Assistant Architect - Chapter 143

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 143: Coupled


When ZhangSiyi was pushed to the floor, he instinctively struggled and resisted, but onceGu Yu lips met his own, he relaxed then passionately kissed him back. As heintertwined his tongue with Gu Yu\'s, Zhang Siyi desperately wanted more. As if theirintimacy wasn\'t enough, he wanted to become one with Gu Yu.

…… to become one?

When theidea popped into his mind, Zhang Siyi was startled. Strange. Yesterday, he feltashamed and uncomfortable with their bathroom activities, but now, he wasanxious to be connected with Gu Yu.

….. Thisfeeling, born from love, let it be natural and heartfelt.

It was onlya momentary thought and soon Zhang Siyi channeled his emotions into actions andexpressed his desire.

With howdetail-oriented Gu Yu is, whether he was thinking about work, his life ormaking his lover feel good, he made sure all aspects were thoroughly examined,thoughtfully processed, then put into action in the most beneficial way.

As if hewas filling up a personal database, Gu Yu has patiently prodded all of Zhang Siyisensitive spots and by paying close attention to his lover\'s reactions, hecould file away the most useful information to be used at a later date.

Zhang Siyiis different. Although Zhang Siyi was very enthusiastic about his sexual relationswith Gu Yu now, perhaps it is as Tao Fei said; the influence of dopamine andhormones. No one knows what will happen when the effect passes. Will Zhang Siyisuddenly sober up and feel disgusted at his homosexual relationship?

Even after GuYu made a solemn declaration on the day of their confession, he gave Zhang Siyithe right to refuse. If Zhang Siyi hadn\'t returned his feelings, he wouldn\'t haveforced Zhang Siyi. All Gu Yu can do is cherish every moment he had with Zhang Siyiand with the greatest patience, let Zhang Siyi deeply feel the enjoyment ofbeing together.

Whether itis the muscles in the body or the brain, all of them have memory. In thefuture, Gu Yu wants Zhang Siyi to associate only the most pleasant memoriesthrough his body and spirit with their intimate time together. Gu Yu couldn\'ttolerate any negative feelings, so he gradually and carefully exposed Zhang Siyito male intimacy. Proceeding step by step, he took action and observed Zhang Siyireactions to make sure there wasn\'t a hint of revulsion.

Since ZhangSiyi was feeling so enthusiastic, he willingly surrendered himself and had nodifficulties in repeating yesterday\'s events on the floor with Gu Yu.

Afterwards,the two of them held each other for a long time, gently kissing and chatting.Zhang Siyi remembered the \'real-fake-play\' that Tao Fei mentioned to him duringthe day and asked Gu Yu about it.

Gu Yu smiledand said: “He really knows me.”

Listeningto Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi felt a tinge of jealousy: “He told me you two were considereda couple in college. Why?"

Gu Yu:“When I was at university the students would select the most handsome andbeautiful person from the department in private as an idol couple. I don\'t knowhow popular it was at your school."

"Yes, in highschool, but not abroad. It\'s not popular in foreign countries." Zhang Siyi caressedGu Yu’s face and then pinched his cheek. Acting flirty, he was honest:“You are so handsome, you must have been the department\'s idol."

Smiling at him, Gu Yu grabbed Zhang Siyi\'s restless hand and kissed him. He continued: “The most handsome and beautiful winners were often coupled together as a joke. When I first went to university, the department beauty was a senior. After she graduated, another girl took her place, but while she was kind and had a good personality, she couldn\'t match the beauty of the previous senior. When she graduated, Tao Fei was in his first year. As you could have imagined, he was selected as the department\'s most beautiful because he was more beautiful than the previous girl.

“Pfft……."Tao Fei really has a face that allows men and women to regard him as animaginary enemy!

Gu Yucontinued to patiently tell Zhang Siyi about the time he spent with Tao Fei atschool, including their experience in doing projects together. He also told ZhangSiyi about the many temper tantrums that Tao Fei threw.

With one casualquestion, Zhang Siyi wasn\'t expecting such a lengthily and detailed explanation.He was really enjoying Gu Yu\'s treatment. Laying next to each other on thefloor, Zhang Siyi rolled onto his side to put his arm around Gu Yu and snuggledin closer to him.

The Gu Yu nowwas completely different from the Gu Yu who had played Truth or Dare with him.At that time in the past, Gu Yu often teased him and bullied him. Unlikebefore, it was so easy to ask questions and discuss various topics with him.

Like akitten who poked his head into things, touching and scratching to confirm thesafety of the environment, Zhang Siyi placed himself into Gu Yu\'s secure world.

