Assistant Architect - Chapter 121

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 121: Selfie


Even thoughZhang Siyi couldn\'t witness Tao Fei being drunk, watching him drink two moreglasses of wine on Gu Yu\'s behest, Zhang Siyi felt appeased. Gu Yu\'s sharptongue and witty nature can easily make people speechless. Ah-hah-hah!

The groupdinner ended happily. As they left the restaurant to go home, everyonescattered. As Zhang Siyi was getting ready to leave with Gu Yu, Tao Feisuddenly stopped him: "Zhang Siyi, we will be on this trip together for oneweek. Make sure you pack properly and I\'ll see you tomorrow at the airportahead of schedule at nine in the morning!"

While TaoFei was talking to Zhang Siyi, he was watching Gu Yu at the corner of his eye.

In the eyesof Tao Fei, Gu Yu has always been a super mature person, like an unbreakablerock, nothing seems to bother him. Including the last two disputes Tao Fei hadwith Gu Yu. Slamming the desk, Tao Fei felt so angry he could have explodedwhile Gu Yu remained indifferent and as calm as ever.

Tao Fei\'simpulsiveness and temper are described as his personality, but most of the timeit is a fatal flaw. He has offended people and even lost friends.

From thefirst time they cooperated in the design competition to working together now,over the years, Tao Fei has exposed his character defects more the once infront of Gu Yu. Even though he has had his fair share of outbursts, it neverseemed to bother Gu Yu and as a result, getting along together made Tao Feifeel more relaxed.

If Tao Feiwanted to blow up, Gu Yu let him blow up. After the explosion and cool-down,the two would talk about the issue and continue to work. Gu Yu would never berude or refuse to communicate with him because of a previous dispute.

Tao Feiknows Gu Yu\'s black belly nature is no less than his own, but Gu Yu has anadvantage that he does not have. Gu Yu can control his temper.

The personwho can perfectly control his emotions is invincible. No one is a match for GuYu\'s quick thinking and as a result his articulate nature renders Gu Yu imperviousto other\'s offensive. What better person is there to shield Tao Fei?

Although itbothers Tao Fei occasionally, he has to admit that most of the time, thisabsolute reason makes him want to worship Gu Yu on his knees. He has wondered ifGu Yu will ever be angry in his lifetime.


Yes, thistime after returning home, Tao Fei was surprised at how much Gu Yu had changed.His sane and calm brother seems to have a weakness and a soft spot. Tao Fei hasseen the corner of Gu Yu\'s mouth rise in a smile for seemingly no reason. GuYu\'s eyes have become gentle and sometimes he has caught Gu Yu gazing out intospace. Why has he changed? Because of who?

Now, TaoFei finally found his answer. Tao Fei moved his line of sight to Zhang Siyi andgrinned. – Ah, brother, you asked me lastnight to delete my social media photos and suddenly you post a love photo.Today you requested the transfer of care for your \'Little Apprentice\'…… Youlet the cat out of the bag!

RegardingTao Fei\'s thoughts, Zhang Siyi was unaware of them. Now that they have saidtheir well-wishes and drank the wine, he put down his defenses. He is evenhappy about Tao Fei finally calling him by his name correctly. With a gestureand a perky smile he said: “OK! See you tomorrow!”

When hereturned home, Zhang Siyi quickly packed his things and brought enoughunderwear to last for a week. He has never been away on a business trip for solong and doesn\'t know why Tao Fei requested a week. Is Tao Fei really going to justplay and not research the project?

After ZhangSiyi gathered his things into a pile, he went to get his luggage, when he waspacking his belongings one by one, he knocked off his sketchbook from the pileand it fell onto the floor.

Gu Yu wasclose by and came over to pick it up for him: "Would you like some help?"

"No. I\'lldo it myself." Zhang Siyi said while he was busy placing his cloths into theluggage. He looked up and saw what it was that Gu Yu picked up and suddenlyreacted. He jumped up and cried: "Ah! Don\'t look at that!"

It\'s toolate. Gu Yu has already opened he book and saw the picture on the first page ofthe sketchbook. His eyes opened wide in surprise. After a moment, he shruggedhis shoulders and laughed: "Why are you drawing me?"

Zhang Siyi:“……” (o////o)

“Wantto be as good as I am?” Gu Yu mockingly said.

When heturned to the second page, Gu Yu smiled happily. He read Zhang Siyi notes andplans. On the third page, Zhang Siyi noted the things he needed to do for histrip to Yunnan and made a list. Although his words aren\'t poetic or neatlywritten, his work attitude is very serious.

Recognizinghis effort, Gu Yu said: “Not bad,” then handed the book back to ZhangSiyi. "Keep at it."

Blushing, ZhangSiyi snatched the book from Gu Yu and stuffed it into his bag: "I know!"

Momentslater, Gu Yu went downstairs to the library and pulled out two books for him toread. When he handed them to Zhang Siyi, he asked: “Have you read thesetwo books?”

Zhang Siyi lookedthem over. One book was "The Architect’s Twenty Years” and the other bookwas “The Eternal Way of Architecture”. He shook his head: “Ihaven\'t read them.”

Gu Yu said:“These two books aren\'t difficult to understand. Pick one to read whileyou travel."

Since bothof the books aren\'t very thick, Zhang Siyi happily chose the former title andput it into his bag.

