Assistant Architect - Chapter 114

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 114: Gaze


Zhang Siyi was wrong. He wants his heart back. Gu Yu doesn\'t seem to understand the atmosphere at all! Bastard! Damn it! Having been blown-off for the second time, Zhang Siyi was very angry. As he went to the table, he resisted the urge to smash the dishes. Gu Yu returned to the table a step ahead of him and picked up his mobile phone that was propped up against a soup bowl.

Huh? Zhang Siyi thought something strange was going on. Why would Gu Yu have his phone like…… Suddenly, Zhang Siyi realized the reason Gu Yu asked him to stand in a specific spot when he played. With intensity, he quickly reacted: "You just recorded it!?"

Smilingbroadly and without a word, Gu Yu quickly handled his phone. His decisive movementsand expression clearly proved Zhang Siyi\'s speculation.

Thinkingabout his do-over at the start, Zhang Siyi felt embarrassed. Recalling hisrushed confession \'I like you\', Zhang Siyi could feel his ire grow. Finally,when he thought about the scene of his eager and excited \'I will\' reply, feelingashamed, Zhang Siyi instantly exploded!

“Howcan you secretly videotape me?!” Zhang Siyi reached out to grab the mobilephone.

“Thisis the gift you gave me. Why can’t I record it?” With the phone heldtightly, Gu Yu raised his arm up high. Since Zhang Siyi was nearly the same height,Gu Yu didn\'t have any height advantage when Zhang Siyi jumped. Gu Yu put hisphone in his back pocket and like the annual balloon game, Zhang Siyi repeatedlytried to rush at him, but couldn\'t maneuver himself to get the phone. Enjoyingthe physical attention, Gu Yu asked: "I just want to be able to watch it in thefuture. What\'s the problem?"

Zhang Siyihurriedly said: “It\'s not only playing the violin, but also afterwards…."

Gu Yucaught Zhang Siyi by the wrists and pulled him close then kissed him gently onthe lips. He smiled at him: "What happened afterwards? There is only a dog herewho can\'t say anything to witness the wedding and still, you aren\'t going toallow me to make a video to remember it by?


Not waitingfor Zhang Siyi to respond, Gu Yu spoke: “The video can not only be used asa memento, but also to leave proof. You personally said the words, so I willhold you to them."

Feelinghot, Zhang Siyi’s face was red as a tomato. Squirming, he tried to break freeof Gu Yu\'s grasp and proclaimed: "I wouldn\'t cheat!"

Gu Yu alsoclamped down more firmly and didn\'t let Zhang Siyi go. Fully taking advantageof his lover and enjoying it, Gu Yu continued: "Since you say so, why is yourreaction so extreme? Why does it bother you? You are already mine." Pulling himclose, Gu Yu caught Zhang Siyi in his embrace and kissed him affectionately.

Zhang Siyilost all reasoning when he heard Gu Yu proclaim \'you are already mine.\' Zhang Siyi didn\'t even know what the problemwas and why he was fighting with Gu Yu. With the help of his kissing, soon,Zhang Siyi stopped struggling.

When ZhangSiyi calmed down, Gu Yu let go of him. He smiled and said: “Go wash the dishes.I have some other issues we need to discuss."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Carryingthe dishes to the kitchen to wash, Zhang Siyi slowly regained his senses. Fuck! What he is irritated with, is not the reasonwhy Gu Yu is recording the video, but Gu Yu\'s act of secretly recording a videowithout his consent!

…… Aaaaaaaahhh!

Even thoughZhang Siyi complained about being secretly recorded, he couldn\'t help but feel genuinelyhappy. With a \'crash\', a plate slippedand broke on the floor. Gu Yu voice could be heard from the living area: "Hey,take it easy. A broken plate will be taken out of our daily expenses. The penaltyis five-hundred!"

Feeling exuberant,Zhang Siyi couldn\'t stay angry for long. With Gu Yu\'s reminder, he carefullywashed the remaining dishes. However, a thought occurred to him. If Gu Yu neededto cover the expenses when they exceed four-thousand, then at worst, Zhang Siyiwouldn\'t get a bonus. What is there to be afraid of?

