Assistant Architect - Chapter 193

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 193: Inside


Withoutthought of his ulterior motives being noticed, He Chengtian\'s mouth widened ina wolfish smile. Fortunately, Gu Yao was sitting in the back and wasn\'t able tosee his greedy expression.

Along theway home, Zhang Siyi and He Chengtian caught up on current events in their lives.First, Zhang Siyi wanted to know more about the price and performance of theLamborghini. When they came to a full stop at the traffic light, the passengersin the full bus next to them turned and stared at them through the glass.

Since it wasthe first time Zhang Siyi experienced so many onlookers staring at him in thisway, his ego was stroked and felt like a superior young master. In life,sometimes self-conceit encroaches on your moral compass and material thingsbecome more important.

Zhang Siyiasked He Chengtian: “How is your sister doing? I haven’t heard from her ina long time. Is she okay?”

He Chengtianreplied: “She went to Australia recently.”

Zhang Siyi:“What is she doing in Australia? Did she go back to University?”

"Universitymy ass. She went to find a friend." He Chengtian grumbled then continued: "Anyway,since she is working for herself, there is less pressure so she goes where shewants. She left me everything at the company to take care of so I\'m the onlyone who suffers!"

Zhang Siyicast a sympathetic look, and asked: “How are you doing now?”

He Chengtiansighed: “Actually, it hasn\'t been verygood recently. The stock market is low, the housing market slowed down, andmany financial platforms have problems. Hey, it\'s been difficult!”

Listening tothe tone of his speech, Zhang Siyi glanced at him. Now, he noticed the fatigueon his friends\' features and concluded that things weren\'t going so smoothly aswhat appears.

“Both thehousing market and the construction industry isn\'t good. We are all in thistogether!" Moving his hands across the leather, Zhang Siyi touched the car seatenviously. "But, you still drive a super luxury car. Certainly, it isn\'t thatbad."

Zhang Siyi has been saving his money but it onlyamounts to thousands and nowhere near enough to buy a car. He wouldn\'t even beable to afford one of the car\'s tires.

"Justbecause I drive a luxury vehicle, doesn\'t mean things are good. As a matter offact, we are all just playing chess. What assets? Millions, billions…. Like a videogame, it\'s just a bunch of numbers on a screen and like gambling, you need to bearthe risk, but also need the capital to play."

As he turnedinto the next road, He Chengtian was tapping the steering wheel. He continued: "Doyou think I bought this car for myself? In fact, it\'s also a façade. It doesn\'tmatter whether or not there is money to support the purchase. I know the rulesof the rich and I have to play the game."

He Chengtianshook his head and smiled bitterly. He said: “I still had the guts to tellyou your future with me would bring you riches, but now, it\'s impossible toguarantee. The tides have changed too fast and the stock market crisisflattened the neighborhood. Hey, it is a good thing you still follow Gu Yu. Bydoing technical work, you are stable."

Zhang Siyiwas speechless. He didn\'t think in six months, He Chengtian\'s attitude wouldchange so drastically. It seems, no matter how perfect a person appears on theoutside, they also have to face the hardships of reality.

Half an hourlater, the car arrived at Yuanshan Garden. He Chengtian was about to let themout of the car when Zhang Siyi suddenly spoke. He politely asked: “Chengtianbrother, what are you going to do about dinner? Would you like to come up and eattogether?"

Having livedwith Gu Yu for so long, Zhang Siyi naturally regarded himself as a voice ofauthority when it came to issues of the home. He wanted to thank He Chengtianfor his help with Gu Yao\'s troubles so he took the opportunity to invite himupstairs for dinner.

Thinkingabout who else lived at the house, He Chengtian started getting a stomach ache. When facing his rival, he couldn\'t bare it.Before he had the chance to reject the offer Gu Yao echoed Zhang Siyi offer: "Yes.It isn\'t very late so let\'s eat together."

He Chengtianturned to look at Gu Yao and saw her large eyes looking up at him, inviting. Sheadded: "My brother also has a big dog!"

Hearingabout a dog wasn\'t the strange part. The key, as if she wanted to share herfavorite things with him, was the pure smile, bright eyes, and tone of hervoice that she used. In the world of He Chengtian, spring time has come!

“Okay!”He drove to a parking lot of a Western restaurant nearby to park his car thengot out to follow Zhang Siyi and Gu Yao back to Yuanshan Garden. In a circle, HeChengtian looked around at the buildings and said: "This place is quite good.Did Gu Yu buy his own home?”

Zhang Siyiexplained: “It’s his friend’s house. He is borrowing it.”

As the doorwas opened, Townhouse enthusiastically ran to the door. Unexpectedly, insteadof greeting his owners, he pounced on He Chengtian, barking: "Woof-woof-woof!"

He Chengtian:“!!!”

In a hurry, ZhangSiyi put down his key and tried to stop the dog: "No Townhouse, down!"

Gu Yao alsowent over the dog to sooth him.

Zhang Siyi thoughtthe dog\'s behavior was a little strange then commented: “This dog isusually very docile. Since we renamed him, even when the maintenance peoplecome, he doesn\'t make a peep. Why is he acting do differently today?”

He Chengtiansmirked: “Oh. it doesn’t seem like the dog likes me very much.”

As if to answerHe Chengtian, Townhouse let out one loud "woof."

HeChengtian\'s mouth twitched. It really was Gu Yu\'s dog!

