Assistant Architect - Chapter 189

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 189: Break Up


Afterreturning home, Gu Yu went to his Sister\'s room and knocked on her door. Forover an hour, the two siblings were in discussion. When Gu Yu came back to his ownroom, Zhang Siyi was waiting for him. Since he was in a good mood, he assumed GuYu had resolved the misunderstanding he had with his sister.

BeforeZhang Siyi had time to ask, Gu Yu moved him to the bed and pressed him down affectionately.Their lovemaking was slow and tender. Afterwards he held Zhang Siyi cherishedface and gently kissed him. The devotion that was reflected in Gu Yu\'s eyeswould make anyone\'s heart melt.

Zhang Siyi muffleda laugh: “What are you doing? You are being weird today…”

Gu Yuburied his face in Zhang Siyi\'s shoulders and gently sucked and kissed hisneck.

“Uh…”Zhang Siyi shrunk his neck to ward him off: "Don\'t. It tickles."

Pressinghis body close, Gu Yu wrapped Zhang Siyi in his arms in a tight embrace. For awhile, he gave Zhang Siyi gentle kisses and caressed him tenderly before whisperingin his ear: "I spoke with my friend today regarding Su Yuan\'s matter. You caninform her of the open position."

In Gu Yu\'sarms, with the sudden change of topic, it took a moment for Zhang Siyi toregister what Gu Yu said. Finally, he reacted and propped himself up on his elbowand said: "Really!? What company?"

Gu Yu reachedout to knead his ear and replied: “Well, you already know who the man is.”

Zhang Siyi raisedhis voice in surprised: “I have? Who is it?"

Gu Yu:“Last year at the annual meeting, he is from the company that was hosting theirparty next door."

Since theywent to KTV together, Zhang Siyi memory of him was clearer: "Liang from GB-Firm?"

Gu Yu:“Yes, his name is Liang Xueying. We worked together in the X-Firm."

Zhang Siyiwondered: “Does GB-Firm specialize in small-scale architectural design? Ifmy memory serves me right, I thought GB-Firm was similar to Borderless?"

Gu Yu:“In the past two years, the market has steadily declined and the once copiousamounts of large-scale land development projects have significantly decreased. Withhis own resources, he left GB this past May to start his own company thatspecializes in small scale building and design. The type of work his companydoes and the type of clients who seek his help, don\'t conflict with GB\'sinterests.

Zhang Siyi:“Ah! That\'s how it turned out."

Gu Yu:“You\'ll have to explain to her ahead of time that her salary won\'t be ashigh as Borderless. Your classmate would be treated with the same standard as anew student. Monthly wages are six thousand with additional bonuses based onthe projects she worked on. Every day, the office closes at 5:30 and thus thereis no overtime work. Since the firm is very small with a total of tenemployees, the overall atmosphere in the workplace is relatively relaxed and thereare often organized activities."

Zhang Siyididn\'t think the lower wage would be a problem. The last time he spoke with SuYuan, she told him that her salary contract was seven thousand, but the actual amountpaid was less then five thousand. At least, a consistent six thousand a monthsalary was a little better. Without overtime, Su Yuan could utilize the time towrite architectural reviews per Gu Yu\'s suggestion for additional income.

Mostimportantly, Zhang Siyi\'s impression of Liang Xueying was very good. At KTV, hewas very social and easy to get along with. Certainly, working for a boss likethat was better than Su Yuan\'s current situation.

The nextday at lunch, Zhang Siyi called Su Yuan and informed her of the great news. Shewas very grateful and exclaimed: "I don\'t know how to thank you!"

Zhang Siyismiled and said: “You\'re welcome! It is the least I can do for my friend,but to be honest, I didn\'t find the job for you. The director helped me and recommendedit."

Su Yuan:“Your director? The same harsh and strict boss you mentioned before?"

Zhang Siyi:“Well, that’s him……" Not havingsaid more about Gu Yu recently, of course her impression of him will be stuckat the time when he just started working and complained! (=_=)

Zhang Siyi waseager to overwrite the old impression she had of Gu Yu and quickly said: "Infact, he is actually a good boss to work for. Also, it turned out he is my HighSchool alumni. Now we are close, that is, he is a good friend."

Su Yuan:“I will have to thank him as well. When you have time, I\'ll take you both outto eat."

Zhang Siyipolitely refused: “No. It\'s alright and not needed.”

Su Yuansmiled: “Why not? Your director went out of his way on your behalf tohelp. What kind of person would I be If I don\'t give thanks where a thanks isdue? I also don\'t want to make things difficult for you. In any case, mygratitude must be expressed so, if you don\'t have time to come out for dinner,I will prepare a thank you gift instead."

Zhang Siyiwas in a tough situation, but he had to answer her: “Well, gifts aren\'t necessary.I will let him know and we can go out for a simple meal."

Su Yuan:“Even though it\'s best to express gratitude in person, I won\'t beavailable this week. I\'m not sure when because Ren Mengyu broke up with herboyfriend and I expect I\'ll have to lend a shoulder for her to cry on for alittle while."

This newinformation shocked Zhang Siyi: “What? She broke up? When?"

Su Yuansighed: “Just last night."

Zhang Siyi:“She didn\'t say anything in the group chat did she?"

Su Yuan:“It is hard for her to admit she got dumped. After all, it wasn\'t so longago that she wanted to show off her relationship to Bai Rui with you and ourfriends."

