Assistant Architect - Chapter 136

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 136: Finishing Touch


Tao Fei\'sopening speech quickly captured the attention of Party A. Together with thevisual appeal of the project and research investment, the preconceivedcooperation towards the project has made a high impact towards the next phaseof the project. As long as the overall design levels are maintained and Tao Feican continue to deliver his speech without fatal errors, the project was surelywon.

However, TaoFei’s designs also have a fatal flaw. Even though they are quite distinctive,they are rather avant-garde and most of the masses cannot accept his ideas.Unlike the previous time with Tao Fei\'s irregularly shaped high-rise building,Gu Yu intentionally let Tao Fei run with his ideas for the tourism planningproject. Today is the first time Gu Yu has seen it.

Sure enough,when the planning details of the main map were reviled, the two conservativemembers of Party A expressed their concern because there weren\'t any straightlines from the road network into the newly designed facilities depicted by the architecturaloutlines.

Since theland that will be developed is a tropical rainforest, located at the base ofthe mountain and faced the countryside, the whole landform is sloped with largestaggering clusters of flora making an extremely organic landscape.

In order to maintainthe natural environment, the road network drawn by Tao Fei is curved. Like thepatches of natural flora, both large and small, the artistically conceivedbuildings on the drawing were also rounded. Arranged in order, they look like apatchwork of flora that grew out of the landscape naturally.

This design wasundoubtedly novel and breaks through the traditional approach. If it can bebuilt, it will likely become a very desired destination in Yunnan that wouldattract large numbers of rich tourists to the area.

The mainissue was the extreme construction costs and time because of the non-linearroads and dimensions that would need to be carefully positioned on-site duringthe time of construction. Generally speaking, plans that are difficult toachieve are mostly reduced to cannon fodder!

Zhang Siyicarefully observed the expressions of the people in the room. In addition to PartyA, he also saw Gu Yu and President Li in deep-thought with their mouths pursed.Zhang Siyi was worried that they now have regretted touting Tao Fei. Fuck! Ifthey really did discuss the plan previously, then who has the balls to presentthis enchanting scene. The whole design could have been changed beyondrecognition!

Zhang Siyi hasto admit, Tao Fei is brave for presenting such a lavish design. Zhang Siyi brokeout in a cold sweat and perspired enough for both of them. Zhang Siyi expecteda turn to present his material soon. That\'s right! It isn\'t the only choice.They have a left hand!

Since partyA’s target customer base is rich, investment is bound to be plentiful. However,none of them know whether or not the group of investors are interested inbuilding a brand or was their emphasis on profits. The series of detailed mapsare just one of Tao Fei\'s small stepping stones. If it is the former, then he schemescan be as dazzling as it can be. If it is the latter, then the project willprobably be pulled because there wouldn\'t be enough profits in the end.

Tao Feicontinued with his report and explained the origin of his design and where hegot his inspiration from. The curvature of the lines on the plans aren\'thaphazardly placed. Instead, they follow the orderly patterns of nature, likethe branches of trees and leaf patterns. Even in nature can one find logic andgeometry.

At thebeginning of his design phase, all the lines on the picture were rigid linesincluding the buildings. Later, Tao Fei added an algorithm based on nature, andevolved the plan into an organic natural pattern. Tao Fei showed them images ofhis thought process. The changes from before to after reflect his designconcept of \'natural environment\'. In the end, it is Party A who will decidewhich to use; the conservative square buildings or \'natural\' ones.

For the greatestimpact, Tao Fei explained his process from the end backwards. First, to whet apersons\' appetite, he beautifully illustrated his most sought-after result,then double back to show the alternative which leaves the ultimate direction ofthe plan in Party A\'s hands. Through one detailed area plan coupled with anintentions map, the result is that Tao Fei didn\'t have to draw every singlevilla. That is to say, it is the slice of pie!

While TaoFei was going over the intention map, Zhang Siyi watched the reactions of thegroup in the conference room and noticed some positive movements. All thepeople in Party A discussed the intention map with enthusiasm. At this time,they looked at President Li and Gu Yu for discussion and direction for finalpositioning.

Before theycould react to the lack of physical architecture, Zhang Siyi stepped up topresent his lookout Tower designs. As with Tao Fei, Gu Yu also introduced ZhangSiyi, albeit with much less achievements. Once again, Zhang Siyi was remindedof his education. If Gu Yu could introduce him with a Master\'s degree, would GuYu be prouder?

At thistime, the general manager of the construction planning department of Party A, awoman in her 40s, suddenly smiled and said: “President Li, are thedesigners of your company architects or models?”

President Lidrank his tea and joked: "Before when Gu Yu was in Firm X, I took him topresent a project. As long as there were women present, with all eyes on him,all he had to do was smile at each of them, and the project was won. Havingtasted the effects of the honey trap, he has hired these two eye-catching architectsthis past year."

Aftereveryone finished laughing, the atmosphere became less tense. Feeling a littleembarrassed, Zhang Siyi scratched his head. Feeling confident with his design,he took a deep breath and began to present his concept for the new landmarkproject. He not only showed the group an overview of his ideas, but with a fewdetailed drawings, he also meticulously included the materials and meaningbehind each of the different concepts. During the design phase of his plan, TaoFei helped Zhang Siyi polish his tower ideas by modify the shape of his towerand picking out the most suitable materials.

Even afterhe finished the tower, Zhang Siyi didn\'t stop thinking about the project. Upuntil two days ago, he reacted vaguely. The cultural symbolism of the landmarktower is greater than the building itself.

In additionto the unique dwellings of cultural minorities of the area, like the Dai-stylebuildings, almost every village had at least one Buddhist temple or stupa.Whether the temple was built in a Burmese bell-shaped style, pavilion style or diamondshaped Thai-style, the temples where the most magnificently decorated buildingsin the village.

He firsttook note of the buildings while visiting the Lalu Stockade. In the process ofgoing through his photos, he found sudden inspiration and stayed up all nightto research the materials used for Dai religious buildings. Using thesignificance of Buddhist culture in the area, he created an additional designelement to the project. His Bodhi Beacon concept.

In front ofeveryone, Zhang Siyi could see the slight nods of approval throughout hispresentation of his Lookout Tower. Feeling relieved that his meticulous workpayed off, he next presented his Bodhi Beacon concept with confidence. Specifically,for his presentation, he chose quiet Buddha music to play. In a moment, theatmosphere in the entire conference room changed. The warmth of the Bodhi lightadded a finishing touch to their project plan.

Not only did the members of Party A widened their eyes in amazement, both Tong Heyi and President Li were surprised as well. Both had to look at Zhang Siyi closely and reevaluate this little apprentice who hadn\'t even been with the company for one year.