Assistant Architect - Chapter 139

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 139: Pair Up


After along day, they returned home late in the evening. Gu Yu ate a small bowl ofporridge and then went straight to sleep. Zhang Siyi took care of the two wildcats and walked the dog.

Afterwashing, he went into Gu Yu\'s room to check on how he was doing. Seeing thelayer of sweat on Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi checked his temperature again and feltrelieved to see that his body temperature wasn\'t as high as it was before.

Zhang Siyisat on the edge of his bed and silently watched Gu Yu sleep for a long time.Since Gu Yu didn\'t wake at all throughout Zhang Siyi\'s care, he knew that Gu Yuwas sleeping deeply. His physical strength had reached his limit. Even when GuYu was so weak a vulnerable, Zhang Siyi loved him very much.

In fact,this was the first time Zhang Siyi had taken care of someone else. Even thoughhe has lived away from home and traveled, he always had his friend Fu Xinhui byhis side. Fu Xinhui was like a mother hen. When Zhang Siyi was sick, his friendwas there to give him tea and medicine. When he came back to China, Fu Xinhuifound an apartment for him. Even meals and the details of living were mostlytaken care of by Fu Xinhui. During the time Fu Xinhui wasn\'t at the apartment,Zhang Siyi finally had to live on his own and grow up.

Aftertwisting the warm towel to squeeze out the excess water, Zhang Siyi finishedwiping Gu Yu\'s face and neck. Making sure both he and Gu Yu got enough sleep,Zhang Siyi decided to quietly go back to his room for the night.

Lying inbed, Zhang Siyi let out a long sigh. He thought about today\'s events and alsoabout the past month\'s tidings. Thinking of his friend now living in Australia,he went to message him in WeChat: "Heartless Han, how have you been recently?"

Replyingquickly, Fu Xinhui texted: "Hey! How are you!? Is it a good time for a videochat?"

Zhang Siyi:“Yep!”

Momentslater, Zhang Siyi\'s phone buzzed. Turning the light on quickly, he swiped toanswer the video call and saw Fu Xinhui\'s face appear on the screen.

Smiling, FuXinhui shouted in the phone: “Xiao Yi!”

Zhang Siyi:“Ha-ha. Why are you so excited?”

Fu Xinhui:“Hey, how can I not be? We haven’t contacted each other for a long time!"

Zhang Siyi:“What time is it there? What are you doing?

Fu Xinhui:“It’s 3 hours behind you. Even though its midnight, I just got back fromwork.”

Zhang Siyi wassurprised: “Work? Did you get a job?"

Fu Xinhui:“Yeah, I am no longer rich. I have to earn my own living expenses now.”

Zhang Siyi:“What kind of work do you do? Why did you come back so late?”

Fu Xinhui:“I\'m working a late shift in a café until closing time. Where are you? Whyare you still awake so early in the morning?"

Zhang Siyi:“Well.”

Fu Xinhui:“Where are you living now? Do you live alone? How is Cheer-Up?”

“Umm…”Faced with the series of questions, Zhang Siyi didn\'t know where to begin.

WatchingZhang Siyi\'s face, Fu Xinhui saw his expression look strained so he asked:“What\'s the matter?”

Zhang Siyidecided to first explain about the dog: "Your son isn\'t called Cheer-Upanymore. His name was changed and is called \'Townhouse\'."

“Ah?”Fu Xinhui was concerned: “Townhouse? What the hell kind of name is that!Why was it changed?”

Zhang Siyi:“Never mind that. I have something else to tell you."

Fu Xinhuifrowned: “What?”

Zhang Siyitook a deep breath and said: “I’m living with Gu Yu now.”

Since FuXinhui was only familiar with person with the surname Gu that Zhang Siyi hatedfrom the beginning of Zhang Siyi\'s employment, he thought it was strange andhis facial expression remained blank.

But ZhangSiyi went on to say: “So now, I\'m with Gu Yu.”

Remainingsilent, Fu Xinhui didn\'t know how to react. Slowly, he questioned: "What do youmean by with…?"

Zhang Siyi solemnlystated: “It is what you think it means.”

Afraid ofFu Xinhui\'s thoughts, Zhang Siyi quickly added: "We are in a relationship."

Zhang Siyidropped the bombshell. Over the phone, there was a series of noises and soundsbecause Fu Xinhui couldn\'t express words. Finally: "Fuck! You, you…"

Havingexpected this type of reaction from his friend, Zhang Siyi subconsciously heldthe phone away from his ear feeling anxious. However, he also felt relieved tobe able to tell him the truth.

Since Gu Yuposted a shadow photo of them on his social media, Zhang Siyi hasn\'t sufferedany backlash. Sooner or later, now that he was committed to Gu Yu for hislifetime, he would have to come out of the closet and be honest with the peopleclose to him.

Since hehad been traveling in Yunnan and diligently working on the tourism project withTao Fei, he hadn\'t found the opportunity to talk to Fu Xinhui. Currently, TaoFei was the only person outside of family that knows the truth, but Zhang Siyialso wanted his best friend to understand.

When hefinally stopped shouting, Fu Xinhui took a calming breath and asked:“Fuck! Are you teasing me!?”

Zhang Siyi:“No……"

Still, FuXinhui didn\'t want to believe: “Is it April Fool’s Day?”

Zhang Siyi:“No… Today is May 15.”

"But, but,but… Aren’t you straight!?" Even though Fu Xinhui already thought Gu Yu had aninterest in Zhang Siyi when he met him at KTV, Zhang Siyi reactions were quitenormal. He has known Zhang Siyi for so many years and didn\'t notice any gaytendencies.

Squeezingthe bridge of his nose, Zhang Siyi weakly said: “Before, yes….”

