Assistant Architect - Chapter 133

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 133: Illness


Zhang Siyi pressedhis lips together and didn’t talk. Tao Fei grabbed some napkins from the tableand threw them at him. He said: “Hey, if there is something to say, thensay it. I also consider you a brother so there is no reason to hold it in!"

Zhang Siyicaught the napkins and threw them back. Finally, he couldn\'t contain hisfeelings anymore and a torrent of complaints burst out: "Yes, we are fighting!I told him that I wanted to stay up with you, but he disagreed. He said my workwould be too inefficient if I stayed up late. I thought I was being considerateto him and told him to go back home, but he won\'t talk to me. I don\'t know whathe wants!"

With anexpression of \'I told you so\' written all over his face, Tao Fei scoffed and said:"I knew it."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

While eatinghis food, Tao Fei helped Zhang Siyi analyze his situation: "I guess Gu Yu maybe unhappy because you snubbed him."

Raising hisvoice, Zhang Siyi frantically spoke: “But I am at work. I am not foolingaround! He told me he wants me to workalongside him as soon as possible. He is obviously a very rational and calmperson, but when I work hard and then he says he doesn\'t want me to. What is that?A double standard! I don\'t think he wants me to be strong at all!”

Zhang Siyiwouldn\'t normally voice his anger in front of Gu Yu. Tao Fei offered an ear soZhang Siyi couldn\'t help but vent his grievances.

Tao Feisighed and said: “He might seem infallible, but when one falls in love, evenhe is simply a mortal. Besides, this is your love period!”

Zhang Siyisnorted and thought: they were onlytogether for a month… What seven-year-itch. Day after day, he did not gohome and Gu Yu did not talk to him. With pessimistic thoughts, Zhang Siyi feltlike they were almost finished. Maybe after the project was over, they willactually break up!

With greatcare, Tao Fei warmly spoke to Zhang Siyi: "I\'ll tell you something. I\'ve knownmy brother for five years and during that time, he has always remained calm.Even in the face of my bad temper, he remained so collected. The only time I\'venever seen him get angry and out of control is because of you."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Tao Fei:“Like at the hotel in Jingmai Mountains… Well, I also deliberatelyprovoked him, but I didn\'t expect that he would really take the bait and kissyou in front of me."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Tao Fei:“At least his behavior is more normal now. Unlike previously, even thoughhe was in his early twenties, he always seemed to live a lifeless life. Like apool of stagnant water, he lived only by going through the motions."

Tao Feipaused then said: “In the past few days, I can clearly feel he is in a badmood. I often see him preoccupied with something and frowning with a heavyheart. Since you have your back to his office, you may never have noticed, butevery time he left, he always paused and looked at you before moving."

“Whoknows what he is thinking…” Zhang Siyi took a sip of his hot and sour soupand felt the flavor mimicked his mood.

Tao Feishrugged: “Although I don’t know what he was thinking, you will have totalk about it sooner or later. Since my brother is very proud, from myexperience, it is not likely he will take the initiative to find you to talk.Take my advice and make the first step towards reconciliation. Maybe once youmake the first move, he will come tumbling down from the top of the stairs!"

Stirring theremaining liquid in his soup bowl with his chopsticks, Zhang Siyi said withsorrow: "Why do I have to be first? I\'ve already approached him a few days ago.Early in the morning I asked him if he was having a cold war with me and do youknow what he said?"

Using Gu Yucold tone and expression, Zhang Siyi imitated him and told Tao Fei what Gu Yusaid verbatim. Although Tao Fei heard it, he didn\'t sympathize with Zhang Siyi.Instead he gloated: "His character… Well, you are the one that likes him!Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Finishingthe last few bites of dinner, Tao Fei calmly said: "Our project is almost done.It\'s time for you to go back home."

Beingdefiant, Zhang Siyi rebuked: “Now, in the middle of the night? I won\'t goback. I\'m staying up with you to work!"

Tao Feipicked up the lid from the take-out container and slapped him: “Don\'t useme as an excuse to escape. You haven\'t realized it, but my brother has given methe look of death these last couple of days. Besides, I have to go back tonightand fix up this peach brother for tomorrow\'s presentation."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Feelinghelpless, Zhang Siyi packed up his things and went home.

