Assistant Architect - Chapter 17

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling


Chapter 17: Threats


However, Zhang Siyi doesn\'t have time to think about it too deeply. He hasonly one choice now.

In the current economical downturn, if he left Borderless, withoutexperience and better education, he might not find another job.

Su Yuan saw Zhang Siyi frowning, and did not say any more. She is just anewcomer to the workforce and don\'t know the ins-and-outs of the domesticconstruction market. There is always a reason for the boss to bring in subordinates.The good reputation of Borderless doesn\'t come from thin air.

She shifted the subject: “But you are so busy that you have verylittle time now and you aren\'t even active online.”

Originally, Zhang Siyi had the nickname “second praises Littleprince” in his social media circle of friends. Like clockwork, Zhang Siyiwas the first to respond to friend\'s posts and offer praise or encouragement.His friends often wondered if he isn\'t holding the mobile and constantlyrefreshing the news feed all the time. But since he has been at work, his attitudetowards his social media account has changed. His nickname went from "Second PraisesLittle Prince" to "Centralized Review". Once Su Yuan opened her social mediaand received a \'week in review\' from Zhang Siyi.

“I don’t have time to look at the phone!” Zhang Siyi saidbitterly. When his Boss gives him a job, there is often a deadline assigned aswell. He is very strict. When I\'m very busy I feel like going to the bathroomis a waste of time. Besides, the Directors office is right behind me. He oftencomes over to my desk silently and looks at my work. If he found out that I still had time to playwith my mobile phone, I would die!”

Everyone: “…” Poor fellow.

Su Yuan asked: “Is your boss the one that graduated from high schoolwith you?”

Zhang Siyi: “Yes, but he is six years my senior. He already had graduatedfor several years while I was there.

Remembering the adoption of the plant in the company, he said to everyone,"He gave me one of his cactus plants. Colleagues think I am special to him, butI think he just wants to give me a hard time. He messaged everyone in hisdepartment telling them not to help me."

His friends silently gave Zhang Siyi a sympathy tear.

Ren Mengyu asked: "Was he the one who got splashed by coffee by yourgirlfriend before?”

“It’s him! At the company dinner, he got everyone to give me a toast.I couldn\'t stand up that day. Now, Zhang feels like a bully who got in troublefor bullying a kid. “The coffee was spilled on him, but I really doubt heis retaliating against me. He is a good person."

Fu Xinhui touched his chin and said: “The person who made me call you thatday is him.”

Ren Mengyu curiously asks: “Heartless Han has seen him? What does helook like?"

Fu Xinhui: “I am almost as tall, looks very young and handsome, and a kindof cool.”"

Su Yuan: “…What is the strange description of ‘sexualcoldness’?”

"He just looks like a very clean-cut, straight-laced person." Fu Xinhuisaid. Then to illustrate his point, he relaxed his facial muscles, like afacial paralysis, causing everyone to laugh.

Jiang Hai joked: “You could look for an opportunity to retaliate back."

Zhang Siyi said: "How am I going to get revenge?"

Fu Xinhui squinted His eyes and came to a somber sentence: “Kill his cactus.”(╰_╯)

Zhang Siyi: “Hey!!”

Conspiring together, his friends excitedly plotted revenge. One idea was tokill the cactus slowly by watering it a little bit every day. Some thought thatway would be too gentle, and a direct approach is better. Then they thought upa scheme to take advantage of the late hours to directly pull up the root and leaveit at his office door. Zhang Siyi listened to the discussion of his friends,clutching his stomach and almost laughing. Of course, these are all jokes. …Anyway, as soon as his ball dies, he won’t be able to get the \'I love my job\'bonus.

Life is like this. Everyone gathers together and complains about their woes.It is nothing more than trying to ease the pressure of work. When tiered afterthe work week, just have a drink with friends and laugh the week away and allthe troubles will be gone.

Last dinner gathering, Jiang Hai didn\'t have the best things to say abouthis boss. This time, there were several design companies to talk about: "Ourcompany gave clear design requirements on the project, but the other partydidn\'t adhere to the guidelines. I changed some areas and indicators and handedit in without changing the name of the project. There are just too many peopleworking the project all injecting their own ideas like the business center\'splan and the design company. As a result, they have created a post-modern Zhastyle, twisted and twisted. They convince themselves there are benefits to theplans. The project keeps growing, but there is a limited budget. No matter howgood things are, if there isn\'t money, you can\'t build something out of air. Myboss loves the talk big on paper, but now I know there are even moreunprofessional design companies out there. The boss will be finished sooner orlater!”

Su Yuan: “So the most important thing is communication!”

Jiang Hai: “Yes, our Head boss also compared the relationship to love.He said side A and side B needed to understand each other in order to have agood ‘ love ‘.”

Zhang Siyi laughed and listened, but also secretly recorded this in hisheart.

