Assistant Architect - Chapter 135

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 135: Reconciliation


Excited toreturn to Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi washed quickly in the shower. After, he rushed backto bed, he laid down beside him and wrapped his arms around Gu Yu.

“Doyou want to sleep?” Gu Yu asked in a soft, raspy voice that was unique andsensual from his cold. Since he was feeling dizzy, Gu Yu almost fell back tosleep in the time that Zhang Siyi took to wash.

Seeing GuYu in such a cute and vulnerable state, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t help himself fromtaking advantage of the situation. Thinking of what Gu Yu did to him whenvisiting Lijiang, Zhang Siyi licked Gu Yu ear while softly emitting an eroticmoan. Pressing himself against Gu Yu seductively, he moved his hand along hisbody tenderly and wrapped his leg around Gu Yu. Exuding a sweet atmosphere,Zhang Siyi enticed him to \'come and eat\'.

Now awake, losingto lust, Gu Yu couldn\'t restrain himself. He whispered \'naughty\' and rolledover on top of Zhang Siyi and pressed him down. Lowering his head, Gu Yu kissedhim as he wished and reached down to fondle Zhang Siyi. Eliciting more eroticmoans, Gu Yu continued to tenderly stroke his hardened area. Zhang Siyi twistedhis hips right, left and GU Yu released his exceedingly engorged organ.

Havinghelped each other many times, Zhang Siyi no longer felt a sense of shame likehe had the first time he was with Gu Yu. He reached for Gu Yu sensitive organand passionately stroked him up.

The suddenmovement made Gu Yu take a deep breath and hold it a moment. Looking at ZhangSiyi, his emotions boiled and felt himself nearing completion.

Watchinghis reaction, Zhang Siyi\'s heart was filled with a strong sense ofaccomplishment and that feeling was more exciting than his own need. Wanting toplease Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi fervidly continued to fondle Gu Yu then leaned over tonibble and kiss Gu Yu deeply on his neck, like an unrestrained puppy.

Eyes wideopen and gasping, Gu Yu suddenly slid down under the blanket. Confused for amoment, in a husky, yet soft voice, Zhang Siyi asked \'why?\' but immediately wasanswered with a different feeling.

“Ah…!" Zhang Siyi jerked in surprised andshouted loudly: “Don\'t!"

In the nextsecond, Gu Yu didn\'t hesitate to envelop him deeply into his mouth. Due to GuYu\'s fever, his high temperature gave Zhang Siyi an unprecedented experience.In that brief moment, Zhang Siyi\'s toes curled, his body trembled and he cameto completion.

Zhang Siyi:"…" Aaaaaaahh! Fuck! How can this be!! Unacceptable!!!

Shortlyafter, Gu Yu head popped up from the quilt. Coughing a little, he gentlylaughed and affectionately said: "Little virgin. So fast…."

Infrustration and embarrassment, Zhang Siyi covered his face.

Smiling, GuYu rubbed his head and chuckled: "Ready to sleep now?”

Feeling cheated,Zhang Siyi shouted: “What the fuck are you laughing about? Do you thinkit’s okay? What I want is the process!”

Gu Yuraised his eyebrows: “What do you want? I also want to give you a morecomfortable and enjoyable process, but I know you will…”

“Shutup!” As a man, Zhang Siyi has his dignity and quickly lifted his hand tocover Gu Yu mouth to block him from saying anything else. – Shit! Do I really need to listen to myMother and visit a doctor for male problems!?

Gu Yu stifleda laugh and comforted him: “There will be opportunities next time.”

Not wantingto disappoint Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi stared at him in the eyes. Even though ZhangSiyi felt ashamed of reciprocating the action, he wouldn\'t just abandon him andrefuse.

However,before Zhang Siyi could take action, Gu Yu saw through him and immediatelystopped Zhang Siyi: "Don\'t think about it anymore. I have a cold and it\'s notsuitable time for intercourse as physical exhaustion hinders recovery. Besides,we still have work tomorrow and it\'s almost three in the morning. If you helpme, are you going to get any sleep? I\'m not like you and can finish in a fewseconds."

