Assistant Architect - Chapter 147

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 147: Chess


Why is it complicated?Is she the daughter of the mayor!? Waiting for his explanation, Zhang Siyi staredat Gu Yu intently.

After walkinginto the kitchen, Gu Yu opened the refrigerator and rummage through the shelvesfor ingredients for dinner. As he removed them from the refrigerator, Gu Yuexplained: "The Chief\'s wife\'s brother is Yanyan\'s cousin\'s father. He is oneof the Chief Directors from X Firm and he is one of the major shareholders ofBorderless.

Zhang Siyidumbly said: “So her father’s status is higher than our Chief Director?”

Tearing ahead of cabbage, Gu Yu plainly stated: "Yes"

The ChiefDirector in a company is either elected or appointed by the board of directors.As the design director, Gu Yu is only the head of the design department. The hierarchyin the food chain is very obvious. Yanyan\'s cousin\'s father has the power todecide which candidates to appoint and thus, the career path of Gu Yu.

Yes, it would be the way to secure hisprofessional future. Academic, professional, and work experience are earned ontheir own, but positions do not necessarily rise as their abilities improve.

In China\'s environment, in addition to theacademic qualifications in the construction industry, titles are given based onthe depth of seniority by the number of years working in the industry. Even ifa person has a higher academic background and is talented, there is a limit tothe position they could obtain based on the number of years worked.

Although Gu Yu’s qualifications are sufficient,it is extremely rare to be able to sit in the position of a design director athis age. Therefore, his connections are the leading factor for Gu Yu current position.

As the title design director is the limit for a technicalworker, Gu Yu has already reached the top. The privilege that Yanyan\'s cousin\'sfather could give Gu Yu is limitless. He could pave the way for Gu Yu todirectly break through the limitations of his degree and move into thedirection of management which would lead him towards a higher social status.

Obviously, the appearance of Yanyan\'s cousin providesan opportunity for Gu Yu to move forward.

So, why is there trouble? Was Gu Yu aiming for afuture in management? Does he find the opportunity too tempting to reject? Or,is there a swing in his heart?

Zhang Siyi asked awkwardly: “What do youthink?”

Finishing with the cabbage preparations, Gu Yugrabbed a slab of pork and chucked: “I am neither interested in her or in aposition of management. What is there to think about?"

Zhang Siyi breathed a sigh of relief and said:“Then, what "trouble" were you talking about earlier?"

After cutting up the meat, Gu Yu was slicing alarge onion and gave Zhang Siyi garlic to peel when he replied: "I can tell thedirector wanted to introduce me as a marriageable prospect. In the past, I mighthave gone to his home for a casual family dinner. When I saw the extendedfamily present, I knew it was something more as outsiders aren\'t normallypresent for family banquets. It was clear that the Chief wanted me to get acquaintedwith Yanyan\'s cousin. There is no way I was invited there to befriend thechairman, right? I said it was troublesome because I could have refused outrightif the invitation was given in the name of a blind date, but he used the guiseof a family dinner to go to his house. Although his intentions were clear,nothing was said."

Gu Yu frowned when he spoke. In addition, even ifthe opportunity was presented to him and he rashly refused, there was nothinghe could show or prove outwardly that he was already in a relationship. As aresult, it would have been very embarrassing for both himself and the Chief. GuYu felt really depressed.

Listening to Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi was also feeling depressed.He wasn\'t displeased with Gu Yu\'s honesty and in fact, he was rather relievedby his frankness. It was because his lover was so blatantly coveted by otherpeople!

….. Damn it! If he bumps into the Chief,he isn\'t going to greet him anymore!

Zhang Siyi handed the peeled garlic to Gu, andasked: “What did you do this afternoon?”

Thinking how uninteresting the afternoon was, GuYu plainly stated what he did: “Drink tea, watch financial news, and playchess.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Why does it soundlike an afternoon activity plan for the elderly?” (=_=)

Zhang Siyi: “Who were you with? Yanyan’scousin?”

Thinking outloud, Gu Yu voiced a \'hmm\' thenproceeded to put oil in the pan. After he explained: "The elders left to playcards in the afternoon so myself and the two girls remained. We made somesmall-talk for a little while. Since Yanyan was an art major, there were some commonpoints and professional things to talk about. Later, her boyfriend called tohave a video chat so she left the room leaving me alone with her cousin."

As he poured the sliced pork and cabbage into thehot pan, a loud \'sizzle\' could be heard. Gu Yu immediately started mixing thefood in the pan and when the sound was a little less noisy, he continued: "Thegirl was very quiet. For most of the day she remained silent."

Recalling the afternoon scene, Gu Yu scowled. Thegirl didn\'t speak and in fear of giving her false impressions, he couldn\'t findany suitable topics to discuss. Given the situation, he didn\'t want her tomisunderstand his intentions. As aresult, they sat in the living room together watching the financial news whiledrinking tea in silence.

Fortunately, the chess board on the table helpedbreak the ice. She asked him if he would like to play.

Gu Yu looked down at the pan: “I played withher while listening to the financial news for a few hours. She never won."Since he was too distressed about the situation he was placed in, he didn\'tgive her an inch. In one game, he beat her in less than ten moves.

