Assistant Architect - Chapter 125

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 125: Experience


“Whatare you doing here?” Embracing Gu Yu\'s body and smelling his essence,Zhang Siyi heart was frantically pounding in his chest. Any ideas he had ofgoing to the UK for a Master\'s degree instantly vanished. Since Zhang Siyi feltbeing apart for a week was unbearable, he wasn\'t able to wrap his mind around theidea of leaving China and having a long-distance relationship!

Although hedid not answer, all of Gu Yu feelings were self-evident. Gu Yu fiercely huggedhim and pressed Zhang Siyi head to his chest, kissing him on the head, ear, hisjawline……

Afraid ofbeing seen, Zhang Siyi loosened his arms, stepped back and asked: “Did youget the packages I sent?"

“Well…”Gu Yu gave him a funny look. “Why did you send so many?”

Feelingembarrassed, Zhang Siyi looked at his feet and quietly said: “I wanted tobuy them for you.”

“Pu’er,Xizhou white tea, rose sugar, peach wine, flower cake…” Raising hiseyebrows, Gu Yu recounted everything that was sent then asked: “Those areall well and good but what do you mean by buying Maca Root tea?”

"Uh….?" Zhang Siyi was in Shuhe the other day and sawsomeone selling Maca Root tea saying it was good for a man’s body because itincreased stamina and resistance. Having purchased so many gifts during thetrip thus far, Zhang Siyi lost track of each package. As long as it wassomething beneficial to Gu Yu, he bought it and sent it home without muchthought.

WatchingZhang Siyi questioning expression, Gu Yu explained what the tea was used for;an aphrodisiac that help maintain a man\'s erection.

Feeling embarrassed,Zhang Siyi repeatedly waved his hand to explain.” “I, I, I, I……. I didn’t mean that!

However,looking at Gu Yan\'s narrow eyes, Zhang Siyi felt that he could not wash himselfwhen he jumped into the Yellow River!

Reachingfor Zhang Siyi head, Gu Yu laughed and snorted, and messed up his hair: "Allright. Go ahead first."

As he wentupstairs, Zhang Siyi asked: "Did you come here after work this evening?”

Gu Xiao:“There was only one four-hour flight in the afternoon from Haicheng toLijiang."

….. Ah! It is nowonder that I couldn\'t contact Gu Yu for a long time! Having worked all morningand then traveled the rest of the day, Gu Yu must be feeling exhausted.

When theyarrived back to the room, Tao Fei was reclining on the bed with his legscrossed. He winked: "Brother you came!"

Not sayinganything, Gu Yu nodded to Tao Fei and put down his luggage. He surveyed theroom and saw two beds. One of them was occupied by Tao Fei, and the other bed withhalf of the blankets drooping over the side of the bed and onto the floor wasZhang Siyi\'s.

Tao Fei asked:"Are you here for business or vacation?"

Since Gu Yuchose this time to travel, of course it is impossible for him to be part of thebusiness trip and therefore, he must have come at his own expense.

Sitting upand putting his legs off the side of the bed Tao Fei smiled: "Now that it isthe May holiday, there aren\'t extra rooms left in he hotel. What should we dofor tonight? Myself or Zhang Siyi……"

Before hehad finished speaking, Gu Yu took off his coat and tossed it directly onto ZhangSiyi’s bed. He interrupted him in an overly dramatic manner: “Sleeping isn\'tthe issue. I came to see your work situation since it has been a week already.Did you forget the time?”

When ZhangSiyi heard Gu Yu, he was reminded of the \'Big Devil\' and broke out in a coldsweat.

Gu Yu didnot bother to listen to their answers and let Zhang Siyi get his slippers forhim then said: "Tell me later. I\'ll shower first."

Takingadvantage of his momentary absence, Zhang Siyi faced the culprit, Tao Fei, and whispered:“We are finished! All we did was see tourist traps and we haven\'t made anyprogress on the project yet!" He knew with Gu Yu\'s arrival that he was going toget into trouble!

As ZhangSiyi was in a panic, Tao Fei smirked indifferently. He lazily leaned back inhis bed and said: "What are you afraid of? Haven\'t we been working all thistime?"

Zhang Siyi:“What?"

Tao Feicalmly explained: “Have you forgotten what we\'re doing with this project?It is a luxury hotel design project for tourist attractions! The class of hotelsare nothing less then Hotel intercontinental and Banyan Tree hotel. In order todevelop a five-star hotel with the same standards, we have to stay in the high-endHotels and visit the famous locations throughout Yunnan. We want to make sureour design is unique with its own characteristics and innovations and not a repeatof the same thing that the other hotels have.

Now thatZhang Siyi was enlightened, he suddenly understood why Tao Fei wanted to stayat all the best hotels! He realized the essence of the matter was the same aswhen Gu Yu took him to the old town on their C-City business trip. The differencewas that he planned an area for ordinary people and not wealthy people andthus, had to see things from the common man\'s perspective and stay at a budgethotel.

If theynever experienced staying at a luxury hotel, they wouldn\'t know what amenitiesand facilities are needed to incorporate into the design for the enjoyment of thehotel\'s guests. It wasn\'t that Tao Fei needs were different then Gu Yu\'s, itwas that the starting point of the project was vastly different from theprevious one.

