Assistant Architect - Chapter 144

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 144: The Fun


Thinking GuYu was angry, Zhang Siyi was surprised at Gu Yu\'s heartfelt confession.Becoming emotional, Zhang Siyi didn\'t know what to say. Instead, he reached outto touch Gu Yu\'s heart. Although clothes separated them, Zhang Siyi could feelthe steadfast heart of the man he loved. Not only could he feel his physicalheartbeat, but the connection he had with his soul as well. Gazing into Gu Yu\'seyes. Zhang Siyi fell for him all over again.

Every day, hislove grew stronger. From the beginning at the start of his confession in April,to the unexpected arrival in Lijiang, to the first big argument, andyesterday\'s spat and reconciliation… It turns out that loving a person is unstoppablelike the limitless graph of a positive quadratic function.

He will never be able to separate himself from GuYu during his life ever!

Reachingout and wrapping his arms around Gu Yu\'s slightly larger body, Zhang Siyipulled him into his embrace and held him close: "I know, I will learn tobelieve in you.”

The two mengazed into each other eyes for a moment before they kissed tenderly. Gu Yureached out to caressed Zhang Siyi\'s face and smiled: "Are you satisfied now?Do you have any more questions?"

"No, I don\'t. I believe in you." Zhang Siyigave Gu Yu a tight squeeze and then said: "I was a little curious about yourpast. That\'s all."

“I\'lltell you more about it later." Gu Yu slid his finger to Zhang Siyi\'s nose and boppedit: "Even though we are considered a pair as part of the game in the company, areyou still getting jealous over Tao Fei and my Senior Sister? Are youunsatisfied?"

Suddenly,Zhang Siyi lifted his legs and wrapped them around Gu Yu\'s waist, immobilizinghim. Full of possessiveness, he said: "We are a pair! You are mine."

Since Zhang Siyi\'s ardor actions caught him bysurprise, Gu Yu laid there stiffly. Gazing at him, desire grew and takingadvantage of the situation he relaxed and used the weight of his head to placehis lips onto Zhang Siyi\'s lips and kissed him deeply.

With aracing heart and turning red, Zhang Siyi let out a “Mmm”. Beforethings went any further, he quickly released Gu Yu. He said: "We should finishmaking the plans," and then Zhang Siyi pushed him away.

Leaning onhis elbow and propping himself up, Gu Yu smirked and gave Zhang Siyi a funnylook.

Sittingupright at the small table, Zhang Siyi was annoyed at himself. He wanted toknow why, when Gu Yu made his desire clear, he acted like a young shy maidenevery time. He is a man! Can\'t he go back!? (ˋ_ˊ)

…… If I had known, I should have gossiped about the pumpkin. Then Imight have seen his embarrassment instead!

As theycontinued researching destinations, they happily discussed their plans. Thetime flew by without them realizing it and it was time to wash and get somerest.

After lyingdown, Zhang Siyi checked his phone for social media updates and discovered adeposit of five-hundred yuan in his account. He clicked on the entry in hisbanking ledger for more information and found the money had been transferred byGu Yu this morning.

“Hey,you gave me money? Why is it so much?” Zhang Siyi questioned strangely.

Gu Yuleaned over, embraced him and softly said: “Your behavior last night improvedthe quality of our lives so this is my reward.”

ZhangSiyi:"……" Ah! So good! More opportunities to make our quality of lifebetter!

…… Wait a minute, Isn\'t there something wrong with this way ofthinking!? (=_=)

…… Shit! What is the difference between Gu Yu giving him money foryesterday\'s activities and getting paidfor \'that-kind-of-service\'!?

……No, no, no. That can\'t be true. Maybe Gu Yu didn\'t mean it like that!

…… It shouldn\'t feel so nice to get rewarded like this!

Feelingirritated, Zhang Siyi used his thumbs to quickly type on his mobile phone.After a moment, Gu Yu\'s phone chimed.

Hearing thephone, Gu Yu let go of Zhang Siyi and reached over to the bedside table to pickit up. Seeing a notification from him he asked: "What\'s this?" When he unlockedthe phone and looked at the details, he saw that Zhang Siyi had sent him money;only fifty yuan.

Zhang Siyismirked and said: “Your service payment.” Feeling generous, he added:“Keep the change.”

