Assistant Architect - Chapter 124

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 124: Appear


Locatednext to Dianchi Lake, it didn\'t take long for the taxi driver to bring them tothe hotel. Looking out the window along the way, there were green mountains andclear waters making them feel happy and relaxed. The picturesque landscape wascompleted by the day\'s bright blue sky and fluffy clouds drifting in the lightbreeze. Getting out of the car, Zhang Siyi took a deep breath filling up hischest and then releasing it. He said: "Ah, fresh air! Ah, fresh air! So good!"

Squinting hiseyes in the bright sun, Tao Fei said with emotion: "If the environmenteverywhere else was as good as it is here, then people would stop goingabroad."

After theluggage was removed from the trunk, the taxi left. Leaving the surroundingforest and lakes, the two walked inside the hotel to check-in. Inside thelobby, there was a fountain and many decorative motifs that perfectlyintegrated the exterior landscape into the interior space giving the hotel aromantic feeling. The elegance was enhanced by the butterfly motifs tastefullyincorporated into the scenery of the interior.

Along theway to their room, Zhang Siyi make sure to take a few photos with his camera.The room was very large with all the luxurious amenities including a balconythat overlooked the lake.

Puttingdown his bag, Zhang Siyi walked out onto the balcony to take a few beautifulpictures of the lake. He secretly sent Gu Yu a message: "We are at the hotel!"

Immediately,Gu Yu replied: "Which hotel?"

Zhang Siyi:“Intercontinental Hotel in Kunming.” Afraid of any backlash form GuYu, he hurriedly added: "Tao Fei picked it out." (&_&)

Gu Yu:“It’s very good.”

Seeing thatGu Yu didn\'t have any negative remarks about it, Zhang Siyi breathed a sigh ofrelief and asked: “What are you doing? Did you eat yet?"

Gu Yu:“Well, I\'ve already eaten. I\'m reading a book now.”

Gu Yu:“I miss you by the way.”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Suddenly, TaoFei appeared from behind Zhang Siyi: “What are you doing?”

Quicklyputting his phone down, Zhang Siyi\'s face was flushed and replied:“Nothing.”

Tao Fei puthis arm around Zhang Siyi shoulder and turned him around. While leaning on thebalcony with a view of the lake behind them and standing side by side, Tao Feireached out with his phone: "Let\'s take a picture. Smile!"

Beingcaught of guard by Tao Fei, Zhang Siyi heart was in his throat. Before hisbrain understood what was going on, he was still in the midst of panic when heheard Tao Fei say smile and heard a \'click\'. Because of what Gu Yu said, he hadslightly downcast eyes and looked like he was blushing under the comfort of TaoFei.

When TaoFei looked at the image, he couldn\'t stop from laughing: “What\'s this? Youare so shy and It looks like I\'m ready to pounce ha-ha-ha!”

Zhang Siyi:"……" You fuck off!

After unpackingtheir belongings, they went to the concierge to get a taxi. First, they had thetaxi drop them off at the city center to eat famous Yunnan Cross-The-Bridgenoodle soup.** Then they went to visit the Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Archway.** While out and about, they were leisurely strolling along the sidewalktalking and taking pictures just as if they were really like tourists out toplay.

Coming upona tea shop, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t help himself and went inside to look. As soonas they entered, the enthusiastic man and women approached them and asked themif they wanted to sit and have tea and talk for a while. They also guaranteedthat even if they didn’t buy tea, it wouldn’t matter.

Tao Feiwasn\'t interested in the tea, but seeing that these two were locals, he wantedto chat with them about local customs so he grabbed Zhang Siyi and sat down.

“Isthis your first time coming to Yunnan? Yunnan Pu’er tea is the most famous……"

As theolder man introduced one of teas, Zhang Siyi made a polite bow and slightlynodded. He used his mobile phone to search this shop on the internet andcompare prices. Seeing that the price of the tea is not outrageous, it is safe forhim to enjoy the tea.

