Assistant Architect - Chapter 118

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 118: Missed


Although Zhang Siyi knows there isn\'tanything going on, he can\'t help but feel upset!! Scrolling down, Zhang Siyifound another photo with Gu Yu from last month when Tao Fei first started withthe company. It looks like they were at lunch and Gu Yu was bowing downstudying the menu, gently smiling. The note read: "Even after so many years aftergraduation, your male god looks as handsome as ever."

….. your male god? Who is the \'you\' he isspeaking to? Big T alumni? A mutual friend of Tao Fei and Gu Yu?

Below the photo is a note: "Ok, if Iget the chance, I\'ll take one and show you!"

By reading the messages, it wasn\'thard for Zhang Siyi to infer what happened. Their classmates probably asked TaoFei to take pictures of Gu Yu and post them for all to see.

Aah! I want to tell the world that Gu Yuis already taken! Let those who covet his beauty go away!

Looking through Tao Fei posts, ZhangSiyi was surprised at how many selfies and messages he posts. It appears thathe updated his status every day.

Closing the WeChat app, Zhang Siyi putaway his phone and forced himself to calm down and focus on his work. At theend of the workday, Zhang Siyi went to the subway station and sat down on abench at the platform to wait for Gu Yu. He received a message from him tellingZhang Siyi that he was going to be fifteen minutes longer.

In order to avoid the potentialspeculation from colleagues, Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu agreed to leave the companyseparately but wait at the station. If by chance they were spotted on the traintogether, they could easily pass it off as happenstance.

While waiting for Gu Yu to arrive,Zhang Siyi was getting a little bored of the mobile game he was playing. Staringat the screen, Zhang Siyi felt a hot thing suddenly touch his cheek. Thinkingit was Gu Yu, he joyously smiled, looked up and said: "What are you doing?"

However, when Zhang Siyi looked up,his face froze because it wasn\'t Gu Yu. Instead, it was Tao Fei and he was holdinga hot cup of coffee; the things he used to touch his face.

Tao Fei joked: “Who are youwaiting for?”

Zhang Siyi turned to anger: “Noone.”

Tao Fei: “No one? Two trainsalready went by but you didn\'t get on."

Since Haicheng is a large urbancenter, the pace of life is fast. During the peak period, subway cars arrive atthe platform approximately every 5 minutes. As it is rush-hour, there arethrongs of people coming and going and there really isn\'t a reason for someonelike Zhang Siyi to be sitting around and waiting.

However, since Tao Fei brought up thispoint, it means he must have been watching Zhang Siyi secretly and he himselfwasn\'t getting on a train. Otherwise, how would Tao Fei know how many trains ZhangSiyi missed?

Since he was caught off-guard, ZhangSiyi was nervous and was acting a bit odd: "Why didn’t you get on the train?"

Surprisingly, Tao Fei bluntly stated:“I’m watching you."

On high alert, Zhang Siyi asked: "Whyare you looking at me?"

Tao Fei laughed and said: “To seewhen you leave.”

“…… You must be bored.” Standingup silently, Zhang Siyi took a step back and kept a distance from him.

Tao Fei took a sip of coffee andsquinted at him: “Oh, now you move?”

“Hmm.” Zhang Siyi is dyingand Gu Yu still hasn\'t come! If he doesn\'t leave first, then it will be too awkwardif Gu Yu shows up now.

Just as Zhang Siyi was going to saygoodbye, Tao Fei interrupted him: "Since you are living with my Brother, whydon\'t you leave work together?"

Dumbfounded, Zhang Siyi was internallypanicking. He was not good a lying! He already tried to dodge Tao Fei questionthe first time and now he was asked something else. Racking his brain, hereplied: "He still has work to do."

With a deep and overly dramatic way, TaoFei said: "Oh" and continued to stare at Zhang Siyi with a grin.

Zhang Siyi: “…” ..…Fuck, how is there nothing wrong withthis guy!? Why do you keep staring at me?

A thought suddenly came to Zhang Siyi\'smind. – Tao Fei, is it possible that hesecretly loves Gu Yu?

Even though he and Gu Yu are alreadytogether, Tao Fei doesn\'t know. With his curiosity and close attention, is itpossible that Tao Fei is trying to guess what type of relationship Zhang Siyihas with Gu Yu? Now, as a result, Tao Fei is considering him as a potential \'love-rival\'?

….. Well, good fucking logic! Itmakes sense!!!

Also, when Tao Fei, with his eccentricneither male or female beauty stands with Gu Yu, they look like a gay couple.When Tao Fei posts such tender looking photos of himself with Gu Yu on his socialmedia pages, is it not to declare his sovereignty to the outside world?

The more Zhang Siyi thought about it,the more hostile he became towards Tao Fei. He needs to back off! As much as Zhang Siyi wanted to blurt out thetruth, he also knows Tao Fei is loud and flamboyant character. Tao Fei doesn\'t seemto understand other people\'s limits. Zhang Siyi believes if Tao Fei learned thetruth it would spur him to be more aggressive in his pursuit of Gu Yu. …… Oh shit! Absolutely-cannot-stimulate-him! Besides, whatif I guessed wrong?


For a few weeks, Zhang Siyi’s brainwas like a washing machine on the spin cycle; spinning frantically then finallycoming to a stop with exhaustion.