As he heard Gu Yu speak, Zhang Siyi saw a flashof pleasure at being able to bully her. Zhang Siyi laughed at Gu Yu\'s childishexpression and the moment was no longer uncomfortable: "So, you must be good atplaying chess."

Gu Yu put on the lid on the pan to make thecabbage steam and said: “Clearly, her level is too low."

Zhang Siyi saw the chess board that was upstairsbut he never saw Gu Yu play. “When did you learn how to play chess?”

Gu Yu: “When I was in college, I learnedfrom Lao Jiang. He can really play chess, both speed chess and regular chess.When he was in elementary school, he won many amateur stages and developed anElo score which is equivalent to the first stage of going Pro. The real childprodigy."

Zhang Siyi: “I only play backgammon……"Why is the gap between people so large?

Gu Yu: “Do you want to learn? I can teachyou.”

At the prospect of learning with Gu Yu, ZhangSiyi joyously responded: "Ok!"

Watching Gu Yu gently pour the cooked pork andcabbage into a serving dish, he asked: "What\'s next? Will the Chief Director askyou to go to dinner again?”

Gu Yu grinned knowingly and said: “Yanyan’scousin added my WeChat and what photo did I post there? When she sees it, shewill understand the difficulty and retreat."

Zhang Siyi was finally happy. When the girl sawthe photo, she definitely wouldn\'t continue dwelling on Gu Yu. Suddenly feelingnervous over whom might be looking at the photo, he asked: “Hey, did youadd my parents to WeChat?”

Gu Yu: “No, why?”

Zhang Siyi sighed with relief: “Nothing. Ifyou had, they will see that photo. Even though my mother isn\'t the sharpesttack, I\'m afraid if she saw the photo, she would guess the truth."

In fact, Zhang Siyi feelings about the matter aresomewhat contradictory. In the end, is he hoping his mother finds out or not?With her hobby of reading those-kinds-of-books, Zhang Siyi felt that she would moreor less pick up on the facts, but his mother\'s attitude towards Gu Yu wascompletely out of his expectations. From a practical standpoint, maybe all mothersdo not think about the possibility that they have a gay son.

After Gu Yu took out the eggs from the fridge andhanded them to Zhang Siyi to crack open, he grabbed a few more ingredients tomake another dish. He continued: “Well, we will keep it hidden for nowand when things stabilize, we can slowlyopen up. By the way, what do you think is the reason they are coming to visitfor?"

Zhang Siyi quickly relayed what he said on thephone in the afternoon with his mother to Gu Yu.

Gu Yu: “You have been back to China for ayear now. Haven’t they come to Haicheng to visit the city? Come on, I will takethem around.”

Zhang Siyi: “You will show them around?”

Gu Yu: “Since you live with me now, I amsure to entertain them when they come over. What\'s more, I\'m your boyfriend andcan\'t pass up this opportunity to make a good, lasting impression for their futureson-in-law."

Zhang Siyi vomited: “My parents’ impressionof you is already high enough. You don’t know it, but they are always boastingabout you in front of me. When I think about, it seems like they rather haveyou as their own son!"

Zhang Siyi saw Gu Yu’s raised eyebrows and broad smile…feeling like he missed a detail. Wait, hesuddenly reacted: “Why are you the son-in-law?”

Gu Yu turned his head sideways to glance at him:“Are you not with my surname, Gu Siyi?”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Gu Yu swayed his head: “Didn\'t you agree tofollow me and take my name? So, Gu Siyi, since you are married, I am yourparent\'s son-in-law. Am I not? Hmm? "

With another mouthful of \'Gu Siyi\', Zhang Siyianxiously jumped on his foot and shouted: “That doesn\'t count!”

With the last dish fully cooked, Gu Yu finallystopped teasing Zhang Siyi. He tenderly rubbed his lower back and commanded: "Okay,don\'t make trouble. Bring the chopsticks and let\'s eat."

Zhang Siyi: "……" I am waiting for you, sir,from today forward, we must practice eloquence!

Before eating, Gu Yu suddenly took out his cellphone: “Wait, I want to take a picture.”

Since today\'s dishes were quite common, ZhangSiyi thought it was a little strange for Gu Yu to take photos. Not only did hetake a few pictures, but he also uploaded them to his circle of friends.

When Gu Yu finished, Zhang Siyi eagerly openedhis mobile phone to see them: “What did you post? Is my network broken? Whycan\'t I see the pictures you posted?"

Gu Yu: “They aren\'t visible to you.”

Caught by surprised, Zhang Siyi suddenly feltanxious and his tone reflected his hurt feelings: “What? Why?” Does GuYu still have a private WeChat that he isn\'t privy too!?

From one corner of Gu Yu\'s mouth, he smirked:“It is visible to Yanyan\'s cousin."

Immediately putting down his chopsticks, ZhangSiyi reached over and said: “Let me see!"

It took a bit of pestering before Gu Yu wouldunlock his phone and hand it to Zhang Siyi.

Zhang Siyi only saw the last visible message thatGu Yu posted to another group: “The happiest moment of the day: Eating a mealprepared by my wife."

“Pfft…….!” Zhang Siyi couldn\'t holdback the rice in his mouth.

“Well, now you saw it. Give it back to me." With an expression of connivance on Gu Yu face, Zhang Siyi watched him turn pink, revealing a trace of school-girl like shyness.