Assistant Architect - Chapter 140

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 140: Privilege


Not only wasZhang Siyi\'s wishful thinking smashed to pieces, but he was also classified asa girl!

He felt veryunhappy, but in such a public occasion, Zhang Siyi had no reason to refuse therequest. He glanced at Gu Yu in hopes that he would say something casually andmake some type of excuse in his favor.

But then,Tao Fei took advantage of the situation and shouted: “Hey, then I\'ll staywith my brother!”

Zhang Siyi:“…” Dead fat peach! I will deal with you! (╯‵□’)╯(┻━┻

After that, theother colleagues in the room also formed pairs.

Zhang Siyiwas sullen all the way home. Before they arrived at the outer door, Gu Yureached out and pulled his ear. Knowing something was bothering him, he asked:"What\'s the matter?"

Zhang Siyiraised his eyebrows and tempered his temper: “Why didn\'t you tell me aboutthe company’s travel beforehand?”

Gu Yu simplyexplained: “I wanted it to be a surprise along with your colleagues."

Zhang Siyiwas depressed: “You didn\'t have to mention the pairs."

Gu Yu raisedan eyebrow: “What\'s done, is done.”

Gettingangrier, Zhang Siyi wanted to yell at Gu Yu. –How can he be so calm? Doesn\'t he regret the current development?

Moving away,he strode forward quickly and left Gu Yu behind spitefully saying: "Yes, you alwaysknow exactly what to do. Then go stay with Tao Fei!"

Gu Yu caughtup and grabbed his arm, stopping him and sighed: “Zhang Siyi, why are youacting like this?”

Zhang Siyi’sanger suddenly overflowed: “What?” Gu Yu even addressed him by hissurname!

Gu Yufrowned and asked: “What are you so angry about? That I\'m not rooming withyou? But at the dinner table, Lu Qiao and Tao Fei have already spoken up.That\'s not something I can control."

Zhang Siyi:“……” What the hell! Why is Gu Yu so dense?

Some peopleon the roadside have been watching them. Zhang Siyi wanted to jerk away from GuYu\'s grasp, but he held onto Zhang Siyi firmly. Gu Yu demanded: "Stop and makeit clear!"

Zhang Siyi loudlyshouted: “I’m mad at you for not telling me in advance!"

Gu Yu:“Didn\'t I just explain it? I wanted it to be a surprise for you and yourcolleagues.”

Zhang Siyi repliedquickly: "Like hell it\'s a surprise. Everyone else had already guessed it, butI didn\'t know."

A moment ofconfusion flashed on Gu Yu\'s face. Now with furrowed brows, Gu Yu suddenlyraised his voice: “Because of this small matter, you are angry with me?What do you want? To tell you everything in the future? Have you forgotten ouragreement? I won\'t give you special treatment at work."

Zhang Siyi lashedout: "What about staying and working with me until ten o\'clock last week!? Isthat not special treatment!?"

Gu Yudefended himself: “This and that are two different things.”

Zhang Siyiinterrupted him: “Yes, yes. You always have had your reasons! You havedefined public and private matters. Have you ever considered my feelings!? Ijust wanted a little boyfriend privilege!"

Startled byZhang Siyi explosive admission, Gu Yu\'s reaction eased up, his expression softenedand gently said: “You……"

With redeyes and a violently heaving chest, Zhang Siyi tried to jerk himself away fromGu Yu and stated: "Let go!"

However, GuYu did not let go. Instead, for the remaining hundred meters to the door, Gu Yupulled Zhang Siyi quickly along. Once inside their house, he wrapped both armsaround Zhang Siyi and held onto him. Gasping for air, Gu Yu apologized: "I\'msorry. I didn\'t consider your feelings."

Even thoughZhang Siyi gave Gu Yu an honest answer, Gu Yu still lectured him. Putting up afront and trying to ignore him, Zhang Siyi turned his head to the side. – I don\'t want to talk to you for a half anhour!

