Assistant Architect - Chapter 178

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 178: Lecture


At a loss for words, Zhang Siyi wasstunned at Bai Rui\'s rebuttal.

Even though he didn\'t know the exact amountof Bai Rui true income, he heard from Ren Mengyu in their chat group that heowns his own company and lived in a wealthy district in Haicheng. Certainly, BaiRui has a lot of money!

Aside from the info that his friendprovided, he noticed the clothing he was wearing. On Bai Rui neck lay a Hermes greyscarf. Although he wasn\'t so keen on luxury goods since he couldn\'t afford them,Zhang Siyi had experience in fashion and fine arts and understood that mostluxury goods focued on cutting-end designs that enhance one\'s image andaesthetic. Coincidentally, Zhang Siyi knew about the value of Bai Rui scarfbecause he went shopping the other day with Gu Yu and saw the exact same scarfin the Hermes shop window. The color was a unique shade of grey that left alasting impression on Zhang Siyi.

If the article of clothing wasgenuine, the value of the scarf was at least two months\' worth of Zhang Siyi\'ssalary. Since the consumption level was so high, ordinary people couldn\'t affordit. Before his friend\'s family went bankrupt, Fu Xinhui regularly spent moneyon items such as that.

With Bai Rui\'s disposition, it wouldbe impossible for him to be wearing high-end imitations, right? Knowing this,Zhang Siyi couldn\'t say anything directly. (→_→)

Bai Rui\'s background was told to themin private. Although commoners in society continue to use one\'s financial statusas a way to judge the worth of an individual, Zhang Siyi and his friends are welleducated and know that asking a stranger about their income is rude. If not forSu Yuan\'s situation, normally Zhang Siyi wouldn\'t have divulged his salary.

Being caught between a rock and a hardplace, Zhang Siyi was hesitant. He wanted to defend himself, but he didn\'t wantto reveal his own knowledge about luxury brands. Zhang Siyi said: "Didn\'t RenMengyu say you were going to treat us? I didn\'t want to step on your toes."

If Bai Rui wasn\'t present, Zhang Siyiwould step up and treat his friends, but today was a day for Ren Mengyu to showoff her boyfriend. He didn\'t want to make a fuss over it.

Bai Rui lifted his cup and sipped his teathen smiled: "It’s all right. Today, I gave you the opportunity to treat. Nexttime, be sure to pay."

Zhang Siyi: “………” Shit!Is Bai Rui scheming something? And besides, what about a next time? Who knows ifthat would be possible!

Ren Mengyu finally couldn\'t stand itanymore and quickly solved the problem: "Master Bai Rui, do you like to bully others?Today is the first time my classmates have met you."

Bai Rui let out a soft chuckle then closedhis mouth, ending his taunts. However, having made the remark, Zhang Siyi feltobligated and said: "Coffee is on me. Let\'s stay for a little while longer."

The group gently laughed then remainedquiet. Feeling forgotten because of the exchange between her boyfriend andZhang Siyi, Ren Mengyu went pale.

After they finished eating, Bai Rui tookthe initiative to pay with his credit card. Afterwards, they walked to thecoffee shop nearby. When the order was finished, Zhang Siyi was digging out hiswallet, but before he could pay for the coffee, Bai Rui already swiped his creditcard.

"Hey!" Zhang Siyi exclaimed: "Didn\'t I say Iwould pay the bill?!"

Before addressing Zhang Siyi, Bai Ruiwaited for the charge to go through. He turned and said: "Oh, I forgot.”

Zhang Siyi: “……" Fuck. Is hebeing toyed with?!

Intending to smooth over the issue withZhang Siyi, off to the side, Ren Mengyu turned to speak with him, but insteadshe watched the scene unfold before her. Bai Rui got his phone out from hiscoat and created his own electronic payment QR-code. He smiled and handed thephone to Zhang Siyi and said: "Six cups of coffee came to two-hundred andfifteen. You can transfer the money to me.”

Zhang Siyi: "……"

Ren Mengyu: “………”

Even though he felt irritated over theexchange, Zhang Siyi felt duty bound and instead he quietly got his phone out tomake the electronic payment for Bai Rui.

If she hadn\'t seen it, Ren Mengyuwouldn\'t have believed it. Was there something wrong with Bai Rui? Did heforget to take his medicine? Why is he acting so abnormal?!

Fortunately, the rest of the groupdidn\'t notice anything out of synch. After they found an empty table to sitaround, with their coffee in hand, every continued to chat about their prospects.Zhang Siyi told his friends about his intentions to return to the UK to studyfor part2. With Blessings, everyone expressed their support.

Thinking of Gu Yu and the lecture, nearthree o\'clock, Zhang Siyi frequently raised his arm to check his watch.

Observant as always, Su Yuan noticedand asked him if he had other arrangements.

Being caught in the act of not payingattention to his friends, Zhang Siyi felt a little embarrassed and said: "No. Originally,I was going to attend a lecture at the Haicheng library with a friend, but Ihaven\'t seen you guys in a long time, so he went alone."

Jiang Hai urgently replied: “Whydidn’t you say so? If you would like to go, then go! We can meet up at another time!It\'s not a problem!"

Ren Mengyu also smiled and said:“Yes! We can make arrangements for another time."

Zhang Siyi apologized: “Then Iwill head out first. Thank You."

Su Yuan waved her hand: “We\'ll bein touch soon.”

