Assistant Architect - Chapter 127

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 127: Shenanigans


Maintainingthe balance between natural and modern, the Dai-style was used as a basis forthe construction of the hotel. In addition to the many modern comforts, likethe floor to ceiling windows, the facility was also constructed with manynatural materials and motifs. Together, they seamlessly incorporated theoutside rainforest into part of the interior space and choosing which parts ofthe structure to be modern and which parts to retain the natural elements isthe job of an architectural designer.

Benefitingfrom the resort spa facilities, Zhang Siyi felt less tense and much better.When he returned to his room, he grabbed his sketchbook and sat on the bed towrite and sketch out his thoughts. Since it was the first time since thebusiness trip that he felt motivated to do so, he felt a little guilty. Sureenough, he was a better person when Gu Yu was near. As long as Gu Yu is close,all Zhang Siyi wants to do was improve and work hard alongside him.

Gu Yu wentto boil some water in a teapot in the room and noticed Zhang Siyi reclining onthe bed working with his sketchbook. He went over to him to looked at whatZhang Siyi was drawing.

Zhang Siyiinstinctively covered up the image a little, but when he saw Gu Yu, he relaxedhis hand and let Gu Yu look at the drawing.

Pleased byhis reaction, Gu Yu smiled and laid down next to him. Looking at Zhang Siyi\'samateur attempt at drawing the huts where the spa facilities were, he reachedout to take Zhang Siyi sketchbook and personally drew a perspective view forhim. With the herringbone ridge, thatched grass and wooden pillars, Gu Yuaccurately depicted the hut with a few seemly simple pencil strokes. He alsomade a few notations that included the frame structure and sizes of the pillarswith the roofing material.

Marvelingat the illustration, Zhang Siyi exclaimed: "Wow! How did you remember all ofthis?"

Gu Yu said:"Of course I remember a simple hut. If I didn\'t remember the details then whatwould be the point of drawing it?"

Zhang Siyi:“I just thought the hut looked nice."

"Idiot.”Glaring at Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu reached out and pulled his nose. Not wanting toscold him further, he patiently explained: "Only ordinary people have theluxury to look at a building casually and simply think how nice it looks.Remember you are an architect, so you must look at a building with a criticaleye and understand why a building looks good. Just saying a building looks nice,isn\'t good enough.

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Gu Yupicked up the pen again and wrote on the sides of his sketchbook and said.“Take for example the hut just now, pay attention to the spatial scale ofthe environment. Notice the measurement of this opening here and whether or notit was comfortable to use. Would it be better if it was smaller? Or, would itbe better if it was bigger? ….. Second, look at the truss structure and columnarrangement. If you aren\'t sure of the sizes, then use a tape measure to getthe details. Isn\'t that why I gave you mine? ….. Third, pay attention to thebuilding materials and color. Touch the materials and think about the colortones. What feelings do they invoke and why? ….. Fourth, note which decorativeelements are most attractive to you…. It doesn\'t matter if the drawing is verygood or not because you have a camera and can record it perfectly. The issuebecomes apparent in the future when you go back to look at the photos. Inretrospect, you won\'t remember why the building was good and what was sospecial about it without making notations."

When Gu Yuwas finished with his lecture, he turned to look at Zhang Siyi. Seeing his eyessparkle with extreme adoration and worship, Gu Yu couldn\'t help but want tokiss him. -Damn him, does he even knowhow good he is at seducing me!?

Tossing thepen aside, Gu Yu looked Zhang Siyi in the eyes and tenderly held his chin upthen leaned in to press his lips against …… The door suddenly opened.

"Therearen\'t any cots available. I just met the room service outside and they gave usa fruit basket…. Come taste a fresh mangosteen from Xishuangbanna!”

Since thenumber of people did not match the original reservation, Tao Fei wentdownstairs to the lobby to complete the formalities and also asked them ifthere were any roll-away beds available. Unfortunately, even the high-pricedluxury hotels are filled to capacity during the May Holiday and any additionalbeds must be reserved in advance.

As soon ashe came in, Tao Fei saw Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu both lying on the bed. The two menwere in a rather suggestive position. In the moment they heard Tao Fei talking,the two separated in lightning speed.

Gu Yu:“…” (=_=)

Zhang Siyi:“…” (&_&)

Tao Fei:“…” (= 皿 =) Are youso hungry and thirsty that in the span of ten minutes while I was away, that\'sall you thought about!?

Setting thefruit on the table, Tao Fei stared at them angrily. — I am watching you two. Now, how will you be able to show affection!

Zhang Siyipicked out one of the mangosteen in his hand and broke the skin to reveal thewhite flesh. He put a piece in his mouth and exclaimed: "Hey, it\'s so sweet!"

Wanting tolet Gu Yu have some, Zhang Siyi broke off another piece and extended his hand:"Do you want to try a piece?"

Unexpectedly,Gu Yu lowered his head and enveloped Zhang Siyi fingers with his mouth and atethe fruit. As Zhang Siyi tried to remove his fingers, Gu Yu sucked and lickedup the remaining pulp from his fingers.

Zhang Siyi:“…”

This time,clutching his trembling hand, even Zhang Siyi wanted to shout \'fuck.\' In frontof others, can you not do such an erotic action!? (&////&)

Witnessingit all, Tao Fei was forced to chew gay dog food! He really wanted to comestraight to the point and say: “No questions asked! You two are sogay!”