NoticingZhang Siyi\'s interest, the older man continued to tell him about the differentkinds of tea available. Along with the cooked style of Pu\'er tea he wastasting, the older man also prepared a sample of moonlight white, and red tea.Sipping his tea and nibbling on added snacks, Zhang Siyi was feeling reallycontent. He had the urge to buy some tea.

Tao Fei wassurprised: “Are you really going to buy some?”

Zhang Siyi:“I think it’s good to drink it.” In fact, he knows how to drink itbecause of Gu Yu influence. Knowing that Gu Yu and his father love to drinktea, he wanted to buy the tea for them.

Tao Feibluntly said: "It is too inconvenient right now and this kind of tea isavailable online."

The olderman immediately responded to Tao Fei\'s comment: “Hey, you can\'t know forsure the Pu\'er tea you buy online is really Pu\'er tea. A lot of it is reallyjust saliva tea that they only soak one side of the leaf then press themtogether making it very bitter. There is none of the mellow flavor of realPu\'er tea."

As theolder man took out a stack of papers, he continued: "Since many visitors to myshop are tourists, it is common to mail home the items purchased. If you don\'twant to carry the tea with you, I can help ship it to your final destination.If it\'s a gift, I can wrap and package it with a card and send it out for free."

Since thepurchase was without any worry, Zhang Siyi was excited to buy a variety of tea.

Tao Fei wasspeechless, but since Zhang Siyi was willing to do it, he didn\'t stop him.

In thepast, Zhang Siyi wouldn\'t normally spend a lot of money on unnecessary things,especially a bunch of unknown teas, but now it wasn\'t the same. Since he likesGu Yu, Zhang Siyi was always thinking about ways to make him happy and waswilling to spend extra money. Picking out gifts for the person you love madeZhang Siyi feel very happy.

Whilesipping and eating a snack, Tao Fei talked with the older couple about theareas culture and fun things to do. After spending two hours in the shop, theydecided on where they needed to go next: Dali!**

Thefollowing day, as suggested, they visited the Expo Park and Haigeng Park. ZhangSiyi made sure to take a lot of photographs. In the evening, they returned tothe hotel to check out and went to the train station to travel to Dali by theovernight train. For the first time in Zhang Siyi life, he was traveling by anovernight sleeper-car. In his excitement, he wasn\'t able to sleep for most ofthe night.

Listeningto the drone of the wheels on the tracks, \'chuchk-chuchk-chuchk\', he wrappedhimself up in the thin quilt and posted an image of his train ticket for onlyGu Yu to see and wrote a note: “I miss you very much. I wish the personbesides me was you."

Afterarriving in Dali, they took the bus to the ancient part of the city. Assuggested by the owner of the tea shop from the previous day, Tao Fei rented anelectric car with Zhang Siyi and drove around on a self-drive-tour around ErhaiLake.

Since it wasa weekday and people were at work, there was very little traffic on the roadsand Tao Fei and Zhang Siyi were able to drive along the lake without worries.Along the way they stopped at Xizhou old town and Zhoucheng village** as wellas various points on the roads to take pictures. Deciding to stay at a privateinn, they enjoyed he sunset and sunrise of the Erhai Lake. The next day, with afully charged car, they left the inn and drove back to the southern end of thelake to the bus station.

Previously,Zhang Siyi was apprehensive about going on the business trip with Tao Fei, butnow with Tao Fei influence, he shed his reservations and really enjoyed touringthe countryside. For the next part of their tour, they took a bus from Dali toLijing** and stayed at the famous high-end hotel chain called Banyan Tree**which had villas with private pools. At three-thousand per night, the priceswere even more outrageous.

With TaoFei insistence to stay at the best hotels, Zhang Siyi has become numb to such prices.Twice he has proposed other hotels, but Tao Fei always insisted on the bestlocation. In order to feel less anxious about the cost, Zhang Siyi changed hismind set from needing to pay for a room to thinking they were Tao Fei\'spre-paid rooms.

Beinginfluenced by Tao Fei\'s spending habits, Zhang Siyi also started to buy thingswithout restraint. Looking around, there were many kinds of novelty products.He originally thought only Kunming sold Pu\'er tea and didn\'t expect otherplaces to also sell the tea.