Gu Yu wentover to kiss him, but Zhang Siyi was still angry and turned his head to theother side, avoiding Gu Yu.

….. Speak and kiss. I can\'t do it when I\'m angry!However, Gu Yu didn\'t let Zhang Siyi get away. In another moment, Gu Yu caughthis lips and kissed Zhang Siyi deeply.

“Mmm…,Ahh….!” Shit. No fair!


Holding ontoZhang Siyi, Gu Yu coaxed his lips open and inserted his tongue into Zhang Siyihot mouth. After a few minutes, when he felt Zhang Siyi start to relax, he knewhis temper had cooled down. Gu Yu released his lips and with his foreheadagainst Zhang Siyi\'s forehead he looked right into Zhang Siyi eyes and softlysaid: "Who was it a few days ago that said we aren\'t allowed to have any morecold wars? Are you going to break the rules? Huh, puppy?"

Zhang Siyistepped back and blurted out: “You are the puppy!”

Looking athis hot-tempered lover with moistened lips, Gu Yu regained his hold on ZhangSiyi and pulled him close. While embracing him, Gu Yu smiled weakly and leanedhis head against Zhang Siyi shoulder than sighed: “Love is reallydifficult…."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Speakingsoftly, Gu Yu expressed his private thoughts: “I originally thought thatif we have rules, then life will proceed step-by-step according to the plan. Aslong as we are both tolerant of each other, we won\'t have any disagreements.

How is itpossible not to argue? Quarreling, compromising… learning to be with anotherperson…. Isn\'t that, what love was about?

Although,Zhang Siyi didn\'t expect it to be so frequent. This morning, Zhang Siyi woke upfeeling refreshed and full of love. The last thing he thought would happen,would be another argument just twelve hours later.

Gu Yusighed. It wasn\'t until now that he realized that love isn\'t so simple. He was alwaysunwittingly doing something that displeased his lover. Rational thought escapedhim. When Zhang Siyi ignored him, he wasn\'t happy. When Zhang Siyi argued withhim, he got agitated. When Zhang Siyi wasn\'t well, Gu Yu still suffers.

“It\'smy fault." Gu Yu said feeling somewhat frustrated and helpless. “Maybe, Ireally don\'t know how to fall in love." For the first time, this confident manadmitted his imperfections. “You have more experience than I do. When Imake a mistake will you teach me the correct way in the future?" Gu Yuwhispered to Zhang Siyi.

Listening toGu Yu affectionate monologue, Zhang Siyi let go of his anger all at once. Heslowly reached around Gu Yu and held him tightly. Apologetically, he said: "Ishouldn\'t be so angry. In fact, I just wanted to stay with you. If you had toldme about the trip in advance, we could have tweaked the outcome a littlewithout effecting work, right? But you openly announced it at dinner, so therewasn\'t time to think of anything."

Gu Yu asked:“So, it\'s not really about telling the plan in advance. If we were able tostay together, you wouldn\'t be so upset?"

Zhang Siyilooked down and buried his head on Gu Yu then confessed: "Yes."

Gu Yu:“What about the privileges of your boyfriend?”

Zhang Siyiclung to him and declared hesitantly: “I want that too."

Gu Yu:“……”

“I know…” Gu Yu smiled gently at him and sighed again. The thought of losingZhang Siyi frightened him completely. Firmly ingraining Zhang Siyi\'s essenceand body into Gu Yu\'s memory and soul, he squeezed Zhang Siyi tightly and tooka deep breath in through his nose.

In the past,Gu Yu felt love may be like analytic geometry. The relationship between the twowill gradually progress step by step as one does when solving a mathematical problem.However, reality is different than his expectations. There is no logic in love atall. The process is like going through a maze. Even if he is holding ZhangSiyi’s hand tightly, they may suddenly be separated. They may shout across thewalls, or may drift apart, but ultimately would be reunited again at anunexpected intersection by an unexplained turn of events. Each time they separated,Gu Yu tentatively prodded different possible avenues in order to find thefastest method to appease Zhang Siyi and resolve any problems.