Thinking ofGu Yu\'s abnormal tone when he first mentioned the Department\'s most beautiful, layingon the floor Zhang Siyi asked:" Where you also a pair with the senior sister?"

After laughingout loud, Gu Yu turned his head to gaze at Zhang Siyi and said with a smile:“We were only friends. There was nothing more.”

Gu Yu gazeand smile made Zhang Siyi feel like Gu Yu read his thoughts. He knew that therewas nothing, but since he didn\'t know anything about Gu Yu\'s previous 28 years,he couldn\'t stop himself from asking about it. "Tao Fei also mentioned duringyour sophomore year, you participated in many competitions with your seniors….Was that girl involved?"

Gu Yu lookedat him funny. However, he answered him honestly "Yes." Gu Yu didn\'t feel he hadany past deeds that he needed to hide from Zhang Siyi. Anyways, any informationthat Zhang Siyi tried to dig up, would be sincerely given.

Being possessive,Zhang Siyi said: “Oh? That school sister was very good and treated you sowell!"

Gu Yu saw ZhangSiyi\'s prostrate chin with a jealous expression on his face and couldn\'t helpbut smile broadly at him. The jealous person eats vinegar, but the target ofjealousy eats honey.

"Yes, she wasvery kind to me." Gu Yu frankly and nonchalantly explained: "When I firstentered school, she lent me her study notes. As we got closer, she shared all ofher knowledge of architecture including design materials and books. We competedtogether in the first competition of my college career and it was from a partyat her place, that I connected with people in the industry. When she graduated,she also sent me more than 300 very good professional books.”

Zhang Siyi:“……” -Why is she so goodto Gu Yu! Does she like him!

Gu Yulooked directly at Zhang Siyi and continuously praised her: "She is very smartand beautiful, warm and generous, knowledgeable, understanding and one of thebest friends I know."

Zhang Siyi:“!!” Unbelievable! He thought so deeply for her and summed up so manyadvantages! Gu Yu clearly said he didn\'t have relations with any girls thatwere close to him, but was he deluding himself?

Gu Yuadded: “She went to Yale after graduation and graduated the year before Idid. She now works in a famous American architectural firm. Even after all histime, we are still friends and remain in contact with one another."

Zhang Siyi:“!!!!” No! He\'s losing his cool! He\'s going to be jealous! He\'s goingto blow up!

Gu Yusmiled wickedly and suddenly pulled Zhang Siyi chin closer. He lowered his headand lightly pecked Zhang Siyi on the lips: "But I don\'t like her. I only likeyou."

Zhang Siyi:“………” (t////t) Toying with me! Too foul!

Wishing tosee both Zhang Siyi\'s angry pent-up expression as well as his eyes of devotion,Gu Yu teased him mercilessly. As he played around with Zhang Siyi\'s emotions, ZhangSiyi expressions rapidly changed and Gu Yu was rewarded. With both hands on hisown abdomen, Gu Yu laughed boisterously on the floor next to Zhang Siyi. Whenhe calmed down, he propped himself up on his elbow and said: "Little fool, letme tell you a secret."

ZhangSiyi:"…… Hmm?"

Gu Yuleaned down and said: “When we became a couple, I told her about our firsttime. She is happy for us and said she wants to meet you when she returns toChina at Christmas."

Blushingdeeply, Zhang Siyi said: “She knows you are gay?”

Gu Yu:“Well, more than that. She is the first friend that I came out to."

Zhang Siyi wasa bit surprised: "Oh?”

Gu Yu:“I started to doubt my sexuality when I was in high school, but I didn’tconfirm it at that time. I just deluded myself into thinking that I was simply acold person with no genes for love. After going to college, there were manyinstances of desire that welled up from within me, but it was very confusing andpainful at the time since I was only ever attracted to men. There was this onetime I was talking with her and I ended up inadvertently confiding in thismatter. She not only did not discriminate against me, but she also helped meevaluate and accept the truth about myself…… To be honest, to have met her atsuch a difficult period of my life was very fortunate."

This wasalso the first time that Zhang Siyi had listened to Gu Yu explain the historyof his sexual orientation.

Since Gu Yuwas the highest ranked student in the school and with his handsome features,Zhang Siyi assumed there were many cultural expectations from his peers thatwere placed on his shoulders. Knowing Gu Yu\'s personality, when he discovered hissexual abnormality, he probably went through a period of self-torment anddenial. Zhang Siyi can\'t imagine how difficult a period it must have been for him.

