Assistant Architect - Chapter 153

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 153: The Uniform


Since thetrip was a company sponsored event, Gu Yu wanted to uphold the company\'sexpectations as the team leader. He wasn\'t particularly happy about their protests,but he also couldn\'t ignore them. In the end he made a compromise: "The companyshirts must be worn on the first day of travel and on the last day ofdeparture. During the week, you may wear your own clothes."

In fact, for male colleagues, there wasn\'t anissue. Since it was the summertime, it was normal for them to wear a pair ofshorts and a t-shirt. Whether the shirt has the company\'s logo printed on it orsomething else, it made no difference. Zhang Siyi thought the company shirt was rather nice. Whenhe got home, he tried it on with Gu Yu. With matching shirts, Zhang Siyi feltlike a young couple from a television drama.

Having wonthe prize in the photography competition last year, Zhang Siyi was the officialphotographer for the trip and the task wasn\'t any easier than Gu Yu\'s.

Inanticipation of the trip, the people\'s excitement grew and finally, the day oftravel arrived. At eight in the morning on June twentieth, a total of twenty-eightpeople from both the architectural design department and the landscape planningand design team gathered at the Haicheng International Airport.

Zhang Siyiand Gu Yu took the subway together to the airport and since they were bothwearing the company uniform, they received many sideways glances along the wayto the airport.

Before theirarrival, there was already a group of colleagues at the airport waiting for theremaining people to show up. Several female colleagues gathered around togossip and guess what Director Gu would wear today. As the team leader, wouldhe be like a tour guide and carry a small flag to raise with a megaphone tospeak through? Thinking about the possibility, the girls laughed.

Thelaughter was short lived however, as Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu appeared together. Instead,the girls hung their mouths wide open, gawking at the two approaching men.

Even thoughGu Yu was wearing the company shirt, he didn\'t look anything like a tour guide.Besides the company shirt, he wore a lightweight outer layer, like awindbreaker, and a pair of black jeans and black sneakers. He made the mostmundane article of clothing look like a famous fashion brand. Wearing a pair ofsunglasses, his handsome features and graceful strides were accentuated further.

Like youngschool girls, some of them covered their faces and silently screamed. Havingsuch an unobtainable and eye-catching boss to gaze at everyday was worth anybitter feelings they had.

Of course, themost critical point isn\'t Gu Yu himself, it is the fact that Zhang Siyi and GuYu appeared together. Slightly staggered, Gu Yu dragged his suitcase behind himat arms-length and gave the impression that he was directly holding Zhang Siyi\'shand.

Moreover,the two of them were smiling and chatting with one another. Although there wassome distance between them, the sweet atmosphere between them was tangible asif there was an invisible thread that tightly bound them together.

With hiscamera hanging loosely around his neck, Zhang Siyi looked like a small youthfulstudent standing next to Gu Yu.

Teasing, BiLele smiled and said: “The game hasn\'t even started and yet, theatmosphere between the two of you is better than a real couple!"

The surroundingpeople chuckled at Bi Lele\'s joke. Only Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu themselves knewthat they are true lovers!

One after another,more people in the company arrived and by eight-forty, everyone going on thetrip was present except for one person: Tao Fei. The group was feeling more andmore anxious at his absence and because it was nearing the time to board theplane, some people were ready to leave him behind. Since Zhang Siyi hadtraveled with him before, he was familiar with Tao Fei\'s last-minute behaviorand he remained calm.

Sinceeveryone had decided to participate in the couples\' game, when they depart, theplayers would pair up according to their assigned partners. Without him, one ofthe pairings would be incomplete. Watching Tao Fei arrive at the airport, no onesaid anything to rebuke him for his tardiness. His beauty was unmatched andhaving an enchanting figure in the group was also a bonus. (=_=)

Tao Fei hadn\'tnoticed it, but Lu Qiao had walked in behind him like an obedient child. Whenhe realized who was behind him, his eyes twitched. From the start, Tao Fei hadno interest in playing the couples game, but he went along with it anyway. Hedidn\'t expect Lu Qiao, with his little white arms and thin legs to follow alongso easily.

Tao Feiturned to look behind and saw Ji Feiyu holding Du Rui’s hand. When they madeeye contact, Ji Feiyu winked and gave him a victory gesture.

Tao Fei suddenlyfelt a little irritated at being manipulated by the situation that Ji Feiyucreated in order to flirt with the girl Ji Feiyu liked.

“Hey!”Tao Fei called out to Lu Qiao: "Come here."

Lu Qiao:“…ah?”

Tao Feipushed his suitcase to him and said: “Help me pull it."

“Oh……."Lu Qiao obediently took the bag and followed him carefully.

Tao Feiraised his eyebrow in surprise. - So obedient? Just like a personalassistant.

Lu Qiaothought Tao Fei had a reason he requested help, but he only saw Tao Fei reachfor his phone from his pocket. He followed him all the while Tao Fei played onhis mobile phone……

Well, atfirst glance, Tao Fei was just like a young master. Lu Qiao wasn\'t surprised athis behavior.

Since bothZhang Siyi and Lu Qiao have it in their personality to want to please the personthey admire and respect, they have a similar character trait. As long as they recognizethe other person\'s strength, they are happy to do the extra things requested ofthem.

That said,in fact, at first as did Zhang Siyi, Lu Qiao disliked Tao Fei very much. Firstof all, he didn\'t like Tao Fei appearance. With his long hair and beautifulfeatures, he seems neither male nor female; just like a demon. Second, withoutbackground, Lu Qiao had worked very hard step by step on his own to get to theposition he is in now at the company. Being alongside so many capable people madehim feel proud at his achievement. Therefore, he hated unfair competition.

Tao Feiappearance at the company gave Lu Qiao the most negative feeling. From the veryfirst moment at the company, it was clear he had a special relationship withDirector Gu. His antics had continuously broken the normally harmoniousatmosphere of the team. At the beginning, Lu Qiao noticed that even the mostliked member of their group, Zhang Siyi, didn\'t get along with him either.

Threemonths later, Lu Qiao was the most surprised at how well Tao Fei integratedhimself into the group. He not only won the bid for a commercial high-rise building;he also won the bid on the hotel project that he worked on with Zhang Siyi. Asa result, he became close friends with Zhang Siyi as well as gaining the trust ofeveryone else in the department.

Even LuQiao was swayed by Tao Fei\'s diligent work. In particular, he admired Tao Fei whenhe was seriously working at his desk with his hair tied up. The concentratedexpression that Tao Fei exhibited while leaning over his desk made Lu Qiao feellike he was watching a genderless celestial being hard at work.

Inaddition, Lu Qiao gradually realized Tao Fei also had we he thought of as \'the-beauty-disease.\'Namely, Tao Fei was a bit self-centered and narcissistic. However, while hisflaws weren\'t hidden, his professional strength outshined them all.

Like Zhang Siyi\'s sunny and convivial nature, Tao Fei self-confidence is something that was inborn. Because this quality is something Lu Qiao thinks he lacks, now, he also admired Tao Fei……