Assistant Architect - Chapter 151

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 151: Tense


Zhang Siyi:"What!? Your brother asked me to call you."

Gu Yaoexplained: “When you sent me the message, my brother had privately askedme to come over already."

Immediatelyremembering what Gu Yu had mentioned in the kitchen, Zhang Siyi turned to stareat Gu Yu, waiting for his explanation.

Gu Yuplainly stated: “Your acting was bad.”

Zhang Siyi:“huh?"

Rubbing hishead, Gu Yu sighed then said: “You were being too obvious. I noticed yourmother staring at us often so I asked my sister to come over to divert herattention."

When ZhangSiyi heard Gu Yu, he felt a little guilty. He couldn\'t admit to Gu Yu that hismother was a big rot-girl.

….. Could it be that his mother really was thinking of them as a pair?But how could it be with her overly beaming attitude towards Gu Yao? Or, was itreally as Gu Yu said; his sister really did over shadowed his mother\'s rot-girlthoughts? (=_=)

“Cough.Ah, that\'s it.” Zhang Siyi wasn\'t particularly angry at Gu Yu going behindhis back.

Certainly,there is more to Gu Yu\'s reason than that. Since it has taken him a very longtime to get as far as he has with his relationship with Zhang Siyi, he was onhigh alert. If he only had to rely on himself, there wouldn\'t be a problemmaintaining his relationship, but he is uncertain whether or not Zhang Siyiwould buckle under pressure.

At twenty-three,Zhang Siyi is six years younger than Gu Yu. The bright future both career wise andrelationship wise that a young adult has is always a concern for any parent andZhang Siyi\'s parents are no different. Even if his parents did not specificallycome to visit with marriageable prospects, they understood that when he reachesthe age of marriage, there will be plenty of women to choose from because ZhangSiyi\'s family conditions and background weren\'t bad.

Gu Yu wasn\'tafraid of Zhang Siyi\'s parents rejecting their relationship. He was afraid thatZhang Siyi himself hasn\'t prepared himself mentally to fight social pressure.

Since theyhave been together for less than two months, their love period hasn\'t ended andthus, Gu Yu feels like their relationship isn\'t stable enough. If both parents realizedthe truth now and opposed them, it would be too easy to tear them apart. Thepressure and responsibility by being an only son would shake Zhang Siyi to thecore and ultimately, Gu Yu thinks Zhang Siyi would become duty-bound and leavehim.

Instead oftackling the issue head on, it is better to strengthen the bonds between thefamilies first by allowing Zhang Siyi\'s parents to misunderstand therelationship with his sister.

However, GuYu will not talk about his reasons openly to Zhang Siyi because he is afraid sincehe has shielded him, that he doesn\'t really understand the cultural pressure ofthier situation. Also, he lacks the trust needed to follow Gu Yu without questionand instead Zhang Siyi would simply become very angry and blow up at him in an argument.

In anycase, after listening to Gu Yu\'s short explanation, Zhang Siyi seemed relieved.Walking the dog, Zhang Siyi and Gu Yao were laughing and joking around. Gu Yusmiled at them.

When theyreturned home, Gu Yao asked Zhang Siyi if he knew about a recent trendy Appcalled the Era of Music and whether or not he had played it.

Since ZhangSiyi had been under the influence of Gu Yu, he didn\'t have time to play gamesanymore. Normally, when he got home from work, he either studied work relatedmaterial or was with Gu Yu.

Listeningto Gu Yao describe the game, Zhang Siyi was immediately interested and quicklywent upstairs to get his recently unused iPad. After downloading the game, GuYao briefly showed him how to play. First, Zhang Siyi picked an easy tune. Thegame is similar to a dance game where you push a button that coincides with aparticular falling icon.

Since ZhangSiyi plays the violin, he quickly adjusted to the rhythm of the music and inthe first attempt, he achieved all the combo points and scored with a 99.9% accuracy;an A+.

“It isvery simple!” Zhang Siyi commented.

"What\'s sogreat about level 1. Let\'s see what you can do on a more difficult challenge!"She grabbed Zhang Siyi\'s iPad and selected a harder sequence: "I can play up tolevel five."

Since they weresimilar in age, they easily got along. After Gu Yu finished wiping the dog\'sclaws, he walked into the living room and noticed the two of them closetogether chatting and laughing.

Gu Yu wantedto join them for a bit, but since he didn\'t believe playing video games wereworth his time, he gave up on the idea of sitting with them. After checking thecat food bowls, he grabbed the vacuum and started tidying up. His sister loudlycomplained: "Brother, we can\'t hear the music!"

Gu Yu:“……”

Even thoughshe complained to her brother, Gu Yao continued to stare at Zhang Siyi while heplayed the game. As he finished the levels, she grabbed his face and exclaimedwith excitement: "Ahhhhh! All A+!"