At Gu Yao\'s adorableaction, He Chengtian was stunned. He watched her move to the dog and softlytalk in the dog ear: "No Townhouse, down. He Chengtian is a good man." Eventhough the dog on his hindlegs was almost the same height as Gu Yao andtherefore could easily knock her over, the dog obediently got down on theground at her command.

He Chengtianwiped his nosebleed. Shit! Why did he suddenly feel that the dog is happierthan him? In fact, he can also provide one ear…….

Hearing thebarking of the dog, Gu Yu came out of the kitchen to see what the commotion wasabout. A look of disbelief came over his face as he saw He Chengtian watching hissister with a wolfish smile. Immediately, he raised his brow and asked: "What\'she doing here?"

Trying toexplain quickly, Zhang Siyi said: "Ah, we met him near Gu Yao\'s company. Hehelped us a lot and also drove us home so I asked him to join us for dinner."

Turning tolook in the direction of his rival\'s voice, He Chengtian saw Gu Yu wearing anapron with a spatula in hand. He couldn\'t contain his laughter and snorted out:"Pfft… ha-ha-ha." The former university tyrant was a domesticated man. The unimaginablecontrast was extreme!

“Cough,cough… “He Chengtian smiled and asked: “Are you cooking? Is itedible? Ah-ha-ha.…"

With bulgingveins and a furrowed brow, Gu Yu wanted to retort and throw the spatula,however one has to maintain the grace and dignity of the head of the house.

Pointing to thesofa with the spatula, Gu Yu said: “Zhang Siyi, you sit and entertain. GuYao, you come with me.”

HeChengtian: “…”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Gu Yaoobediently followed her brother into the kitchen then asked: “The food isn\'tdone yet?"

From out ofthe refrigerator, Gu Yu pulled out another half a head of cabbage and some. He replied:"Since you didn\'t call in advance, with the addition of a guest, there wouldn\'tbe enough to eat so at least two more dished need to be prepared."

Gu Yao stuckher tongue out and gave her brother a raspberry. She took the cabbage that GuYu handed over.

Gu Yu asked:“What’s the matter with helping me?”

Gu Yao knewher brother\'s request wasn\'t really to help him make dinner. Without delay, theinterrogation began.

She daresnot conceal any details and honestly relayed the afternoon events. When shetold him about Zhang Siyi ploy about being He Chengtian\'s fiancé, Gu Yao blusheddeeply and lowered her head, almost to the sink.

Finally, shementioned He Chengtian\'s proposal to pick her up and drop her off and that she andZhang Siyi already acquiesced. As a result, Zhang Siyi invited him home to eat.

Afterlistening to her story, Gu Yan snorted and said: “No matter how timely HeChengtian\'s appearance was, Zhang Siyi was too bold to marry you off.

This time,Gu Yao\'s ears are bright red and she quietly said: "Don\'t say that. Zhang Siyi didn\'tmean it. Maybe He Chengtian just went with the flow to help second brother."

Gu Yu hummedand didn’t talk.

As Gu Yaotore the cabbage she addressed her brother: "Second Brother said he is a reliableperson. I think he can completely solve the problem so please let him drive me fora period of time. You are Zhang Siyi are so busy with work that I feel guiltyhaving you drop me off and pick me up every day."

Gu Yu smiledat her: “Why do you feel guilty unless there is guilt? You’re not married yet, are you?"

Gu Yao:“…”

Gu Yucontinued to ridicule her: “So it is better to trouble outsiders insteadof family?"

Gu Yao wasfinally annoyed and stomped her foot: “Brother!”

Gu Yu:“Ok. Ok. Make sure you maintain your status."

Gu Yao:“…I know.”

Gu Yaohelped with the cabbage then walked out. When Zhang Siyi came in, he saw Gu Yupreparing the additional dish. “Wow, lots of food today! You worked hard!"

Squinting athim, Gu Yu said: “Did you sell my sister?”

Zhang Siyi quicklyrealized that it was useless to change the topic and pretended not tounderstand: "Ah? What? Sell what?”

Gu Yu staredat him in the eye: “Be prepared for your punishment!"

Zhang Siyi:“…..” Wasn’t it your own issue about your sister not finding love?I found you a diamond king and you are still fierce! Bastard!

Gu Yu said:“Bring the food to the table. Thewarm wine will be ready soon."

When thedishes arrived, they sat down around the table. He Chengtian tasted the dishand was very surprised at how skillful Gu Yu cooking was and exclaimed: "Ah! It\'sdelicious!"

Gu Yupersonally poured a glass of wine to He Chengtian then said: “Gu Yaoexplained today’s events. Thank You."

He Chengtianrarely saw Gu Yu act so kindly and felt somewhat flattered: "Well, it wasnothing."

After a gesturetowards He Chengtian with the wine glass, Gu Yu drank it.

When HeChengtian finished his glass of wine, Gu Yu poured him another and said:“One more glass and you will have some difficulties for a while."

With his nemesistoasting and pouring him two glasses of wine, he couldn\'t believe it. Has HeChengtian ever had such treatment? For a moment, like a serf becoming themaster, he relished the feeling…. Ah, this is how classmates should be.

He Chengtianwas a little smug and thought perhaps, pursuing Gu Yao wasn\'t so difficult ashe had imagined.

However, after drinking this cup of wine, He Chengtian saw a faint smile form on Gu Yu face. It was clear that the smile was very natural, but behind the smile, He Chengtian felt something cold. He once again remembered how much he has been under Gu Yu\'s shadow in the three years of high school.