Assistant Architect - Chapter 191

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 191: Sister


Zhang Siyiwasn\'t sure why he came out to Bai Rui on impulse as he wasn\'t close enough toeven be considered a friend. Little by little, Bai Rui narrative softened ZhangSiyi\'s resolve. In fact, learning about Bai Rui heartache and suffering, madehim think that Bai Rui must be very lonely as he didn\'t have someone to confidein. Maybe, he really just wanted to be friends.

Like Lu Qiao,who talked to a tree in desperation and Su Yuan, who was exhausted by reality,sometimes an encouraging sympathetic voice of another can help pull someone fromdespair.

Sincehomosexuality is a minority, it less common to meet others who are also gay.When encountering someone of the same orientation, unlike the common person whomight be malicious, Zhang Siyi would naturally reach out to help otherwise he wouldfeel regretful. Since his deceit went on long enough, Zhang Siyi started feelingbad about it and as a result he explained everything.

He simplyexpressed himself: "About that day I spoke with Su Yuan, I don\'t think I saidanything special. I\'m just a normal person. Actually, a lot of what I spoke aboutwith her was knowledge that my boyfriend taught me. Without his help andguidance, I might have ended up like Su Yuan."

Bai Rui:“…”

Zhang Siyicontinued: “Also, the person who guessed your sexuality wasn\'t me. I justthought you were a annoying for wanting the money from a few cups of coffee.Your antics made me quite angry. When I told my boyfriend, he saw your avatar andidentified the painting by a known gay artist.

Bai Rui:“His name is Francis Bacon.”

Zhang Siyi:“Right; and your WeChat nickname. Putting two and two together, he thoughtyou might be gay and therefore, at the time, I assumed you were knowinglydeceiving Ren Mengyu. It is something a jerk would do."

Bai Rui:“…”

Bai Rui:“When I chatted with you, you always seemed so elusive and different."

Zhang Siyi:“In the afternoon, didn’t he inform you of all of this?" ╮(╯_╰)╭

Bai Rui:“…I thought you were joking.”

Bai Rui:“But I have to say, your boyfriend is very possessive. I haven’t even doneanything and he shields you." [Smiles]

Even though ZhangSiyi knew Gu Yu watched him like a hawk, hearing another person talk about howmuch Gu Yu watched over him made his heart swell.

Bai Rui:“It\'s extraordinary that he recognized Francis Bacon’s painting.”

Zhang Siyi gladlyboasted about Gu Yu: “He minored in the history of Western art and easilyidentified the painting with one glance!"

Bai Rui: "Passme his WeChat ID so I can friend him."

Zhang Siyiwas alert: “What? Why?”

Bai Rui:“He sounds like a very interesting person and I want be friends with himtoo.”

Feelingthreatened, Zhang Siyi blew up in a flash: “Fuck off!” What the hell! Is Bai Rui now targeting Gu Yu?

Bai Rui:“Why are you so fierce. I\'m not going to hit on your boyfriend.”

Bai Rui:“Believe me. It is simply to discuss some art topics." [Smiles]

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Bai Rui:“Actually, don\'t tell me. I can probably guess. Since he had your mobilephone with him during work, he must be someone at your company. Was it one ofthe guys I met the first time I went to your office?"

Zhang Siyi:“…” Shit! What kind of pit did he dig for himself?

Bai Rui:“The long hair, beautiful one, or your director?”

Panicking, ZhangSiyi was at a loss. He clicked on Bai Rui’s avatar and click -> contactdeleted.

Very good,the world is better once again. (=_=)

…… Damnit! I should have done this before!

As Zhang Siyifinished up, the train pulled into the subway station that he needed to get offat in order to pick up Gu Yao. Walking up onto ground level, he rounded acorner and saw Gu Yao being stopped by a man in a suit.

In a hurry, ZhangSiyi rushed over to her and stopping in front of her, he blocked the man: "Whatare you doing?"

The man wasstartled by Zhang Siyi arrival and involuntarily took a step backwards.