However,Zhang Siyi remains a bit confused: “But there is so much information andphotos online about the places we have been to."

Not alldesigners have the ability to put themselves in the place they are designing. Ironically,many people who design upscale places and wealthy mansions have not actually livedin upscale places and mansions themselves. Zhang Siyi didn\'t feel wrong about his thoughtsbecause with some research and speculation, the photos and informationavailable online would provide a direction to start in designing a project plan.

Tao Feiscoffed: “It\'s not the same. I saw a domestic real estate agent sell ahouse, claiming it to be a luxury apartment style of Europe and US because eachapartment unit had its own fireplace. I looked at the fireplace and ha! Thedesigners didn\'t know what to think because the fireplace was just a mural!"

Zhang Siyi laughedout loud. Tao Fei\'s example perfectly illustrated the issue at hand. The ironyis really amazing.

Grinning, TaoFei said: “Once you let go of your rigid thoughts and experience anenvironment with your heart, the sense of scale and space is intuitively gained.This type of knowledge leads to inspiration and is only achieved by living inthe environment and not something that can be produced from thin air.

As if itwere truth, Zhang Siyi nodded and touched his chin.

Stretchingout on the bed, Tao Fei said: “Now this feeling of indulgence is the best!The more a person is spoiled, the better the experience feels and the morememorable it will be. In order for others to want to spend time at your resort,you have to first want to spend time being pampered at a resort. Let those richpeople willingly pay for your design in order to enjoy the comfort of a drunkendream and forget reality. You are creating that paradise for guests toexperience."

Zhang Siyinodded throughout Tao Fei explanation. How strange! He originally thought TaoFei was so unreliable, but under his cynical surface, Tao Fei has a right-mindedheart!

“Hey,by the way…” Tao Fei suddenly turned over, yawning: “Since Iexplained everything and you took most of the photographs, when Gu Yu comes outdemanding an explanation, you talk to him. I\'m going to sleep."

Zhang Siyi:"……" You black heart fat peach!

Gu Yuquickly finished showering. With his hair still wet, he came out of thebathroom wearing a robe.

Holding hiscamera, Zhang Siyi was sitting down on the bed waiting for him.

Rubbing hishair with a towel, Gu Yu walked to Zhang Siyi’s bedside and sat down. He lookedat Tao Fei in the next bed over and asked: "He went to sleep?"

Zhang Siyilowered his head and said: “Well, look at this. These photos are what wehave taken in the past few days…. “

Gu Yu goton the bed and sat close to Zhang Siyi. Since his robe was loosely tied together,he could see most of Gu Yu\'s abdomen.

With apounding chest and feeling hot Zhang Siyi pretended to be calm and talked to GuYu about their trip these past days. All the while, he internally thought tohimself -ah don\'t look, hold back, TaoFei is right next to us.

Whiletalking about their experiences when staying over in the luxury hotels, ZhangSiyi intuitively felt like Gu Yu was getting closer. As Zhang Siyi turned hishead to peek, he saw Gu Yu staring at him and not looking one bit at the imagesdisplayed on the camera.

Opening hismouth to speak, Gu Yu suddenly came over and pecked his lips, interruptingZhang Siyi. Scared, he raised his hand to cover his mouth, stunned. Wide eyed,he quickly glanced in Tao Fei\'s direction to signal silently: – TaoFei is here!

Turning, GuYu also glanced at Tao Fei. Since he saw no movement, he boldly pressed ZhangSiyi shoulder down to the pillow.

Zhang Siyiwas forced to lay down half way. Gu Yu also followed suit and put his arm downso Zhang Siyi could rest his head on it. His other hand grabbed the bedding andpulled blankets over the body of the two of them then quietly said: "Continue."

Blushing, ZhangSiyi quickly turned away from Gu Yu and continued to show him the photographs.

Whilelooking at the camera\'s display screen, his earlobe suddenly felt itchy andthen hot. Frozen in place, Zhang Siyi sucked in a breath of cold air. He wantedto hide, but since Gu Yu arm was wrapped around him, he couldn\'t move.

Shit! Gu Yuis actually…… licking his ears…… (Q////Q)

Gu Yu’skiss shifted from his ear, to his cheek and then he held Zhang Siyi\'s head andkissed him on the lips.

Since TaoFei was next to them on the other bed, all he needed to do was open his eyes towitness them kissing each other. How dare Gu Yu……

Zhang Siyi openedhis eyes and felt Gu Yu\'s tongue sneak into his mouth, probing inside. His poundingheart was about to jump out of his throat.

As much asGu Yu surprised him, Zhang Siyi had to admit to himself that the more they progressed,the more worried he was about being discovered, but contrary to his logicalthought, the greater the thrill Gu Yu\'s actions brought.

Not daring to respond to Gu Yu\'s advances, he grasped the camera in one hand and clenched his other hand into a fist. From the tips of his toes, to the top of head, all of the cells in his body trembled. The gentle kisses made him so excited that Zhang Siyi thought he was going to explode.