…… Hehehehe!The benefits are too good!!

While ZhangSiyi was in the kitchen washing the dishes, Gu Yu was on the sofa looking at hisphone again smiling brilliantly. He copied and edited a section of the video ofZhang Siyi saying "I will". Gu Yu opened his WeChat app and was surprised tosee Zhang Siyi\'s latest post he made during breakfast: "I\'m sorry for the wait."

Laughingout loud, Gu Yu thought Zhang Siyi\'s post was really cute. In response, Gu Yuuploaded his short video and added a statement: "I will hold your hand now andfor a lifetime." At the end of the sentence, Gu Yu added a love sticker then clickedto post it. Of course, this message is only visible to Zhang Siyi.

Wiping hishand dry, Zhang Siyi glanced over at Gu Yu sitting of the sofa and saw him smilingat his phone intently with warmth and charm. Observing his gentle expressions,Zhang Siyi felt like Gu Yu was acting…. sheepish? Can Gu Yu even become shy andembarrassed? Maybe, it\'s just imaginary.

Sureenough, when Gu Yu looked up, the expression he had disappeared. He stood up andlooked over at Zhang Siyi and said, “Go, take the dog, walk a little." GuYu paused and spoke again: "Let\'s take the dog out for a walk."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Yes. It hasbeen a busy day and the dog hasn\'t had any exercise yet. In his excitement andanticipation, Zhang Siyi\'s mind has only been thinking about being togetherwith Gu Yu sexually and ignoring other responsibilities.

Thankfully,Gu Yu is rather strict when it comes to responsibilities, and thus he can continueto do the sensible thing without impulses to disrupt his pace of life. AlthoughZhang Siyi feels that Gu Yu\'s stringent behavior angers him sometimes, he alsoknows that if Gu Yu acted on impulse all the time, his personal life wouldn\'tbe so well organized and comfortable.

In this way,his behavior yesterday morning when he rushed to Zhang Siyi\'s apartment atnight was an anomaly as if he was possessed by aliens. (=_=)

With lingeringresentment for being treated unfairly, Zhang Siyi went upstairs to change outof his formal attire into something more comfortable. Since it was raininglightly outside, Gu Yu held a large umbrella for both of them while Zhang Siyiheld onto the dog leash.

While watchingTownhouse walking in the rain in front of him, Zhang Siyi was reminded of the pastwhen he walked the dog with Fu Xinhui. Ironically, he never wanted to go withFu Xinhui in fear of looking more gay to outsiders and now, he actually becamegay! The only difference now is that he is living with Gu Yu and not hisfriend. Jesus Christ, if time had returned to six months ago, he would neverhave believed in this development ….

Not only walkingthe dog, Zhang Siyi is out strolling in the rain. Normally, Zhang Siyi dislikesgoing out in the rain because he doesn\'t like getting his clothes wet especiallyhow the water splashes on the back of his legs. He always thought it was tootroublesome.

However,now that Gu Yu is by his side, he feels differently. The nasty spring rain and leisurelywalk has become romantic in Zhang Siyi\'s eyes. Occasionally, Townhouse picked atree to mark, and then carry on. After pausing momentarily, the two continuedon their relaxing stroll without a care in the world. Zhang Siyi\'s only regretis that they can\'t hold hands.

Sighing, helooked around and saw many pedestrians out and about near the tavern close by. Unlikethe times he was with his friend, why has no one come to ask them if they are apair? ╭ (╯_╰) ╮

Finally, asthey turned around to walk back to the villa, Gu Yu brought up the topic he wantedto discuss: "Siyi, we are together now, but there are few things you have to knowand I want to tell you about them in advance."

Zhang Siyi:“Hmm?

Gu Yu:“First of all, on the outside, especially in the company, we still have tokeep a distance and maintain a normal look.”

Zhang Siyiwas shocked……. Their relationship can only be a secret love?

Office romance is not encouraged and, in many companies, it is prohibited even among heterosexual couples. While there might be leeway between a man and women coworker, there certainly would not be between a Director and a subordinate in a relationship, let alone that they are both men. No matter what, they would incur huge criticism which could influence the public heart and team morale.

