Assistant Architect - Chapter 199

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 199: Text Message


Patting his back, Gu Yu watched ZhangSiyi\'s thoughtful expression: "I\'m only reminding you to think for yourself.Think about what he is teaching, but don\'t make waves. There isn\'t a problemwith listening and keeping your opinions to yourself."

Zhang Siyi nodded: “I know.”

At the end of the street, they turnedaround to head back to the Hotel. Zhang Siyi was thinking about his roommateand couldn\'t help complain about the situation: "My roommate isn\'t easy to getalong with. I\'ve hardly spoke ten sentences with him. Anyway, since you have alarge room with a double bed, should I talk to Liao Jun and find an excuse tostay with you tonight?"

Gu Yu shook his head and calmly said:“No. We are in a hotel. The two rooms are less than ten meters apart sowhat reason do we have to stay in the same room? To showcase our relationship?"

Not being able to stay with Gu Yu, ZhangSiyi frowned. Pouting, Zhang Siyi opened his mouth to say something, but closedit instead. – You won\'t even let mesleep with you on my birthday! Isn\'t that a good enough reason!

Reflected by the change of expressionson Zhang Siyi\'s face, Gu Yu watched his mood swing. Since it was already pastnine at night, the streets were fairly empthy as most people were at homegetting ready for bed. He glanced around and noticing the empty street, hegrabbed Zhang Siyi\'s wrist to pull him around the corner to the shadowed sideof a building.

Pressing him against the wall with bothhands in darkness, Gu Yu kissed Zhang Siyi aggressively. With the rhythm of deepkisses, he tightly entwined his fingers with Zhang Siyi\'s. Not wanting to lethim go, but unable to proceed, he slowly released his lips with an audible sound.

At the end of a kiss, Zhang Siyi pantedand a pair of bright eyes gazed at Gu Yu… Well, he forgave him.

Early the next morning, Zhang Siyi wasawakened by a soft voice before seven o’clock. He frowned and strained his earsto make out what was being said. Liao Jun seemed to be on the phone: "I arrivedat noon yesterday. I\'m at the hotel now….. It\'ll be two weeks….. I miss youtoo…."

It was the first time Zhang Siyi heardLiao Jun talk in such a gentle manner. Zhang Siyi wondered if he was talking tohis girlfriend. Not wanting to interrupt him, he continued eavesdropping while lyingin bed.

“What did you do during the day?….. Hmm, mmm….. What did you eat for dinner?….I\'m going to the project site shortly…. Well,I\'ll say goodnight in advance…."

Good night? This situation and dialogue werevery familiar. It reminded Zhang Siyi of the weekly call he would make to hisex-girlfriend while he was abroad. Does that mean Liao Jun\'s girlfriend isabroad? Maybe in Europe or the United States?

Liao Jun hung up the phone and the roomwas quiet once again.

Despite the lack of sleep the night before,a little while later, Zhang Siyi reached for his phone under his pillow tocheck the time. It was 6:55. He sent a message to Gu Yu: “Good morning!" [AdorableKitten]

Since Gu Yu hadn\'t reacted to his text,Zhang Siyi thought he might still be sleeping. Feeling annoyed, he continued tostare at the phone, squinting. Ten minutes later, the phone vibrated with a newmessage: "Why are you awake so early?"

In the dialog box, Zhang Siyi teased:"How can you sleep so well without me!?" [Heartbreak]

Gu Yu: “…”

Gu Yu: “[Little Fox Kiss]”

Gu Yu: “Put on your clothes andcome to my room.”

Suddenly, Zhang Siyi bounced out of bedand quickly put on his shirt and pants.

Even though Liao Jun rarely took theinitiative to talk to Zhang Siyi, as he hadn\'t fallen back asleep, he spoke up:"Why are you leaving so early?”

Zhang Siyi: “Well, I’m going outfor a morning run….."

Liao Jun: “Oh.”

Grabbing his mobile phone, Zhang Siyileft the room without looking at Liao Jun. Once he found Gu Yu\'s room, helightly knocked twice on the door.

Soon, the door opened and an armstretched out to pull him inside the room then pushed him onto the bed. Giddy, Zhang Siyi gladly fell onto thesoft blankets.

While Zhang Siyi was dressed, Gu Yu wasonly wearing a cotton t-shirt and boxers that he slept in. Admiring the view,Zhang Siyi couldn\'t help but notice the obvious bulge Gu Yu had below. ZhangSiyi felt like his nose could to start spurting blood at any moment.

Quickly, Gu Yu stripped off Zhang Siyilayers then got in bed. Close now, along with the tingling sensation of hislove\'s faint breath along his neck, Zhang Siyi could smell Gu Yu\'s natural bodyodor. How could something he normally experienced every day at home feel sodifferent today? It was intoxicating.

As Gu Yu grabbed his waist to pull himdown, he opened the sheet for both of them and said: "Lay down and rest with mefor a while."

Zhang Siyi: “…” Shit! That\'s it!?

His request seemed to contradict hisobvious hungry behavior earlier when he opened the door. Zhang Siyi feltconfused. However, on second thought, the frequency of their lovemaking hasbeen slowly decreasing from the initial three times a day to the current twotimes a week.

Even though their frequency wasperfectly normal, he couldn\'t stop himself from feeling insecure and thinking thathe was losing his charm.

However, as if Gu Yu could transmit theamount of love he had for Zhang Siyi by the strength alone, Gu Yu held onto himtightly. He buried his head against Zhang Siyi and made his insecuritiesdisappear.