In May,Haicheng has begun to heat up during the day, but it remains quite chilly atnight. Often, the temperature difference between the two is rather wide at(30C/86F) and during the day and (10C/50F) during the night.

Having been insidethese last few days with an interior temperature that was completely regulated,when Zhang Siyi stepped outside, he felt the bite of a chilly breeze.

He inhaledwith a deep breath and sputtered out hot air quickly making his lips vibrate.The answer to the current unknown status of their relationship made Zhang Siyihesitant. – Shit! I can\'t take itanymore! The anticipation is killing me! I\'m going to talk tonight! Who is thesurname of Gu\'s love?!

Taking ataxi back to Yuanshan Garden, Zhang Siyi had time to reflect on the last coupleof days and standing in front of the door, he felt a little reluctant to speakup.

Zhang Siyiis neither afraid of being with Gu Yu nor his argument with him. What he can\'ttolerate was seeing Gu Yu\'s indifferent expression and lack of communication.The possibility of being ignored again is upsetting Zhang Siyi. What kind oflove is there without concern?

Now that themoment is upon him, Zhang Siyi glanced at the time and saw that it was after midnightand decided he didn\'t want to wake Gu Yu up. Instead, he was going to sneakback to his room to sleep. Making up his mind, he gently opened the door andtried to quietly head upstairs. Since he hadn\'t seen Townhouse for a couple ofdays, the dog ran up to him excitedly and barked: "wuuf-wuuf."

Startled,Zhang Siyi\'s plan was ruined. He grabbed Townhouse by the ear and covered hissnout and desperately \'shushed\' him. The dog didn\'t understand and thought hismaster was home to play. He started licking his hand and made more excitedgrunts.

Zhang Siyiwants to cry, but has no tears. Damn this little ancestor! You don\'t want tojoin in the fun at this point!

The \'littleancestor\' did not listen. In the dark, Townhouse pounced on Zhang Siyi legs andfrantically rubbed. After an emotionally draining day, Zhang Siyi almost kickedthe dog hard. Stupid dog! Gu Yu, why can\'t the dog get fixed?! Every day, thisis what he does. It\'s too ridiculous!

It was hardto wait for Townhouse to settle down. While Zhang Siyi quietly walked upstairs,Townhouse also followed suit. Twice, Zhang Siyi shooed him down but finally, hewas able to make the dog stay downstairs.

Since theywere being so loud, Zhang Siyi was afraid that he woke up Gu Yu. As he reachedthe top of the stairs, he listened intently for any sound. When he didn\'t hearthe slightest movement, he laughed at himself for thinking Gu Yu would doanything other then what he has been doing already. Ignoring Zhang Siyi.

Not wantingto cause any further disturbance than he already created, he didn\'t turn on thehall lights and instead, he used his phone as a flashlight. When he went to usethe bathroom, he noticed Gu Yu bedroom door wasn\'t closed. He was shocked tofind it remained open!

Zhang Siyiquickly turned off his mobile phone and stood next to the door in a dilemma.

What did GuYu mean by leaving the door open? Usually, whether they sleep together or sleepseparately, they would close the doors. Is it possible that Gu Yu was…? Was waitingfor him to come back?

Instantly, ZhangSiyi was warmed up by the idea. His heart was pounding in his chest, but afterthe long cold period, he was afraid of being so optimistic. While standingoutside the door, he hesitated for five minutes. Finally, Zhang Siyi decided hewould at least sneak a peek at Gu Yu and then go back to his room quietly.

Now thatZhang Siyi\'s phone was turned off for a while, his eyes had adapted to thedarkness. He crept into Gu Yu\'s room and saw the quilt on his bed with a biglump on the side making a familiar outline. He didn\'t know if Gu Yu was reallysleeping deeply or simply silently lying still.

With thefaint illumination of the night light on the other side of the bed, Zhang Siyimaneuvered around to look at him more closely. When Gu Yu\'s face came intoview, he couldn\'t look away. Even though they were at the office every day, itfelt like he hadn\'t been able to see Gu Yu\'s face clearly for a very long time.

….. Damn it! I really fucking misshim!

