Assistant Architect - Chapter 175

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 175: Nightclub

Just asZhang Siyi mentioned his \'single\' status, Fu Xinhui suddenly messaged thegroup: "Here I thought this group of corpses were already dead! I was away frommy phone for a little while and now I see hundreds of messages! What are youguys talking about?"

Catchinghim off guard, Zhang Siyi\'s heart jumped into his throat. Quickly, he sent FuXinhui a private text letting him know he didn\'t want his relationshipbroadcasted.

Fu Xinhui:“I know…… but when I think of you and this matter… for better or worse…." [Sweating]

Zhang Siyi:“….”

The flow ofmessages sped up as the group enthusiastically greeted Fu Xinhui and asked himabout his current situation. Fu Xinhui kept a low profile and didn\'t divulgeany information about his family\'s experience. Instead, he brought theconversation back to the present and expressed great interest in the group\'sget together on the weekend.

Fu Xinhui: "Letme sync my phone so I can join you guys live with video!"

Ren Mengyu:“Of course! How can we let you miss out?!"

Fu Xinhui:“Although I\'m not there, my heart is with you guys! [Heart]”

After thedate and time were set, Zhang Siyi informed Gu Yu of his plans to meet with hisclassmates.

“ThisSaturday?” As Gu Yu confirmed the weekend plans, he frowned. "The visitingarchitect, Ishihara, was giving a lecture that afternoon."

Ishihara isa young Japanese architect that Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi have recently taken noteof. They have increasingly liked his work. A few weeks ago, they found outabout his lecture, but at that time, there wasn\'t a specific date scheduled forhis presentation.

Feeling distraughtover the conflict, Zhang Siyi quickly responded: "Ack! What should I do?"

Gu Yu putdown his pen down and looked up at Zhang Siyi and calmly stated: "Don\'t worryabout it. Go meet your friends."

Afraid GuYu wasn\'t happy about it, Zhang Siyi asked: "Should I see if I can meet them onSunday instead?"

Gu Yu smiledat him with affection: "Why go out of your way to change the time when youlooked so happy to meet them? You haven\'t seen them for a long time. It\'salright. I\'ll go to the lecture alone and can tell you about the details afterwards."

Zhang Siyipounced on Gu Yu: “When I\'m done eating, I\'ll come meet you."

During theweek leading up to their get-together, the group of friends continued to chatand catch up with one another. As it turned out, Ren Mengyu met Bai Rui in anightclub.

Jiang Haiwas surprised: “Really?!”

All of herfriends are well aware that Ren Mengyu loved to go clubbing. What was surprisingwas the fact that she met her boyfriend at a nightclub. It seemed like astrange place to meet the perfect rich guy.

Along withhis close friend, Fu Xinhui, Zhang Siyi didn\'t like to go to nightclubs. Ofcourse, Zhang Siyi wasn\'t considered a rich hottie like his friend. He assumedGu Yu didn\'t like them either. Wanting to confirm his thought, he looked at GuYu and asked: "Hey, have you ever been to a nightclub?"

Gu Yufrowned: “Why are you going to a nightclub?”

Zhang Siyi:“Just tell me if you have been to one or not."

Gu Yu: “No.”

Proof is inthe flesh! Why would the perfect rich guy go to a nightclub! ╮(╯_╰)╭

Ren Mengyuexplained in the group: “It was his first time going clubbing. He said hisfriends dragged him there. When I saw him, he stuck out like a sore thumb.Normally, men go clubbing to ogle at girls, but he was just sitting alone inthe corner drinking silently. Many girls tried to talk to him, but he brushedthem off with indifference."

He ignoredthe girls? A flash a doubt crossed Zhang Siyi\'s mind. Wouldn\'t that mean thisman was gay?

As if toshake off his ridiculous conjecture, Zhang Siyi quickly shook his head, no. Heshouldn\'t assume someone was gay just because he himself was with a man.Besides, how could the person be gay if he was dating Ren Mengyu?

His plansto continue gossiping with his friends was suddenly interrupted by Gu Yu\'squestion: "Have you been to a nightclub?"

Zhang Siyihesitated for a moment then replied: "Ah…. No."

Gu Yu putaway his iPad, gathered Zhang Siyi into his arms and put his hands-on ZhangSiyi\'s waist: "Is that so?"

Having hissides kneaded, Zhang Siyi trembled. Under Gu Yu\'s tickle-torture, Zhang Siyi twistedand turned. It didn\'t take long from him to surrender: "Ok, ok. I confess. Ihave been there once with Fu Xinhui while I was in the UK!”

Gu Yuraised his eyebrows: “What were you doing there? Hunting for girls?"