In his heart, Zhang Siyi grumbled.Fuck! You don\'t give it, when I want it, and when I don\'t want it, you giveit…… Bastard!

Never the less, since he wasn\'t trulyangry, in the arms of Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi easily relaxed and really fell asleep.An hour later, Zhang Siyi woke up suddenly and glanced at the clock: 7:55.Shit! Yesterday Professor Cui told everyone to meet in the lobby at eight inthe morning to begin their work.

For the first time, Gu Yu hadn\'t wokenup on time for an appointment. Quickly, while Gu Yu went to the bathroom towash, Zhang Siyi got dressed in a rush then left to go back to his own room.

As soon as he came out, he bumped intoBi Lele as she was going downstairs.

Bi Lile’s eyes nearly popped out of herhead. She blurted out: “You slept with the boss last night?”

“No!” Zhang Siyi vehementlydenied, turning red. He explained: “I got up at 7 o’clock this morning. Ihad to check with the boss about something just now." Zhang Siyi thought heoffered a good excuse because his roommate, Liao Jun, could verify his story.However, his messy hair and sloppy clothes weren\'t very convincing.

A strange smile appeared on Bi Lele\'sface. She looked at Zhang Siyi thoughtfully then followed her roommate, SisterYe, downstairs.

Her Stare made Zhang Siyi feel like hewasn\'t wearing any clothes. Shaking his head to wake himself up, Zhang Siyireturned to his room. To his surprise, Liao Jun was just leaving and like BiLele, when he saw Zhang Siyi, he also had a strange look on his face.

Since he was in a rush, he didn\'t payattention to him and went quickly to the bathroom to wash his face. When he sawhimself in the mirror, he realized the shirt under his hoodie was buttoned up twistedand crooked.

"………." Fuck! So embarrassing!!!

Even though Zhang Siyi tried to tidyhimself up as fast as possible, he arrived downstairs late.

Arriving a few minutes before him, Gu Yuwas talking to the professor and telling him a reason for their tardiness: "Thismorning, Zhang Siyi asked me about some details related to ancient buildingsand we lost track of time. He may still be in his room."

Professor Cui smiled and waved his handdismissively: "It\'s not a problem. The young guy is very eager to learn."

While the excuse may have fooled theProfessor, there were others in the group that were less convinced. Of course,this was a simple hiccup and soon, the group\'s attention was quickly diverted tothe prospect of intense survey work ahead.

Hundreds of large and small buildings inthe three-hectare site area needed to be examined. Not only did they need tomeasure each building, they needed to assess the amount of work that would berequired for renovation. Moreover, the interior space of the ancient city wasthe residence of many people which wasn\'t open to the public, making it moredifficult to accurately investigate.

After dividing the labor up among thegroup, everyone set out to complete their tasks. Zhang Siyi and Liao Jun\'s assignmentwere to compare the original base drawings to the data on-site and make changesas necessary. While Ye was managing the records, Bi Lele was responsible forclassifying the residences. Professor and Gu Yu were interviewing people.

Although there were six people workingon the project, only Zhang Siyi and Liao Jun had to do any type the physicallabor. Squatting down and reaching up all morning while they measured thedifferent walls and structures, Zhang Siyi felt like he had done enoughexercise for a lifetime. By the end of the morning, his back was hurting. Now,he was very grateful for the restraint Gu Yu showed this morning.

After lunch, the group continued to workdiligently on their tasks. In the evening, when everyone looked at the base tosee how much was completed, even though they investigated over forty buildings,they only saw a small corner of the over-all plan finished.

With eyes covered in dark shadows, ZhangSiyi felt like his future was bleak.

Unlike yesterday, Zhang Siyi didn\'t takea walk in the evening after dinner. Instead, he went back to his room and fellasleep. After ten hours of rest, he eventually woke up. Liao Jun asked him witha smirk: "Why didn\'t you go jogging early this morning?"

Zhang Siyi: ” …”

Today\'s assignment wasn\'t any differentfrom yesterdays. In the evening, when they returned to the hotel, Gu Yu excusedhimself from dinner because he needed to pack his belongings so he could catchhis flight back to Haicheng early in the morning. Professor Cui nodded withunderstanding and made sure to remind him to make contact if there were anyproblems.

When Zhang Siyi heard Gu Yu, his heartsank.

Gu Yu pulled him to the side andwhispered: "Lets go for a walk."

Zhang Siyi was feeling upset about hismissed birthday and gave him the cold shoulder. He replied: "I don\'t want to. I\'mgoing to sleep."

Gu Yu: “…”

Feeling peevish, Zhang Siyi washed hisface, then went to bed. In the middle of the night, his sleep was disturbed bysomeone licking his lips and he seem to hear Gu Yu saying Happy Birthday. ZhangSiyi was too tired to open his eyelids. He wanted the annoying person to stopharassing him in his sleep.


Waking up in the morning, he was a bit confused.Did he dream that he was kissed last night or not? Laying on the bed, Zhang Siyisighed. How could Gu Yu come to his room in the middle of the night?

Since the ancient city was far from theairport, Gu Yu was already gone when Zhang Siyi woke up in the morning. Realizinghe was gone, Zhang Siyi had no energy to get up. His heart left with Gu Yu.

After washing, knowing Gu Yu must have said goodbye, he mustered up the courage to check his mobile phone for messages. Unexpectedly, there was a WeChat message from Gu Yu right after midnight: "Find an excuse to go to X Hotel at X street at 6 o\'clock in the evening." ^_^