Assistant Architect - Chapter 192

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 192: Rescue


As He Chengtian strutted towards them,he raised his arm in a suave movement to take off his sunglasses. His designersuit and exquisite platinum watch that was revealed on his wrist matched the coolsilver-grey luxury car.

The perfect timing with which HeChengtian appeared made Zhang Siyi feel like he was watching a romantic dramaunfold right before his eyes. A prince has come to the rescue…..

Zhang Siyi widened his eyes insurprise. Using the opportunity to his advantage, he immediately moved with GuYao towards He Chengtian…….

When He Chengtian saw them, he was alittle taken back as Zhang Siyi was the last person he thought to bump into. Moresurprising, was watching Gu Yao\'s tight hold on him. His expression becametwisted. …….WTF! Zhang Siyi said hehad nothing to do with her! Who are you kidding!! (ˋ皿ˊ)

Since the meeting in March, it hasbeen nearly six months since they have seen each other. Once, his sister, He Xueying,invited Gu Yao to her house, but he was away on a business trip that weekend.

Indeed, at first sight, He Chengtianfelt his heart move, but with her brother\'s appearance, he had to put thosefeelings on hold. The thought of pursuing Gu Yu\'s sister made him hesitant. Forthree years in high school, he was in Gu Yu\'s shadow. If he chased her, wouldn\'the be in Gu Yu\'s shadow for a lifetime? He wasn\'t happy about the prospect!

Then again, with his current status, hecould pursue any women he wanted however, Gu Yao was the only one that movedhim. Why did he have to fall for someone as difficult as an SSS class boss-levelencounter?

Back in March when they first met, hewas involved with many business-related issues, and therefore he didn\'t have alot of time to spare. Coupled with his hesitation about dating a Gu familymember, he pushed the thoughts of Gu Yao aside and slowly forgot about her.

Seeing her by chance across the way; herpure small face, beautiful eyes, slightly arched brows, slight frown, anexpression of consternation and sadness that replaced her previous innocent smile,gave her a very different vibe. Once again, he was struck in the heart!

However, standing very close to her wasnon-other than Zhang Siyi. With their hands held tightly together, they weresnuggled up close like two love birds in a nest. Watching them, He Chengtiancould feel his ire rise and his stomach start to ache. Even this common, sillyboy, Zhang Siyi, was with her! Fuck! Is Gu Yu destined to be the nemesis of hislife? (t皿t)

Slamming the car door, He Chengtiangot out of the car and walked steadily towards the couple. Clenching his jaw,he forced a smile: "Look at you two…. What are you doing here? I didn\'t……"

Before He Chengtian could finishtalking, Zhang Siyi abruptly interrupted him and pushed Gu Yao towards him: "JiangZhanpeng, my sister doesn\'t have a boyfriend because this man is her fiancé."

Gu Yao: “…..”

Jiang Zhanpeng: “…..”

He Chengtian: “…..” I can\'tbelieve it. Happiness fell onto my lap! (o..o)

Standing in front of him slightlyembarrassed, Gu Yao shyly looked up at He Chengtian\'s eyes then quickly bowedher head without a word.

Although she knew Zhang Siyi wastrying his best to help her, what is with this \'fiance\' business? It made herfeel shy and embarrassed. After all, they haven\'t discussed it beforehand andhow will He Chengtian react by their chance encounter?

No one could have predicted how wellthe farce worked. He Chengtian only glanced at them before he reached out totake Gu Yao into his arms. He quietly asked: "I was away in Shenzhen. What isgoing on?"

Zhang Siyi explained quietly: “JianZhanpeng has already been rejected very clearly, but he won\'t give up." Hewanted to stay \'fucking stalker\', but he was afraid he would be over heard.Anyway, the meaning is clear enough for He Chengtian to understand what isgoing on.

Hearing the surname, He, the man had hisdoubts about what Zhang Siyi was saying. However, when he approached them andsaw the man clearly, he suddenly stopped. He may not know him, but he hascertainly heard the name of He Chengtian before: "Greetings Mr. He. I didn\'texpect to meet you here. Haicheng is really small!" Jiang Zhanpeng smiled

Chuckling, He Chengtian questioned him:“Do I know you?”

Nodding, Jiang Zhanpeng quickly tookout his business card and introduced himself. He said: “At the lastHaicheng New Youth Investment Elite Conference, I saw your presentation onstage…”

He Chengtian casually replied:“Oh, that. I didn\'t want to get upto talk, but the night before, my friends and I were playing cards and I lostthe bet."

The circle of the rich always had afascinating appeal for those whom desire money. Although they were of similarage, there was a wide financial disparity between them. Feeling both enviousand unwilling to give up, Jiang Zhanpeng slightly scowled.

He Chengtian looked at him andjokingly asked: “Jiang Zhanpeng, are you interested in my fiance?”

The color of Jiang Zhanpeng\' face drained:"There is some kind of misunderstanding here. Certainly, I am confused.Ha-ha-ha, I really didn\'t know Ms. Gu had this kind of relationship with you."

He Chengtian nodded his head andeffortlessly took out a cigarette from his pocket and gave it to him. Lookinghim straight in the eye, He Chengtian smiled and evenly stated: "It is amisunderstanding.”

Jiang Zhanpeng pretended to look at hiswatch and anxiously replied: “I see you are busy. I still have anappointment, so I will head out first." In a blink of an eye, the man turn-tailedand swiftly walked away. The BMW was gone without a trace!

Watching him leave, Gu Yao felt completelyrelieved. She stood quietly for a minute before she turned to address He Chengtian:"Thank You."

