Assistant Architect - Chapter 170

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling


Chapter170: Wall Slam

During theirtwo-day visit in Kyoto, they stayed at the Arashiyama Onsen as Japan is famousfor its hot spring culture. In order to further examine ancient architecture, thegroup visited the Kinkakuji Temple** and the Ryoanji Temple. ** In addition, thegroup visited the Fushimi Inari Temple.**

After soakingin the hot springs in the evening, the group gathered to drink tea and playcards. In the spirit of the occasion, many of the group members wore a Japaneseyukata that was provided by the hotel.

When theyall met, most of the guys were laughing and boasting about their looks in theyukata especially the over-weight Zhu Hongzhen. He felt like he was a yakuzaboss from a movie. With the garment\'s long figure lines, correctly worn yukata looksquite elegant, but no one could pull off the proper look, except for Gu Yu.

Somehow, sincethe yukata fit Gu Yu perfectly, he looked like a model. His presence invokedthe saying, \'shamed by one\'s inferiority when flanked by genius.\'

Now sittingaround the low Japanese style table, the card game was in full swing. Although sitting, like the weighted relaxedstance of contrapposto, Gu Yu looked effortlessly comfortable with his leg upand his arm leaning on his knee. In his hand, he held his cards. Glancing ateveryone\'s expression, he surveyed his own cards and elected to draw from the deck.He languidly reached out for a card and in doing so, his yukata stretched andexposed more of his bare skin. Examining his cards, he lazily checked the setson the table then in a fluid motion, he discarded one card: "Next."

Keenlyaware of Gu Yu\'s smooth skin underneath his yukata, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t retracthis line of site. Watching him expose more of his collarbone and chest by hiscalm, graceful movements, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t control the desire that welledup. His movements were just too sexy!

“It’syour turn.” Zhu Hongzhen stretched out his leg and used his foot to nudgeZhang Siyi.

“Oh,oh!” Ears turning red, Zhang Siyiimmediately retracted his thoughts and altered his sitting position to disguisethe reaction of his lower body part.

Not aminute had past, when Zhang Siyi\'s line of site returned to Gu Yu and gazed athim from top to bottom. Indulging in the perfect male physique sitting beforehim, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t take his eyes away from Gu Yu.

When thegame ended, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t take it anymore and decided to go to thebathroom for a breath of air.

Leaving theroom, he heard a burst of laughter emanating from the women\'s public area thatwas separated by a half-length curtain. ZhangSiyi looked down and saw the legs of several Japanese girls under it.

For anystraight male, the scene might be tempting, but for Zhang Siyi, his heart wasn\'tmoved at all. It was only until he got to the end of the hall that he realizedand reacted. - Damn, I don\'t even respond to women anymore. There is nogoing back!

In therestroom, Zhang Siyi opened his clothes and sighed deeply to relax. Letting hisbladder go, he looked down at his body covered by the yukata. Zhang Siyithought Japanese clothing was very beautiful and rather liked it. In the eyesof others, he wondered what he looked like.

As he was lostin thought, Gu Yu entered the room. When Zhang Siyi noticed him approaching,his body immediately reacted and his heart started pounding in his chest.

….. Thinkcold thoughts!

Zhang Siyiassumed Gu Yu was coming into the restroom to urinate, but in fact he went straighttowards him.

“Whatis it?” Zhang Siyi asked casually.

Gu Yu didnot answer him. The closer he moved towards him, the more Zhang Siyi felt thatsomething was wrong. Now facing Gu Yu, he frantically tried to assemble hisyukata and said: "You… What are you doing?"

In the nextsecond, he was caught off guard by Gu Yu\'s grasp. The back of his hand and arm,made a hard \'slap\' sound as it hit the back wall of the room.

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Gu Yu broughthis face close to the crook of Zhang Siyi neck and inhaled deeply like a hungryanimal smelling his prey, ready to eat.

