Assistant Architect - Chapter 120

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 120: Merits


In the evening, all the staff members arrived at the Sichuan restaurant. Like the previous inauguration dinner for Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu reserved a private room for them to dine and celebrate together. The raucous crowd happily raised a glass and congratulated Tao Fei. He beamed with joy and said: "Thank you! I\'m very happy to join Borderless. My future is in your hands!"

After everyone made another toast, Gu Yu laughed and said: "Ok. Enough of being respectful. Let\'s eat."

Zhang Siyi:“……” What? Don’t be respectful and just eat?

Now thatBoss Gu has set the bar for toasts, everyone was happy to be disrespectful andrespect his instructions. With bouts of laughter emanating from the privateroom, they eagerly ate the food in a harmonious atmosphere. There was oneexception. Feeling depressed, Zhang Siyi didn\'t understand why the treatmentwas so different from his own. He was waiting to watch the show!

Since TaoFei was the only person to join Borderless after him, tonight was the onlyreference Zhang Siyi had to use to compare the difference in treatment betweenthem. Why were his colleagues in the past so eager to toast Zhang Siyi, but notTao Fei? Was it because of his lack of professional experience at the time?Maybe it was because he was the only \'Western\' member of the group? Theirbehavior is too abnormal!

Zhang Siyidecided to step forward and add some fuel to the low burning fire.

He pouredhimself a little wine, got up and said: “Tao Fei, it must be fate that weare working together now since we both graduated from a university in theUnited Kingdom and came home to China to work. Although I have been in thecompany longer then you, I only have a bachelor\'s degree. In the future, I seekyour guidance and hope to learn from you." Zhang Siyi raised his glass towardsTao Fei.

Tao Feilistened and quickly stood up. He smiled at Zhang Siyi and said: “I heardthat you also studied in the UK. I\'ve always wanted to talk to you, but Ididn’t find the chance. Is this the longest sentence you’ve ever said to mesince I got into the company? Hahaha! I originally thought that you didn’t likeme very much but it seems to be a misunderstanding…. This glass of wine mustbe drunk, and afterwards, we will become buddies!" Having said so, Tao Feiimmediately downed his glass of wine.

Surprised, Zhang Siyi didn\'t expect Tao Fei to be so forthright! He suddenly felt stupid for stressing over whether or not he had a secret love of Gu Yu. As Gu Yu said, sometimes Tao Fei’s temperament occasionally made people feel uncomfortable, but he is a good guy underneath his facade.

Since TaoFei and Gu Yu are friends, Zhang Siyi should recognize their relationship forwhat it is. In addition, last night Gu Yu made it clear on his social mediapage that he has a lover and Tao Fei had nothing to do with it. Zhang Siyibreathed a sigh of relief. Now feeling better, he completely put down his guardand decided to get along with Tao Fei.

However,Zhang Siyi was still trying to provoke Tao Fei to drink. When one gives atoast, one has to pay respect to the toast itself and drink, otherwise it wouldbe disrespectful. He thought his remarks would motivate the others to start around of routine comments and flattery. After all, Tao Fei superior designability is obvious and further requests for guidance from his colleagues shouldensue.

As ZhangSiyi sat down, someone else had already started to pour the wine. Unexpectedly,looking at everyone, Tao Fei immediately interrupted the flow and asked: "Ihave heard that Zhang Siyi is the company\'s mascot. Which one of you can tellme why?"

Distractionsuccessful, the momentum to toast Tao Fei was lost. Bi Lele eagerly answeredTao Fei: "Ha-ha-ha, didn\'t you see the huge poster at the company\'s entrance?"

Zhang Siyi:“……” Damn! Can you not mention that black history!

Tao Feiglanced at Gu Yu: “I\'ve seen it. I heard my brother took that photo ofZhang Siyi?"

Ji Feiyuexplained the circumstance: "Yes, that\'s right. The photo was taken during aproject meeting. Zhang Siyi feel asleep and was caught by Boss Gu. He directedeveryone to pose and he took the photo. Later, Gu Yu used it for the photocompetition in the annual meeting and Zhang Siyi became famous in he company."

Tao Fei:“That\'s why?”

Du Rui laughed:“In fact, Auntie Four was popular in our group before the picture."

Shifting hisweight, Tao Fei raised his eyebrows and asked: “How popular?”