“What? No!" Zhang Siyi shouted honestly. "Wejust wanted to know what it was like."

Gu Yu: "So, how was it?"

Zhang Siyi crumpled his face: “It felt likeone large group dance. I didn\'t care for the experience."

Gu Yu: “So why did you just ask me about it?"

Zhang Siyi quickly told Gu Yu about Ren Mengyu\'sboyfriend. In order to help with the analysis of her boyfriend, he showed thechat history to Gu Yu.

For some time, they continued to chat steadily.Fu Xinhui asked: "So…. how did you get to know him?”

Ren Mengyu: “When my friend and I passed bythe bar, we saw him leaning on the door looking unstable. Since his friendsweren\'t with him, I approached him and asked if he needed help. He asked me tocall a cab and to take him home….. Do you know where he lives? The famousdistrict in area A where the average price for an apartment is one-hundredthousand per square meter! He said there are movie stars that live in the samebuilding!"

Jiang Hai: “You just followed a strangerback home? Are you stupid?"

Ren Mengyu:“When I asked him if he needed help, I thought he was quite a gentleman.Although he was a little drunk and confused, I didn\'t think he was pretending."

Fu Xinhui:“You really don’t understand men!”

Ren Mengyu:“What do you mean?”

Fu Xinhui:“I\'ll be blunt. The real purpose men go clubbing is very clear. A night ofstimulation; a one-night stand. When your boyfriend decided to go to anightclub, he was already psychologically prepared to find a girl. If there reallywas an opportunity, what man would refuse a girl\'s advances?

Zhang Siyi:“…..” Brother, are you are trying to kill me!

Gu Yunarrowed his eyes and looked directly at Zhang Siyi: “So….. you also wentto find stimulation?”

Zhang Siyi:“I, I… I did not!"

Pressinghim to the bed, Gu Yu took disciplinary action and kissed him deeply. Afterbiting his lip, he released him: "I don\'t care about your past, but I\'ll becareful to spank you later."

Zhang Siyi:“…..”

Returningto his phone to look at the chat group, Ren Mengyu had sent a very straightforwardmessage: "Well duh! I also went to find someone to play with for a night. Whogoes to a nightclub to find a boyfriend!?"


Fu Xinhui:“Well, well. I didn’t say it!”

Once again,Gu Yu looked at Zhang Siyi in the eye and commented: “Your classmates arereally open, huh.”

With silenttears, Zhang Siyi covered his eyes: “They have always been more relaxedthan I…”

Ren Mengyu continued:"When he asked me to take him home, I was thinking one thing, but instead hesent me back. How could I have imagined what a gentleman he was? At the time,it was rather irksome!"

….. What? Are you kidding me? Zhang Siyi thought the incident was a little odd.Ren Mengyu obviously expressed an interest in Bai Rui and was kind enough tocomply with his request but then, he sent her back home?

Su Yuanadded: “For the following week, Ren Mengyu was cursing him every day,until Bai Rui had called her and asked her out for dinner."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Jiang Haiasked: “How did he know your phone number?”

Ren Mengyu:“He must have gotten it from the time we rode home in the taxi. Since thebattery on his phone was dead, he asked me to borrow my phone so he could callhis friend. I was surprised he called me a week later and even more surprisingwas hearing him ask me to be his girlfriend. I was a little afraid so told himI would consider it."

Su Yuan:“You considered nothing. That was the night this idiot girl fell and perhapsthere will be a price to pay."

Ren Mengyu:“You think he really is playing me, but I don\'t see it. We have beentogether for a month and during this time he has been very romantic. Bai Ruitakes me out to dinner and goes to the movies with me. We go shopping and take walkstogether. Except for the fact that we haven\'t slept together yet, he is like a princefrom a fairy-tale; a perfect boyfriend. Although our relationship is very pure,I don\'t actually know that much about him. What do you think?"

Fu Xinhui: "BaiRui\'s level is too great. This young master doesn\'t understand. Please askanother! [Laugh][Cry]

Ren Mengyu:“…”

Zhang Siyiturned to Gu Yu and asked: “What do you think? Can you understand Bai Rui\'sbehavior?”

"As yourclassmates have explained, since they went to a nightclub, their real purposeshould be very clear. Since society is less restrictive now, people are free tosee others without the constraints of marriage prospects. Even if they had gottentogether for sex, it wasn\'t a formal pursuit. Therefore, if he confesses to herafterwards, how can she know what he wants and take it seriously?" Gu Yu turnedto look at Zhang Siyi. He continued: "I don\'t know about anyone else, but if itwas me, once I confess, I will definitely say what I want and won\'t make mylover question my behavior. Your classmate was upset because the man wasn\'tcompletely honest with her."

