Assistant Architect - Chapter 122

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 122: Riches


Zhang Siyibroke down and said: “You posted it online!"

Tao Feishrugged: “Why can\'t I? Is there a problem?"

Zhang Siyi:"At least you could have told me ahead of time!"

Tao Fei’sbehavior made him instantly think of the selfies he posted on his business tripwith Gu Yu. Did Tao Fei also catch Gu Yu by surprise?

In contrast,when Gu Yu was “spoofed”, his expression was still so handsome while ZhangSiyi looked stupid in the photo. What’s more, Tao Fei was laughing when thephoto was taken. At least, let him laugh too!?

…… Wait, that’snot the point! The point is, why did you post my picture online without my permission!

Tao Feismirked and put his arm around Zhang Siyi’s neck: “What\'s the point of thesurprise if you know ahead of time!"

Zhang Siyitwisted his shoulder and tried to shrug off Tao Fei\'s arm - is this a surprise? Clearly, it\'s to make me angry!

Squeezinghis arm, Tao Fei held Zhang Siyi\'s neck tighter and asked: "Why are you so angry?Don’t be so stingy! My brother took your silly photo and displayed it at themain entrance of the company and you weren\'t angry. I only posted it to mycircle of friends……"

Zhang Siyinever said he wasn\'t angry. Why do youthink I was never angry? In fact, I was livid! If not for respecting and beingtogether with Gu Yu, I think I would be planning my vengeance now!

Tao Feismiled and continued to explain: “And my friends don’t know you. Why doyou care so much about what other people think? Oh, I almost forgot. Does itbother you if my brother sees them?"

Zhang Siyicould feel his ears turning red. He refuted: "Of course not!”

In fact, hedoes mind a little. He is afraid if Gu Yu sees, he will misunderstand. But onsecond thought, Gu Yu blocked Tao Fei\'s social media page so he might notnecessarily see them.

Moreover,even if he did see it, Gu Yu knew what kind of person Tao Fei was. Unlike ZhangSiyi, Gu Yu is so rational and calm, would he even get jealous?

With such athought, Zhang Siyi’s heart breathed a sigh of relief.

Even so,Zhang Siyi was still angry with Tao Fei\'s antics. He doesn\'t really mind photosbeing put online, but he wishes Tao Fei was less spammy and more sincere.

WatchingZhang Siyi reaction, Tao Fei continued: "We are traveling together for a weekon our business trip. How are we going to get along if you make a fuss all thetime? I\'m planning on taking a lot of photographs"

Clearly,the topic about the photographs is something Tao Fei wanted to discuss withZhang Siyi. He wanted to smack Tao Fei, but upon seeing his positive attitudeand smile, Zhang Siyi sighed helpless. In a serious manner, he laid out some groundrules for Tao Fei: "You can take photographs, but don\'t lie to me, don\'t takecandid ones and make sure I look good in them or else I will think you aremessing with me!"

Tao Fei chuckled:“Ha-ha-ha! That\'s what bothers you?" He patted Zhang Si Yi’s shoulder:“OK, I understand. Next time I\'ll make sure you are super handsome!”"

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Since ZhangSiyi slept really well throughout the previous night, he wasn\'t feeling sleepy atall and thus, he thought he should utilize his time to read. He grabbed thebook that Gu Yu gave him from his bag.

Tao Feiglanced at the book and asked: "Hey, how come you are reading that book?"

Zhang Siyi:“… What’s wrong with this book?"

Tao Fei:“I read it during my sophomore year at university."

Although heshouldn\'t feel surprised, Zhang Siyi was caught off guard. He never asked Gu Yuabout his time at university and since Tao Fei was also a graduate of big T, hewas curious: "What was the course work like at big T?"

Tao Feiwrinkled his face as if he had thought of something painful:“Undergraduate…. Ah, those five years were simply hell.”

Now giventhe opportunity to talk about himself, Tao Fei had no qualms gushing about hisyears in University. He continually spoke to Zhang Siyi about the difficultlearning process of the early stages of the course work. For two years, day andnight, they had to practice fundamental fine art skills like sketching andwatercolor painting which were skills that science and engineering studentsrarely had prior exposure to. In addition, the text books were difficult tounderstand. Even if the material discussed was a struggle to grasp, one had tokeep going forward, otherwise a person would fall too far behind. By the thirdyear, in addition to written history, the course work was focused on learningcomputer software and how to transform your ideas into computer models. Finally,during the fifth year, an internship was an available option to gain officeexperience, but the most tragic aspect to it all was that the income earned wastotally out of proportion to the investment!

“Anyway,in those years at T-Big University Architectural department I basically did nothave a weekend to myself at all. I even had to work and study during the winterand summer vacations. Everyone else was doing the same, so there wasn\'t reallyanything to complain about.” Tao Fei summed it up and shrugged.

Zhang Siyiwas shocked and remembered his experience of studying abroad. Although hethought he was very busy, it was a far cry from Tao Fei. At least he still hadtime to watch movies and even go out during the holidays. The contrast between studentexpectations and course work from their respective universities was so differentthat it was no wonder that Zhang Siyi felt like he had never learned anythingat school when he first joined the company.