Zhang Siyiburied his face on Gu Yu\'s shoulder and affectionately responded: "And, I haveno more experience than you. After being with you, I realized my relationshipwith my ex-girlfriend is nothing like ours."

Gu Yu:“What\'s the difference?”

Zhang Siyi:“When I was with her, I simply felt like it was fresh and fun. I didn’timagine any future with her… but with you, I often think about…. In short, Ilike you more.”

Hearing asimple \'I like you more\' made Gu Yu feel deeply happy. After gazing in eachother\'s eyes, they naturally kissed.

From aboiling hot volcano to the comforting, undulating waters of a calm ocean, ZhangSiyi could easily feel Gu Yu emotions and in response, enthusiasticallyobliged. Embracing one another closely, they couldn\'t bear to be separated andas a result, they quickly perceived each other\'s desire.

Lovingly, GuYu caressed the side of Zhang Siyi face and sensuously whispered in Zhang Siyiear: "Do you want to try tonight?"

Zhang Siyi faceturned red: “…ah?”

Withoutwaiting for Zhang Siyi to answer, Gu Yu lead him upstairs.

Flustered, ZhangSiyi thoughts were in a panic. He said \'try it\' making it difficult to relax.He clenched up his lower body and unconsciously flinched: "Should we take ashower first?"

He wanted touse a slow-moving plan but unexpectedly, Gu Yu smiled and stated: "Yes. Let\'s washtogether."

Zhang Siyi:“!!!”

First, Gu Yutook him to the bathroom and then, he went to the bedroom to get something.

Since beingcalled a child that doesn\'t understand anything by Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi secretlychecked the internet about male love. Watching Gu Yu came back with a smallbottle in his hand, Zhang Siyi face turned a deeper shade of red!

….. Fuck!Gu Yu isn\'t joking! What to do! What to do! …. !!!!

Gu Yu putthe bottle of lubricating fluid on the washroom table and stepped forward to grabZhang Siyi\'s shirt collar and slowly but irresistibly, pulled him close andkissed him deeply.

Gu Yu:“What are you standing around for? Are you afraid?"

Zhang Siyi:“…I am not afraid!”

….. He’s nervous! Nervous to death! Aaaaaah!

Looking athim tenderly, Gu Yu smiled and like the unwrapping of a very valuable gift, hebegan to slowly and carefully undress Zhang Siyi. First the buttons, one by one.Then, he slowly peeled off Zhang Siyi\'s shirt. With each movement, Gu Yu movedtenderly and gently across Zhang Siyi\'s body. When their bare skin made contactan electric current ran through him, heightening his lust.

Watching GuYu movements, Zhang Siyi felt the thrill of undressing another person. Unlike GuYu\'s confident moves, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t stop his hand from trembling. Nowthat Zhang Siyi chest was fully bare, he needed to take off his pants. ZhangSiyi felt anxious and said: "I\'ll help."

Gu Yu smiledand said: “Okay.”

Unfasteninghis jeans, he let them drop and slipped his hand in the elastic band to slipoff his underwear. While he was reaching over to pull off the garments, he feltlike his position wasn\'t quite right. When he turned his head, sure enough, GuYu was staring at his ass.

Zhang Siyi:“…!!!”

Zhang Siyibecame angry and said: "Don’t patronize me. You also take off your clothes!"

Continuingto stare at Zhang Siyi with desire, the edges of his mouth raised into a slightgrin. He slowly wet his lips and cooperatively reached down and seductivelyunfastened his belt.

Zhang Siyi: "……"The manipulation. Fuck !!!

Now thatZhang Siyi was naked, he wanted to get into the tub and hide. Glancing back atGu Yu quickly, Zhang Siyi saw that his pants were already tossed aside and hereached out to caress his ass. Feeling scared, Zhang Siyi was trembling andunconsciously took a step away from Gu Yu.