When itcame to the last remark, Gu Yu didn\'t forget to rub it in and make Zhang Siyifeel angry. In order to appease him, Gu Yu hugged him and kissed him tenderlywithout going further for a long time. Knowing Gu Yu\'s attitude was firm, ZhangSiyi obediently gave up the idea and instead wrapped his arm around his waistand leaned on Gu Yu\'s shoulder. Holding each other closely in their arms, theywent to sleep.

The nextmorning it was clear that Gu Yu\'s illness was worse. Since Zhang Siyi was theone that disturbed Gu Yu\'s sleep, he didn\'t know if he was the cause. Feelingguilty, Zhang Siyi jumped out of bed early and made tea for Gu Yu. He broughtit back upstairs on a tray for Gu Yu to drink in bed.

WatchingZhang Siyi bounce around the room like an energized rabbit, Gu Yu sighed. Eventhough Zhang Siyi only got a few hours of sleep, Gu Yu felt like the six-yearage gap between them was obvious and decided he needed to get more exercise inthe future.

Frowning,Zhang Siyi tried to persuade Gu Yu: “You look so bad, do you want to take theday off?”

“No.Today is your project presentation and I specifically want to be there whenParty-A arrives." Not listening to Zhang Siyi\'s advice, Gu Yu slowly got out ofbed and put on a formal suit and suggested that Zhang Siyi do the same.

Notthinking about the most appropriate attire to wear today, Zhang Siyi was happythat Gu Yu reminded him so he quickly went to his room to change.

When hearrived at the company, Zhang Siyi met Tao Fei and once again was verysurprised. Last night\'s unkempt haggard bum disappeared and standing in frontof Zhang Siyi in a suit was the restored suave and handsome beautiful peach.

InspectingZhang Siyi, Tao Fei raised his hand to his chin: "You look really handsome whenyou wear a suit." First, Tao Fei looked him over from head to toe and then, gesturedhis head in the direction of Gu Yu\'s office he smiled and asked: "Well, did youmake up last night?"

Blushing alittle, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t stop himself from smiling broadly.

Tao Feisnorted and with the rolled-up file of papers, he tapped it on Zhang Siyi’shead: “Stupid. Go get ready. It\'s your tower design, so you are going topresent it yourself!"

Zhang Siyiwas shocked: “Ah?”

Tao Feilooked at him: “What \'Ah\'? What else are you wearing a fancy suit for? Areyou just another pretty face?"

Zhang Siyi:“…” Fuck, he dug himself a hole.

At 10o’clock in the morning Party A arrived. They were a large-scale developmentcompany with its own capital and investments. Also within the company, they wereequipped with a building planning department. In order to watch thepresentation, there were four people that came to Borderless. They were one ofthe investors in the project, the deputy general manager of the tourismdevelopment department, the general manager of the construction planningdepartment, and an accompanying secretary.

The mainreceptionist at Borderless, Mrs. Wang, first invited the crowd to tour thefacilities of Borderless and afterwards, Gu Yu invited them to the conferenceroom for refreshments. Tong Heyi came forward on behalf of the company andintroduced a variety of projects that showcased the design strength ofBorderless. Once everyone settled down, the official proposal started.

In additionto Tao Fei, Zhang Siyi noticed both Ji Feiyu and Bi Lele as well as severaldesigners from Group B were also present. Since they weren\'t involved with thedesign, he wondered why everyone was here and whispered to Tao Fei: "What areall these people doing here?"

Tao Fei scoldedhim: “You don\'t understand? This is a battle! With four observers, wecan\'t simply go directly to the commander. This is our home turf, and the more presencewe have, the better it is. Don\'t give yourself away and remember that all thesedesigners here are project participates!"

Zhang Siyigrinned: "How do you know so much?”"

Tao Fei gavehim a sideways glance and stated: “My brother, when I was gainingexperience through my internship, you were still in educational diapers!"

Zhang Siyi:“……” Fuck off!

After all ofthe staff members entered the conference room, Party A was very happy to see somany people.

Tao Fei gotup and walked to the front and bowed gracefully.

Gu Yu drankfrom a cup of tea to moistened his throat then made introductions: "This is myfellow classmate from Big T university, Tao Fei. He also has Master\'s from aBritish university and is the main person in charge of the project."