By theeffect of Gu Yu\'s actions, Tao Fei figured that he doesn\'t seem to care whetheror not Tao Fei knows of his true relationship with Zhang Siyi. What\'s more, TaoFei felt that if he said something, Gu Yu would just directly admit it.

Fuck! Thelack of any opportunity to poke fun made Tao Fei unhappy about his circumstance.Even being gay, do you have no shame? Youcan\'t even be honest with me!

With hisback against a wall, Tao Fei was in a dilemma. As he glanced at Zhang Siyi anidea popped into his mind. Ha-ha-ha! Gu Yu might be an SSS-class level, butZhang Siyi wasn\'t

“Hey,Zhang Siyi,” Tao Fei looked at Zhang Siyi with a keen face and said,“Stay with me tonight.”

Zhang Siyi:"…… Huh?"

Ignoringthe knives shooting from Gu Yu\'s eyes, Tao Fei patted the bed and encouragedZhang Siyi: "Brother is our Boss. It isn\'t easy to be on vacation and have tosqueeze into bed with a subordinate. Let us coworkers stay together and theBoss can relax and sleep alone tonight."

Initiallyhe was reluctant, but after Zhang Siyi listened to Tai Fei statement, he wasunable to refute him. Indeed, in the other person\'s view, it really wasn\'tjustified for him to let his boss squeeze in a bed with him. In addition, he wouldn\'tdare do the kinds of things he did with Gu Yu last night. Since that was the case,he convinced himself that it didn\'t matter where he slept.

“Okay.”Zhang Siyi nodded his acceptance to Tao Fei\'s request and slowly moved over tothe other bed. He carefully watched Gu Yu face for any reaction. In fact, hehoped that Gu Yu would invalidate Tao Fei’s request, but Gu Yu just looked athim with a serious look and said nothing.

Zhang Siyi isalso a little upset. – What are youstaring at me for? What Tao Fei said isn\'t wrong! You are the Boss and have theability to make things right!

With thisin mind, Zhang Siyi turned and left Gu Yu and went to Tao Fei’s bed.

Gu Yu:“…”

Having hisploy succeed, Tao Fei was ecstatic. He was fervidly considerate and asked:"Zhang Siyi, is this pillow ok? Is it too high for you? I\'ll get you a flatterone if you need."

Zhang Siyireplied: “No, it’s alright. I don\'t move around much once I fall asleep soIt\'ll be good. What about you? You aren\'t going to pull the blankets off me,are you?” Unlike the tension he felt when he stayed with Gu Yu for thefirst time, he felt rather relaxed and had no problems sleeping next to other men.

Tao Fei:“Of course not! It\'s ok if you are close…. Hey, I can feel the heat from yourbody. It\'s so hot."

Zhang Siyi:“Aha-ha-ha. Pervert, stop touching me. Ah-ha-ha! Don’t tickle me!"

Gu Yu:“………” (-_-#)

After thetwo men were under the blanket for a while, Tao Fei suddenly asked: “Hey,Zhang Siyi, do you have a girlfriend?”

Zhang Siyisuddenly froze. How does he answer this question? It\'s hard to say \'he doesn\'thave a girlfriend, but a boyfriend and he is right next to us\' …… Although GuYu said it isn\'t a problem if Tao Fei found out about them, \'finding out\' and\'actively coming out of the closet\' are completely different.

“To befound” is a last resort for Zhang Siyi. He hopes he could continue toconceal his relationship with Gu Yu. After all, their relationship isn\'tsomething he can show off.

Moreover,Gu Yu is right next to him. Since Gu Yu and Tao Fei are more familiar with eachother, it is clearly more appropriate for Gu Yu to tell the truth to Tao Fei.

Zhang Siyipaused and said: “Yes.” Although he doesn\'t have a girlfriend, hedoesn\'t want to lie and say \'no\' because by doing so, it is tantamount todenying his relationship with Gu Yu. In any case, whether it is a man or women,Zhang Siyi believes the object of the relationship will be clear enough for GuYu to understand.

As Tao Fei listenedto Zhang Siyi answer he quickly replied: "Oh? What\'s your girlfriend like? Isshe pretty?"

Touchinghis face, Zhang Siyi felt embarrassed: "Well, really beautiful."

Gu Yu:“…”

Eyebrowsraised, Tao Fei said: “Hey, you are turning red! You must like her verymuch!"

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Tao Feiasked again: “Do I look beautiful to you?”

Zhang Siyi:"…… No!” (=_=) Why is this question so weird?

Tao Feicontinued to gossip: “Then tell me what you are attracted to."

Bashful,Zhang Siyi sunk deeper in to the blankets and quietly replied: "There are manythings. They are very smart and their career is outstanding. Also, theircooking is super delicious."

Surprised,Tao Fei pressed him further: "With so many advantages, isn\'t she the perfectperson!? How can a fine girl like that be with you?" Tao Fei touched his chinin apparent thought then elbowed Zhang Siyi and smirked. In a tone that \'all-men-understand\'he stated: "It must be your skills in bed!"

Zhang Siyi:“poof–!"

Gu Yu: “…”