Assistant Architect - Chapter 19

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling


Chapter 19: Rent


Four thousand a month, twelve thousand a quarter. — Shit. Why is the rentso expensive? !

Only 9300 was deposited into Zhang Siyi account.Looking at his bank statement, he experienced an unprecedented state ofanxiety. Even if he thought about it previously, the reality in front of himmade him panic.

Wanting to prove his independence to his parentsand not become a burden, Zhang Siyi months ago told them he won\'t spend hisfather\'s money. Even worried, Zhang Siyi doesn\'t want to ask his parents formoney now and he is embarrassed to speak with his classmates who also pay rent.

It’s just so hard. Jiang Hai and Fu Xinhui stillrely on their parents. He doesn\'t feel comfortable asking for Fu Xinhui\'s helpbecause Zhang Siyi has a job. He thinks it\'s weird for a working person toborrow money from someone that doesn\'t have a job.

Under the pressure of becoming a responsibleadult, Zhang Siyi could not help but reflect on his carefree days while he wasstudying abroad. Even with the high cost of tuition, books, apartment rent, andliving expenses, in those years, the silver credit card was just numbers. Home was like an inexhaustible cash machine. Whilespending a lot of money, he never thought about what this number meant for hisparents. He doesn\'t know what it is like to be honest. As long as he graduatedfrom college and if he had a foreign degree then making money was a matter of course.It was only now that he has learned that money isn\'t easy to come by and thatlife is hard.

Going home from work, Zhang Siyi melded into thecrowd on the subway. There is no excitement today. Thinking about his rent plusexpenses and future cash flow issues, he sighed and felt exhausted. Life mustgo on. If he can\'t move forward, then he only has his own incompetence toblame.

Flashing through the window, Zhang Siyi sees aseries of advertisements as the subway zooms down the track. One catches hisattention: Sea Merchants Silver Card – No annual fees, no handling fees, applynow! Having experienced the use of credit cards while abroad, he immediatelysent a letter to MSC Bank when he got home. He used the card service center tomake a consultation call and discovered he could apply for a silver card if heprovided a formal work contract and proof of income. His short-lived relief wascrushed. When he went to the bank with the relevant information, the representativestold him it takes three weeks to process. Zhang Siyi is going to go crazy.After two days, his rent is due! Biting the bullet, Zhang Siyi can only go backto Fu Xinhui and ask for help.

He decided to give Fu Xinihui six thousand firstand keep 3000 for himself for living expenses. He specially invited him downstairsto eat at the small restaurant to eat and discuss things. Fu Xinhui calmly listened,tilted his head and said: “I have already payed the rent for you.”

The rental contract was signed by Fu Xinhui andthe landlord. Therefore, Zhang Siyi and Jiang Hai were subletting the room anddidn\'t need to directly negotiate with the landlord. Instead, they gave the rent to the Fu Xinhui.

“Ah? “Zhang Siyi stayed,” Why didyou hand it in so early?"

Fu Xinhui said: “Generally, payment is dueone week in advance.”

Zhang Siyi said: “So why don’t you say soearlier!”

Fu Xinhui looked at Zhang Siyi seemingly saying,\'do you take me for an idiot?\' "I already knew from your previous paymenthistory that you wouldn\'t have money early this time. I don\'t like to collectdebts. Anyway, don\'t worry."

Zhang Siyi: "…" The feeling of being thoroughlyseen through by his friend….

He hastened to make sure that he would pay offthe rest of his rent when he was paid next month, and stressed that he appliedfor a credit card, so he will be able to pay it back as early as three weekslater.

“Well, whatever.” Fu Xinhui waved hishand.

Zhang Si Yi wiped the sweat from his brow. Hisnouveau rich classmate didn\'t know the joys of the worry.

Because of the rent, Zhang Siyi began tosubconsciously spend money conservatively. He wouldn\'t blink at buying seven oreight specialty drinks at the convenience store. Previously he would buy whathe felt like, but now he must make careful calculations and consider what tospend his money on. In order to save money, he decided he needed to startcooking his own meals.

As they say, from poverty to wealth is easy andfrom wealth to poverty is hard. Zhang Siyi is no exception. Such days made himfeel like his current situation was a far cry from the image of an urban white-collararchitect that he daydreamed about. But this is real life; cruel; helpless.

Zhang Siyi thought to find respite from hisfinancial woes by looking for some variation at work. If he continued to paintmore tedious core functions and parking lots, he will go crazy.

As Su Yuan mentioned, painting these types of detailsis not his specialty. He wants to do something that was more in line with hiseducational background.

Zhang Siyi decided, today, when he goes to handin his assignment to the Director, he was going to muster up the courage totalk to him about his dissatisfaction with the status quo. Maybe Gu Yu willgive him something else to do after listening to Zhang Siyi ideas.