When ZhangSiyi received a \'little fox kiss\' message from Gu Yu that he really liked thetea that he sent, Zhang Siyi felt so happy and excited. As a result, nearlyevery day when he tasted something good, he bought a small gift and sent thepackage to Gu Yu.

NoticingZhang Siyi address the package to Yuanshan Garden yet again, Tao Fei ridiculedhim: "How many presents are you going to get Gu Yu?"

Turningred, Zhang Siyi faltered and said: “They aren\'t all for him. I\'m going togive them away when I get back home.”

Tao Feilooked at him with a broad smile and didn’t press him any further.

For fourdays, the two traveled to the surrounding heritage sites and tourist attractionslike Wuhu, the old town of Shuhe**, and Shangri-La**. Returning to Lijiang, itwas already the end of April and near the May holiday and thus, there was asurge of tourists to the area. As a result, when they returned to the BanyanTree hotel, there were no vacancies. They booked a room at the second mostexpensive private inn for one night. Tomorrow, they were planning on flying toXishuangbanna.**

Having visitedso many different tourist sites the last few days, the initial excitement of travelinghas faded and Zhang Siyi began to feel fatigued and worried: "Our trip is morethan half over and we haven\'t even started working yet."

"What\'s thehurry? It\'s the May holiday." Tao Fei said while coming out of the bathroom ina towel. Contrary to his image online, Tao Fei went to his bed and picked his toenails.

ZhangSiyi’s eyes twitched. If he didn\'t know any better, being in Tao Fei’s shadowthese past days traveling would make anyone think they were a couple. All ofhis photos posted to his social media were beautiful pictures of the both ofthem!

Lying inbed waiting for Gu Yu\'s text message, Zhang Siyi frowned. During the week,Zhang Siyi had been communicating with Gu Yu everyday by sending photos andupdating him on the status of the business trip. Normally, he checks for Gu Yu\'smessages in the morning and in the evening, but today Zhang Siyi doesn\'t knowwhat is going on. Gu Yu hasn\'t responded all day.

Quietly,Zhang Siyi moved outside the room to call Gu Yu, but he wasn\'t able to connectas the phone went directly to voicemail. He didn\'t know what to think. It wasn\'tuntil midnight that Zhang Siyi heard the phone vibrate on the bedside table andreceived a message from Gu Yu.

Gu Yu:“I am in Lijiang. Where are you? I came to see you.”

Looking at hismessage, Zhang Siyi cried out: "Eh!"

Since TaoFei was playing games on his mobile phone, he wasn\'t paying attention andthought Zhang Siyi called him: "Yeh?"

As ZhangSiyi typed to Gu Yu, he spoke to Tao Fei: "Gu Yu… Boss Gu is here in Lijiang!"

Tao Feijumped out of bed instantly: “What?”

Zhang Siyiwas also shocked: “I didn’t know if what he was said was true or not. Heasked me where we are staying and then he said he is coming to us now.

With a twistedexpression of both excitement and fear Tao Fei swore "Fuck!" He quickly openedhis social media and scrolled through all the posts and photos of \'showing love\'he made during the business trip. -Ha-ha-ha,brother! You finally can’t sit still?! Even though tomorrow is the holiday, youcouldn\'t wait to get here tonight!

Bothsurprised and happy, Zhang Siyi got out of bed quickly and proclaimed: "I\'mgoing to go get him."

Tao Feiwaved his hand and looked at him in fascination: “Go ahead.” -Hey-hey-hey!the next few days will be more fun!

Wearingonly a pair of hotel slippers, Zhang Siyi impatiently rushed out feeling ecstatic– Why does Gu Yu have to surprise himevery time!

Rushing out of the hotel, Zhang Siyi abruptly stopped his momentum and quickly looked for Gu Yu. Seeing him standing on the quiet stone road, an emotional wave of excitement and yearning washed all over him. Any anxiety and sadness from being separated dissolved in an instant. When their eyes met, there was only a moment before they both rushed towards each other to embrace.


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