Assistant Architect - Chapter 190

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 190: Honesty


The reasonwhy it was so easy to identify Zhang Siyi\'s phone was because his phone casewas rather unique; Luffy from One Piece.

YuanZhicheng didn\'t react much: “Maybe he dropped it here?"

Bi Lele\'s mindwas churning. She didn\'t think that was possible because a persons\' phone wasvery private. If Zhang Siyi had dropped it, Gu Yu would be the first to give itback. Bi Lele wasn\'t one-hundred percent sure. It was possible they used thesame case. However, thinking about it further, Bi Lele thought it was even moreunlikely because that would mean they had a matching case, like couples do.

Bi Leleshook her head to snap out of her imagination and placed the file back over thephone. For a while, the phone continued to buzz. After five-minutes, Gu Yustepped back into his office. Bi Lele spoke up: "Boss, your phone just rang."

Glancing inthe direction of Zhang Siyi\'s phone, Gu Yu made a \'hmm\' sound and didn\'t reachfor it. His calm response made Bi Lele feel embarrassed.

After talkingabout the project, the two of them left Gu Yu’s office. Just as Bi Lele wasabout to close the door, she suddenly remembered something and turned back. Shecaught a glimpse of Gu Yu\'s movement that seemed strange. He had taken thephone buried underneath the file, opened his desk drawer, and threw the phoneinto it.

Withoutchange, Gu Yu calmly asked: "Was there something else?"

"Before theDesign Institute\'s involvement, the client had other designs. Do we want tofind out more about the preliminary plans?" Bi Lele asked.

Gu Yureplied: “No need. They are seeking a different solution. If you look atother\'s design ideas, they might inadvertently affect your own ideas. It isbetter to start fresh."

Bi Lele:“Ok then. I understand.”

Bi Lelereturned to her desk and thought about what she had just witnessed. The likelihoodof Zhang Siyi\'s phone \'falling\' in Gu Yu\'s office seemed impossible. She turnedto look at Zhang Siyi who was head down, concentrating on his work. Shecouldn\'t stop herself from imagining different scenarios……

From thedrawer, Gu Yu reached for Zhang Siyi again. There was a strange number listedon the caller ID with an earlier time-stamp. At the same time, there were two recentmessages sent in WeChat.

Bai Rui:“You can\'t fool me."

Bai Rui:“What two people? Why didn\'t you pick up when I called you?"

Laughingand snorting, Gu Yu immediately turned off the phone and put it back in thedrawer.

When thework day ended, Gu Yu took out Zhang Siyi\'s phone and scrolled through the log.During the afternoon, Bai Rui attempted to make one phone call, sent one textmessage, and three messages on social media.

Bai Rui:“Are you ignoring me?"

Bai Rui:“I\'ll come to your office to find you.”

Bai Rui: "Whattime do you get off work?”

Alarmed, GuYu raised his brow. The directedness with which Bai Rui pursued Zhang Siyi, wassurprising. Was Bai Rui that anxious to meet Zhang Siyi when they hardly knoweach other? It was a vast contrast to his own pursuit of Zhang Siyi.

Gu Yuquickly replied: “I don\'t have time to go out to eat dinner and don\'t cometo my office. I hardly know you and it would be inappropriate for you to comemeet me at work."

Bai Rui:“…”

As usual,Gu Yu met Zhang Siyi at their usual meeting place in the subway station. At thearea near the twelve-car door, it was farthest from the stairwell. The chancesof colliding with colleagues was slim. At peak times, even the last section ofthe car was crowded.

Looking outfor Gu Yu like a hawk, when Zhang Siyi saw him, he excitedly rushed through thecrowd to catch up to him. He put his hand out: "Mobile phone."

After Gu Yureturned his phone, Zhang Siyi read through the chat record. He started topanic: "He called!?"

Gu Yu:“Well, I didn’t answer. Today, Bi Lele almost saw your phone on my desk soyou should keep it with you now."

Zhang Siyi:“What should I do if I get another message from Bai Rui?”

Gu Yu:“It is better if you don\'t reply to him at all. The more you care abouthim, the more influence he has on you and the more you get swept away by his rhythm.If you don\'t care, he becomes nonessential. I took your cell phone away beforeto prevent you from being distracted at work. Your emotions are too susceptible to suggestions and your mood is easilystimulated by others."

Gu Yu\'slecture was right! Opening and closing his fist, Zhang Siyi felt like he wasbeing led around by Bai Rui by his nose. However, when he looks at the dialogbetween Gu Yu and Bai Rui, Gu Yu is the one with the upper hand.

Gu Yuclapped Zhang Siyi on the back with his hand, laughing: “In short, learnto control it.”

Zhang Siyiclenched his fist and said: “Teach me!"

Since itwas Zhang Siyi\'s turn to pick up Gu Yao today, he parted ways with Gu Yu aftertwo subway stops. Gu Yu continued on the train to go home and make dinner. Justas he left, Zhang Siyi felt his phone vibrate.

Bai Rui:“What is wrong with having dinner together?”

Zhang Siyi:“…” Ignore him…. hold back.

Bai Rui:“I\'m confused. Are you afraid of me?" [Smiles]

The veinson Zhang Siyi’s forehead are popping out …. Endure!