Zhang Siyinodded and felt the truth of what Gu Yu said. He wanted to relay his thoughtsto the chat group, but Gu Yu grabbed his phone.

Gu Yu: "Theheart is unpredictable. Who can really say what someone was thinking and feelingat the time? No one can guarantee who was right or wrong in that situation."

Zhang Siyi:“But…”

As he wastrying to talk, Gu Yu reached for Zhang Siyi and brought him close to kissedhim on the lips. He turned Zhang Siyi over and pressed him down onto the bed: "Whyare you so concerned? Take care of yourself first. Come on, it\'s time for some stimulation."

Zhang Siyi:“……..”


On Saturday, excited to see his old classmates,Zhang Siyi got up early in the morning to rummage through his closet to findsomething suitable to wear for dinner.

Not long ago, Gu Yu took him out to go shopping.Now that they have been living together, Zhang Siyi style had subconsciously begunto resemble Gu Yu\'s.

While putting on his pants, Zhang Siyi shouted: "GuYu, help me find the jacket I bought a few days ago!" As he tightened his belt,Zhang Siyi widened his eyes in shock.

Gu Yu walked over to him and handed him his jacket.He watched Zhang Siyi look down and balk at himself: "What’s the matter?”

“Did I lose weight?" Zhang Siyi tightenedhis belt and found the usual hole is used to buckle wasn\'t tight enough.

“Hmm…." Gu Yu knew best whether or not ZhangSiyi was too thin. Every night, he has held all of Zhang Siyi\'s parts closely.

As a natural thin person, Zhang Siyi grew up notworrying about his weight: "It\'s your fault!"

Yes, it’s allbecause of him! Gu Yu was so desperatefor him every night and during the day, Zhang Siyi was given so much work!

Cuddling Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu put his chin on ZhangSiyi\'s shoulder and wrapped his arms around him. Gu Yu smiled and said: "Blameme. That\'s why we haven\'t done it as much lately."

Zhang Siyi: “…” Fuck! The frequency fellnot because Gu Yu had found a conscience! Zhang Siyi was tired of doing it!

Even so, after losing excess weight, his musclesbecame more defined and as a whole, his slender physique looked quite good. Hewas wearing a pair of grey pants with a dark grey knit sweater and white sneakers.His light-colored jacket topped off his refined, yet casual look.

Looking rather handsome, Zhang Siyi checkedhimself in the mirror one last time before leaving. Gu Yu caught him, andplanted a deep kiss on his lips. Zhang Siyi felt a little reluctant to leave….

His group of friends agreed to meet at adistinctive British restaurant to have afternoon tea and dinner.

When Zhang Siyi arrived, Jiang Hai and hisgirlfriend, Tian Yujing, were already there. They could hardly recognize him.

Compared with the youth from a year ago, withcalm and tidy gestures, Zhang Siyi had a mature appearance. Perhaps, it was dueto his experience at work.

Tian Yujing opened her eyes in surprise and exclaimed:“Wow, you have changed a lot!”

"What? Where have I changed?" Now that he is in arelationship with a man, Zhang Siyi is always a little nervous about exposinghis gay temperament.

Tian Yujing smiled and said: “You have becomeso handsome!”

Feeling elated, these are the words Zhang Siyiloves to hear.

He smiled and told Tian Yujing she was being silly.

When Zhang Siyi laughed, he exuded an invitingwarmth and his even temperament was revealed. It was like an old piece of finejade that has been polished; beautiful and charming.

Normally, one doesn\'t associate a fine piece ofpolished jade for a man, but there is no sense of violation. Zhang Siyi clearlyisn\'t feminine, but he looks a little sweet.

Zhang Siyi asked: “Has Su Yuan and RenMengyu arrived yet?"

Jiang Hai: "Follow me. “

Su Yuan was talking to the waiter at their table.Looking at her, Zhang Siyi noticed she was still wearing the same clothing aslast year. There was a time when the clothing looked dazzling on her, but nowthey looked drab. Su Yuan\'s light makeup couldn\'t hide her haggard face and thedark circles under her eyes.

“Hey, I worked overtime until 10 o’clocklast night. I am at my limit in this industry…" Sure enough, as they sat down,Su Yuan was full of negativity and began to complain about her work fromtrivial matters, to more broader complaints.

Jiang Hai and Zhang Siyi still remembered thebright person she was from her college days. The transformation was a little surprising.Thinking that she was too hard on herself, Jiang Hai advised: "Don\'t put so muchpressure on yourself."