Zhang Siyiinspected the man in from of him. Wearing a well-tailored suit, he had smalleyes, sharp eyebrows and large nostrils. Presumably, he was the man that wasstalking Gu Yao.

When Gu Yaosaw him arrive, she was surprised and exclaimed: "Second Brother!"

With Gu Yaobehind him, Zhang Siyi guarded her and asked: “Why did he stop you?”

Gu Yaowhispered: “He asked me if I received his gifts and why I hadn\'t returned hismessages."

Zhang Siyiknows, by no means is the word \'indifferent\' too much to describe Gu Yao\'sfeelings towards the man. In private she wanted nothing to do with him, but theproblem is that the man has the potential to use his business accounts tohinder the company. As a result, on the surface Gu Yao has to remain courteous andpolite. Since her boss told the front desk to refuse his gifts, the man is probablyfeeling irritated.

“Ah, sothis is second Gu brother." With a condescending smile, the man pulled out apacket of cigarettes from the inside of his suit and handed one to him.

Zhang Siyi scowled:“I don’t smoke.”

The manreclaimed the cigarette then reached for a business card from within his pocketand handed it to Zhang Siyi. It read: Jiang Zhanpeng CEO, IC investmentcompany.

Inspectingthe card, his title was quite impressive, however because of his recent behavior,especially now that he was physically coming in contact with her, Zhang Siyididn\'t respect him at all.

Whilehanding Zhang Siyi the card, Jian Zhanpeng asked: "Where is Elder brother Gu?It is too crowded here to talk. Let us find a quiet place to sit and chat."

Zhang Siyididn\'t come to chat and refused directly: “No. I\'m here to pick up mysister so we can go home to eat dinner together."

Jiang Zhanpengsquinted and said: “I noticed you haven\'t been picking her up these lastfew days. Yesterday was Gu Yao\'s elder brother? You are also very handsome. Itis no wonder that Gu Yao doesn\'t notice me.”

Gu Yao:“…”

Jiang Zhanpengpointed to the car parked not far away and offered: "My car is parked overthere. Where do you live? I will drive you home. Since you must be busy withyour job, do you even have the extra time outside of work to get your sister? Youand your brother don\'t have to go out of your way after work anymore. Instead,I can make sure she gets home safe and sound every day."

Zhang Siyi\'seyes are twitching. Does this person really not know that they came to pick up herup just to prevent him? ……I know of stalkers, but I\'ve never seen someone soobsessed before! No wonder Gu Yao is bothered by his behavior so much.

Taking adeep breath Zhang Siyi bluntly commented: “Jiang Zhanpeng, I\'ve heard mysister mention you. She has already made it very clear to you what herintentions are. Why are you continuing to bother her?"

Jiang Zhanpengface changed. He smirked and asked Zhang Siyi: "There is one thing that I\'m notsure of and I want to ask second Gu brother to clarify. Does Gu Yao have aboyfriend?”

Zhang Siyi hesitatedthen replied: “No."

JiangZhanpeng pointed to her then pointed to himself: “We live in a modernsociety now with free love. I don\'t have a girlfriend and she doesn\'t have aboyfriend, so why can\'t I pursue her?"

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Jiang Zhanpengcontinued: “I guess there must be a misunderstanding between us. I justwanted to ask your sister out to dinner. Is that so terrible?"

ClutchingZhang Siyi arm tightly, Gu Yao was already panicking. Afraid he would move, shesqueezed Zhang Siyi\'s arm even tighter.

FrowningZhang Siyi had to think of something quick. Gu Yao already refused him clearly.He was there to support her, but now it has turned upside down because he hasmade Zhang Siyi out to be the evil \'parent\' blocking free love.

Thinkingabout how to refute him, Zhang Siyi felt like he was having heart palpitations.He suddenly heard his name being called not far away – “Sisi!”

Looking inthe direction from which his name was called, he saw a silver-gray Lamborghinisports car parked on the side of the road. A familiar figure was coming towardshim.

Zhang Siyi: “…… He Chengtian?”