Assistant Architect - Chapter 179

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 179: Argument


Zhang Siyi’s loud voice successfullyrescued Gu Yu. The people staring at them in the lecture hall focused their attentionelsewhere and the surrounding people began to move away.

After they left the library, like itwas stuffed with a steamed bun, Zhang Siyi\'s face continued to bulge in anger. Incontrast, Gu Yu\'s happy face was stretched wide in surprise.

“Didn\'t you say that you wouldn\'tmake it?” Gu Yu asked, smiling.

Anxious, Zhang Siyi exhaled and answeredhim sharply: “I was lying! I was already there sitting behind you!"

Zhang Siyi was very much lookingforward to seeing his lover. Instead, he got to witness the swarm of women……Do you know what it is like to lose all hope? This is it!

Now that Gu Yu knew Zhang Siyi had benbehind him watching, he could guess why Zhang Siyi looked unhappy. He wasprobably jealous.

Gu Yu softly asked: “Do you wantto go out for dinner tonight? The last time you said you wanted to eat at thatfamous steak restaurant?”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Playingfoul! He is even trying to tempt me with food!

Even so, since he didn\'t eat beef atlunch with his friends, he really wanted to eat a juicy steak now…(&_&)

Zhang Siyi snorted and said:“Okay.”

Gu Yu smiled and messed up his hairwith his hand. After getting on the subway, he asked: “How was your classreunion?”

Not forgetting about Su Yuan\'s situation,Zhang Siyi summed up his experience with his friends.

While listening to Zhang Siyi talkabout his friends, Gu Yu smiled, but when Su Yuan\'s situation came up, hebecame serious: "I\'m afraid not."

Even though Zhang Siyi didn\'t get thechance to talk to him about it in detail, he was outright rejected. He heatedlydebated: "Why not?"

Gu Yu explained: “It\'s true.There is a downturn in the industry and there are many layoffs everywhere. Evenat Borderless, there wasn\'t an interest to employ new staff this past year. Thereweren\'t any exceptions."

Gu Yu’s refusal greatly surprisedZhang Siyi. Since his expectations weren\'t met, he frowned and shouted: “Howcan you stand there calmly and tell me there are no exceptions?! What about TaoFei?! Are you so untouchable that you can open the backdoor for him, but whenit comes to me, you aren\'t willing to help my friend?"

Gu Yu turned his head to look at himin the eye and said: “Can you guarantee that your classmate\'s talent issuperior to that of Tao Fei\'s ability? Then I can take back what I said."

Stunned, Zhang Siyi was unable tospeak. This of course was impossible. As a person with a master\'s degree, TaoFei foundation was deep. How can Su Yuan compare with him? But Gu Yu’s strictand righteous attitude made Zhang Siyi angrier.

Zhang Siyi no longer had an appetite. Asthe subway arrived at the station where the restaurant was, he was fuming and exclaimed:“I don’t want to eat steak anymore. I want to go home!”

Gu Yu: “……”

Although Zhang Siyi knew in his heartthat Gu Yu had to be fair, he had hoped Gu Yu would give his friend a chance becausethey were lovers. What\'s more, Su Yuan was an excellent student with greatteamwork ability. He wouldn\'t have brought it up if he didn\'t think Su Yuan wouldn\'tbe a great addition to any design team. Can\'t Gu Yu see that this issue wasimportant to Zhang Siyi? How could Gu Yu be so cold and ruthless!?

…… Aaaaaaah! I\'m so mad at him! ! ! (艹皿艹)

The swift change of Zhang Siyi\'s demeanorand declaration was a bit of a surprise for Gu Yu. Now in the subway, peoplewere all around them. Without privacy, Gu Yu couldn\'t discuss the issuefurther.

The abrupt silence between them wasdeafening. They turned around to go home without a word. Out of the station, ZhangSiyi felt the cold wind seep into his bones as he walked briskly home in frontof Gu Yu.

Gu Yu followed from behind, frowning. GuYu silently endured his young lover\'s temper.