As for Fu Xinhui, his family hasn\'t pressured him to either return home orfind a job. Although he doesn’t have much direction, his family is big, and hisparents are exposed to investment, real estate, all kinds of officials, andwealthy people. His intuition is good, so he can contribute to the conversationfrom time to time and express his views.

In addition to working life, everyone also talked about the development andstatus quo of other students who are still studying abroad. Who is in love, whobroke up, and who is playing the demon.

There is a good relationship between their classmates except for one. Oneof their classmates, Yu Rui, is somewhat alienated by the other classmates. Shelooks pretty and continues to study in the UK for a master\'s degree but hasunattractive personality and a black history.

For example, she is very vain and only will go out with young rich men, shegot between friends and caused them to be estranged, and she gave gifts andbribes to the professor. Also, she had no fewer than five boyfriends duringuniversity. She used up each one of them for a specific reason, like helpingwith a design or a written paper. After their value was used up, she wouldmercilessly shake them off.

Once Ren Mengyu was very generous to say that her father taught her“smart woman should step on a man to climb up” … Moreover, who arethey to remark about her methods because the good results prove themselves; agood degree, a graduate school offer, and a good job in the future. Except forone missing point: Good relationships.

With ill feelings towards Yu Rui, they will naturally not be very connectedafter graduation, but they were all still very curious what kind of developmentand outcome will happen in the end.

Ren Mengyu is the most energetic. She currently works in a designconsulting company, mainly to translate some architectural planning tenders andcompetitions at home and abroad to hang them on their company’s platform, sothat the global architectural design firms can share project resources. In theend, they are a little of building design. It is more like an intermediary work.This kind of company has a good environment, work is easy, with good wages, butthere is almost no room for improvement.

Fortunately for Ren Mengyu she also has little to worry about money. Herfamily has helped her rent a small bungalow in the city and with resources topurchase brand-name bags and clothes. It\'s a life without economical pressure,but she works in a high-end environment with girls in a similar situation sothere is a lot of petty drama. Like watching a talk show, the others watch hermotions and listen to her lively stories.

“I told you, our company has a woman that acts like a little girl. Afew days ago, I asked which country is going to start discounting since I neverbought discounted good, she came to help, and I ended up with good results.Another colleague is buying from eBay and she insists that she help make thepurchase for designer boots from five years ago in order to save shippingcosts."

Su Yuan has always been thrifty and can’t express any opinions. Jiang Haiand Zhang Siyi are people who have no psychological needs for famous brands.Therefore, Fu Xinhui can also make a few words with her in the presence:“Five years ago? Is it free to purchase?”

Ren Mengyu: “Yes, that colleague is not happy! She is about the samesize as me. The boots from five years ago are very old and worn. They are notin style anymore.”

Fu Xinhui: “You need a good relationship to make purchases after all.Especially for the named-brand bags and shoes. I only brought items home fromEngland for my sister. It was too troublesome to buy things for otherclassmate\'s friends."

Ren Mengyu: “Yes, the knee-high boots must be deducted from customsduties. I don’t know how much to ship from Canada.”

Su Yuan nodded: “Thousands of luxury goods and famous brands, it isreally necessary to do what you can.”

Ren Mengyu continued: "”She didn’t say she didn’t buy a discountbefore, I don’t like this kind of money! Ren Meng scoffed, and then said to SuYuan sitting with crossed arms looking irritated,” look at our Su Yuan,although in general, she doesn\'t have lot of money, she is so charming! “

Su Yuan smiled and pushed away Ren Mengyu: “Are you complimenting meor insulting me!?"

A burst of laughter, indeed, Su Yuan is very good with people.

After that, Su Yuan also gave a few examples of the arrogance that economicand social gaps bring at her firm.

Ren Mengyu: “Our company has a pretty girl that only smiles to male colleagues."I heard that she was not familiar with some of the work, so she went to findthe boss to ask him. The boss was calling his family. Unbeknown to him, shestood on the side of the room smiling, listening to the boss on the phone forone hour. Later, when the boss turned to see her in the room, he was angry."

Everyone heard a sly look, and Zhang Siyi stupidly helped the girl:“Maybe the sister’s emotional intelligence is lower?”

With cold, vertical eyebrows, Ren Meng addressed Zhang Siyi and said: "Don\'tbe silly! What low EQ! Over the years, witnessing such events, now I can seethat the other party is playing. You are so stupid and deceived, maybe you havebeen targeted!”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

After the weekend, Zhang Siyi returned to the company to go to work. Whenhe went in, he saw the size of the cactus on the landscape frame and couldn\'thelp but think of the topic that everyone talked about this past weekend.

He looked around, quietly approached, staring at the big cactus, let hiseyes slowly released murderous intent and whispered: “abuse me again Iwill use the eyes to kill you!”"

Cactus: “…”

Zhang Siyi threatened, grinned, and happily began a new week’s work.