Ha-Ha!Zhang Siyi thought he had the perfect idea. Now that each had given money, theywere even. He can\'t be the only one feeling like a rent-boy! Unexpectedly, GuYu suddenly smiled and asked: “Is my service only worth fiftydollars?”

Zhang Siyiput his phone on the bedside table and shrunk into the bed: “Fifty bucksisn\'t enough?” Zhang Siyi still felt like yesterday, he lost in a big way.

Gu Yu muffedhis laughter and said: “It\'s enough. According to your math, the price ofthirty minutes is five hundred dollars and the price for three minutes isfifty. I have no objections to the price.”

Zhang Siyi:"……"

Gu Yupulled Zhang Siyi into his arms and nibbled on his ear. He whispered softly foronly Zhang Siyi to hear: "I hope you can let me give you a thousand dollars fornext time.”

Zhang Siyi:“………” Go to hell! (╯‵皿’)╯(┻━┻

Sleepingsoundly until dawn, Zhang Siyi got up and arrived at the company early. Hecould hear his colleagues happily talk about Japan as they each arrived at workand walked to their desks. Thinking about yesterday\'s research, he couldn\'thelp but smile at himself. -Hey, I\'m the master who has the power toorganized your ultimate itinerary!

In themorning, Gu Yu sent an additional message to remind everyone to work hard. Ifanyone didn\'t complete their work beforehand, they would have to cancel theirtrip.

In reality,even if someone delayed their work, they would have to wait for the visa tocome through and thus not worry about missing the trip. However, Gu Yu\'s newsgave them a sense of urgency. The group members became a little nervous so theyquieted down and diligently went back to work with a serious attitude.

Being usedto traveling from time to time, Zhang Siyi didn\'t feel as excited about thetrip to Japan as the rest of his colleagues did. Even if he hadn\'t alreadytraveled to many places, he didn\'t have the luxury to think about the trip atthe moment as he and Tao Fei were drowning in work to complete for their resortproject. They will have made a report on the project on the eve of the tour.

In thebeginning, after only a few months on the job, Gu Yu allowed him to specializein small floor plan design for a short period. Now, combined with hisexperience inside luxury hotels, Zhang Siyi easily grasped the internaldimensions of these residential spaces. He knew what the ergonomic basis andsize limitations were when designing the hotel villas. In addition, using his experiencedrawing blueprints for his office design, putting together the villa designswas like a sixth grader going back to do homework from fourth grade.

Zhang Siyistarted with a villa shape according to what he saw and heard in Yunnan. Inorder to add local features and details to highlight his drawings, herepeatedly looked at both his own photographs from his trip to Yunnan, as wellas rummaging through all of the classic villa design case books and referencematerials from the company\'s library to supplement his information and findinspiration for his design.

Once hetook the time to figured out one of the villas, the rest of them were draweffortlessly. Quickly, more than half of the drawing was completed.

This is themost difficult phase of the whole design process because there are rules tofollow. Once they are mastered, with experience, one can easily create improvementsin a design within the scope of the regulations.

If the goalis to achieve a unique exterior building, one can\'t copy motifs and ideas fromother buildings then mechanically and loosely patch them together. Only bythinking about what inspires them, can one follow through with their own ideasto create a new building with their own characteristics and thus cultivatetheir own design aesthetic.

During thisbusy time, Zhang Siyi once again thought of the words Gu Yu\'s father said tohim this year: “You must constantlyarm yourself with knowledge and skills and mature as fast as possible. When youget there, you will know the fun of doing architectural design."

Yes, in thetenth month of employment, Zhang Siyi finally realized the truth of hisstatement. After some accumulation of knowledge and experience, he finally feltthe fun of doing design.

Gu Yu toldhim before that designing is like playing a game that utilizes the permutationsand combinations within a limited set of rules to find the most effectivesolution. But Zhang Siyi doesn\'t feel this to be true anymore. The higherarchitectural designers should be equivalent to magicians. Not only can theyfigure out the most utilitarian plan, they can also transform any ugly buildinginto something magnificent and beautiful.

Just as the meaning of the English word architecture was originally defined as \'master builder\', with enough accumulated knowledge and experience, an architect can build the world!