It was only after a moment that herealized the performance was over and his intimate contact with Gu Yao wasover. Like a young boy thinking about love for the first time, his heart was amess.

Zhang Siyi was also surprised at howquickly things got resolved. He gave his friend a thumbs-up and gratefullyexpressed his thanks: “That was awesome!”

He Chengtian: “Why are you bothhere?"

But Zhang Siyi already turned his headaway and was approaching the luxury car in front of him. Excited, Zhang Siyi stated:"Look, it really is a Lamborghini!"

He Chengtian can’t laugh or cry:“Hey…”

Zhang Siyi circled around and asked,“Wait, I thought a Lamborghini sport cars have two seats. Why are therefour seats?"

“This is the Estoque.** It is a concept car that hasn\'t been producedyet so there is only one in China." As He Chengtian replied to Zhang Siyi, heopened the car door for them: "Where are you two going? I\'ll give you a ride."

In his excitement, Zhang Siyi unabashedly got into the front passenger seat and Gu Yao sat behind them. Examining and feeling all of the crevices and surfaces, he couldn’t stop himself from touching everything. "It\'s so cool!"

He Chengtian started the car and the8-cylinder engine roared to life: "Where are you going? Or would you like me totake you out for dinner?"

Zhang Siyi scratched his head: “YuanshanGarden. Do you know the way?”

He Chengtian: “xxx Road?”

Zhang Siyi: “Yes!”

He Chengtian raised an eyebrow andasked Zhang Siyi: “Do you live together?”

Zhang Siyi: “Well, yes…"

Zhang Siyi: "And Gu Yu."

He Chengtian\'s face suddenly turneddark: "Why do the two of you live together with Gu Yu?"

Of course, Zhang Siyi can\'t give himthe real reason so he gave him a simple reply: "I work for Gu Yu and I pay himrent to stay there."

He Chengtian felt scorned. Zhang Siyi rejectedhis original job invitation seemingly not because of Gu Yao, yet here they are,living in the same house! He Chengtian sneered.

The thrill of love and happiness wasinstantly lost! In his hand, he held it; those small hands, beautiful skin andpetite body, like a soft rabbit that makes you want to hold and protect.… oh,ah, yes, yes….

…… Fuck! How canthat bastard have such a lovely sister!

He Chengtian coughed once lightly thenasked: “Before, what exactly is going on?"

Zhang Siyi thoroughly explained the matterto him.

At hearing his explanation, HeChengtian scoffed and let out a \'tskt\'. He gave a cold smile and said: "Whydidn\'t you call me earlier? I\'ll tell you. I see a lot of those shameless idiotsrefusing to back down. Even if you refuse gifts, it won\'t change anything. Richpeople in business have thick skins and can\'t accept a loss. You just need tofind someone else with more money and power to exert pressure and let theperson know its futile. Only then will they stop."

Zhang Siyi listen to He Chengtian\'sscolding and felt deflated: “It\'s the first time I\'ve encountered thattype of person. That guy has accounts with Gu Yao\'s company so I had to remaineloquent and try to reason with him, but he wouldn\'t accept the facts at all!"Zhang Siyi sighed and continued: "Hey, if you hadn\'t come today, I really don\'tknow what would have happened."

He Chengtian said: “Now do you seethe benefits of money and power?”

Zhang Siyi quipped: “Will youstill accept my application?"

He Chengtian chuckled then frowned: "But,if Gu Yao was harassed, where is her brother? Why wasn\'t he there?"

Zhang Siyi: “Gu Yu and I taketurns to pick her up every day and it was my turn today. Gu Yu is cooking dinnerat home.”

He Chengtian laughed: “Is hereally everything to you?”

Zhang Siyi laughed meagerly and didn\'tknow how to answer.

Glancing at Gu Yao through therearview mirror, He Chengtian said: "We were lucky today. Our casual bluffmight not convince Jiang Zhanpeng for long. When he thinks carefully, he won\'t believeyou are my fiance so he will probably come back to harass you again. It isn\'t easyto handle and does your brother really have the time bring her to and fromwork? I can help by driving her every day for a period of time. How does thatsound?"

When Zhang Siyi heard his proposition,he was so happy because the matter between Jiang Zhanpeng and Yu Yao wasmaddening. He knew it was an inconvienace for He Chengtian, but Zhang Siyi alsoknew he was interested in her. Maybe, He Chengtian thought he should seize thisrare opportunity and enjoy it.

Even if He Chengtian really pursuedher, Zhang Siyi wasn\'t opposed to it. In fact, he was extremely supportive. Dueto their recent discusstion of the need for Gu Yao to fall in love normally,Zhang Siyi thought this was the perfect opportunity. Who could pass up such a richand powerful diamond king?

Ah, but he can\'t just push her in hisdirection. Zhang Siyi looked over his shoulder to the back seat and asked GuYao: "What do you think? He is reliable. Will you let him pick you up and dropyou off at work for a while?"

Gu Yao remembered He Chengtian. Notonly was he a friend of Zhang Siyi, but he was also her brother\'s high schoolclassmate. Although she didn\'t refuse, he felt a bit uneasy: "In this car? Isn\'tit too flashy?"

With a voice of reason, He Chengtiancoaxed her: "In order to signal to outsiders that you aren\'t willing to be withjust anyone, it is necessary. You can\'t have a toad in a BMW three-series lustingafter the swan\'s flesh, right?"

Gu Yao was amused by the tone of his joke. Although her family education didn\'t teach her to be so pompous, being over the top occasionally was indeed quite cool: "Well, I\'ll have to trouble you……"

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