent to further communicate with you, if you are still looking for a job, please bring a print version of the work set on August X-day-X- at 10 o’clock in the morning for interview.

Tel: * * *

Address: * * *

If you have any questions, please call for a detailed consultation.

Miss Wang (HR)

Boundless Architecture Design Institute Co.

(tl: it\'s originally written in English)


Ah, ah, ao, ah-ah-ah-hoo …! (its really written like this ahahahaha)

Zhang Siyi jumped from his chair exitedly and jerked his head in frenzy—he finally received an interview email!!!

But wait a minute… what company is "Boundless"?

Zhang Siyi submitted too many resumes and he didn\'t remember them clearly.

Because of his background of studying abroad, most of his job search was based on the fact that foreign designers and foreign students were mostly in private firms. their general welfare was good, the working atmosphere was relatively relaxed, and they didn\'t need to work overtime. However, mixed in the country, the biggest leader or those aircraft carrier-based construction group and Design Institute, was said to be able to enter the key branches over there in the resume as a substantial addition.

If they don\'t need him, Zhang Siyi he’ll invest in small construction companies that have. Other small companies doesn’t look good,

And this “Boundless” was the first batch of the companies where he submitted his resumes, when he picked the best.

Zhang Siyi quickly checked it in the Internet, and recalled that “boundless” a few years ago was a large domestic design institute isolated from the subsidiary, mainly by a group composed of young designers, compatible with both foreigners and students.

Compared with foreign firms, “Boundless” was more popular and has a strong background, it wasn’t a boring and stereotyped Design Institute, so in recent years had become a lot of sea turtle architecture graduates\' first choice of the job.

Just heard that the rate of the company was very high, but also rarely openly recruit, how did it suddenly reply his mail?

Zhang Siyi was both nervous and excited, he also browsed some relevant website to look at other people’s introduction just to take a chance to try, did not think that after so long can receive a reply… Is this the legendary phrase, the calm before the storm?

The author has something to say:

There are eight universities that have significant influence in architecture industry including Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Tongji University, Tianda University, South China University of Technology, Chongqing University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Xi\'an University of Architecture and Technology.

AA: Architectural Association School of Architecture

GSD: Harvard Graduate School of Design

SAIC: School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  1. Small/sea turtle 海龟 Internet slang for Returnees
  2. Haicheng (Chinese: 海城; pinyin: Hǎichéng; literally: “Sea City”) is a county-level city of central Liaoning province, People’s Republic of China.
  3. salty fish: an internet slang for a person who is bitter, a poor sport
  4. Wu Mochou, also known by her English name Momo Wu, is a Chinese singer.
  5. calm before the storm ,a quiet or peaceful period before a period during which there is great activity, argument, or difficulty