When Zhang Siyi entered the house, he recklesslykicked off his shoes and flopped on the sofa face down sulking. The world wasso unfair!

Close behind, Gu Yu stood at theentrance for a while in silence then picked up Zhang Siyi shoes and neatlyplaced them in the closet.

Lost in thought the whole way home, GuYu struggled to understand what happened between them. He wondered what he saidthat was so wrong. Watching Zhang Siyi continue to ignore him on the couch, GuYu felt like a hundred claws were tearing at his heart.

Eventually, he sighed and relented:“Tell your classmate to make an appointment for an interview.”

Hearing Gu Yu\'s unexpected remark,Zhang Siyi was even angrier. He loudly refused: "Don\'t."

In worry, the blood drained from Gu Yuface leaving him looking pale. He stated: “You are angry at my first refusaland now that I\'ve told you to make an appointment for her, you are also mad atme! What do you want me to do!?"

Zhang Siyi jumped up and shouted: "Idon’t need you to humor me!”

At that moment, Gu Yu became angry. Originally,since he thought he had a good grasp on Zhang Siyi\'s mood, he thought he wouldbe able to smooth things over with him but instead, he inadvertently madethings worse.

Gu Yu was afraid he would do somethingirrevocable. Not wanting to add fuel to the fire, Gu Yu said: "Well, whatever."He coldly turned around and went upstairs. Clearly, the start of another ColdWar has begun.

As Zhang Siyi stared at Gu Yu\'s back whilehe walked away. He grumbled to himself - Oh, great director! Tut! When I amold, I will start my own company and higher whomever I want to!

It just so happened that Gu Yao was stayingwith a friend for the weekend and wouldn\'t be home tonight. She specifically toldher brother so he could spend some quality time with Zhang Siyi. Ironically,her well wishes backfired.

Curled up on the sofa, Zhang Siyi heldhis knees close feeling overwhelmingly depressed and helpless. In particular,he felt guilty for offering something he couldn\'t follow through with.

Thinking he could help with ease, heoffered help, but now that he hit a wall, Zhang Siyi felt humiliated. Eventhough he didn\'t promise anything specific, he struggled with how he should broochthe subject with her. He hated being the harbinger of bad news.

Tao Fei was right. There really was aspecial hot-love period in the beginning and when it ended, the attitude betweenlovers changed. Initially, he had the \'boyfriend\'s privilege\', but now, notonly he has been pressed hard with office work, he also felt stressed over sex.……You\'re the puppy! Bastard!

For a long time, Zhang Siyi stayed onthe sofa ruminating about his perceived injustice. The room gradually darkenedas dusk approached. Feeling cold, his grumbling stomach reminded him how hungryhe really was.

He has begun to regret the whole thing.His outburst caused him to fight with Gu Yu because of a classmate who he hasn\'tspoken to in many months. Was it worth it? If he hadn\'t mentioned Su Yuan, wouldn\'the be at a fancy restaurant with a stomach full of tasty steak? It could havebeen a perfect Saturday.

Zhang Siyi\'s refusal for help from GuYu didn\'t help the matter. Lost in thought, he wondered if the situation couldhave been better if he had given up earlier but, what would he be if he let Gu Yumeet his personal demands out of anger? Even if Gu Yu agreed, it wasn\'t from hisown will to help his classmate and that detail was what made Zhang Siyi feelvery bad. Although he didn\'t want to anger Gu Yu, in response, Zhang Siyidenied his offer.

What he was most angry about was Gu Yu\'scomplete unsympathetic and unmailable attitude. Thinking about it further madeZhang Siyi even more irritated because he is the one that loves Gu Yu and hisquirks after all!

With all the negativity circulatingthrough his brain, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t help but think about the womensurrounding Gu Yu at the lecture. He scornfully laughed at himself. For a longtime, he hasn\'t heard a peep from Gu Yu. Perhaps, he sought comfort from one ofthe newly acquired numbers from the women at the lecture.