WatchingZhang Siyi try to flee in a slightly panicked state, Gu Yu couldn\'t suppresshis laughter.

After Gu Yuslowly removed the last layer of clothing, he picked up the lubricating fluidand walked over to Zhang Siyi.

Zhang Siyidid not dare to turn his back to Gu Yu. He turned on the shower and gave Gu Yuan inviting look to join him.

Even thoughhe has held Gu Yu in his arms while clothed and laid next to him in bed underthe blankets, it was the first time Zhang Siyi saw him naked in well-litconditions. Looking at Gu Yu\'s naked body with his own eyes was another shock.

Gu Yu\'s bodywas so beautiful. With perfect proportions and delicate skin, he haswell-defined muscles without added bulk making all of his body parts sexy. Andat his waist, because of lust, that place is clearly visible and its size andshape isn\'t inferior.

Infatuated, ZhangSiyi inspected him for a while and suddenly reacted. His face flushed and hedidn’t know where to put his line of sight.

Gu Yu walkedunder the shower and reached out towards Zhang Siyi. Catching Zhang Siyi\'s redface in his hands, he pulled him a little closer and pressed his lips againstZhang Siyi\'s own and then said: "I got you."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Across thewater vapor, Zhang Siyi was forced to look at Gu Yu in the eyes. Whether it wasreally in \'the eyes of the beholder\' or because he was a \'natural beauty\',Zhang Siyi had to admit how much he lusted after Gu Yu\'s attractive body.

As the waterflowed around their bodies, while using soap and shampoo, they touched eachother tenderly. Tentatively at first, but with growing confidence. Laughterfrom playful pecks and caresses turned into heavy breathing and erotic moans. Astheir desire increased, so did the speed and firmness of their caresses become.Zhang Siyi didn\'t know how he was turned around. Becoming more and moreemotional, Zhang Siyi could feel Gu Yu\'s hard organ pressed against him.

Gu Yu shut offthe water. With one hand holding his waist, the other reached around to teasehis front causing Zhang Siyi to release a moan: "Mmm.." In order to apply somelubricant, Gu Yu released him briefly, and reached over for the small bottle.When Zhang Siyi felt the cool liquid on his skin, he instinctively wanted tohide, but Gu Yu quickly grabbed his organ and immobilized him.

Leaning over,Gu Yu took his ear with his tongue and lips and sucked it a bit. Softly hecoaxed him: “Don’t be afraid. Today, I won\'t go in. Just massage."

Gu Yucontinued to kiss Zhang Siyi along the side of his head to the back of his neckand gradually, under Gu Yu\'s spell, Zhang Siyi relaxed. Clearly feeling Gu Yuhot body, he leaned on him. With the lubricant, Gu Yu inserted his long fingerinto Zhang Siyi and gently pressed on the interior space. Together with a slowundulating motion, Gu Yu massaged both the front and back with the samefrequency.

Swayinggently with the movement, Zhang Siyi arched his back and could feel his scalpstart to tingle. Feeling the sensations from within, Zhang Siyi involuntarilyreleased a series of moans: "Ahh…. Mm…."

Detecting achange in Zhang Siyi\'s pleasure, Gu Yu persistently stimulated the newfoundspot. As his cries became louder and more frequent, Gu Yu increased the speedof his hand. Gentle hip movements, became involuntary thrusts in synchrony withthe swells of pleasure, building from within. After five minutes, Zhang Siyicould no longer suppress his voice and moaned louder: "Ahh, Ahh… Ahh… Ahh…."Sensing Zhang Siyi\'s need, at the top of the action, Gu Yu trust his fingerdeeper and harder into him.

When hisorgasm came, Zhang Siyi spasmed and loudly cried out: "AAAHHHH!"

After thesurge of pleasure ended, Zhang Siyi regained his senses and could feel Gu Yu\'s lipsclamped down on his neck and his engorged organ pressed against him. AlthoughZhang Siyi finished his climax, Gu Yu has not. Pressing up against Zhang Siyiand holding him tight, Gu Yu was desperately thrusting his fingers hard as ifto make up for the lack of use of a different organ.