Fu Xinhui: "Eh?!?!?!…”

It was a huge shock for Fu Xinhui tolearn that after knowing Zhang Siyi for five years, he could suddenly turn gayfor another man. The news was too much for Fu Xinhui\'s mind to handle and heremained unable to speak clearly.

Zhang Siyiadded: “I like him very much now and he likes me very much. We areserious.”

“Fuck,Fuuck, Fuuuuuuck! Don’t say it!” Fu Xinhui shouted. Trembling, he raisedhis hand to cover his eyes. “Let… let me digest it first.”

Zhang Siyi:“….”

As Zhang Siyithought, changing the dog\'s name was rather insignificant compared to thismatter. ╮ (╯_╰) ╭

In an effortto ease the tension between them, Zhang Siyi changed the topic of conversation.They talked about work and studies and what they have been doing in their dailylives. Fu Xinhui spoke about his successful admittance to M University\'sDepartment of Finance. Talking about another degree spurred Zhang Siyi todiscuss his thoughts about going back to the UK for RIBA part 2 license.

Fu Xinhui wasabsolutely supportive of this matter: “Since you want to continue on theroad of architecture, I feel that it is very necessary to go back and get amaster’s degree. The education not only determines your starting point, butalso determines the height with which you can achieve later.”

Talkingabout a Master\'s degree again and with Fu Xinhui\'s insistence, the path to aRIBA part 2 license has taken root in Zhang Siyi heart. After twenty minutes oftalking, Fu Xinhui was much calmer and steered the conversation back to ZhangSiyi relationship with Gu Yu.

Zhang Siyisuccinctly explained the situation to Fu Xinhui and stressed that they mutuallyliked each other and were willing to be together.

Fu Xinhuisighed: “Did you really think about it carefully?"

Zhang Siyivowed: “Really.”

After beingsilent for a minute, Fu Xinhui squinting eyes and said: “You honestly tellme. Before you were with Gu Yu, did you have feelings for me?"

Zhang Siyi:“Fuck no! Do you think it\'s that easy to become gay?"

Fu Xinhui:“……”

Fu Xinhui:“That’s good. I thought, since I suddenly left you alone, you becamehungry…."

ZhangSiyi’s eyes twitched. –How can Fu Xinhuibrazenly talk as if there was never a problem to begin with. Also, what thefuck does \'hungry\' mean. Gu Yu is so much better than you!

Rubbing hischin in thought, Fu Xinhui curiously asked: "What\'s sex like? Can you reallyget it up with him? What does it feel like to insert your…?"

Zhang Siyicoldly said: “You can sleep now. Bye!”

Withouthesitation, Zhang Siyi hung up the phone and thereby cutting off Fu Xinhui. Heput the phone on the bedside table and held his pillow to his face and muffledhis scream. Now that his feelings werevented, he felt calmer and seriously thought about the logistics of getting aMaster\'s degree.

First, thestart of the University\'s semester is in September and before submitting anapplication, a person is expected to have at least one full year of workexperience. For Zhang Siyi, that would be in August and as a result, make itimpossible to apply this year. Second, another issue is money. Since his familyalready agreed to only support him while he got his undergraduate degree, he hadto have enough money to pay his own tuition. Thinking about the cost of livingin London in addition to the cost of tuition and school supplies…… Well, theroad to saving money is very long! There is also a third point and the mostimportant reason. Since he is with Gu Yu now, he was unable to imagine leaveinghis side!

Ah, solet’s think it over in about two years!

After theweekend break, Gu Yu\'s condition improved greatly. In order to thank Zhang Siyifor his care, Gu Yu specially gave him a bonus from his monthly living expensesmaking Zhang Siyi happy. Upon learning of Gu Yu\'s recovery, Tao Fei no longerfelt the need to visit.

On Mondaymorning, Gu Yu informed the team members about an announcement that will bemade at the dinner tonight in celebration for Zhang Siyi and Tao Fei project.

Everyonewondered what the announcement was and gossiped about it throughout the day:

"What’s thegood news?”

“Idon’t know."

"Have anyof our group\'s projects won an award?"

"Could itbe a corporate tour?”

An employeethat has been with the company for long explained it for the newer employees.The company sponsors a trip for the designers every few years. The last timewas in 2013 and it was to Malaysia.”

ZhangSiyi’s ears immediately stood up. There is such a good thing as to traveloverseas?! Gu Yu hasn\'t mentioned it to Zhang Siyi at all.

Lettingeveryone stir for the day in anticipation about the announcement, the good newswasn\'t confirmed until the evening at dinner. Gu Yu said: "Next month, thecompany will sponsor the design department to tour Japan."

Everyonecheered! Sure enough, someone had already guessed it!

Gu Yu: "TongHeyi and I have organized a trip for everyone to visit Japan for ten days nextmonth after The Dragon Boat Festival. The company will compensate thirty-thousandfor the trip only for those traveling. Soon, the Ministry of Personnel willneed your information to prepare a visa."

How cansuch a good thing happen? Some people are already excited to scream!

Gu Yu said again: “We are responsible for arranging the itinerary. The hotel personnel department will help you to book the hotels in advance. In order to save money, the rooms are double occupancy. Our group happens to have eight men and four women. Pair up before making reservations for the hotel."

Just when ZhangSiyi was thinking how wonderful it would be able to travel and stay with Gu Yu,Lu Qiao interrupted his chain of thought. Staring right at Zhang Siyi heannounced: "Auntie Four, I\'ll stay with you!"

In theexcitement and good feeling of the moment, everyone laughed. Someone shouted:"Ha-ha. Joe Sister with Aunt Four. Clearly, there are six boys and six girls!"

Zhang Siyi: “….” six men and six women? Screw you!