When Zhang Siyi felt the phone vibratein his pocket, he thought it was Gu Yu texting him since a long time had passed.He eagerly and excitedly looked at his phone.

What? It turns out that the messagewas just a strange text.……

Reading the contents of the text further,Zhang Siyi froze. It said: "Hello! My name is Xie Shulei and I was the firstgirl to ask for your number this afternoon at the lecture. I\'m currently anarchitectural designer and my usual hobbies are……"

After her long text ofself-introduction, Zhang Siyi saw a list of interests that were stereotypicallyconsidered cute. What is this? Confused, he hesitated for a while andcontemplated the text before he could react. A message like that is hard toignore, but why is he receiving them in the first place?

He checked his voicemail and therewere more then a dozen messages waiting, some of which he received over an hourago while he was on the subway……

……”Hello handsome. We met todayat the lecture. I feel we have the same interests, lets get to know each other!"

……”I heard that you are thedesign director of Borderless. Are you taking job applications?"

After reading a few messages, theabsurdity of the situation made Zhang Siyi want to laugh…. That guy, he\'s too much!

Finally feeling more relaxed, ZhangSiyi rubbed his moist eyes and adjusted his attitude. He slowly pushed himselfup to a sitting position on the sofa then stood up. Hey, there is alwayssomeone who must be able to take the first step…. He mustered up the courage togo upstairs.

Now that the sun had set, the room wasdark. He walked halfway up the stairs to the corner platform and as soon as helooked up, he saw a dark figure sitting on the top step.

Startled, Zhang Siyi almost jumped in fright.Looking again, he quickly realized it was Gu Yu.

Gu Yu sat on the highest step with hishead hung low. When Zhang Siyi approached, he looked up at him with a desolateexpression.

“You. Why are you sitting there….?" Zhang Siyi asked with a guilty conscience.

Gu Yu did not speak. When his eyes focusedon Zhang Siyi’s face, he stood up and walked slowly step by step towards himuntil he reached Zhang Siyi. Not knowing Zhang Siyi mood, like testing thetemperature of a stove, Gu Yu tentatively reached out to grasp his arm. When ZhangSiyi remained motionless and quiet, Gu Yu felt relieved and pulled Zhang Siyiclose into his embrace.

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Holding onto his waist with one handand rubbing Zhang Siyi\'s back with the other, Gu Yu sighed in Zhang Siyi\'s earin distress: "What do you want me to do?"

A simple phrase and yet it was saidwith such loneliness and helplessness. Zhang Siyi listened with regret. Hisheart suddenly leaped up into his throat.

“I, I….” Zhang Siyi didn\'tknow what to say. Even though he was very angry before, now he felt like he hadbeen wrong. He quickly held Gu Yu tightly and buried his face on Gu Yu\'s shoulder.Sullenly, he muffled: "I\'m sorry."

Zhang Siyi was sorry for his argumentwith Gu Yu and not for trying to help Su Yuan. Knowing that he caused Gu Yu tosuffer needlessly, any perceived wrongdoing was instantly forgotten.

Once again in Gu Yu arms, Zhang Siyiwondered why he made such a fuss to begin with. As long as he can love Gu Yuand be loved in return, there was no reason to fight. He shouldn\'t be pokingaround in other people\'s business when his priority was to take care of the manin front of him.

As if begging for mercy, Gu Yupleaded: “Don\'t argue with me. I can\'t stand it any longer…" Then, he softlykissed Zhang Siyi\'s forehead.

“Well…” Only a syllablewas spoken as Zhang Siyi\'s remark was interrupted by Gu Yu\'s kiss on his lips.

Enjoying the warmth of reconciliation,they hungrily kissed each other\'s lips and entwined their tongues.

As their deep and passionate kiss ended, they moved from the stairs to the bedroom. Along the way, they eagerly undressed each other. As Gu Yu\'s desire for the man he loved grew, the negative emotions he bottled up required release. As a result, as love and desperation melded into one need, his emotions took on a physical form. Gu Yu pressed Zhang Siyi down onto the bed and fiercely entered him.