When ZhangSiyi heard Gu Yu\'s slightly hoarse voice, Zhang Siyi thought of last night\'sactivities. As his face became hot, he quickly tightened his fingers into a fitand jabbing his nails into his palms in order to drive away those eroticthoughts.

The deputygeneral manager of Party A\'s tourism development department looked at Tao Feiand saw him as a young man. He immediately asked: "Mr. Gu, we sought you foryour fame. Looking at this young man, what credentials does he have?"

Like SecretaryWang of C city, when hearing Gu Yu wasn\'t the project head designer, he hadquestions. It may not be a problem for most people, but Tao Fei is arrogant andopinionated.

Zhang Siyiwatched Tao Fei intently. Hearing the Manager express his doubts and knowingTao Fei\'s personality, Zhang Siyi thought by now, Tao Fei must be feelingirritated. Sure enough, he could see Tao Fei squinting his eyes and scrunchinghis face all of which were the precursors to him blowing up.

Withoutmissing a beat, Gu Yu smoothed over Party A\'s anxiety: “He is XX NationalUniversity students Frontier Architectural Design Cup competition first place.After graduation, several well-known construction companies in the country haveoffered him a position, but he came to me at Borderless. This is the secondproject he has designed since earning his Master\'s degree. Last month, we wonthe bid for his commercial high-rise design that will be built in Shandong Qcity x District later this year. All designers start out young and grow up. If PresidentLi hadn\'t given me the chance back then, I wouldn\'t have the achievements thatI have today."

PresidentLi also helped: “Yes. Small Gu has all grown up and is now passing alongopportunities. You can rest assured, even though Tao Fei doesn\'t look the part,I\'ve seen his architectural work and vouch for him. We have met previously toexchange ideas. If I wasn\'t confident, there wouldn\'t be a reason to approach yourcompany for this project. Gu Yu and I wouldn\'t let you see anything other thanan exceptional design."

With ablank look, Zhang Siyi sat in the conference room speechless. He knows exactlywhich two persons worked on the project and how much effort it took them. Havingwitnessed the interaction between parties and boasting remarks, he understandsthe importance of strong support. Hey, he’s still learning!

The managertouched his chin and nodded with satisfaction.

Taking thecue, Tao Fei lightly coughed. Standing tall, he proudly started presenting theproject: "Leaders, without further ado, then let us begin."

Tao Feibegan with the first slide. With a beautifully crafted rendering, it depictedtheir overall plan. Zhang Siyi noticed the surprised expressions on some of thepeople\'s faces.

Whether itis one building or a development, knowing how eye-catching Tao Fei visualapproach to designing can be, Zhang Siyi isn\'t surprised by the group\'sreactions.

Hearing thegroups silence, Tao Fei switched to the next slide. In fluent French and English,he spoke: “Courtoisie (Courtesy), Charme (Charm), Caractère (Character), Calme(Calm), Cuisine (Food). This is the 5C standard that the members of the Relais& Chateaux boutique hotel group must meet.”

Since therehadn\'t been any comments yet, Zhang Siyi thought perhaps, no one couldunderstand what Tao Fei was talking about. Even so, with the artistic visualdisplay and fluent French and English, Tao Fei brought his whole speech into aninternational level.

Havingclicked to the next slide, Tao Fei continued: "In order to meet the 5Cstandards, our group of designers personally stayed at luxury brands acrossYunnan for ten days."

Tao Feireported many of the places they stayed at which covering almost all of thehigh-end hotels in Yunnan. The slide showed each facilities\' overall grade,number of stars, cost, and popularity.

Atten-thousand each for research of ten days with eight designers present is noless than eighty-thousand and that is without transportation. Party A\'s facesbecame pale. The act alone shows how much attention and investment Borderlesshave made towards the project. Looking at each other, the people in Party Abecame more serious.

Yes, in the industry, one will hardly be able to find a company that is more committed than Borderless. However, only Zhang Siyi knows the truth of the matter. Tao Fei\'s so-called \'whole group\' is only just the two of them. Also, a few of the hotels he listed are places they didn\'t visit. With the cost initially covered by their own finances, Zhang Siyi is waiting for the Head-of-the-House from Party A to reimburse them.