If Zhang Siyihadn\'t known Gu Yu was gay, if he didn\'t learn that Gu Yu liked him, if Gu Yunever reached out his hand and held onto him, Zhang Siyi wouldn\'t haveconsidered a relationship with another man. Zhang Siyi grabbed hold of Gu Yuand clung to him dearly giving rise to a feeling of mutual salvation. From nowon, Gu Yu is his and he will never let go.

Huggingeach other silently, Zhang Siyi\'s curiosity got the better of him and asked: "Whenyou were in college who was it that you lusted after?"

Gu Yu: "Atour college the students needed to take a physical education elective so Ichose a course in the International Standard of Ballroom Dancing. There was aboy in the class with a similar physique as yours. Every time he danced, hisshirt wouldn\'t stay tucked into his pants and as a result his flexible waistwas exposed." Gu Yu\'s hand unconsciously moved to Zhang Siyi\'s waist, caressedhim and smiled.

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Dodging GuYu\'s movement, Zhang Siyi hurriedly asked another question: "Why didn’t you goafter the boy? “

“Hewasn\'t as handsome as you are.” Gu Yu finally said something that made ZhangSiyi feel happy, but he didn\'t have more than a moment to think about itbecause Gu Yu examined Zhang Siyi from head to toe and then said: "I bet thetwists you do will be more attractive than his." He reached out a grabbed ZhangSiyi sides and tickled him.

Zhang Siyi:“…” Shit, Gu Yu\'s eyes areso intense. Zhang Siyi twisted and wriggled from his grasp then squinted at GuYu and imagined him doing those sultry dance moves…… Fuck, he is going to have a nosebleed!

Zhang Siyi advertedhis gaze, and looked down at Gu Yu\'s chin than changed the subject once again: "Whenyou were still at the other Architectural Firm, I heard you were chased by afemale designer that was eight years older than you."

Gu Yu said:“You know all of this?”

Zhang Siyi letout a "humph" and said: “Who is the one that\'s so famous.”

Gu Yupinched his nose: “It seems that you secretly asked a lot about me.”

Zhang Siyiwrinkled his face: “Who asked? The information was passed along bycolleagues in the company."

Gu Yusuddenly propped up himself and raised his eyebrows : "Who is spreading gossip?Too much play time and not enough work. Is that it? I\'ll have to find out whoit is and severely punish them."

Zhang Si Yiwas shocked. He was afraid of involving Bi Lele and himself. He hurriedlyreplied: “I don’t remember.”

As soon ashe gave it more thought, Zhang Siyi felt that there wasn\'t something right. GuYu\'s responded very normally and yet, asking this was a problem? There must besomething fishy going on!

Zhang Siyiimmediately bulged his face: “Is there something you are hiding?"

Gu Yu deliberatelybaited him and seeing how easily Zhang Siyi bit, he decided he needed to sethim straight: “Are you so gullible that you would listen to gossip?"

Zhang Siyiis a little guilty: "I, I do not.”

Gu Yupaused and explained: “When I was in X Firm, there was indeed a femaledesigner who was older than me and expressed interest in me. I also explicitlyrejected her. The female designer is a very good person, but some rumors spreadsaying she couldn\'t take the rejection, started stalking me and as a result, Ihad to leave the Firm and come to Borderless. It is just gossip. I don\'t knowwhich version you have heard, but I\'m very disgusted with those rumors. I havezero-tolerance for such behavior and I expect my subordinates to do the same."

Zhang Siyi notonly felt guilty for his own behavior but also, he felt worried for Bi Lele.Indeed, Bi Lele\'s understanding of Gu Yu is not as good as his so how can heuse it to question Gu Yu?

Watching Zhang Siyi\'s diminutive bow and expression, Gu Yu knew Zhang Siyi was sorry. Gu Yu grabbed his hand and pressed it on his heart and softly and tenderly spoke to him: “Zhang Siyi, listen, I can tell you the answer to any question you might have, but you have to learn to trust me. I\'ve told you that I like you. Only you. I\'ve said I didn\'t like girls before. I really don\'t. I\'ve said that I want to be together with you for the rest of our lives. I really do. I\'ve mentioned this before. Being together is a difficult path to take in life. The hardest part about it, isn\'t us, but the pressure and ridicule from outsiders. A large part of the issue is the gossip and slander of others. If you are so easily influenced by others\' comments and views, then even I can\'t protect you…. Which is why I sincerely hope that from this moment on, you can learn to strengthen yourself and put an end to all external factors that may affect your mood, and personally feel for yourself how much I love you."