“I’ve mentioned this place once before, howcome you haven’t changed it yet?” “Gu Yu marked his drawings, eyebrowslightly frowned,” What are you thinking? I can tell you have beendistracted today. Don’t you want to go home at night?"

“…” Zhang Siyi had just gathered alittle courage to be taken away by Gu Xiao’s remark.

“Take it and fix it.” “Gu Xiaoreturned the picture to him with no expression on his face

Silently retreating, Zhang Siyi took the picture,and wanted to cry without tears.

After returning to his desk, Zhang Siyi mulledhis thoughts over and decided to bring up the topic with Gu Yu again. One needsto fight for their beliefs! Half an hour later, Zhang Siyi with a modifieddrawing, a deep breath and soft knock on the glass door, he went to see Gu Yu.

“Come in.” The indifferent and coldvoice came from inside. Zhang Siyi\'s heart went into his throat, pushed thedoor open.

“Finished?" Gu Xiao lifted his head from hiswork with a serious expression on his face. He has already changed the worktwice. If there is still something wrong, then he is a failure. Zhang Siyiobediently gave him the drawings. Gu Yu glanced at them and finally nodded hishead: “yes."

Gu Yu rubbed the bridge of the nose and his expressionrelaxed slightly: “OK, go back and take a good look on your own. It is sucha simple thing, and the next time…. I have no patience to teach you repeatedly."

Zhang Siyi "……"

Gu Yu sees that Zhang Siyi is still sitting andnot walking. He looks up again: “What else?”

Zhang Siyi face flushed: “Gu Yu, I havesomething I want to talk about…."

Gu Yu put down his pen and crossed his arms:"and?"

Zhang Siyi: “I …”

The internal phone on Gu\'s desk suddenly rang. Hemade a slight gesture and picked up the phone: "Now? Well. Ok, I\'m coming," andhung up the phone. “I have to go to the Chief\'s office. We will talk aboutit later." Gu Yu stood up to leave.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Zhang Siyi returned to his seat, hanging hishead, looking exhausted. If one looked closely, one could see his inner soulgently rise out of his body.

Just then, from across, Bi Lele suddenly said:“There is big project coming!”

Zhu Hongzhen is curious: “What bigproject?”

With antennae on her forehead detecting, Bi Leleis like a bee that smells flowers. She is excited: “The heads of the departments.Both Boss and Child Labor of the landscape group are headed in the samedirection! She turned back to him. "I just saw you return from Gu Yu office.Did you hear anything inside?"

Zhang Siyi held up his heavy head and confused:“Ah, Gu Yu said that the Chief is looking for him.”

Anyways, what does it matter to him. He is asmall fry and will spend the rest of his life drawing parking lots, stairs,toilets…. Just as Bi Lele suspected, afew minutes later, they came to summon the staff for a meeting.

Gu Yu ordered nearly half of the group to come tothe conference room, including Bi Lele, Zhu Hongzhen and Yuan Zhicheng. Finally,with a last glance around the room his eyes fell onto Zhang Siyi and paused,then said, “Zhang Siyi, you are coming too.” He froze for threeseconds. As if the concubine, who had been snubbed for a long time, had beenturned over by the emperor, Zhang Siyi hurriedly stood up, both excited andfrightened. With a thumping heart, he grabbed a pen and paper then went to theconference room with everyone.

After sitting down, in addition to their Group A,half of the meeting room was full of faces he was less familiar with. With the arrivalof Tong Heyi, he confirmed that the other half were members were from Group B.

What kind of project is it, that you need morethan 10 representatives from each group for a meeting? Newcomer Zhang who hasbeen in the job for less than two months, is witnessing a huge event for thefirst time.

Both Gu Yu and Tong Heyi stood in front of everyoneholding a stack of papers in their hands. They simply made an openingstatement.

Gu Yu said: “We have just been invited to abid for a large-scale planning and construction project, located in theeconomic area of the eastern new district of Z City, F province, with a plannedarea of about 250 hectares.” The participating competitive bidding unitsof this project are all well-known large design institutes in the country,because the X house for some reasons cannot participate, the lack of access asa substitute for the invitation, today was notified, so our time is very tight,the bidding date in the middle of next month, from the understanding of theproject to the bid review, only 2 weeks … “

There was an uproar under the seat, and there werea few seconds of talk, and there was tension and excitement.

Only Zhang Siyi has a blank expression on hisface. Wait, 250 hectares? 1 hectare seems to be 10000 square meters, that 250hectares is 250 … 0000 square meters? What!?

This is the area of more than 300 football fields! Borderless is an architecture firm not a construction business. Why take on such a huge construction project? What the hell is going on?