Being usedto the title \'King of popularity\', Tao Fei was overshadowed by a young manwho\'s looks and ability were less then his. Tao Fei was quite curious about thereason.

Like a chorusin unison, everyone said: “He is the first international student in ourgroup!”

"He is aquick study!"

"He isreally helpful!"

"He is verygood at hand crafting things!"

“Right,he also has the nickname \'Youthful Energy.\'"

"Every day, heworks hard with a special spirit!”

"Hisphotographic skills are very good. He captured most of the beautiful picturesin the competition!"

Lu Qiaotouched his chin: "You may not, but I have seen Zhang Siyi give a presentation.He was really good and super handsome!"

“He cansing well, especially English songs!”


Zhang Siyidid not think that he had so many advantages in the eyes of his colleagues. Itwas very surprising: “The praise is too great. I don\'t know what to say!”Zhang Siyi blushed.

Unknown toZhang Siyi, his tendency to wear his emotions on his shoulder was one of hischarms. It was especially true when you talked with him. Having a naturallyexpressive demeanor is like a character from a comic book; both vivid and endearing.

In fact,there is still a point that everyone can’t express. The reason why Zhang Siyiis so popular is the freshness and vitality he has injected into the quietworking atmosphere of Group A since he joined the company. The most obvious differenceis Boss Gu as Zhang Siyi presence has caused him to act differently than Gu Yuhad in the past.

For example, Gu Yu gave Zhang Siyi the cactus. He messaged everyone prohibiting them from helping Zhang Siyi in the beginning. When they went out to dinner, he had everyone toast Zhang Siyi and got him drunk. He set up the photo when Zhang Siyi was sleeping. Gu Yu went on stage to participate in the annual meeting activities and he also went with them to KTV.

Zhang Siyidid not know, since his employment started, how irregular Gu Yu\'s behaviorreally was. In everyone’s perception, the past Gu Yu had always been cold, rigid,and unapproachable. Although he is less than 30 years old, he never acted inaccordance to his age.

Since Zhang Siyi appearance, Gu Yu has changed invisibly. He not only maintained his prestige, but Zhang Siyi\'s presence made Gu Yu even more human and as a result, Gu Yu was loved more by everyone. This is the real reason Zhang Siyi is liked by everyone.

It isunclear who said: "Here. Here. Respect our Mascot Aunt Four!" Everyone was inhigh spirits and raised their glasses to toast Zhang Siyi. Feeling embarrassed,it was more difficult to refuse and as a result, Zhang Siyi became dizzy drinkingcup after cup. Clearly, he wanted to drive everyone to toast Tao Fei. How do itturn out to be like this!?!?

“Noooooo!I’ll get drunk again!" Zhang Si Yi quickly showed his weakness and begged formercy.

Gu Yu smiledat the turn of events. Not letting things get out of hand, he interjected in atimely manner: "Zhang Siyi has to travel tomorrow on a business trip. Take iteasy. You don\'t want him to miss his plane, do you?"

As soon asBoss Gu spoke, everyone could only laugh and give up.

Spectatingthe good show, Tao Fei was a bit upset when the excitement was broken by Gu Yu.

He poured aglass of wine and raised a glass to Gu Yu: “Boss, you can cause the team tobe so harmonious and friendly. In fact, the most powerful person is you! In thepast, we were classmates and now suddenly I have become your subordinate. For awhile, I did not grasp the reality of the situation. I\'m using this occasion topay my respects Please take care of me in the future!"

With a glintin Gu Yu eyes, he raised his glass but did not drink. Instead he grinned andsaid: "Knowing our history, one must pay attention to professionalism. The lasttime you lost your temper, I did not have the chance to rectify the issue." Heraised his glass signaling Tao Fei to drink.

Tao Fei:“……” Fuck!

When Gu Yusaw Tao Fei drinking the wine, he narrowed his brow and said: “Tomorrow, MyLittle Apprentice will be in your care."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Not everyonein this room has heard Gu Yu jokingly call Zhang Siyi \'Little Apprentice\'. TaoFei didn\'t know who he was talking about, but as he considered the facts, theLittle Apprentice must be Zhang Siyi. Since when did Zhang Siyi become Gu Yu\'sLittle Apprentice?

Watching TaoFei, Gu Yu slowly picked up his glass and said: “I\'ll finish first.”

Tao Fei: “….” Whoa! Why does it feel like I\'m being threatened! (`_’)