Assistant Architect - Chapter 174

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 174: Classmates


Gu Yu\'senthusiasm lasted for another two months. During this time, they tried allkinds of postures and positions. From his cautious beginning, to his favoredhabits, Zhang Siyi was happy. After a couple months, their frequency slowlydeclined to an acceptable rate for Zhang Siyi. In this life, Zhang Siyi knew hewouldn\'t be able to lead a straight path again.

At the endof October, Gu Yu asked Zhang Siyi to take over a new project which was a newlydevelopment apartment area in Haicheng\'s New District. Coincidentally, theproject’s Party A company turned out to be the unit where Jiang Hai worked.

Zhang Siyiimmediately got in touch with Jiang Hai and asked him if he knew about theproject. Jiang Hai replied: “God, I haven’t spoken to you for such a longtime that I almost forgot where you worked!”

Zhang Siyi:“Now that you have a girlfriend, you forgot your old classmates! In a fewyears, will you forget my name as well?!"

“NoWay!" Jiang Hai begged for mercy. Joking aside, he stated: "We haven’t met upin a long time. Let\'s call everyone and invite them out for dinner."

Since ZhangSiyi was at the beginning phase of his new project, he knew he could make timeto meet with friends. It was especially so, since Party A was Jiang Hai\'scompany. He readily agreed: "Sounds good!"

Since JiangHai had moved out to be with his girlfriend and Fu Xinhui went abroad, the timeZhang Siyi spent chatting with his classmates was less and less.

Jiang Hai shoutedout in the chat group that he used with his classmates. Since it had been sucha long time, everyone immediately responded. The quiet chat group irrupted and becamelively once again.

Su Yuansaid: "Little Yi, have you been hiding recently? You stopped posting to yourhome page so we don\'t know how you are doing!"

Even thoughthey all live within an hour\'s drive away from one another in Haicheng, they hadto rely on social media to keep up to date with each other\'s well-being. SinceZhang Siyi had been M.I.A. for the past six months, his friends were ratherupset at him.

Jiang Hai:“Yeah, he just approached me about a project that his company will beworking on. At first, I didn\'t realize why Zhang Siyi was calling me until Iremembered the company he worked for."

Zhang Siyi:“You really forgot!”

Jiang Hai:“Hey, we have to get together. At this rate, if we continue like this, we reallywill forget all of the memories we have of each other!"

Ren Mengyu:“Sounds great! How about this weekend?"

Jiang Hai:“First, let me say…. Just so you know, I\'ll be bringing my girlfriend."

Ren Mengyu:“Oh? Can I bring my boyfriend? [Smirk]”

Zhang Siyi:“Ren Mengyu has a boyfriend? I didn’t even know!"

Su Yuan:“Just how out of it are you!? Every day, she shows affection in our groupchat! I want to strangle her!"

Ren Mengyu:“Don’t say that!" [Cry]

Su Yuan: [EyeRolls]

Jiang Hai:“Yep. I saw it too. Screenshots everyday……"

Zhang Siyihurriedly flipped through his circle of friends. The most recent one was aphoto of Ren Mengyu and her boyfriend eating a French style meal. Her boyfriendwas quite handsome and was dressed very fashionably. He looked mature and a bitolder in the picture.

Continuingto scroll through his social media page, he saw more photos posted by RenMengyu. There were pictures of them shopping together, watching moviestogether, and even wearing clothes lying on the bed… Viewers could only envythe intimacy that the couple portrayed.

However, nowthat Zhang Siyi was with Gu Yu, his physical and emotional needs were greatlysatisfied. As a result, the photos had little effect on him.

Zhang Siyireturned to the group and asked: ” I just saw your posts. Your boyfriend is very handsome! How longhave you been together?"

Ren Mengyu:“It\'s just a month, heh.”

Zhang Siyi:“Ah, the hot love period…..” No wonder, if he followed suit with GuYu as a normal couple, he thought he wouldn\'t be able to resist posting everymoment as everyday had the power of happiness.

Ren Mengyu:“He can treat us to dinner when he comes. [Thumbs Up]”

Jiang Hai:“Really? All right!”

Su Yuan:“Where is your integrity!!!"

Ren Mengyu:“I think of you all as my family. I want you to help me evaluate howreliable he is."

Jiang Hai:“It\'s only been one month and you already want us to see if he is marriageablematerial?"

Zhang Siyi:“Yes, I remember that time, she prided herself on being a love expert."

Su Yuan:“Well, when a woman was involved, it is easy to see. But when it\'s time toevaluate a handsome man, her IQ turns to zero!"

Zhang Siyi:“Ha-ha-ha!"

Jiang Hai:“Hasn\'t she asked for your opinion before? Being a continued counselor,you deserve a paycheck!"

Ren Mengyu:“Su Yuan and I see things with a woman\'s perspective. I believe menunderstand men better!”

Jiang Hai:“Ok then, give us some information first so we have an idea in mind."

Su Yuan:“His name is Bai Rui, 31 years old, 182cm tall and his family is very wealthy.He graduated from the British Department of Fine Arts and is currently opening afine arts company as the director and curator.”

Zhang Siyi:“Wow! Not only is he rich, but handsome too!"

Su Yuan:“Yeah. With his style and education, she says he is like a dream. Oh,also, he drives a Porsche 911…."

Zhang Siyi:“Impressive!”

Jiang Hai:“How do you know so much?”

Unscrupulously,Su Yuan spit in the group: “She has reported every single detail to me everyday. She even showed me her chat records with him. How can I not know?"

Ren Mengyu:“[Blush]”

Jiang Hai: "RenMengyu status isn\'t bad. What exactly is the problem with dating a high-fashionedhandsome rich man?"

Su Yuan:“Oh, because the man\'s resume is too good. The girl feels like it is unreal."

Ren Mengyu:“He really is super perfect! Sometimes, I don\'t understand why he likesme."

Zhang Siyi hasexperienced the same feeling. His relationship with Gu Yu felt too perfect and unrealin the beginning. Now that they have been together for more then half a year,Zhang Siyi felt like some of Gu Yu\'s gold luster had chipped off.

Gossiping aboutthe new rich guy, the group\'s appetite was whet. Now, they all have somethingto look forward to during the weekend.

And what about Zhang Siyi? Does he have a girlfriend? Although Zhang Siyi told Fu Xinhui about having a relationship with Gu Yu, he didn\'t want to have to explain it to the chat group so he lied and said he was single.