Assistant Architect - Chapter 146

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 146: Situation


“Hmm.”Gu Yu was watching him. Since Zhang Siyi assertive behavior was really loveable,he wanted to stay. Sighing, he held Zhang Siyi briefly, pecked him on the lipsand said: "Remember to eat something and send me a message later."

After Gu Yuleft, Zhang Siyi read a book for a while and since it had been awhile, hepracticed playing the violin. Feeling bored, he pondered what else he could dobefore going to sleep. He decided to call home.

When thephone connected, he said: “Hello? Mom?”

The lasttime he spoke with his mother over the phone was when he needed his driver\'slicense. More often than not, any communication between them was done throughWeChat. Lately, Zhang Siyi was very with work that he didn\'t have the chance totalk with her; not even to tell her that he moved. Although, in reality, heprobably was avoiding the subject now that he was together with Gu Yu.

MotherZhang immediately asked him about work and his recent comings and goings. Sheasked him if he was planning on returning home for the Dragon Boat Festival andvisit relatives.

Zhang Siyi:“I won\'t be able to come home for the Dragon Boat Festival. The company istaking us to Japan on June 20th for ten days to study architecture.”

Ms. Zhanghad some regrets, but she was also happy for her son: “The company’s benefitsare great! They are taking their employees overseas!"

Zhang Siyi:“I heard that the company sponsored trips are only every few years."

MotherZhang asked again: “When will you be free to come home? You haven\'t comeback since the New Year and your parents miss you.”

Zhang Siyijoked: “Maybe you do, but I don\'t believe Dad does."

MotherZhang yelled at him: "What!? How can you say that!? He’s your father. Why wouldn’the miss you? He’s been asking me about your work lately. If I wasn\'t so busy atthe hospital, I would have called you."

Zhang Siyivomited in his heart. If his dad wanted to talk to him, why couldn\'t he callhimself? Every time, it took his mother to pass the phone.

His Motherpaused then asked: "Do you have time on the weekend before the Dragon BoatFestival?"

“What’sthe matter?” Zhang Siyi voiced and then thought to himself: Isn\'t thatnext weekend?

Although heand Tao Fei have to make a report before the Dragon Boat Festival, their steadyprogress has been faster then expected and thus, there shouldn\'t be any need towork long overtime hours like they had before.

MotherZhang said: "If you have time, next weekend, we will come visit you in Haichengand bring you something delicious."

Uponhearing his mother\'s statement, Zhang Siyi immediately sat straight up from thecouch. If they come, they will discover his relationship with Gu Yu!

His Motherexplained: “Your father has a friend who recently sent us some fresh fishand we can\'t eat it all. I thought I would have the housekeeper prepare yourfavorite fried fish dish and bring you some. You can eat it as a snack or whenyou want a quick dinner."

Fried fishwas one of Zhang Siyi’s favorite dishes and listening to his mother\'s proposalmade him feel greedy. However, he was still scared and said: "Or I will comehome next weekend." In fact, it would be quite convenient to travel home on thehigh-speed rail for one night and then come back the following day for hisbusiness trip.

When she listenedto him, she decided that Zhang Siyi was free next weekend and told him: "I sawyou hard at work staying up late in company as well as your business triptravels in WeChat. Mom is so distressed! Don\'t bother coming back for only onenight and a day. I\'ll bring your father for a rare chance to spend the weekendwith you. It\'s a good excuse to get outside and walk around. It\'s settled."

Zhang Siyi:"……" It’s settled!?!?

His Mothercontinued: "Oh right, there are also crabs. We can\'t eat them all in this hotweather so I\'ll have the housekeeper make crab paste for you as well."

Feeling abit anxious, Zhang Siyi decided it was better to tell his mother about his movebeforehand otherwise he might inadvertently reveal his real relationship withGu Yu.

“Mom, Ihave to tell you something. I moved and now rent a room in Gu Yu\'s house.”Zhang Siyi said placing special emphasis on the word \'rent\'.

MotherZhang was momentarily silent: "Really? When did you move? Why didn\'t you tellme?"

Feelingembarrassed, Zhang Siyi answered her: "Its been six weeks since I moved. Do youremember my college friend I mentioned who had an accident at home over NewYears?"

MotherZhang: “Yes. I remember. He was the one who rented an apartment withyou.”

Zhang Siyi spokebriefly about Fu Xinhui’s affairs with his mother then said: “He wentabroad afterwards. I wasn\'t able to stay in the same apartment and since therewas a room at Gu Yu\'s I could rent, I moved." Zhang Siyi was worried about howshe would respond so he waited nervously for his mother to speak.

Ms. Zhang tooka minute to respond: “Living together with Gu Yu is really good! You areboth in the same industry and there is still a lot he can teach you. He is avery stable, mature person and you will do well to take after his habits andwork ethics. It will be great for you!"

Uponhearing his mother\'s enthusiasm, Zhang Siyi practically fainted. He was worriedthat his mother would question him more about his relationship with Gu Yu. Itmust have only been in his head. And besides, listening to the tone of hismother\'s statement, why was she acting as though she was happily marring off adaughter?

…… This,this must be his delusion!

MotherZhang continued: “I have to be honest with you. Your Father and I werevery worried about you when you told us about your roommate\'s situation, butnow that you are staying with Gu Yu, our minds are at ease. Oh yes, I\'ll tellthe housekeeper to prepare a little extra fish and crab paste for young Gu."

Zhang Siyi:"……" It seems as though his mother wasvery happy that he lives with Gu Yu. But, how happy would she really be if sheknew the truth? (=_=)

Zhang Siyinews was completely updated after a few more pleasantries. Saying goodbye, theyhung up the phone. Zhang Siyi sat on the sofa for a while in a daze. Finallycoming out of his reverie, he sent a WeChat to Gu Yu: “My parents arecoming.”

Fiveminutes later, Gu Yu replied: “What!?!?” and sent a \'Little-Fox-Shocked\'sticker then asked: "When?"

It wasextremely rare for Gu Yu to express such a shocked and scared expression.Feeling happy about his response, Zhang Siyi explained: "They will visit nextweekend."

Gu Yu:“…”

Gu Yu:“Well, we can talk about it later at home."

Zhang Siyi wasa little irritated at the speed with which Gu Yu seemed to have calmed down. “How’sdinner going?” he asked. (→_→)

Gu Yu:“I just finished eating. I gave them the excuse of needing the restroomwhen I saw your message. I have to be brief. The situation is a bittroublesome.”

Zhang Siyiwas surprised. "What troublesome situation? Was the Chief really trying to playmatchmaker?"

Gu Yu:“Well, we can talk about it later. I have to go back to the living roomnow."

Zhang Siyi:“……” What\'s this \'talk aboutit later\'? He wants to know now!

AlthoughZhang Siyi can understand that Gu Yu is a guest in another person\'s home andchatting on the mobile phone isn\'t polite, having heard about \'trouble\' andthen \'talk later\', Gu Yu was making Zhang Siyi feel anxious!

Waiting inanticipation all afternoon, when Zhang Siyi heard someone at the door at sixo’clock in the evening, Zhang Siyi rushed over to open it for Gu Yu and asked:"What\'s the situation?”

Taking offhis coat, Gu Yu let out a long sigh. He looked really tired and frowned: "TheChief Direction really did have a plan, but it wasn\'t about his daughter. Itwas about Yanyan\'s cousin and the situation with her isn\'t so simple."

Zhang Siyi: “……”