Assistant Architect - Chapter 137

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 137: Condition


Even Tao Feididn\'t know Zhang Siyi held an ace up his sleeve. Tao Fei began to listen tohim attentively. Zhang Siyi\'s ideas to incorporate Buddhist culture and relatedprograms into the project was the most thought-provoking aspect to their plan.

When thepresentation was finished, Zhang Siyi left the glowing picture of a BodhiBeacon on the screen making it seem like the warm light from the Beaconilluminated the conference room.

Thehoneycomb mosaic of the sun-film that was used for the lampshades had areflective effect under sunlight making them purely white. At night, when thelight source of the lamp was turned on, the vague interlaced veins showedthrough, making the lamp look like iridescent leaves.

On thelookout tower, a series of Bodhi Bells were hanging from the edge of theplatform. Although they were the same shape as the beacon, they had a differentfunction. As the wind blows, they would emit a gentle chime and thus, makingthe tower and surrounding area a timeless place where one could seek refugefrom modern life.

With theirprofessionalism and beautiful drawings, coupled with the thought provokingculturally significant landmark, Tao Fei and Zhang Siyi have delivered a nearlyperfect solution for the luxury resort project in the tourism development zone.

Even thoughthey ended the presentation, the meeting wasn\'t over. The silence was broken bythe multiple voices talking at the same time in the room. One of the members ofthe group was particularly vocal after the presentation was finished. At firstglance, other than wearing a string of beads, he didn\'t stand out as he wasvery plainly dressed and low-key. In the beginning, he was quietly observingand listening to the report, but when he spoke at the end, the rest of thegroup immediately quieted and respectfully listened to all he had to say. Thisindicates that he must hold part, if not all, of the real decision-making powerin Party A.

He happensto be a Buddhist and although his faction is different then those in theSouthern region, he knows that Buddhist teachings are unbound. Being interestedin Zhang Siyi\'s plan considerably, he was eager to further discuss thesignificance of religious architecture with everyone present.

In this way,Zhang Siyi’s plan was exactly what he wanted! In the excitement, time passedquickly and lunchtime fast approached. At President Li\'s suggestion, they tooka break. Although they haven\'t signed a contract yet, their intentions areobvious at this time.

Overjoyed, PresidentLi invited the Manager of the public relations department to bring her peopleto a nearby hotel in the afternoon to further discuss the details of thecontract over dinner. As such, Gu Yu as the creative director and Tong Heyi asthe deputy design director need to attend the party as well as the person incharge of the project, Tao Fei. Given the status of the people required toattend, it was natural that they were expected to go. Beyond expectations, whenZhang Siyi heard Gu Yu, he was surprised: "Zhang Siyi, after packing up andstowing away the materials from the presentation you also come to the hotel."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

When exitingthe conference room, Bi Lele and the other colleagues gathered around him excitedly:"Wow Four! You pulled that one out of the bag!"

Ji Feiyu wasalso curious: "Did you really go to those hotels?”

Tao Fei cameover and put his arm around Ji Feiyu’s shoulder: “Jealous?”

Afraid ofbeing hated, Zhang Siyi chuckled and said: "It\'s all of Tao Fei\'s money."

Everyoneimmediately turned to stare wide eyed at Tao Fei with expressions of worship.Tao Fei grinned widely and threw a wink in Zhang Siyi\'s direction inappreciation for his quick-witted remark.

Since thehotel was a ten-minute drive from the company to the hotel, the people in PartyA took a business car to the facility while the designers from Borderless tooka taxi.

For theother designers in Borderless, the banquet was actually rather boring as theywere there specifically to create a good atmosphere by offering an ear tolisten to Parry A\'s bragging nonsense and chat politely.

With Zhang Siyihumble attitude, he was able to keep his head down and eat some food peacefully,but some of the others weren\'t as fortunate. In particular, as a result of GuYu young fame, he bears more pressure than average to maintain positive relationshipswith peers in the industry.

Many peoplein the banquet approached him and discussed various topics. Not only did hehave to politely listen, but he also had to have the knowledge and quick wit toreply to the person adequately in order to make them feel content. Witnessingthe process made Zhang Siyi feel troubled and he can only imagine howbothersome it must have felt like for Gu Yu.

Noticing thelack of food that Gu Yu ate and the frequent use of a small towel to wipe thesweat from his forehead during dinner, Zhang Siyi worried about him.

President Lialways came to Gu Yu for a drink, but Gu Yu clearly refused and stated he wasn\'tfeeling well and thus used tea instead of alcohol, but after three rounds of drinks,the President wouldn\'t take any excuse seriously: "Don\'t be a stick in the mud.When I was sick, I would drink warm rice-wine and let my body sweat to help getover a cold. If not for this project we wouldn\'t have been able to meet. It\'sbeen six months since we\'ve had the opportunity to chat. Come, come - without atoast, the project won\'t have meaning!"

One of ZhangSiyi\'s pet-peeves is when a person forces alcohol on someone in the name of a blessing.Getting even more angry then he already was, Zhang Siyi really wanted to blurtout something, especially since Gu Yu really was ill.

Next to him,Zhang Siyi impulsively went to block the wine from Gu Yu, but he reached forthe glass and winked at Zhang Siyi. He stood up with everyone, moved the glassin a circle to acknowledge the people present then faced President Li for atoast.

Since thebanquet was coming to a close, the people attending were starting to gather theirbelongings and getting ready to leave. Thegroup of people sitting with Gu Yu also got up to gather their things and walkout of the dining area. As Gu Yu stood up with the others, he said: "Go aheadfirst. I\'ll be there in a minute."

Not noticingany problems, the others left without a word. Zhang Siyi felt relieved thenturned to Gu Yu and asked: "Are you alright?"

Gu Yu wassilent for a few seconds then suddenly said: “Help me get to thebathroom.”

…… Help?Zhang Siyi was shocked! Gu Yu can\'t go by himself?

Zhang Siyi quicklymaneuvered him into the bathroom stall and not a moment later did Gu Yu let goof his stomach. Even after emptying it, his abdomen continued to spasm and dry-heave.Standing outside the stall, Zhang Siyi was distressed over Gu Yu\'s condition.He asked: "How\'s it going? Are you feeling better?"

Normally, GuYu could hold his liquor, but with only one glass of wine, he was brought to hisknees at the toilet and thus indicating how serious his condition was. Aftercoming out of the stall, Gu Yu\'s face was as white as a sheet of paper. Becausehe was trembling from fatigue, he was holding onto the door to help him standupright. He had masked his condition throughout the presentation all morningand banquet in the afternoon, but now, he couldn\'t take it anymore and was on theverge of collapse.

Feeling thevibration in his pocket, he looked at his phone and saw Tao Fei calling. Heanswered it, and Tao Fei had asked him when they will be coming down. Over thephone, Zhang Siyi replied: "Gu Yu is drunk and his physical condition is verybad. You will have to go back without us."

Furrowinghis brow, Gu Yu was eager to grab Zhang Siyi phone, but he simply hung up and pocketedit. Glaring at Gu Yu: "Do you still want to go back? Do you have any idea howworried I am about you?!"

Gu Yu:“The members of Party A…”

Zhang Siyi interruptedhim: "The project is progressing very smoothly now. Even if you were absent fora long time, there are so many other people in the company including the President,Child Labor, and Tao Fei that will represent Borderless faithfully!”

The momentof male dominance was fierce and Zhang Siyi made the decision for him: "I won\'tlet you go. You are coming to the hospital with me right now!"

Slowly relaxing,Gu Yu moved his lips and hoarsely uttered: “Fool."

Zhang Siyi: “…” Who the hell is the stupid one!