Without thepleasure of the front to divert his attention, Zhang Siyi didn\'t care for thesensations from the back. Now, he only felt that his ass was hot anduncomfortable, but even so, he endured it for another minute before twistinghis waist and speaking: "I, I will help you with my hand……"

After onelast hard thrust, Gu Yu stopped and removed his finger then forcefully turnedhim over and aggressively kissed him as a way to vent his unsatisfied desires.

Being a man,when your heightened sexual desire isn\'t fulfilled, Zhang Siyi understood howuncomfortable Gu Yu must feel at this time and as a result, he completelysubmitted to Gu Yu\'s onslaught.

Suddenly, GuYu turned on the shower and gently helped Zhang Siyi clean up a bit. After, GuYu pushed him out, and commanded: “Go to bed and wait for me.”

In a shortwhile, Gu Yu walked into the bedroom and casually put on a bathrobe. His lowerbody was still stiff and the lust in his eyes hadn\'t faded. Zhang Siyi simplythought he was going to reach out to help, but before he got the chance, Gu Yu spoketo him passionately: "You can help me with your mouth."

Zhang Siyi: "……Huh?"

Gu Yu lookedat him and raised his eyebrows: “Who was it a few days ago that playedunfair games and as a result got a bad cold….? And now, you are actingreluctant? Was that just a trick?"

Zhang Siyi approachedhim: “Who was the one playing!”

Gu Yuchuckled. His ability to spur Zhang Siyi into action by pushing his buttons wasa success. Looking at Zhang Siyi, he motioned for him to kneel and take actionthen smiled and said: "This is also the privilege of a boyfriend."

Zhang Siyi:“……” Shit!

If he hadn\'tjust been on the receiving end of sexual satisfaction, he wouldn\'t have usedhis mouth. He was feeling guilty and didn\'t want to talk about it. The specificreason, Zhang Siyi didn\'t fully understand. Perhaps on that day, since Gu Yuappeared so small and vulnerable that it spurred Zhang Siyi\'s interest toexperience the desire to tease and bully him. However, today is very differentfrom before.

Like previous,when Zhang Siyi massaged Gu Yu\'s hardness for the first time, he thought abouthow he wanted to pleasure Gu Yu and make him feel good. In this way, it helpedZhang Siyi get over his own psychological barrier. He threw away hisself-respect and shame and gently stroked Gu Yu\'s erection with his hand. ZhangSiyi slowly closed his eyes and swallowed him into his wet mouth…… Well,it’s huge!

Gu Yu trembledall over then reached out to feel Zhang Siyi head and let out a comfortablesigh.

When ZhangSiyi enveloped him into his mouth, he could feel Gu Yu tremble twice, signalingto Zhang Siyi that Gu Yu was approaching his climax. He suddenly remembered hisexperience ejaculating prematurely and wanted Gu Yu to come quickly in revenge.Since they were just in the bathroom actively engaged in their sexual desiresfor some time, Zhang Siyi didn\'t believe that Gu Yu could persist for too long.As a result, Zhang Siyi was extremely intimate and eager to please him.

Gu Yu toldhim not to use his teeth and described the actions he wanted from Zhang Siyi.For almost ten minutes, Zhang Siyi diligently worked his mouth and tongue toput pressure on his shaft and caress Gu Yu\'s tip. Although Gu Yu was lettingout erotic moans of pleasure and his organ became even harder, there weren\'tfurther signs of his climax at all!

Feelingconfused over his vindictive plan not working, Zhang Siyi spit him out andasked: "Why are you lasting for so long!?"

Being immersedin pleasure, Gu Yu mood was exuberant. When Zhang Siyi stopped to ask him soseriously, Gu Yu thought it was like asking an academic question and foundZhang Siyi very cute. Gu Yu couldn\'t stop himself from laughing.

