Assistant Architect - Chapter 195

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 195: Painting


While TaoFei\'s idea was intriguing and could be utilize as a last resort, Zhang Siyireally didn\'t want any contact with Bai Rui because the guy gave Zhang Siyi thecreeps.

However,contrary to his wish, when the two went back to the office, they saw Bai Rui inthe lobby of the building holding a rose. Narrowing his eyes into small slits,Zhang Siyi walked over to the elevator with a cold expression.

Originally,Bai Rui\'s back was facing them. When he heard people approaching, he glancedbehind him. Startled, he widens his eyes in surprise as he saw Zhang Siyi walktowards him with another person. Bai Rui turned to face them and smiled ingreeting then asked: "Back from lunch?"

Astute asalways, with an outstretched arm, Tao Fei grinned and hooked it around ZhangSiyi\'s neck, letting his arm drape over his shoulder. Half hanging on ZhangSiyi, Tao Fei leaned on him provocatively then said: "Hey handsome, who\'s thisrose for?"

Bai Ruilooked down at the rose in his hand then extended his arm to Tai Fei. He smiledand asked: "Would you like it?"

Zhang Siyi:“…”

In contrastto how Tai Fei dealt with Bai Rui, with his hair standing on end, Zhang Siyifelt like a threatened hedgehog. Shit! This man is really dangerous!Fortunately, he wasn\'t here alone !!!

Glancing atZhang Siyi\'s reaction, Tao Fei nearly broke his act. He waved his hand inrejection: "No Thanks."

Unconcerned,Bai Rui retracted his arm and walked into the open elevator.

Feelingeven more anxious, Zhang Siyi worried whether or not Bai Rui realized Gu Yu washis boyfriend and not Tao Fei. Was he bringing the flower to Gu Yu instead?

“Hey,what are…." Zhang Siyi didn\'t even get threewords out before he saw Bai Rui reach over and press the button for floor 17; onefloor higher than Borderless\'s offices.

Afterwatching Tao Fei press the button for floor 16, Bai Rui quietly asked Zhang Siyi:"Did you say something?"

Zhang Siyi:“Oh, nothing…” ….Strange, wasn\'t Bai Rui looking for him? Doeshe have other acquaintances in the building?

Soon, theelevator opened at the floor where the offices of Borderless were located. TaoFei first stepped out of the elevator and as Zhang Siyi followed closely behind,Bai Rui smiled and waved at them.

Feelingconfused, Zhang Siyi looked at Tao Fei in a daze. With even less understandingof the situation, Tao Fei just shrugged. As they walked back to their department,they passed the front desk and saw a box and a large covered rectangular objectleaning against the receptionist\'s desk.

“Ah,wait a minute…” The young girl at the front desk called the two of themover. She pointed at the box and explained: “The new company upstairs gaveus these chocolates liquors. Take some if you want."

Zhang Siyi\'sjaw dropped in surprise. Thinking Bai Rui was simply at the building to meet himself,Zhang Siyi felt very embarrassed.

Tao Fei wasalso very surprised. When he came over and looked closer, he noticed a stack ofbusiness cards next to the box of chocolates. The name of the company wasprinted on the top: Feng Qi Modern Art Curator and Auction Consultants.

Zhang Siyiwas shocked. Bai Rui had moved his company to the office above Borderless!

“Whatis this? A painting?" Tao Fei glanced at the rectangular object with bubble-wrapwrapped around it protectively.

Smiling, thegirl nodded affirmatively and said: “Yes, but this painting is for DirectorGu.”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

“Whatis for me?” a voice asked. Gu Yu coincidentally was passing by when heheard his name. Since Zhang Siyi was with Tao Fei, he came straight over to seewhat\'s going on.

The receptionistquickly explained the situation to Gu Yu.

Gu Yuglanced at the company’s business card and asked: “Why give this tome?”

Since hedidn\'t run into Bai Rui, he might not realize it was Bai Rui\'s companyupstairs. Zhang Siyi pointed to \'Feng Qi\' on the business card. Translatingfrom Chinese to English, it can be translated as Vini.

Narrowinghis brow slightly, Gu Yu frowned. He bent down to pick up the picture frame andasked: “What did the representative say exactly?"

The girlreplied: “He said: \'For your director\'."

Gu Yucarefully opened the work. As the wrap fell to the ground, the painting\'s imagebecame clearer. When unveiled, the solid-color geometric watercolor imagejumped out and shined brightly.

Zhang Siyicouldn’t see what the painting was, however, the mystery was answered when TaoFei spoke: “Isn\'t this a watercolor painting by Steven Holl?”

Gu Yulooked at the signature at the bottom carefully and said: “Yes.”

Zhang Siyihad never heard of the name. He eagerly asked: “Who\'s that?” “

Tao Feiexplained: “An American architect. He designed the Sifang Art Museum inJiangsu province. His watercolors are very famous. I remember seeing thispainting from a collection on the internet. Hmm, what\'s it called…."

Gu Yu answered:“Edge of the City.”

“That\'sit!" Looking at the painting, Tao Feitouched his chin in thought. He sighed: "Wow,if that\'s the original… I thought Steven Holl\'s paintings where still ondisplay at the Walker Center for the arts in Minneapolis."

As Gu Yu spokewith Tao Fei about the artist, he rewrapped the painting.

Even thoughTao Fei and Gu Yu know Bai Rui through Zhang Siyi, he immediately felt angry andwanted to prevent Gu Yu from accepting the painting. Knowing how much thepainting caused him to feel completely jealous, Zhang Siyi felt even more likea child throwing a tantrum. As a result, instead of speaking up, he retrainedhimself and remained quiet.

As Zhang Siyi feelings of inferiority grew,his sour mood also grew. It reminded him of the time when Tao Fei first came tothe company and that feeling was terrible!

Gu Yulooked at Zhang Siyi and handed the painting back to the receptionist. "I\'llhave to trouble you to help with giving the painting back. I won\'t accept it."

Surprised, TaoFei loudly and excitedly exclaimed: “What? It was given to the company sogive it to me!"

Gu Yuchuckled and ignored him. Before returning to his office, Gu Yu casuallygrabbed two chocolates from the box and turned to speak to Zhang Siyi: “ZhangSiyi, follow me.”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Now thatthey were inside Gu Yu\'s office, like Tao Fei mentioned, Zhang Siyi also asked:"Since he sent it in the name of his company, why didn\'t you accept it?"

"What wouldbe the point? He might have sent the painting in the name of his company today,but tomorrow I will have to find something of the same value to give back." GuYu poured himself a glass of water then asked: "Are you sure that companyupstairs is Bai Rui\'s?"

“Well,I met him at noon while I was with Tao Fei." Zhang Siyi looked downwards as hespoke. He could tell, Gu Yu liked the painting a lot.

Before, whenGu Yu had glanced at him, did Zhang Siyi\'s expression give away his feelings? IfGu Yu hadn\'t walked by at that moment and instead, spoke with the receptionist ata time when Zhang Siyi wasn\'t present, would he have accepted the painting?

With ZhangSiyi\'s grave thoughts, he suddenly felt depressed. He isn\'t rich like Bai Ruiand isn\'t clever like Tao Fei. …… What could he possibly do for Gu Yu?

Silentlywatching Zhang Siyi intently, Gu Yu peeled both chocolates. He put one into hisown mouth then placed the other into Zhang Siyi\'s mouth.

Lost in hisown thoughts, he was caught off guard as Gu Yu placed the chocolate in his mouththen quickly followed it with his lips.

Holding the back of his head firmly, Gu Yu kissed Zhang Siyi deeply.