Feeling alittle despondent, Zhang Siyi said: "Hmm.” He paused and then asked:“What about the fact that we live together? Is that a secret too?”

Gu Yu:“It is best not to take the initiative to talk about it with colleagues."

Zhang Siyifrowned: “But that day in the elevator, you have already told Tao Fei.”

Gu Yuexplained: “Tao Fei is not an ordinary employee. He is my classmate andfriend. In the future he may come to our house to visit. If we are secretiveabout it now, later if he comes to the house, it will seem suspicious. It isbetter to say something upfront so he won\'t think much about it later."

Zhang Siyi:“Oh……"

Gu Yu:“If you are asked by others, don’t deliberately conceal it and just try tostay calm.”

When he andFu Xinhui rented the apartment together, even when the two had no intimate relationshipwith one another, they were always being misunderstood. Now that he lives with GuYu, he can\'t show his true colors. In short, the time has come to test hisacting skills!

O ( ̄ヘ ̄o)

Gu Yu smiledat him affectionately then he changed the hand he was using to hold theumbrella. With his newly freed hand, he reached behind Zhang Siyi and rubbed theback of his head as a token of comfort. He continued: "Second point. You can\'t gazeat me seductively."

It was a littledifficult for Gu Yu to tell him this. Zhang Siyi felt embarrassed when he heardGu Yu: "When have I ever done that?"

Incredulous,Gu Yu looked at him both funny and helpless: “If you remember last Wednesdaywhen I came to the office in the morning, you were gazing at me with suchintense yearning that it was too much!"

Zhang Siyi:“……”

“Don’tever do that again." Gu Yu coughed lightly then added: "Only in private."

Zhang Siyiquietly looked at Gu Yu and saw his ears turn red. Oh My God! Gu Yu is shy? Hereally blushed! Zhang Siyi felt like he discovered the New World and his heart wasvery excited. He boldly asked: “How do you feel when I gaze at you?”

Gu Yupretend to be calm: “Nothing.”

Feelingvexed, Zhang Siyi snorted: “Since it is nothing, then I\'ll gaze at you inthe office at any time I feel like it."

Gu Yu glaredat him: “I won\'t be able to get any work done!”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!Zhang Siyi smirked and felt full of accomplishment at causing the normally calmand rational Gu Yu to be so flustered.

Grindinghis jaw, Gu Yu pinched the back of Zhang Siyi\'s neck hard and firmly threatened:“If you dare do that, I will make you work until there is no time to eat."

Zhang Siyi:"……" Shit! It’s personal!

Gu Yu slappedthe back of his head lightly and said: “Don’t be naughty, ok?”

Zhang Siyiblushed: “Ok"

Gu Yuadded: "Third issue, although I have feelings for you, at the office I have toguarantee fairness. If you don\'t dowell, I will still criticize you. I have even stricter requirements for you nowthen compared to the past so you must be mentally prepared."

Zhang Siyiwas very surprised. There are no benefits? Why are the requirement even more stringent?What kind of vendetta is this?!"

Gu Yuquickly answered the doubts in Zhang Siyi\'s heart: “I know you have workedvery hard, but there are times I wish I could just directly upload my knowledgeinto your head. More than anything I want to be able to work shoulder toshoulder with you."

Now feelinghis heart warming, all of the anger and anxiety Zhang Siyi felt was completely washedaway by Gu Yu\'s statement. Zhang Siyi quietly nodded: "Hmm."

Since Gu Yufinished explaining the three main points of contention, Gu Yu was able torelax.

Returningto the villa after walking the dog, Gu Yu took out a large towel from the coatcloset and used it to wipe off the water and dirt from Townhouse\'s feet andhair.

Watching GuYu\'s tender and meticulous care of Townhouse, Zhang Siyi felt that thisstepfather is giving better care to the dog than his own righteous father. IfFu Xinhui found out how good of care the dog is receiving, he would probably bemoved to cry.

However, ZhangSiyi couldn\'t imagine what kind of expression Fu Xinhui would reveal if he knewthat Zhang Siyi was in a relationship with Gu Yu.