Watching GuYu constantly laugh made Zhang Siyi blush: "What\'s so funny!?"

Gu Yu pettedhis head and softly said: "Because I\'m in control."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Gu Yu encouragedhim to continue: “Come on, I can’t climax if you stop.”

FeelingZhang Siyi wrap his mouth around him once again, Gu Yu squinted his eye and letout his voice: "Mmm… Ahhh…" Holdingthe back of his head, Gu Yu gently pressed his head onto himself more deeplywhile encouraging him: "Ahh… Hmm… Feels good…"

Listening tohis sexy voice full of desire, Zhang Siyi felt the resonance in his voiceeffect his brain like he was being hypnotized……

"Hmm… Good…Baby, swallow a little deeper…. That\'s it… Mmm.. More…."

"Ahh, ahh,ahh… Good boy… Mm-hmm… A little faster… Ahh, ahh, ahh…."

Zhang Siyi: “…..”Shit! Can you shut the fuck up! I\'m about to be as hard as you!

Since ittook a long time, Zhang Siyi was a little numb. His original enthusiasm endedlong ago and now, he only mechanically repeated the motions. When he felt likehe couldn\'t open his mouth any longer, Gu Yu suddenly tightened his hands intofists, grasping his hair and firmly pushed him to make a few deep thrusts andthen jerked his head away.

As ZhangSiyi was coughing, in order to wipe his mouth, without a sense ofaccomplishment, he reached for the tissue that Gu Yu was handing him. Turninghis back, Zhang Siyi went to lie down in shame. With a taste full of Gu Yu, hedidn\'t dare think about what just happened.

Gu Yuchuckled and tightened the quilt around him. He kissed his red ears withsatisfaction and softly said: “You worked hard. Now go to sleep.”

Zhang Siyishrunk his neck down into the bedding and muttered “good night.” In a daze, he closed his eyes, but beforefalling asleep he was thinking: – clearly, he was the one that was angryfirst and Gu Yu also admitted his own fault. Why in bed was he the one that hadto compensate?

When ZhangSiyi woke up the next morning, his mouth was still sore. He felt like he haddug himself a huge pit! When Gu Yu woke up, he was feeling so refreshed andhappy that he gave Zhang Siyi a few joyous good morning kisses on his head.

As always,Zhang Siyi entered the company building and headed upstairs before Gu Yu.

He saw hiscolleagues gathered together discussing the latest company news eagerly. Itseems like everyone is really excited about traveling abroad.

One of themale colleagues also joked: “Our group of six men and six women are allsingle. Who has the time to socialize and fall in love in this industry…? Thistrip, it\'s better to pair up and play ten-days of couple\'s games. What do youthink?

The proposalimmediately gained support, especially among the male colleagues here. Thegirls in the group aren\'t bad, but because of the demands in their field ofwork, there was never a time to develop an office romance.

Now that itwas mentioned, with further thought, the girls were also showing excitement.The list of twelve people also included Gu Yu and Tao Fei. Since there wereonly four of them, the chance of being Gu Yu\'s girlfriend was very good. Evenif it was just a game, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Zhang Siyiwas the only one that protested: “Wait, what are you talking about; sixmen and six women? Are you treating Lu Qiao and I as girls?"

Everyone frozefor a moment then laughed together. They nodded: “Yes!”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Shit! Justbecause of my nickname? I don\'t even look like a girl. If you really want toplay at matching couples, clearly Tao Fei is a more suitable substitute!

It was atthis time that Gu Yu appeared from the elevator and saw everyone chatting andlaughing happily. He asked them what the fuss was about. When they saw thattheir boss was in a good mood, someone boldly relayed the couple game idea forthe trip and asked for the Boss\'s opinion. That’s right, this game can’t beplayed without the Boss\'s approval.

Nodding inunderstanding, Gu Yu looked around at the group and finally stopped his eyesight on Zhang Siyi: "Then I will be first to pick Zhang Siyi."