"Was it thesame for Gu Yu?" Zhang Siyi asked.

Tao Feiglanced at Zhang Siyi: “Almost, but he isn\'t the same as ordinarypeople.”

Zhang Siyi:“He isn\'t the same? What do you mean?”

Tao Fei crossedhis arms and said: “Although designing is very fun, most of thearchitecture students are very poor. In short, there is no time and place tomake money.”

Understandingthe situation, Zhang Siyi nodded in recognition. Tao Fei also wanted to makemoney, but didn\'t know how costly an architectural education was.

Tao Fei followedup and said: “But my brother is an exception. He is particularly rich!"

Zhang Siyi:“…… Did he earn it himself?"

“Yeah!”Tao Fei said with envy and jealousy. “His professional achievements arevery good. Sophomore year he joined a team with his seniors who entered adesign for the competition and won the grand prize. His teammates also camefrom families with construction and architectural backgrounds, but unlike GuYu, they went abroad to further their studies leaving Gu Yu alone to reap thebenefits of winning the award. When I was at school, he was already a junior.At that time, even the teachers would mention him and joke; if you need goodarchitect cheaply, find the junior in the third year for the job.

Zhang Siyi:“Why does he sound more like a contractor?"

Tao Fei cried:“He wasn\'t a contractor! In addition to being a top student, he was veryconnected in college and relied on those relationships to open doors thatnormal students wouldn\'t have access to. He participated in many competitionsduring university and most of the time he got first place. In fact, manyarchitectural design competitions were organized by design institutes in orderto think of cheap creative design and mine new talent. Through those events, GuYu went to many rich parties and made further connections. I don\'t know how hehad the time, but he did private work while taking care of his studies.

Zhang Siyi:“How much can one earn by picking up private work?”

Tao Fei:“It depends. During my senior year at University, I worked with my mentor forthe first time and earned eight thousand a month. I thought that the money wasgood. Later, I had an opportunity to work with my brother for one month and we madea residential plan together. I got paid fifty-thousandat that time!”

Zhang Siyi:“!!!”

Tao Fei:“There were rumors that he could afford a house in the capital city centerafter graduation. Since I thought people were just bragging and making upstuff, I didn’t believe it at first. It is said that when he was a senior atschool, a nouveau riche gave him a one-hundred-thousand-yuan design fee for avilla in cash. At that time, tuition was only five thousand a year and monthlyexpenses were only one thousand. The concept of having one-hundred-thousand wasunbelievable. Like winning the lottery, one day in the courtyard, some peoplesaw him screaming. With his handsome face, it was like a scene out of a movie."

Imaginingit, Zhang Siyi unconsciously smiled.

Tao Fei:“It wasn\'t just him. Even his roommates from the dorm benefited. I heard theywere ordinary people in the beginning, but after the competition, they began towear designer merchandise and ate at first class restaurants."

Zhang Siyi gavea hallow laugh: "Is it possible that when one person gains enlightenment, hisfollowers also profit? Ha-ha-ha.……"

Tao Feisighed: "Anyways, I feel that some people are lucky and born to be rich."

Beingremined of his conversation with He Chengtian, Zhang Siyi\'s mouth twitched. He stillremembered the comment Bi Lele made some time ago about Gu Yu rejecting a joboffer with a million salary. Now, Zhang Siyi finally understood why Gu Yu didso; because he isn\'t short of money! Ah!

Hey, ZhangSiyi is looking forward to following Gu Yu to the heavens! He wants a lot ofmoney too!

Tao Feilooked at Zhang Siyi and asked: “What did you study abroad?”

Thinkingfor a moment, Zhang Siyi felt ashamed of the difference and said: “Thebasic courses are similar, but I wasn\'t required to practice fine art skillsand we didn\'t read so many books. I didn\'t have an internship during the summeror winter vacations, let alone private work experience.” (=_=)

Not onlythat, but because he went abroad after graduating from high school, he couldn’tadapt to the pure English teaching environment at the beginning of his studies.The language problem alone made him fall behind the local students.

Since ZhangSiyi didn\'t understand the professional terms, he was in a fog everyday duringhis architectural history class during the first semester. He had to record theprofessor\'s lesson and play back the recording slowly to understand what wasbeing said. It wasn\'t until his second year in University that his Englishbecame fluent enough for his classes.

Relating toZhang Siyi point, Tao Fei excitedly said: "Ah! Me too! Even though I scored a7.5 on the IELTS, I didn\'t understand half of my classes at first. Would itkill the professor to speak a little slower!"

Tao Fei’sexaggerated description almost made Zhang Siyi spit his drink out in laughter:"It took time to adjust to the speed of spoken language. In my second year whenI finally could comprehend everything, I switched to a German professor whospoke English with a thick accent. Even the local students had a hard timeunderstanding him, let alone a Chinese one!"

Tao Fei boisterouslylaughed: “Yes! Yes! I had a similar experience but the professor wasSpanish! I became stupid once again. Ha-ha-ha-ha!”