Assistant Architect - Chapter 166

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 166: Caught


Feelingstartled when he heard Lu Qiao statement, Zhang Siyi\'s turned pale.

…… Gay? Is Lu Qiao talking about him? Howdoes he know?

While ZhangSiyi was turning to look at Gu Yu, Gu Yu was also turning to look Zhang Siyi.Both of their expressions were very complex.

Since LuQiao crying clearly indicated that in some way, he has felt wronged, Zhang Siyifelt confused. Thinking about it, he tried to understand what the problem was.What did being gay have anything to do with Lu Qiao? Did someone hurt him?

Although GuYu and Zhang Siyi were always worried about the possibility of being discovered,coming upon someone by accident and hearing a monolog about their relationshipfelt strange.

Lu Qiaosobbed twice and continued venting his complaints: "Why am I being bullied overbeing from the country and yet no one says anything about him? I can\'t compare.They act like he is the pride of heaven, but he is gay! Why doesn\'t anyone findit strange?"

Afterlistening to what Lu Qiao just said, the two were even more confused,especially Zhang Siyi. Who bullied Lu Qiao? Who is the pride of heaven?

Consideringhis relationship with Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi figured Lu Qiao must be talking abouthimself, but where did Lu Qiao ever get the idea that he was the pride ofheaven? Zhang Siyi doesn\'t remotely feel like he is comparable to Lu Qiao\'s delusion.

At the sametime, Gu Yu was looking at Zhang Siyi questioningly. He was thinking about anyconflicts Zhang Siyi might have had with Lu Qiao.

Seeing Gu Yu\'sslightly raised eyebrow, Zhang Siyi quickly shook his head to refute. He felthis friendship with Lu Qiao was good.

Although,looking back at the last few days, perhaps Lu Qiao was a bit alienated. Being immersedin romance, Zhang Siyi\'s heart and mind were occupied with thoughts of Gu Yu.In addition, traveling with a strict touring schedule created little time forZhang Siyi to think about anything else.

Afteranother minute passed, Lu Qiao sniffled and choked out more grievances: “Heis so well liked by everyone. He has such a good family. Even his father is agovernment official. The boss also likes him very much…… And I\'m just a loser.What makes him so different? Why can\'t I compare with him? What other qualificationsdo I need?"

Since LuQiao mentioned a father who was an official, Zhang Siyi face changed. Hissuspicion was confirmed as Lu Qiao was the only person with whom Zhang Siyi toldthat fact to.

Now thatZhang Siyi knew he was the main character of Lu Qiao monolog, Zhang Siyi felt anindescribable feeling of discomfort. Broadeninghis thoughts, he wondered if he really did do something to provoke Lu Qiao andthinking back, he replayed some of the details.

There wasthat time he was with Lu Qiao and spoke without thought about the cost ofliving while studying in Europe. After hearing about it, Lu Qiao seemedunsettled and had made a comment at that time about his father being a corrupt official.Although he felt a disgusted over Lu Qiao\'s remark, Zhang Siyi didn\'t let whathe said bother him as he knew there were always some form of hatred towards thewealthy from the poor. Even if Lu Qiao might be a little cynical, his nature wasn\'tbad.

Moreover,Zhang Siyi thought Lu Qiao regarded him as a friend. Why else would he suggestbeing roommates for the trip? And thus, being a friend, he let the issue passas a joke. The last thing that Zhang Siyi expected was Lu Qiao talking abouthim behind his back. It made him feel both angry and sad.

Perceiving thechanges in Zhang Siyi\'s emotional states, Gu Yu gently held Zhang Siyi hand tocomfort him.

Zhang Siyiwas trying to listen to what else Lu Qiao has to say, but in Gu Yu\'s firmgrasp, he was being pulled out from hiding. Even though Zhang Siyi was quiteresistant, he couldn\'t fight against Gu Yu strength.

“…!!!…” –Wha..wait, are you confronting Lu Qiao?

Lu Qiao wascrying, but suddenly heard the sound of footsteps.

Nowalerted, while wiping the tears from his face, he looked up to see who wasnear. When he saw who it was, he was stunned and his mind went blank.

…… Theyheard him; he was caught……

Noticing GuYu\'s stern and expressionless face, Lu Qiao\'s first thought was: \'I\'m goingto be fired. Do I need to leave Japan now?\'

Lookingaway from Gu Yu\'s line of sight, Lu Qiao looked to Zhang Siyi and noticing hisslight frown, Lu Qiao felt ashamed suddenly for what he said. Lu Qiao\'spredicament exposed his own fear of homosexuality. Subconsciously, Lu Qiao triedto make himself smaller by shrinking back. All he wanted to do was disappear.

As Gu Yu approachedLu Qiao, he let go of Zhang Siyi hand half way and said: "You go inside first."

Zhang Siyi:“What?"

Gu Yuclarified: “Go upstairs. I will talk to Lu Qiao.”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Gu Yu’stone was pragmatic and unemotional. Zhang Siyi felt like a character in a martialarts movie before a big showdown. In any case, Lu Qiao wasn\'t the only onefeeling embarrassed. Since Gu Yu\'s proposal was reasonable, Zhang Siyi nodded.He eyed Lu Qiao on the ground briefly before he went inside.

Gu Yu walkedslowly to Lu Qiao and bent down. He reached out his hand and said: "Get up."Even though his face was expressionless, and his voice was flat, Gu Yu exuded agentle feeling.

Feelinglike he was about to cry from embarrassment, Lu Qiao ignored Gu Yu\'s offered handand picked himself up in an effort to maintain his dignity.

Gu Yu leadhim to the slate bench that was in the garden for tourists to relax and enjoythe scenery and sat down next to him.

Lu Qiao’sheart was mess. Since he discovered the secret between Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi, hethought his Boss must be angry with him and as a result, will probably get fired….Anyway, as he failed to integrate with his colleagues, no one really knows himso It won\'t matter if he left…… Since Lu Qiao\'s thoughts didn\'t seem tobother him, he simply thought it would be a good thing to go to another company.

Gu Yu spokeup and said: "I understand you."

In aninstant, Lu Qiao’s tears fell.

In fact,when Lu Qiao thought about it more carefully, there was no real reason for GuYu to say \'I understand you\' when he hadn\'t said very much. There were manymore issues bottled up inside. Even so, when he heard Gu Yu\'s calming voice, hefelt like he was redeemed. He choked back his tears and said: "Boss…."

Gu Yusighed and said: “I’m sorry.”

Tearscontinued to flow down his cheeks like a sorrowful child. In the last few days,Lu Qiao didn\'t understand what was happening to him. Why were his feelings sodark and his attitude full of despair?

Gu Yu said:“I am apologizing for inadvertently hearing your monolog. Zhang Siyi and Iweren\'t trying to eavesdrop."

Although hewas in the wrong, Gu Yu\'s attitude made him feel warm. He respected his bossand valued his guidance. His simple apology made Lu Qiao feel respected.

In fact, hewas reluctant to leave Borderless. He had been working at the company for overa year and liked the work and his colleagues. In addition, Lu Qiao felt that GuYu was the perfect Boss…. But, why would he be gay!? Did Zhang Siyi seduce him?

“Sonow, can we talk about what you just said calmly?” In a businesslike fashion,Gu Yu looked at him and said: "In an equal capacity, rather than a boss to his subordinate."

Lu Qiao timidly looked back at Gu Yu. The kind of strength and stability that Gu Yu exuded made Lu Qiao involuntarily nod.