Lost in his thoughts, Zhang Siyinoticed the subway car approaching the platform. He quickly spoke to Tao Fei: "I\'lltake my leave" and hurriedly got into the train car.

Tao Fei: “…..”

After the door was closed, Zhang Siyiwas relieved. He turned to look out the window to see if Tao Fei was stillthere. Unexpectedly, he saw Gu Yu coming down on the escalator. As the train doorsclosed, he caught a glimpse of Gu Yu looking at him, seemingly in deep thought.—I thought you said you’d wait for me? Whydid you get in the car?

Zhang Siyi wanted to cry without tears– help! let me out! As the train sped away, Zhang Siyi also saw Gu Yu turn his attentionto Tao Fei.

With the blood drained from his face,Zhang Siyi was so angry that he wanted to break out of the train and kick TaoFei!

Raising his hand in greeting, Tao Feisaid: "Ah Brother, are you finished with work? I just met Zhang Siyi at thestation and talked with him for a few minutes." Tao Fei pointed at the trainleaving and laughed: "Unfortunately, he just left."

“What did you talk to him about?”Gu Yu frowned.

"Ah nothing really. I asked him whathe was waiting for." Tao Fei said and then asked with a puzzled expression: "Aren\'tyou living together now? Why don\'t you go home together?"

Calming down, Gu Yu paused for asecond then explained: “Even if we live together, our work hours might notcoincide."

When the train on the other side ofthe platform pulled in from the opposite direction, Tao Fei waved and left:“Then I will go first. See you tomorrow.”

Gu Yu: “…well, goodbye.”

Watching Tao Fei leave, Gu Yu pulled outhis mobile phone that had been vibrating non-stop from of his trouser pocket. ZhangSiyi sent Gu Yu a number of WeChat messages.

Zhang Siyi: “[Kitten Crashes]”

Zhang Siyi: “I am already on the train!”

Zhang Siyi: “I just saw you comedown!”

Zhang Siyi: “[Kittencrying]”

Zhang Siyi: “I’ll wait for you atthe next stop!

Zhang Siyi: “[Cry] [Cry] [Cry]


Amused by Zhang Siyi\'s flirty cries,Gu Yu laughed joyously and retuned a \'Little Fox Kiss\' expression "I am coming.Wait for me."

Five minutes later, the second subway trainslowly pulled into the next station platform. Looking through the window of thedoor, Gu Yu saw Zhang Siyi across the glass looking sad and resentful. Havingbeen forced apart, he felt like the stars Altair and Vega.

For three and half days, they havebeen separated and now they finally stand side by side. However, because theywere in public and therefore, constrained by societal norms, they can\'t expresstheir love like a regular couple; no holding hands, no hugging. The inabilityto express their love makes it very difficult for Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu.

When Zhang Siyi got back into the traincar, he was crammed together with Gu Yu. For once, they were thankful for thecrowd during the rush-hour as it created the opportunity to be pressedtogether.

With eyes full of both joy and sorrow,Zhang Siyi gazed at Gu Yu. Gu Yu was also watching Zhang Siyi with affection. AsGu Yu quietly took Zhang Siyi hand, he maneuvered his body to block peoples\' viewof their entwined fingers.

Even with this simple action, ZhangSiyi\'s eyes lit up and he smiled broadly. Squeezing Gu Yu\'s hand, he could feelthe warmth. Like a drowning man being offered a piece of driftwood to grabonto, all of Zhang Siyi\'s grievances and depression disappeared in an instant!

With both heartache and relief, Gu Yusighed.

Zhang Siyi whispered: ” It\'s justTao Fei….”

Gu Yu interrupted him in a low voice:“Tell me when we leave the station."

Zhang Si Yi nodded and obediently shuthis mouth.

With only four short stops on theroute, Yuanshan Garden is fortunately close to the company. As they walked upthe staircase to the sidewalk, Zhang Siyi eagerly complained: "I met Tao Fei atthe subway station! He guessed that I was waiting for someone. I was afraid he wouldfigure out that I was waiting for you so I jumped onto the incoming train car.Damn it!"

Gu Yu smiled at him and said:“The next time he asks again, just admit that you are waiting for me."

Zhang Siyi hurriedly replied: “Butwhat if he figures out that we are together?"

Gu Yu: “Even if he figured itout, let him guess. Although he is a high-profile person, he won\'t gossip aboutit."

Zhang Siyi: “Oh …”

Gu Yu\'s attitude made Zhang Siyi feel relieved.He asked: "How are the bids going this time?"

Gu Yu: “It’s going well. The planTao Fei previously made was rejected, but luckily, there was time to make changes.Tao Fei drafted a design with changes, but the results are still uncertain. It willdepend on board of directors\' support and some luck.

Zhang Siyi: “Do we have support?”

Gu Yu smiled and glanced at him:“There is support. He is the one who suddenly called me out after eatingat home last month.”

“Is he one of your friends?”Seeing Gu Yu nod, Zhang Siyi wondered: “Since it\'s a friend, why are youstill uncertain?”

Gu Yu: “The board has more thanone member. There are shareholders, investors, government representatives….Everyone has their own position and vision and that friend only represents oneof them.”

Zhang Siyi: “Socomplicated!”

Gu Yu smiled and patted his back: “Take it one step at a time. First, let’s start with the design and later, worry about the board of directors."