Assistant Architect - Chapter 197

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 197: Renovation


Afterreturning the painting, no other correspondence between the two companieshappened. However, no matter how much Zhang Siyi wanted to forget about BaiRui, his colleagues wouldn\'t let him.

After theyrecognized him as the man that came to find Zhang Siyi, they constantlyapproached Zhang Siyi and asked him who the handsome guy was. Over and over, hehad to explain to his colleagues that the man was an ex-boyfriend of a friendand he had nothing to do with him. What else could he say?

As much ashe wanted to ignore Bai Rui, it was just too difficult. Now that they work inthe same building, the possibility of meeting in the elevator was high. Inaddition, he admitted to having a boyfriend with someone from work. Privately,Zhang Siyi sighed once again and regretted his soft heart that lead him toimpulsively divulge his secret.

AlthoughBai Rui hadn\'t yet shown an obvious purpose, Zhang Siyi wasn\'t inclined to takeBai Rui lightly, much less engage with him. Who knows what he would do!?

In a fewdays, it will be Zhang Siyi\'s 24th birthday.

As hewondered what it will be like with Gu Yu, he began to look forward to it early.Although his tape measure ultimately moved him, thinking back to the poorfeelings he harbored that day, Zhang Siyi clenched his jaw. His circumstancewasn\'t the same as last year. Now, his boyfriend was Gu Yu and unlike lastyear, he thought he will be treated quite differently this time.

Much to hischagrin, an urgent bidding project fell from the sky!

Onemorning, Gu Yu left for work earlier than usual due to a meeting. At noon,Zhang Siyi saw several strangers coming to the company. Gu Yu came from hisoffice and called Zhang Siyi together with Yuan Zhicheng, Bi Lele, and ZhuHongzhen into the conference room.

Once heentered the room, Zhang Siyi noticed the same stranger he saw earlier sitingwith them. He was a middle-aged man who was between forty to fifty years old.Everyone called him Professor Cui.

The man noddedto them with a smile and looked at Zhang Siyi: "Is this little classmate new?"

Beingcalled \'Little Classmate\', Zhang Siyi didn\'t know what to say.

ZhuHongzhen quickly introduced him: “This is Professor Cui of the Cgroup.”

Uponhearing the man\'s name, Zhang Siyi remembered hearing about a design group Cwhen he first joined the company. Later Zhu Hongzhen had explained to him thatC-Group was a private design studio under Borderless and the leader was aprofessor from J University. The group specialized in ancient architecturaldesign and was utilized when a project became available.

The personin front of Zhang Siyi was the legendary Professor! Immediately, Zhang Siyistepped forward to shake his hand and introduce himself.

ProfessorCui smiled and addressed everyone in the conference room: “Please sit." Hegestured and introduced the two young people standing next to him: "These twoare my graduate students, Liao and Ye."

Bothstudents were around Zhang Siyi age. While Liao was a tall boy, very pale, witha pair of black framed glasses, and a serious expression, Ye was a plump girlwith a very friendly demeanor. They took the opportunity to introducethemselves.

As soon asthe introduction was complete, Gu Yu arrived with his notebook. He closed thedoor of the conference room behind him then looked to Professor Cui withrespect: "Professor Cui, let’s get started.”

Professor Cuigive him a nod and smiled: “You can start.”

After connectingthe computer to the projector, Gu Yu gave a brief introduction of thesituation: "The Company received a project for the renovation and restorationof the ancient city in X Province. Due to our limited staff, we have askedProfessor Cui to join us on this project."

Gu Yupaused and watching everyone nod in acknowledgement, he continued to elaborateon the specific details pertaining to the project and the bid. The time framefor the bid caused a bit of an uproar since it was in mid-January; only sixweeks away.

Havingworked for a year, Zhang Siyi was familiar with the time required for large andsmall projects. At this moment, knowing how much overtime he will inevitablyhave to do, his face was very tense.

GU Yucontinued: "Since the project includes multiple buildings, it will be necessaryto visit the location and survey the area. We need to decide whether or notthere was any value in restoring the buildings. This part of the work will behandled by Professor Cui. Due to the large amount of work, two additionalpeople will go with him for two weeks, without replacements, to help with the surveys."

Zhang Siyiwas stunned. ……Gu Yu wasn\'t going? That means, if I go, then I won\'t be withhim for two weeks?

Unlike hisunabashed enthusiasm of the past, since Zhang Siyi had experienced designingboth his own projects as well as being part of a team for land development, hewasn\'t so eager to volunteer.

Weighingthe pros and cons, he first considered the economic conditions of X-City. Interms of economic similarities, the renovation of the ancient city couldn\'t becompared with the luxury hotel project in Yunnan Provence. The main purpose ofgoing to X City was to survey the site. Thinking along these lines, theexpenses for food and accommodations would be limited. Watching the weatherbecome colder day, by day, the prospect of a \'fun\' trip was very slim.

Zhang Siyiglanced around the room and saw similar expressions across everyone\'s face.Like a turtle, he wanted to shrink his neck and hide in his shell.

What’smore, Gu Yu mentioned Professor Cui was leading the team. As a borderless director, Gu Yu wouldn\'t beable to leave the company for two weeks and thus, he would be separated from him.Certainly, Gu Yu wouldn\'t be so cold-hearted, would he?

In hopeshis subordinates would volunteer, Gu Yu waited a few minutes, but no one spokeup. The passing silence was broken as Gu Yu said: "Zhang Siyi, you count asone."

Zhang Siyi:“………” Fuck! ! !

Turning hishead to look at each of them in the eye, Gu Yu asked: "Field survey is physicalwork. Anyone have special circumstances that would inhibit their duties?"

YuanZhicheng and Zhu Hongzhen looked at each other and finally Yuan Zhicheng tookthe initiative to raise his hand: “I\'ll go.”

Noddingwith agreement, Gu Yu said: “I\'ll go with you for a few days to assess thesituation."

Uponhearing Gu Yu statement, Bi Lele suddenly exclaimed: “Boss, I want togo!”

Gu Yu:“Are you sure?”

Bi Lele explainedher reasons: “I have never been to X City before and I haven\'t had thechance to take part in an ancient city renovation. It will be a good learningopportunity."

Professor Cuiapproved: “Very good. You two girls can be roommates."

Thinking hewas free of the responsibility, Zhang Siyi momentarily felt a surge of joy. BiLele and Yuan Zhicheng were enough.

Gu Yu\'sfinal words echoed in his head: "Ok then. Zhang Siyi and Bi Lele, both of you goback home to pack and prepare for tomorrow\'s journey. Make sure you listenattentively to Professor Cui\'s tasks during the next two weeks. Yuan Zhichengand Zhu Hongzhen will stay in the company to do the prep-work on theproject.”

Zhang Siyi felt like the carpet was ripped out from underneath his feet. Why wasn\'t his boyfriend, on his side?