Zhang Siyi unconsciouslymoved slightly and bared his neck for Gu Yu, expecting a kiss and his lips.However, Gu Yu didn\'t kiss him.

While Gu Yuwas deeply inhaling Zhang Siyi\'s essence and exhaling, both his breath and thetip of his nose gently brushed against Zhang Siyi\'s delicate neck, along hisjawbone and cheeks, tantalizing him.

The withholdof contact was more sensual then an actual kiss. By the force with which Gu Yugrabbed his wrist, Zhang Siyi knew he wasn\'t the only one enduring.

Quivering,Zhang Siyi eagerly anticipated the sensation of Gu Yu lips on his skin. Hewanted Gu Yu to kiss him, to bite him, to enter him.

…… Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait! Hold Up…… Oh, my God! What the hell amI thinking! (q/////q)

Slowly, Gu Yutook a deep breath and finally stopped moving. He buried his face in the crookof Zhang Siyi\'s neck and in a strained whisper he said: "Did you know that atevery moment, you are seducing me to eat you."

“………”Fuck! You are doing the same thing to me!

"………………"Fuuuuuuck! Why is this a corporate trip!?

Even ifthey wanted to get another room, in order to avoid suspicion, they went back totheir assigned room with their colleagues and went to bed laying far apart. Notable to express their desires with physical action, both Zhang Siyi and Gu Yudidn\'t get any sleep during the night. Waking up with a pimple on his forehead,Zhang Siyi felt utterly frustrated and depressed.

LeavingArashiyama, the group stopped at Nara** then finally came to the last stop on theirtrip, Tokyo.

In Tokyo,the company arranged for them to stay at a standard business hotel. In theafternoon, they arrived at the hotel and went to their rooms to drop off theluggage. When everyone was assembled the group went out to visit the NationalMuseum of Western Art.

Along the RainbowBridge, ** they saw many painted cars and cheering people on the road. Atfirst, the group didn\'t think there was any special significance to it, butwhen they got to the other side of the bridge, they stopped to watch the groupof people that were wearing colorful clothing while holding a rainbow flag.

The crowdwas cheering and shouting. Many of the people were hugging and kissing inpublic, even those of the same sex. The scene was quite spectacular!

One personchimed in: “Isn’t the rainbow flag a gay symbol?"

"Shit!These people are all gay?"

“Ithink so.……"

Seeing somany gay people together, everyone was quite shocked. Lu Qiao looked frightenedand even Zhang Siyi was stunned.

“Damn,Tokyo is too open!”"

Is theRainbow Bridge a gathering place for gays?”

Curious, theycontinued to watch them for a little while longer and realized that today was aspecial day as many people of the group were holding signs up with the date \'June26, 2015\' written on them.

Enquiring apasserby about it, they learned that June 26, 2015 was the day that the UnitedStates Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage.

“Nowonder there are so many gay travelers together!"

"But, whatdoes the United States law have to do with these people here in Japan?"

“It hasnothing to do with the country, but rather the gay community as a whole. Forthem, the legality of homosexuality in the United States represents a more openworld so this is a day worth celebrating.”

Zhang Siyi discretelylooked at Gu Yu. He saw Gu Yu looking his way with the same pleasure in hiseyes. Yes, although this incident has nothing to do with them, it hasundoubtedly given them hope.

Love isgender-neutral. There will be no place on Earth to hold them back.

Afterreturning to the hotel, Zhang Siyi thought about whether or not he should approachTao Fei and talk to him about swapping rooms. Tonight, he especially wanted tostay with Gu Yu.

Maybe hisemotions were influenced by what he witnessed today or perhaps, the stress frommaintaining a distance and cautious attitude has become unbearable. Zhang Siyiwas hungry and thirsty.

His resolute decision, spurred him into action. When he opened the door, he didn\'t expect Gu Yu to be there and say: "Lu Qiao went to sleep over there."


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