Bai Rui:” Are you afraid that I will poison you? Or, are you afraid that I willeat you?" [Smiles]

Zhang Siyi:“…” Don’t reply! Hold back!

…………Aah, aah! I can’t help it! (╯‵□’)╯(┻━┻

Zhang Siyi:“Who is afraid of you!!!"

Now that hebroke his resolve, Zhang Siyi began to regret his impulsiveness.

As ZhangSiyi was scratching his head, Bai Rui sent a long message: "Zhang Siyi, Ireally think you are a very interesting person. I sincerely want to becomefriends with you. I don\'t have ulterior motives. I\'ve tried to reach out manytimes, but you just ignored me, which make me feel frustrated. If you aren\'tafraid of me, do you hate me?"

Staring atthe phone, Zhang Siyi tried to convince himself to simply ignore him, butputting his thoughts into action proved more difficult. He couldn\'t control hisown nature especially when he saw how sincere Bai Rui was being.

After aninward struggle, Zhang Siyi finally gave in and frankly replied: “You are annoying.”

Bai Rui:“Why? Because of the two hundred dollars of coffee?”

Althoughhis original ordeal with the coffee was irritating, Zhang Siyi certainly didn\'tmean to admit that.

Bai Rui:“Do you think I was deceiving Ren Mengyu\'s feelings?”

When ZhangSiyi saw his text, he immediately was filled with righteous indignation: “Youknew it was cheating!?"

Bai Rui:“So, that\'s the reason.”

Zhang Siyi:“…..” Since he ran to ZhangSiyi for a hook up while dating Ren Mengyu…… isn\'t that proof that Bai Rui wasa jerk?"

Bai Rui:“I didn\'t intend to deceive her in the beginning. I really wanted to try datingher seriously.”

Zhang Siyi wasa little confused. Can he really be with Ren Mengyu if he was gay?"

Bai Rui:“Before I met Ren Mengyu, I\'ve dated one woman and two men."

Zhang Siyi:“…… ” The criminal record exposed! (=_=)

Bai Rui:“The first girlfriend made me realize that I am not purely heterosexualand my first boyfriend helped me understand homosexuality correctly. The thirdrelationship…. Well, I thought we would be together for a lifetime, but notlong ago he left me to get married ans soon afterwards I met Ren Mengyu. I was earnestlytrying to start a new relationship with her to get back on the straight path."

Reading BaiRui heartfelt words, Zhang Siyi knew he wasn\'t really a bad person. Zhang Siyisighed. The defensive barrier he kept up dropped instantly and he lowered hisguard.

Bai Ruicontinued: “During this time, I\'ve tried my best to cater to all herneeds. I\'ll admit that I used her to get over my previous relationship, but Ialso knew she was using me. She liked the image of a good boyfriend I createdfor her. I\'ve tried to share my hobbies with her, but she didn\'t seem to care.Our interests didn\'t really match so I couldn\'t devote myself into therelationship, but most of all, I still couldn\'t forget about my ex until now."

Thinkingabout being in Bai Rui\'s situation, Zhang Siyi can\'t imagine how devastated hewould feel if Gu Yu left him to marry a woman, or vice versa. Even thinkingabout it made his heart ache. He started feeling a little sympathetic towardsBai Rui.

Bai Rui:“It was just happenstance that I went to your friend\'s reunion, because Iwas still hesitant with Ren Mengyu at the time and was thinking of breaking up.It was your talk to Su Yuan that let me reflect on my own cowardice."

“Ah?Why?” Zhang Siyi was somewhat confused. He gave some advice aboutarchitecture so Su Yuan wouldn\'t give up. What does it have to do with Bai Rui\'srelationship problems?

Bai Rui:“Although you were talking about the pursuit of her career, I saw yourdetermination to move forward despite any obstacles and your wholeheartedattitude in everything. You said \'we can\'t change the world, but we can stay onour own path.\' I know this all too well and you persuaded Su Yuan with suchpassion that is was very touching.

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Bai Rui:“I didn’t think I would be schooled by the youngest person at the time, ha-ha."

Zhang Siyi wasa little embarrassed again. Wouldn\'t it have been better if Bai Rui talkedabout these things sooner? Then Zhang Siyi wouldn\'t have let his thoughts runwild.

Bai Rui:“I have already made it clear with Ren Mengyu yesterday. Although she isheartbroken now, we didn\'t date for long so she will be able to get over itquickly. If she wants to later, we can remain friends."

Sighing in relief,the weight Zhang Siyi felt on his shoulders was lifted.

Bai Rui:“When I added you in WeChat, I wanted to get your attention. I admit thatI was thinking about teasing you because I am very curious about what kind ofperson you are." [Smiles]

Afterlistening to Bai Rui’s explanation, his \'smiles\' doesn\'t seem so annoyinganymore.

Bai Rui:“However, after talking to you for a few days, I found that you weredifferent. Any time I tried to chat with you, you were too clever andredirected my attempts at getting to know you. It was upsetting."

After BaiRui\'s deluge of honesty, he didn\'t have the heart to deceive him further andfelt obligated to return the favor. He sighed and replied: "I\'ll tell you thetruth. It\'s not just me you are chatting with. I have a boyfriend and sometimeshe is talking to you.”

Bai Rui: “………”