Less thenthirty minutes later, Zhang Siyi broke through level five without a problem. Hebreathed a sigh of relief. Noticing Gu Yao\'s unbelieving attitude transforminto worship he said: "See. It\'s easy."

With Gu Yaostar-struck gaze, she watched Zhang Siyi with adoration: “How did you doit! I played several times without getting an A+."

Zhang Siyichuckled a \'he-he\' and said: "I don’t know. Maybe it is because I can play theviolin."

Gu Yaoinstantly became Zhang Siyi’s fan-girl: “Really? Oh My God! At the timethat the Korean version of “Boys Over Flowers” was broadcasted, I wasobsessed with Kim Hyun Jong. Since then, I really like boys who can playviolin!”

Zhang Siyi wasfeeling a little embarrassed: “Well, if you want. I can play it for you."

Looking forwardto answering Zhang Siyi positively, Gu Yao was suddenly interrupted by herbrother: "No."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Standing nextto the vacuum cleaner, Gu Yu emitted an \'I\'m not happy\' signal from head to toe.

Surprisedat his outburst, Gu Yao wanted to argue with him and ask why not, but herbrother cut her off: "It\'s almost ten. Most people are asleep. Are you notconcerned with the neighbors if you play the violin so late at night?" Gu Yustared at Zhang Siyi coldly: "And you, are you a child? Still playing videogames with no restraint."

Being shutdown by Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t stand it anymore. He said: “What is theproblem? Today is Saturday. There is plenty of time to play."

HearingZhang Siyi, Gu Yao had the courage to speak up: "Yeah. I usually go to bed atmidnight in school. Ten o\'clock isn\'t late at all! This game is really fun so let\'splay. Just because you don\'t play video games, doesn\'t mean you can prevent usfrom playing."

Feelingsullen, Gu Yu was angry. These two kids just ignored him. But, what can he do? Hecan’t admit that he’s jealous…

Aftersetting the vacuum cleaner aside in a corner of the wall, Gu Yu didn\'t sayanything and instead went straight upstairs.

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Gu Yao:”……”

Gu Yao thoughther brother was acting strange. Playing games wasn\'t a big deal and he didn\'t usuallycare so much about them, but today, he seems particularly vitriolic. Hisreaction was just too much!

Gu Yaoexpressed her wonder out loud: “Why is my brother so tense?”

Zhang Siyibowed his head and sighed with a narrow eye. “Who knows. Maybe he wasscratched by a wild cat.”

Gu Yao:“poof……"

As the moodto play was ruined, the two looked up at each other and both sighed. Gu Yucommented: “Forget it. Time to go upstairs and sleep.”

Slowly,Zhang Siyi walked upstairs with little sound. He surveyed the area and since GuYu wasn\'t on the platform, he assumed Gu Yu went back to his room.

Zhang Siyidropped Gu Yao off at his room first. Since his parents had visited, the bedwas made and the room was already clean.

Gu Yao saw the violin at the foot of the bed.With eyes bright, she stated in surprise: "Wow, you really can play the violin!”

Looking atthe instrument, Zhang Siyi reflected, is Gu Yu jealous because of the violin……?Well, it\'s a possibility.

Even thoughhe did tell Gu Yu that he only played the violin for people that he liked as aploy, Gu Yu may not be happy hearing Zhang Siyi tell Gu Yao that he would playfor her. To think he would get jealous over his own sister……

Zhang Siyigrinned and responded to Gu Yao: “It’s too late today, I\'ll have a chanceto play another time."

Gu Yaonodded and looked happy.

Zhang Siyipointed to the direction of the other bedroom. “Well, I will go see yourbrother. If you are tired, go to sleep.”

With somereluctance, Gu Yao gestured and waved her hand: "Go ahead.”

Turningaround, Zhang Siyi went into Gu Yu’s room without knocking on the door.

Gu Yuwasn\'t asleep. He was standing in front of his desk practicing calligraphy. Onthe table were several written words; cold, quiet.

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Glancing athim without expression, Gu Yu picked up a picture book to cover the part he hadalready written then continued to write something else.

Zhang Siyi:“….” I have already seen it! (=_=)

Zhang Siyigently closed the door and went to the bed to sit down. Looking at Gu Yu\'sback, he patiently waited for him to speak, but Gu Yu continued to practicewriting, ignoring him.

After fiveminutes, Zhang Siyi felt anxious. He stood up and hugged Gu Yu from behindsuddenly. As a result, Gu Yu calligraphy stroke was heavy on the rice paper.

Zhang Siyitightened his arms and pulled him in his direction: "What are you doing? If Idon\'t speak, you just ignore me?"

Gu Yusnorted softly: “Since you don’t listen to me, why should I talk toyou.”

Exasperated, Zhang Siyi asked: “It is obvious you are mad at me, but you still walked away without saying anything…… Can’t we talk?"