Watching themovement in his chest expand and contrast with each breath, Gu Yu appears bothharmless and fragile. Lying in bed sleeping, Zhang Siyi didn\'t know why Gu Yu hada slight frown on his face. Looking at Gu Yu like this, he had the suddendesire to pounce on him, but his thoughts said he can\'t…… They are still in acold war! Angry at the thought, Zhang Siyi was uncontrollably bending down andreaching out, wanting to feel his face. It was a completely unconscious action.The moment Zhang Siyi\'s fingers touched Gu Yu\'s skin, he tightened his eyebrowsand his eyes fluttered open.

Panicked,Zhang Siyi tried to react and escape, but Gu Yu was faster. He suddenly reachedout and grabbed Zhang Siyi hand and stared at him. While he slowly loosened thegrip on his hand, in a weak and hoarse voice, Gu Yu said: "You came back."

Zhang Siyi wasn\'tthinking so much on how unhealthy he sounded, because once he heard Gu Yupleased voiced, his heart was a mess.

His hard-earnedpride and self-esteem collapsed in an instant. Like a puppy who was forgiven byhis master, Zhang Siyi sorrowfully looked at Gu Yu with all of his emotions inhis eyes.

Gu Yu watchedhim then gradually relaxed his hand and tightened it again. He pulled ZhangSiyi into the bed with him.

Franticallykissing one another, Zhang Siyi fell on top of Gu Yu. With his mind becomingblank, he only felt what was in front of him in the moment. In the arms of theperson he loves, he had nothing to worry about. He just wanted to feel the warmthof his lover and having spent the last several days apart, he wanted to rejoicein their reunion.

Gu Yu wasalso the same. Venting his emotions, Gu Yu wrapped his tongue around Zhang Siyi\'stongue, kissing him deeply and mercilessly bit his lips. Listening to ZhangSiyi muffled outbursts of pain, Gu Yu didn\'t stop. His strength was so great andhe kissed so fiercely that it seemed as if he wanted revenge for being left outduring the past few days

Zhang Siyiwas also very enthusiastic, but he still couldn\'t match Gu Yu. He seemed toforce Zhang Siyi to bear all of the resentment alone…. Slowly, Zhang Siyirecovered his senses and became aware of Gu Yu\'s abnormal body temperature.

Not only washis mouth hot, but also his forehead, neck, shoulders…… Everywhere hetouched, Gu Yu\'s temperature was higher than his. He quickly realized the meaningof the hoarse voice that Gu Yu spoke with. Becoming anxious, Zhang Siyi freedhimself from Gu Yu arms. Observing each other\'s expressions, Zhang Siyi spokefirst: "Are you sick?"

Gu Yu\'s lineof sight was a focused-on Zhang Siyi. Due to the intensity with which theykissed, gasping for air, Gu Yu was short of breath and did not speak.

Zhang Siyiwent to touch his forehead but was caught by Gu Yu instead. Gu Yu placed ZhangSiyi\'s hand to his lips and kissed his palm and then wrapped his tongue aroundhis finger, inserted it into his mouth and sucked.

Quicklybecoming peevish, Zhang Siyi demanded: "You quickly answer me!"

Gu Yu pausedfor few seconds before releasing him then he quietly said: “It\'s nothingserious. Just a small cold.” Lowering the volume even further, he said:"I\'m sorry, I didn\'t hold back."

At first,Zhang Siyi didn\'t understand what Gu Yu meant by suddenly apologizing. Was hesorry that the cold war was over? Pausing for a moment, he quickly realized thetruth and sighed. Gu Yu was afraid of infecting Zhang Siyi with his cold.

Feelinghappy for Gu Yu\'s concern, but feeling distressed over his illness, he clung toGu Yu\'s hand, leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He said: "Never mindthat. When did you get sick? Why didn\'t you tell me?"

Gu Yunormally stoic demeanor made Zhang Siyi feel like Gu Yu was invincible. Even ifthere was something a little off, Zhang Siyi would never think of thepossibility of Gu Yu being sick. Now he finally understood why he didn\'t wakeup earlier with so much noise when Zhang Siyi came back home. Gu Yu wasprobably too weak from illness that he didn\'t hear anything.