Gu Yu putaway the other book and said: “Lets discuss the book after you finishedreading it."

Zhang Siyi:"……" (=皿=) Oncereading becomes homework, it feels less wonderful.

When ZhangSiyi finished packing, he charged his camera and took care of the last fewthings he needed for his trip. Thinking about being separated from Gu Yu for aweek, he went to Gu Yu\'s room to sleep.

Originally,Zhang Siyi simply wanted to hold Gu Yu and go to sleep, but because of thealcohol, both were feeling emotional. Their simple kisses became greedier andeventually led them to help each other find release. Knowing Zhang Siyi had towake up early to catch his flight, being considerate Gu Yu did not torment himmuch and both were fairly quick. After, Zhang Siyi leaned heavily on Gu Yu andfell asleep in his embrace.

Early thenext day, they woke up in good spirits. Gu Yu was going to get up and help ZhangSiyi make breakfast and then drive him to the airport, but his offer wasrejected. Zhang Siyi insisted: "I\'ll take the subway myself!" Even though he ishappy that Gu Yu was thinking of his needs, Zhang Siyi was also thinking of GuYu needs and knew that it was a rare opportunity for Gu Yu to be able to sleepin and rest.

About anhour before the airport check in, Zhang Siyi arrived. After twenty minutes, hestill hadn\'t seen Tao Fei!

Zhang Siyicalled him and no one answered. He texted him:

“I\'m at the airport. Are you here yet?"


"There is only five minutes leftfor check-in!"


"Where are you?"




….. Shit! He didn\'toversleep, did he?

Last nighthe was adamant about the time. Now who is the one that forgot the time?

Standingnear the check-in window, ready to handle the formalities, Zhang Siyi wasanxious and pacing.

Zhang Siyiwas reminded of the time he went on his first business trip with Gu Yu where GuYu was standing at the check-in area waiting for him. Zhang Siyi at least spoketo Gu Yu while he was walking from the subway stop. Unlike now, Tao Fei thatbastard, did not answer his phone!

Seeing thecheck-in time is approaching the end, Zhang Siyi felt panicked and thought heshould call Gu Yu for help. However, he quickly dismissed the idea. Since hecouldn\'t rely on Gu Yu for everything, he needed to figure it out by himself.

ZhangSiyi\'s patience was nearing his limit. He decided that if Tao Fei didn’t come,he would go through the registration procedure alone. Even if Tao Fei missedthe plane, Zhang Siyi wouldn\'t waste his ticket.

A minutebefore the airline staff closed check-in, Tao Fei appeared in Zhang Siyi lineof site with a bag in tow.

With a sighof relief, Zhang Siyi beckoned him and cried: "Hey! Hurry up!"

Tao Fei\'sleisurely pace drove Zhang Siyi crazy: "I called you. Why didn\'t you answer?"

Withoutemotion, Tao Fei pulled out the phone from his trouser pocket and quietly said:“Oh. Now I see. Why did you call me?”

On theverge of an emotional outbreak, Zhang Siyi placed his ID card heavily onthe counter and could barely stop himself from yelling at Tao Fei: “Didn\'tyou say nine? You are late. One minute more, and you would have missedcheck-in!"

Tao Feismiled and said: “It doesn’t matter if you come in forty-five minutes early.I am here now. Let\'s go."

With hisire provoked, Zhang Siyi hoped that this disaster wasn\'t an indication ofthings to come!

Beforeboarding, Zhang Siyi saw Tao Fei take out his mobile phone …This narcissist,presumably he is taking a selfie again.

Tao Fei clothstoday were exceedingly trendy with his accessories, short cropped jean jacket,black tight pants and doc martin boots.

While theywent through security, people have been looking at them. Thinking Tao Fei wassome kind of pop-star, one young girl took Tao Fei\'s photo.

However,Zhang Siyi does not think Tao Fei looks like a star, but rather, he looks likea Male-Host!

Incomparison, in order to facilitate the ease of movement while they travel forresearch, he specially prepared a pair of sneakers and easy to wear greysweater and jeans. Well, Zhang Siyi silently comforted himself, at least helooked more like an architect. (=_=)

Withoutproblems, they got on the plane and sat in their seat next to each other. TaoFei fastened his seat belt and turned his head toward Zhang Siyi: "Hey, help mesee. Is my face a little distorted in the lens?"

“Hmm?"Zhang Siyi foolishly leaned closer to Tao Fei in order to help him.

Tao Feisuddenly reached for Zhang Siyi as he got closer and put his arm around hisshoulder. With their head together, he held up his phone and smiled. With thesound of a \'click\', the two of them were photographed.

“Ah,great expression!” Tao Fei said and he showed the image on his screen toZhang Siyi.

It took amoment for Zhang Siyi to register what just happened. Tao Fei was taking aselfie with him!

“Hey!What are you doing?” Zhang Siyi had a bad feeling……

Sureenough, Tao Fei quickly opened his social media page and uploaded twophotographs. One image was the airport and the other was the photo with ZhangSiyi. Tao Fei wrote a note: "With my young coworker ready to play in Yunnan![Sunglass Wearing Man]

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Hearing the flight attendant\'s friendly reminder, Tao Fei immediately shutdown his phone and put it away.