Watching the back of Zhang Siyi’sdeparture, Ren Mengyu said with emotion: “Little Yi is really grown-up now.”

Jiang Hai: “Look at him working sohard. It puts me to shame."

Tian Yujing squeezed Jian Hai\'s hand: "Aren\'tyou already ashamed? Every day I watch you get lazier and lazier. All you do isplay games after work."

Jiang Hai: “Aren\'t you the same?You just look at social media every day after……"

Sipping her already cooled coffee, SuYuan listened to the lively banter between the couple sitting beside her. Asshe unconsciously tuned out the lovers\' squabble, it became background noiseand Su Yuan became lost in thought.

She remembered how obsessed she waswith the profession when she first came to love architecture. At that time, shewas already in college and not in the architecture department. She attendedarchitecture classes and went to the library to read architecture-relatedbooks. She visited every design pavilion in the city. Every morning when shesaw the architecture students with their drawing boards, T-squares and rulersrunning to and fro, looking worn-out and disheveled, she became quite envious.

Despite everyone telling her \'architecturewas a difficult path\' and \'you’ll regret it for sure\', she took the IELTS examwithout hesitation and applied to the major then embarked on a long journeytowards a career in architecture.

During her studies in the UK, sinceshe never wanted to miss an opportunity, she also kept a close eye on variousarchitectural related lectures and events. At that time, any extracurricular activitiesconcerning architecture made her heart sore. Her eyes would glow, just likeZhang Siyi\'s.

When was the last time she went to anarchitectural lecture or to a design exhibition? Comparing her attitude duringuniversity to present, what happened? In the past six months, she really regrettedher choice. The pressure of reality extinguished all her enthusiasm for architectureand forced her to a cliff. If it wasn’t for meeting Zhang Siyi today, maybe shereally had forgotten why she wanted to study architecture in the first place.


Even though Zhang Siyi rushed to theHaicheng Library, the lecture was coming to an end. He didn’t want to cause a disturbance,so he quietly found a seat in the back and listened while watching the crowd infront of him.

With one glance, Zhang Siyi easilyspotted the familiar figure of Gu Yu. Even the back of his head was the mosthandsome. With only two rows between them, Gu Yu wasn\'t seated far away……But why was he surrounded by beautiful women? (=_=)

Gu Yu listened very attentively. Althoughhe was surrounded by all kinds of women, he didn\'t pay any attention to them.When the speaker took questions, he bowed his head for a little while. ZhangSiyi didn\'t know what Gu Yu was doing.

Moments later, Zhang Siyi could feelhis mobile phone vibrate. Gu Yu had sent him a message.

Gu Yu: “Are you still with yourfriends?”

Gu Yu: [Little Fox Question Mark]

Zhang Siyi grinned mischievously. Hewanted to surprise Gu Yu, so he said: "Yes. Sorry, I can\'t meet you there. Isthe lecture finished?" [Cute Kitten]

Gu Yu: “It will be soon. Want meto pick you up?”

Zhang Siyi: “Oh, no need!”

Gu Yu: [Little Fox Depressed]

After several rounds of on-site questions-and-answers,the lecture was officially closed. As most attendees were in the industry, itwas a good time to network. Everyone got up to mingle.

Because Shishang is a youngerarchitect, there were some girls in the audience who came up to the stage andasked for an autograph. It was a bit like chasing idols.

Gu Yu wasn\'t interested in socializing,so he gathered his belongings and prepared to leave the library. Zhang Siyiwanted to rush up and surprise him, but Instead, the girls around him addressedGu Yu before he had the chance to move.

One of the beautiful girls activelycalled out to him and stopped him: “Excuse me, are you an architect?”

Gu Yu\'s figure turned to address thegirl quietly: "Hmm…"

The girl blushed and said: “Can Iget your business card?”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Damn it! Thatbold girl is hitting on him!

Gu Yu politely replied: “\'I\'m Sorry,I didn’t bring a business card.”

Although his refusal made Zhang Siyifeel better, the corner of Zhang Siyi’s mouth was twitching. How does he nothave one? Gu Yu normally places a few business cards in his wallet. However, thisfact didn\'t stop the girl. She eagerly took out a small notepad and directlyasked Gu Yu for his phone number. Looking at her for a few seconds, Gu Yusighed then reluctantly picked up her pen and wrote a string of numbers on thebook.

Zhang Siyi: “!!!” Fuck!With one look, anyone could tell that the girl is interested in you! Why didyou leave your phone number with her? Won\'t you refuse her again?!

Not only did she get Gu Yu\'s number,but the few other women surrounding them also saw the number.

Clearly, they were there to seriously listento Shishang\'s lecture but now, they acted like blushing schoolgirls excited toget a boy\'s phone number. Zhang Siyi was quickly becoming agitated. …. Damnit. When the girls aren\'t even paying attention to the lecture anymore, can GuYu be more effective at rejecting them?

Waiting for the girls to move away afterasking for Gu Yu\'s phone number, Zhang Siyi squinted angrily. The small groupof girls around Gu Yu caused people to notice them. One passer-by recognized GuYu and called out: "Hey isn\'t he the director of Borderless?"

Zhang Siyi: “……” (=_=)

Haicheng architectural circle is toosmall… The girls were shell-shocked and the people nearby where amazed athearing the news; so young and dazzling!

One older woman recognized Gu Yu and made her way towards him in an effort to start a conversation. Finally, not being able to take it anymore, Zhang Siyi rushed forward and called out his lover\'s name: "Gu Yu!"