Su Yuan brought the palm of her hand to her forehead.In clear distress, she said: "What pressure am I giving myself!? It is thereality of the industry that stresses me out. I don\'t understand why I pursued thisindustry to begin with. Traveling to business meetings all over and workingovertime every day; I work like a dog. I don\'t have time to go out shopping orlet alone date. I don\'t even have time to sleep. Working overseas might soundthrilling, but the wages were actually lower than migrant workers. Since themarket wasn\'t good last year, we never received our year-end bonuses. Additionally,no one got a pay raise. The situation this year is even more severe because fiveof the original eight members of my team left. All the work has fallen into mylap."

Listening attentively to Su Yuan\'s story, ZhangSiyi felt that things weren\'t quite right. He calmly asked: "Su Yuan, what isyour salary now?"

Su Yuan sighed then said: “Last year it wasseven thousand, but this year it was only five thousand. The company told usthe market was dry. Since the company hadn\'t received any projects for threemonths, there was nothing to be done. What can you do without money? Everyonestarted panicking."

Since the only work experience Zhang Siyi had waswith Borderless, he had little contact with outside companies and their dealingswith the industry. He couldn\'t help but be shocked by Su Yuan\'s story. Is thesituation really that serious? So why was she working so endlessly?

In September of this year, Gu Yu gave him asalary raise from the original 8,000 to nine thousand. In addition, he earns abonus from the large and small projects that he contributes towards when thecompany wins the contract. Zhang Siyi hasn\'t had a problem saving money for along time.

Su Yuan continued to elaborate: “Also, Ihave to rent an apartment myself. This year, my landlord has raised the rent. Iheard that several mangers from the company stopped getting payed. At least theyhave had years of savings to fall back on. Unlike Ren Mengyu, I don\'t have my family\'sfinancial support. I\'m just a newly graduated student! What am I supposed todo?"

The vicious economic cycle; Zhang Siyi understoodit very well. Before he moved in with Gu Yu, he also felt the pressure from financialconstraints.

The former Su Yuan from University was full ofpositive energy. When everyone else was struggling, she was there to motivateothers to work hard and continue moving forward. In stark contrast, nowfatigued, Su Yuan\'s light was snuffed out by the harsh faces of reality.

Hey, it’s no wonder that her clothing andaccessories have not changed. It seems like she has been forced into adesperate situation.

Jiang Hai asked her: “Can you leave thecompany and find another job?"

Su Yuan was annoyed: “If there are layoffsin the same industry, where will there be a place to jump to!"

Hearing Su Yuan, Zhang Siyi suddenly wanted tohelp her. He thought of Gu Yu and Borderless. Since Su Yuan\'s grades werebetter than his, her ability couldn\'t be any less then his own. Certainly, shewould be qualified to work at Borderless.

As a matter of course, Jiang Hai stated:“Then quit and work in a different industry.”

Zhang Siyi was in shock. Quit? How could JiangHai audaciously suggest such a thing to Su Yuan. She was the one who vowed to becomea female architect!

However, Su Yuan didn\'t seem to have much of areaction. There was a void of emotion in her voice. Calmly she admitted: "I\'vethought about it, but I am afraid to walk away because I might never come backto the construction industry. After studying for so many years, I have investedso much. I am really reluctant to leave.”

Jiang Hai sighed: “One has to eat.”

After hearing Su Yuan\'s woes, Zhang Siyi feltuncomfortable. Although he wanted to help her, he had to talk to Gu Yu first. Becausehe didn\'t want to give her false hope, he offered her some encouragement: "Don\'tgive up so easily. My senior said that after the winter, the market will getbetter in the spring. I remember you said you wanted to go back and study forPart2… What will you do if you quit?"

Su Yuan smiled bitterly: “I\'ve alreadyabandoned that idea six months ago. This road is too long and I can\'t affordit."

Zhang Siyi opened his mouth as if to saysomething encouraging, but silence followed. Even though he wanted to convinceher that her efforts weren\'t in vain, he didn\'t know what to say to help her. Ashe was about to continue, Ren Mengyu and her boyfriend walked in.

Su Yuan immediately replaced her bleak expressionwith a smile for the newly arrived couple. Unlike his friend, Zhang Siyi wasn\'table to set aside his emotions so quickly. He felt that Su Yuan smile wassomewhat far-fetched.

"Hey! The person with a big game to play hasfinally arrived!" Su Yuan joked.

Zhang Siyi turned his head to look at the topicof conversation of their group chat these past few days. He was dressed in ablack overcoat and hanging around his neck was a grey Hermes scarf. The personin the flesh looked even more handsome than the photograph. His temperamentseemed better too.

In a low melodic voice, like the distant melancholy of a cello, Zhang Siyi heard Bai Rui address everyone at the table: "Hello."