Zhang Siyi brokeinto a cold sweat. How can this be! Bai Rui can\'t really believe his sexualorientation was discovered so he broke up out of guilt, can he?

“Youknow, I thought this was going to happen. From the beginning, I didn\'t think theirrelationship would last, but at the time I didn\'t say anything to her because Ididn\'t want to hurt her feelings. She was enamored with him and the attention."Su Yuan sighed deeply. "I don\'t want her to get mad at me for telling you."

On impulse,Zhang Siyi almost blurted out the truth about Bai Rui\'s recent behavior, but uponlistening to Su Yuan finish her narrative, he clamped his mouth shut. He didn\'twant to add any more reasons for Ren Mengyu to feel bad. As they say, a personin love can become irrational and he didn\'t want to be the recipient ofmisplaced feelings.

After a fewexchanges of pleasantries with Su Yuan, Zhang Siyi hung up phone in a panic. Hequickly revisited the chat record with Bai Rui and Gu Yu and noticed it hadbeen a few days since contact. He was inwardly relieved. Regardless, whateveris going on with Bai Rui, he had nothing to do with it.

Right as hewas reviewing the chat log, unexpectedly, a new message popped up in the dialogbox: “Are you free tonight? I\'ll take you out to dinner."

“……” Zhang Siyi\'s eye\'s widened in surprised. The shock almost caused him todrop his phone!

He staredat the screen. Unbelievable! Bai Rui texted right when he finished talking toSu Yuan. Was he telepathic? Fuck, this is too much of a coincidence!

Freakedout, Zhang Siyi forgot about Gu Yu\'s instructions and asked him directly: "Didyou break up with Ren Mengyu?"

Bai Rui:“Yeah.”

Zhang Siyi:“Why?”

Bai Rui:“Can\'t you guess? [Smiles]”

Zhang Siyi:“…” Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Shit! Guess? Can he pretend not to know?

Unable to thinkof something witty to reply with, Zhang Siyi finally thought of Gu Yu. Takingadvantage of his lunch break, he immediately went to Gu Yu\'s office, gave thephone to him and quickly explained the circumstances.

Gu Yuraised his eyebrows: “He broke up with her? That guy had a little bit ofconscience after all."

Zhang Siyi felttroubled: “Why do you think he broke up with my friend? Is it because ofme?"

Gu Yucalmly said: “If he is really gay, it is a good thing he broke it off withyour friend early. You don\'t need to feel guilty."

Zhang Siyi:“…” That said, he just broke up with Ren Mengyu and has alreadycontact me. In the end, doesn\'t it really have everything to do with me? o(╯□╰)o

Gu Yulooked down and scrolled through the chat record. While talking to Zhang Siyi,Bai Rui had sent another message: "The fact is, when I met you, I wanted tobecomes friends. I wanted to make you happy by giving you a cake, butunfortunately, you didn\'t like it. Please, can I just take you out to dinner sowe can talk?"

Frombehind, Zhang Siyi was looking over Gu Yu\'s shoulder while he was reading themessage. He said: "Quickly, reject him!"

Perhaps,because of the delay in a text response, Bai Rui had sent another message: "Youknow, I felt that the you in WeChat and the you in the real world aredifferent.

Gu Yu typedin a question on Zhang Siyi\'s phone: “Oh? What\'s the difference?"

Bai Rui:“Well, I can\'t say for sure, but the feeling you give in WeChat isn\'t thesame in reality. You feel like a different person."

Hairstanding on end, Zhang Siyi got goosebumps. Oh God, could Bai Rui really seethrough us?

Gu Yu didn\'tcare. He smiled mischievously and replied: “You are not wrong."

Bai Rui:“What do you mean?”

Gu Yu:“Indeed, we are two people." [Smiles]

Bai Rui:“…”

Not wantingto hurt Gu Yu\'s ear, Zhang Siyi turned his face away and laughed out loud. Fromanxiety, to fear, to laughter; it only took a few seconds. He tried to suppresshis laughter, pointed at Gu Yu and said: "You really told him! I bet his soulis shattered hahahahahaha!"

Noticingthe time on the clock on the wall, Gu Yu looked at Zhang Siyi and becameserious: "Ok now. Lunch is over."

Zhang Siyiwas reluctant to leave because he wanted to see how Gu Yu was going to bullyBai Rui. Why are things so different when Bai Rui is left in Gu Yu\'s hands?

WatchingZhang Siyi\'s eyes full of love and adoration, Gu Yu laughed: "It won\'t besolved so quickly and I don\'t have free time to play with him. I\'ll show youthe chat records later. Now, get back to work."

Zhang Siyiwrinkled his nose in protest before turning around and leaving Gu Yu\'s office.

Less thanthree minutes later, Bai Rui messaged again: “You aren\'t Zhang Siyi?”"

Gu Yu:“[smiles]”

Bai Rui:“…”

This time,the phone remained silent for longer than three minutes. Busy with work, Gu Yuset Zhang Siyi\'s phone aside. He he had no reason to continue talking with BaiRui.

In the lateafternoon, Bi Lele and Yuan Zhicheng went to Gu Yu\'s office to report on a newproject. Making them wait, Gu Yu left his office momentarily to get informationabout it.

After Gu Yuleft, they heard the buzzing of a phone on silent mode that was covered by somedocuments.

Bi Lele andYuan Zhicheng looked at each other: “Did Boss forgot to bring hisphone?”

Moving the folder aside to reveal the phone, Bi Lele questioned: "Isn\'t this Zhang Siyi\'s phone?"